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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010--God bless our troops

A peaceful Memorial Day to all. God bless our troops.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

About Those Gaza Flotillas Trying To Get Through Blockade

Reports of an Israeli attack on boats destined for Gaza leave out some helpful facts, so lets start with Forbes, 3 days ago, informing everybody what this flotilla really was, then move on.

With a flotilla of "peace activists" steaming toward the blockaded Gaza strip, Israeli authorities have been worrying about a showdown turning into a public relations disaster. That's a sorry reflection not on Israel but on the willingness of a world audience to swallow almost any amount of propaganda, if it comes with a Gaza label.

The basic narrative spun by the organizers of this "freedom flotilla" is that some 700 "activists" from dozens of countries have boarded eight or nine ships filled with tons of "humanitarian aid." Their mission is to run the Israeli blockade, "break the siege of Gaza" and "establish a permanent sea lane between Gaza and the rest of the world." The umbrella website for this venture is labeled "The Free Gaza Movement," and on it the "Free Gaza Team" of the "Freedom Flotilla Coalition" professes a dedication to nonviolence and respect for universal human rights.

All that might make sense if Gaza were a peaceful and democratic enclave, unreasonably walled up by its neighbors. But there's some important information that the flotilla crew omits. Gaza is a terrorist enclave. Gaza is controlled by an Islamist terrorist group, Hamas. And Hamas is: backed by Iran; headquarters some of its leaders in terror-sponsoring Syria; has a busy and violent history of suicide bombings, shootings and rocket and mortar attacks; and is dedicated in its charter to the destruction of Israel.

That is what the blockade is all about. It didn't happen because the neighbors decided to victimize Gaza. Rather, it is Hamas-run Gaza that threatens the neighbors, and for that matter, is hostile generally to liberal, western societies.

Israel vowed to intercept and they did, so of course the result is media outlets splashing headlines of how Israel attacked a ship which was bringing "aid" to Gaza. Then again, terrorists have always manipulated the MSM in order to control the story and narrative.

YnetNews fills us in on the facts as Ron Ben Yishai recounts bloody clash aboard Gaza-bound vessel: The lacking crowd-dispersal means, the brutal violence of ‘peace activists,’ and the attempt to bring down an IDF helicopter.

JP has news and/or reactions from Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, Israeli Navy commander Vice-Admiral Eliezer Marom and Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.

As for the aid that was on the ship with the activists:

The IDF said that the ships would be taken to the Ashdod Port where, despite the violence, the cargo they hold will be inspected and then transferred to the Gaza Strip via land crossings. Israeli Navy commander Vice-Admiral Eliezer Marom was commanding over the operation from sea.

The Navy made initial contact with the flotilla at 11 p.m. on Sunday ordering the ships to follow them to Ashdod Port or otherwise be boarded.

The actual boarding of the ships took place at 2 a.m. Monday and was yet to be completed by 8 a.m.

Activists aboard the ships repeatedly said they would not respond with violence to the navy's interception of their flotilla prior to the boarding.

Liberty Pundits have a number of updates, so head over to catch up.

Netanyahu has canceled his White House visit in order to deal with the fallout.

[Update] Clear, concise and unapologetic, rightly so, RightWingNews, states the facts:

So, that brings us to the relief flotillas. Note that I say Flotillas. This is the 9th time that they've tried to send a floatilla through Israel's blockade. Incidentally, Israel has that blockade in place for a very good reason: to keep weapons that will be used to murder Israelis from being shipped through to the Palestinians. So, since aid can be sent through the UN -- where it'll be checked for weapons -- what's the real point of these floatillas? It's an attempt to embarass the Israelis into giving up the blockade, so that weapons can be shipped to the Palestinians, so that more Jews can be killed.

In any case, this time around, the Jew haters on the floatilla made a critical Darwin Award worthy error: they assaulted an Israeli commando team with knives, sticks, and guns. The Israeli commandos responded, quite correctly in my opinion, by killing AT LEAST 10 of them.

Well said.

[Update #2] PMW shows the atmosphere beforehand:

On the day before the Gaza flotilla confronted the Israeli navy, Al-Jazeera TV documented the pre-battle atmosphere created by men on board the flotilla, who chanted a well-known Islamic battle cry invoking the killing and defeat of Jews in battle:

"[Remember] Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!"

Read it all.


Lest We Forget!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Census, explored

Just a quick link to a story. :)

Nova, will not allow anyone here. Pits are Minor League.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Remember why we are still alive. Sacrifice, for Freedom.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Will Folks AKA 'Douchebag'/Nikki Haley Saga Continues

While I might not give a damn whether Will Folks did or did not have an inappropriate relationship with politician Nikki Haley, the circus surrounding the story has become the stuff soap operas are written about and the saga continues as Folks provides communications between Haley and himself, Haley says they are nothing more than colleagues and ABC interviews Haley.

