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Saturday, October 21, 2006

America's Wars

I am going to assume one major point before I write this, despite my feelings on making assumptions, and that assumption is going to be that anyone reading this, has a brain, is capable of actual individual thought... hopefully this is one safe assumption, but we shall see.

Before waging this war on terror, which we did with overwhelming supprt from both sides of the aisle, the same support that we had when we entered the Iraq war, those voting for it KNEW that war costs lives. There is no way around it, by virtue of being a war, it is going to cost lives on all sides. This is a given, or it should be.

Every war America has ever been involved in has had casualties. Our men and women in the armed services have sacrificed their lives to help protect us, the American citizens.

I continously come back to the Civil war and Abraham Lincoln, the choices he had to make, the lives lost, because he stood on principle, and he did what he believed was right. Where would we be now had Lincoln "cut and run"? Many historians disagree on individual issues, but slavery is abolished.

Take a look at the numbers from all the other American wars and understand that war is going to cost lives, we knew it beforehand and we know it now. To use those deaths as political fodder is beyond contempt. To capitalize on our brave soldiers sacrifices just so you can win an election is sickening and yet those very people that voted for the war on terror and now wish to cut and run, are doing exactly that. What kind of monster does this?

The answer: The Democratic party.