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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Making Them Lame Ducks is Enough for Pelosi

In an interview Nancy Pelosi stated that there would be no impeachment preceedings if Democrats take the house and senate in November. She states happily "Making them lame ducks is enough for me". So, the Democratic party wishes to take control in order to make the president a lame duck president. To make sure that his hands are tied on national security, tax cuts and any other thing he will wish to do to continue economic growth and the safety of our country. Exactly who will win and who will lose if that happens? Will the president lose anything? The republican party? Or will it be us, the American people that end up the losers?

Think about that. Vote in November and Vote Republican. 60 minutes Interview here.

Stop the ACLU has the video of her comments, I suggest you watch it and understand the nature of what the Democrats have become, before it is too late.

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