The fun side of As The Stomach Churns here is the reactions around the blogosphere. (Yes, I know this cannot be fun for Haley, but hey, Ace and McCain are a riot and I cannot help laughing)

For the record, Mr. Robert Stacy McCain, calling someone a "douchebag" when they are, in fact, a douchebag, is perfectly acceptable. To show some solidarity with Mr. McCain, Folks will now be referred to as "douchebag".

The other day in the obligatory douchebag/Haley post, I pointed out the hilarity of Ace of Spades and he does not fail to continue to entertain.


Now , go read the rest and the follow up with the links below for more of this running soap opera from Ace's perspective.

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Will Folks: "Let the Bidding Begin!"

Will Folks Is Really Creeping Me The F--- OutUpdate: Misrepresented Emails In Domestic Violence Case

Will Folks: Actually, It Turns Out I Do Have a Lot More To Say About My Alleged Affair With Nikki Haley

Cool Facts About Will Folks

Note to Ace- Thanks dude, best laugh I have had in a while and I love your style... I am still laughing over here while attempting to type, backspace and type some more.

The most interesting part of this saga is the world of hurt douchebag has brought down on himself as people seriously start to look into who douchebag really is and his history.

Last but not least, the Erickson teaser.... "We Know Who Did It"

Who paid Will Folks? He was allegedly offered money. A LOT of money. In fact, RedState now confirms through a whole heap of sources that he’s been trying to sell this story for a year.

We know who bit.

We know who didn’t bite.

We know who paid Will Folks to push this story out there.

Oh, and you guys in the media, you’ve let Folks string you along. We’re going to string you along.

Tune in later for the answer.

The only hint Erickson has provided so far is this:

Oh, and to rule out any overwrought speculation, our fearless, intrepid, magnanimous, and gracious Editor Erick Erickson would like to inform you that you can stop with the “was it a Democrat” speculation. It was not a Democrat.

Stay tuned to Erickson's blog, Red State today, for he promises to actually name the names. Here is the link to the main page.

Another for the record statement, I don't care whether they had an affair, whether it was a working relationship only or whatever, it is the media circus surrounding it that I am finding extremely interesting.

Stupid soap operas, this is why I stopped watching television in the daytime...jeeeeez.

Special clear hat tip to Robert Stacy McCain for the douchebag reference. (Heh)


My serious illegal immigration policy

I am offering a serious illegal immigration proposal.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Massachusetts' Senate Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration

With 17 states now joining Arizona in cracking down on illegal immigration by proposing laws similar to Arizona's new law which makes it a state crime (it is already a federal crime) to be in the U.S. illegally, news hits today that while Massachusetts isn't quite going that far, they are cracking down on illegal immigration in their own mild manner and complaining the whole time they are doing it.

With one lawmaker citing President Lincoln's respect for the rule of law, the Massachusetts Senate passed a far-reaching crackdown this afternoon on illegal immigrants and those who would hire them, going further, senators said, than any immigration bill proposed over the past five years.

In a surprising turn of events, the legislation replaced a narrower bill that was passed Wednesday over the objections of Republicans.

The measure, which passed on a 28-10 vote as an amendment to the budget, would bar the state from doing business with any company found to break federal laws barring illegal immigrant hiring. It would also toughen penalties for creating or using fake identification documents, and explicitly deny in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants.

The amendment would also require the state’s public health insurance program to verify residency through the Department of Homeland Security, and would require the state to give legal residents priority for subsidized housing.

So, why would one of the more liberal states in existence pass such a law, even with Democrats that voted for it complaining about it?

Democrats had resisted such a sweeping proposal, but spent last evening negotiating today’s measure, shortly after a new polled showed 84 percent of the liberal-leaning state’s voters supported tough immigration rules barring state services to illegal immigrants.

Well, well well..... guess the people of Mass. do not want to pay for services to be provided to criminals either.

Fancy that.

I have a quick question here though... if those states that have decided to boycott Arizona, also boycott the other 17 states and Massachusetts, who actually loses the most if all those states decide turnabout is fair play?

I mean using LA as an example, if Los Angeles independently boycotts any state that toughens immigration law against illegal aliens and say, all those same states decide to boycott LA, wouldn't that severely damage LA's economy?

Boycott away baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby.


