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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pelosi's Pontifications

Many Democrats are not in favor of having a
Pelosi's World and it is no wonder. Her liberal views and her assumption that she will be the new speaker of the house are a bit like putting the cart before the horse.

At least one Democratic House candidate has pledged not to support Mrs. Pelosi, and others in conservative districts have refused to commit their support -- potentially leaving Mrs. Pelosi shy of the 218 votes required for the chamber's top post.

Democrat Charlie Stuart, who hopes to unseat Republican Rep. Ric Keller in Florida, already has said he opposes Mrs. Pelosi and would prefer Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, the more conservative No. 2 Democrat in the House whose strained relations with Mrs. Pelosi have been well-chronicled on Capitol Hill.

Story here.

The Democratic party is already divided over an issue, under the "assumption" that they will win enough seats in Novembers election. Remember the old expression about assumptions folks.

This also emphasizes my earlier points about the things the Democratic party would be worried about INSTEAD of our future, our national security, our SAFETY. We do not see much by way of that from anyone on the left side of the aisle, because they have no input there, no ideas and no clue on how to protect the American people. So they pray that they can divert attention from our security issues, from things like their stated plan to roll back tax cuts, as if phrasing it that way will somehow trick us into believing that doesn't mean "raise taxes".

A quick note to Pelosi and the Democrats: You cannot divert us, you cannot trick us... we know the nature of what you are and we do not like what we see.

In other news, it is great to see Lieberman taking such a lead on Lamont. I am beginning to believe there might be a November surprise yet.... not a prediction, just something for people to think about. What if Democrats LOSE seats instead of gaining them? Think it is impossible? Improbable maybe, but nothing is impossible.

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