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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Radical Islam finds US Sterile Ground

The Christian Science Monitor has an article on how home grown terror cells are far less prevelant here in the US than in other countries. We have heard of some smaller disorganized cells have been broken up here in the US. Perhaps a few of our methods aren'texactly as horrid as many like to claim they are. We have managed to stop attacks before they occured. Broken up plots before they could manifest themselves into action.

"Home-grown" terror cells remain a concern of US law officers, who cite several disrupted plots since 9/11. But the suspects' unsophisticated planning and tiny numbers have led some security analysts to conclude that America, for all its imperfections, is not fertile ground for producing jihadist terrorists.

To understand why, experts point to people like Omar Jaber, an AmeriCorps volunteer; Tarek Radwan, a human rights advocate; and Hala Kotb, a consultant on Middle East affairs. They are the face of young Muslim-Americans today - educated, motivated, and integrated into society - and their voices help explain how the nation's history of inclusion has helped to defuse sparks of Islamist extremism.

"American society is more into the whole assimilation aspect of it," says New York-born Mr. Jaber. "In America, it's a lot easier to practice our religion without complications."

Read the story here.

We aren't perfect, but we do have people in our administration that actually care about our safety and work towards keeping us safe. THAT is what we need to remember when we go to vote. Who will keep us safe if we allow the Democratic party to take either the senate OR the house? They certainly won't, because they do not have any plans, ideas or concern for our safety.

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