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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Change the Channel and the Subject

I read an excellent article that I think everyone should read, written by Jed Babbin, found on Real Clear Politics, titled "
Go for it, Mr. President".

He sees three keys to changing the narrative from the left media's agenda.

To turn the media herd, Republicans have to disrupt the narrative.

There are three keys to disrupting the narrative and turning the herd: Iraq, the Democrats and the media themselves.

The 527 Media have turned Iraq into a choice between "staying the course" and an undefined Democrat alternative. The Dems insist they aren't going to cut and run, but what they say they will do can only be described as "trim and trot." No Democrat has, since 9-11, described a plan to win the war against terrorist nations. All they have said - through John Murtha, Carl Levin and Charlie Rangel - is that they'd move American troops out of Iraq and then cut funding for military aid to the Iraqis. Do Americans want to trim and trot, and who do they trust to face off with Kim Jong-il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Democrats want everyone to believe that 2006 is another 1994 when Republican reformers swept in on a wave of anti-incumbent sentiment. Though this year isn't 1994: it could be 1974. Inflamed by Watergate, weary of the Vietnam War, voters installed a Democratic congress that cut off funding to the South Vietnamese. That left our allies - who had been fighting well -- vulnerable to the North Vietnamese attack that the funding cut invited. Republicans need to tell the truth about the Dems: they have to say that the Dems will do to Baghdad what they did to Saigon. They should fight the "who lost the Vietnam War" issue all over again.

The Republicans in 1994 came in with Gingrich's "Contract with America" to fix what was broken in Washington. The 2006 Democrats aren't reformers. They propose nothing more than rolling back everything President Bush has done. They are liberals, and everything they do will be in pursuit of a hard-core liberal agenda that will please only the Ned Lamont fringe who control their party. Republicans need to hammer home the fact that the Dems are liberals. And the media are the liberals are the Dems.

This is a must read, he is spot on with his points and comparisons. Not much more for me to add, just thought people would enjoy this piece.