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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quick Word about SSP [UPDATED] 10/27/06

-----updates posted below-----

A quick update on the stop sex predators website that started that Foley FireStorm not long ago.

Seem that Stop October Surprises discovered that the site was started by an employee of the Human Rights Campaign. They claim it was an employee that started the SSP site and that they fired said employee... Considering the political agenda of the organization, I am skeptical to say the least of this "story". Hat Tip to Iowa Voice, where I found the Stop October Surprise post while reading my daily blog reads. Riehl World View has his opinions on this. As does Hot Air.

As far as I am concerned, HRC is too political for me to believe they just "happened" to have an employee, that just "happened" to get a scoop like this right around election time. Then again, I am a cyical bitch, so maybe it is just me.

[UPDATE] 10/26/06

Gay Patriot has updates.
186 k per second is posting about SSP.

[UPDATE] 10/27/06- Seems that the name of the person that ran the SSP site is out. Via Hot Air, The American Thinker and Radar.
Any surprise that this was a former Democratic Staffer?

From American Thinker.

Lane Hudson turns out to have a history as a staffer for Democrat office holders!

Hudson, a onetime staffer to Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-SC) and former Democratic South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges, is 29.

Calls to the HRC and to Hudson were not returned.

To repeat a demand of many Democrats about 911, “connect the dots!”

No big surprises. I think almost everyone knew someone in the Democratic party was behind SSP.

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