The White House Spin On Sestak Job Offer To Be Released 'Shortly'- UPDATE: Judicial Watch Releases Statement

[Update on Judicial Watch statement at the bottom of original post]

Via Hot Air, we see video of Barack Obama promising that his administration will off an official explanation, regarding Joe Sestak's allegation that the Obama administration offered his a federal job if he would drop out of the Senate race against Arlen Specter.

The Plum Line has reported that it was Bill Clinton that acted on behalf of the White House and was asked to speak to Sestak but only "informally".

Senior White House advisers asked former President Bill Clinton to talk to Joe Sestak about whether he was serious about running for Senate, and to feel out whether he'd be open to other alternatives, according to sources familiar with the situation.

But the White House maintains that the Clinton-Sestak discussions were informal, according to the sources. The White House, under pressure to divulge the specifics of its interactions with Sestak, will release a formal statement later today outlining their version of events, including Clinton's involvement.

According to the sources, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel asked Clinton and his longtime adviser, lawyer Doug Band, to talk to Sestak about the race. It's unclear right now whether the White House will say that Clinton was asked to suggest specific administration positions for Sestak, whether Clinton floated positions on his own, whether Clinton discussed other options not related to the adminstration, or whether employment even came up at all in the talks.

But the news that Clinton is at the center of this whole story is noteworthy on its own because of the former president's stature, and underscores how heavily invested the White House was in dissuading Sestak from running. The White House sent Clinton to talk to Sestak because Arlen Specter, constituting the 60th Dem vote in the Senate, was viewed as key to enacting Obama's agenda.

There have already been requests to Eric Holder to assigned a special prosecutor to investigate the matter, although it is doubtful he will do so.

Red State has more on that request, via the letter sent to Attorney General Eric Holder:

Senate Republicans are concerned enough that they have sent a letter dated May 26, 2010 to Attorney General Eric Holder requesting “the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate” this matter. The letter is signed by all Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee including Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Tom Coburn (R-OK), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John Cornyn (R-TX) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT). The letter alleges a possible violation of various criminal laws including but not limited to “18 U.S.C. Sec. 600 (promise of employment or other benefit for political activity).”

Hot Air, linked above, also points out that this is not the first time this particular type of allegation has been made against the Obama administration and while it was denied at the time and the story basically just faded, now, with Sestak making the same type of allegation even maintaining his story after beating Specter in the Democratic primary, it will be interesting to see if anyone else crawls out from under a rock to add to these two incidents.

[Update] Judicial Watch issues a statement on the Sestak job bribe:

Contact Information:
Press Office 202-646-5172, ext 305

Washington, DC -- May 27, 2010

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement today regarding the federal position allegedly offered by the Obama White House to Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA). Rep. Sestak has claimed repeatedly that the Obama White House tried to persuade him to abandon his Democratic primary challenge to Senator Arlen Specter by offering a high-level position in the Obama administration.

Rep. Sestak’s allegations are extremely serious and yet we’ve heard nothing from the Obama White House so far but vague denials of wrongdoing and outright stonewalling.

It’s time for everyone involved in this scandal to come clean. There is simply no wiggle room. Either Sestak lied about the federal job offer or someone at the White House likely committed a felony. It’s that simple.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to appoint a special counsel in the matter is a disgrace and will not stand.

This latest bribery allegation reflects a disturbing pattern by the Obama White House. We still don’t have all the details about involvement of Obama administration officials in the sale of Obama’s former Illinois U.S. Senate seat by Rod Blagojevich. And we still don’t have answers about the charge that Obama Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina offered a federal job to Colorado Democratic Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff to keep him out of the Senate race. There is also the report that President Obama tried to push disgruntled White House Counsel Greg Craig out of the White House by offering a federal judgeship on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. And now we have Joe Sestak.

The Chicago Machine has truly come to Washington.

Truth fears no inquiry. If the Obama White House has nothing to hide then it will ask for and fully cooperate with thorough Justice Department and congressional investigations of this scandal.

According to Judicial Watch, the following laws (among others) may have been violated in the Sestak matter: 18 USC 210: Offer to procure appointive public office; 18 USC 211: Acceptance of solicitation to obtain appointive public office; 18 USC 595: Interference by administrative employees by Federal, State or Territorial Governments; and 18 USC 600: Promise of employment or other benefit for political activity.


The Hill with "Issa: Sestak scandal could be Obama's 'Watergate'"


Thursday, May 27, 2010

911 Call Debra Jeter Made After Stabbing Children

I mostly write about politics but once in a while you hear something so chilling that everything else seems low priority.

This 911 call by Debra Jeter telling authorities she just killed her children but one was still alive and to get an ambulance out there "come on, hurry up", is dumbfounding.

Local News at has the whole story.

Those poor children. One of the two people on this earth they should have been able to trust.

Listen to her, cold, clear, concise. This is a one woman argument in favor of the death penalty.

She was offered a plea deal, life in prison, no chance of parole. She accepted it.


Marriott Hotels guns for the NRA

The Marriott Hotel chain has decided to attack the National Rifle Association. Bring it on, Marriott.

This evening I will be speaking to the Salado GOP ladies near Austin, Texas.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

The Truth About Gaza

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Is fancy restaurants and Olympic-size pools!

Yes that is the truth. Some Concentration Camp!  That is what the Main Stream Media and the pro-Palestinian anti-Semites in the Free Gaza Movement call Gaza: The World's Largest Concentration Camp!
What they (The Main Stream Media) won’t tell you about are the fancy new restaurants and swimming pools of Gaza, or about the wind surfing competitions on Gaza beaches, or the Strip’s crowded shops and markets. Many Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza live a middle class (and in some cases an upper class) lifestyle that western journalists refuse to report on because it doesn’t fit with the simplistic story they were sent to write.

Here, courtesy of the Palestinian Ma’an news agency, is a report on Gaza’s new Olympic-sized swimming pool . (Most Israeli towns don’t have Olympic-size swimming pools. One wonders how an area that claims to be starved of water and building materials and depends on humanitarian aid builds an Olympic size swimming pool and creates a luxury lifestyle for some while others are forced to live in abject poverty as political pawn refugees?)

If you pop into the Roots Club in Gaza, according to the Lonely Planet guidebook, you can “dine on steak au poivre and chicken cordon bleu”.

The restaurant’s website in Arabic gives a window into middle class dining and the lifestyle of Hamas officials in Gaza. And here it is in English, for all the journalists, UN types and NGO staff who regularly frequent this and other nice Gaza restaurants (but don’t tell their readers about them).

And here is a promotional video of the club restaurant . In case anyone doubts the authenticity of this video, I just called the club in Gaza City and had a nice chat with the manager who proudly confirmed business is booming and many Palestinians and international guests are dining there.

In a piece for The Wall Street Journal last year, I documented the “after effects” of a previous “emergency Gaza boat flotilla,” when the arrivals were seen afterwards purchasing souvenirs in well-stocked shops. (You can also scroll down here for more pictures of Gaza’s “impoverished” shops.)

But the mainstream liberal international media won’t report on any of this. Playing the manipulative game of the BBC is easy: if we had their vast taxpayer funded resources, we too could produce reports about parts of London, Manchester and Glasgow and make it look as though there is a humanitarian catastrophe throughout the UK. We could produce the same effect by selectively filming seedy parts of Paris and Rome and New York and Los Angeles too.

Of course there is poverty in Gaza. There is poverty in parts of Israel too. (When was the last time a foreign journalist based in Israel left the pampered lounge bars and restaurants of the King David and American Colony hotels in Jerusalem and went to check out the slum-like areas of southern Tel Aviv? Or the hard-hit Negev towns of Netivot or Rahat?)

But the way that many prominent Western news media are deliberately misleading global audiences and systematically creating the false impression that people are somehow starving in Gaza, and that it is all Israel’s fault, can only serve to increase hatred for the Jewish state – which one suspects was the goal of many of the editors and reporters involved in the first place.

Read it all here.
Olympic-sized swimming pools and fancy gourmet restaurants just like the type that Auschwitz and Dachau had.  And what about those starving children?

These children look starved, malnourished, and depressed!

Depression really has taken hold on these children of Gaza.

Compare those pictures to these of actual starving children.

These children starved to death. There have been no reports of massive starvation or malnutrition coming out of Gaza. If anyone can show me reputable source (None Palestinian or Free Gaza loonies.  WHO, or International Red Cross is acceptable.) I will post a retraction.  But they don't
acknowledge any incidents.

Before one condemns, one should learn all the facts.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There you go! Milestone America!

Today, 13 trillion. We made a mark, and we accomplished it. Well, WE didn't, but we know who did. Short post, long story. Congratulations! Hope the children of our children will be proud of us.

I'm just sayin'! ChaChing!


Obligatory Will Folks/Nikki Haley Post

S.C. blogger (Folks) claims to have had "inappropriate" relationship with a political candidate (Haley), candidate denies it, blogger claims to have proof but only provides proof that the candidates campaign manager communicated with him.

That is the longgggggggggggggggggggg story short.

Because I truly don't give a damn either way and because I have never heard of Will Folks before this whole to-do, I am going to set up some linkage to some must read commentary.

Starting with the awesome snark of Ace from Ace of Spades, who literally had me laughing so hard there were tears in my eyes.

Teaser, but please, click the link because the teaser is just a small portion of Ace's spectacular piece on this:

Will Folks: Letting The Chips Fall

Since I founded FITSNews three-and-a-half years ago, I’ve made more than my fair share of powerful enemies in this state.

Right. Like the buffet cashier at the Charleston Sizzler.

What? Dude, how can you have enemies when no one knows who you are?

One reason for that? I call it like I see it – whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, or even believe it or not.

Huh-- well that's a new spin: a blogger who calls it like he sees it.

Well, now I've heard everything!

Clearly, there’s no shortage of opinions about me, my website or the impact it’s having on South Carolina’s political process...

Um, I'm short an opinion-- who the fuck are you?

...but I like to think that the stories I break, the debates I drive and the opinions I help shape all speak to the potency of the brand I’ve created.

I like to think my flatulence smells like fresh-baked cinnamon-raisin bagels. Preach it.

Now , go read the rest and the follow up with the links below for more of this running soap opera from Ace's perspective.

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Will Folks: "Let the Bidding Begin!"

Will Folks Is Really Creeping Me The F--- OutUpdate: Misrepresented Emails In Domestic Violence Case

Will Folks: Actually, It Turns Out I Do Have a Lot More To Say About My Alleged Affair With Nikki Haley

Cool Facts About Will Folks

Note to Ace- Thanks dude, best laugh I have had in a while and I love your style... I am still laughing over here while attempting to type, backspace and type some more.

Other related pieces about this:

CNN- TRENDING: S.C. blogger reveals texts with top Haley aide

Red State- The nocturnal excretions of toenail clipping stalkers

Verum Serum, who gets full credit, from everyone, for the pointing everyone to the video below and titles their piece "I Doubt He’s Telling the Truth, But Even if He is SC Blogger Will Folks is Still a Douchebag."

The Other McCain- OMG: Did You See What Haley Accuser Will Folks Wrote About Ashley Herzog?

This is your latest installment of As The Stomach Churns..... now on to regular scheduled programming.


Obama To Deploy National Guard To Border As 'Token' Show Of Border Enforcement

The White House has announced they will deploy 1,200 out of the 6,000 national guard requested, along the border in a token show of doing the government's job of securing the border.

Arizona officials have been requesting at least 6,000 and polls from a variety of organizations have all shown an overwhelming majority of Americans siding with Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona when she signed into law the new immigration law stating that police would be enforcing federal law on illegal immigration and making it against state law to be in the state of Arizona illegally.

3 out of 4 Americans also did not believe the government was doing enough to secure our borders.

Obama criticized that law, but obviously has heard the message Americans sent in those polls because now he making a show of sending a portion of the troops requested to actually enforce federal laws.

Amazingly enough, Brewers words when she first signed this law, come back to haunt Obama:

"We cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels," Brewer said. "We cannot stand idly by as drophouses, kidnappings and violence compromise our quality of life."--- Jan Brewer

"Respect for the rule of law means respect for every law," said Brewer, a Republican. "People across America are watching Arizona.

"We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act," Brewer added. "But decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation."

The New York Times, of all papers, proves Brewer, McCain, Kyl and the majority of American's right, when they go over the numbers of the last time a President, George Bush, sent 6,000 troops to the border to help secure it.

From 2006 to 2008, President George W. Bush made a larger deployment of Guard troops under a program called Operation Jump Start. At its peak, 6,000 Guard troops at the border helped build roads and fences in addition to backing up law enforcement officers.

Those Guard troops contributed to the arrest of more than 162,000 illegal immigrants, the rescue of 100 people stranded in the desert and the seizure of $69,000 in cash and 305,000 pounds of illicit drugs.

1,200 troops is but a drop in the bucket to what is needed to secure our borders, nothing more than a token public relation show by Obama ahead of the November elections and a bargaining chip so that Democrats can write some type of immigration reform where they plan to offer amnesty to criminals that have broken our laws and come to this country illegally, hoping his little "show" will garner him bipartisan support for amnesty.

In his meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday, Mr. Obama said improving border security alone would not reduce illegal immigration and reiterated that a reworking of the immigration system could not be achieved without more Republican support.

Does he really think Americans are so stupid as to believe this is anything more than a political maneuver?

If Obama was serious about actually enforcing federal laws and securing the border, he would have sent the 6,000 requested with the offer of more where they are needed to get the job done.

-He also would have back Brewer and Arizona for their courage in doing the job the government has refused to do, instead of letting his administration officials criticize the law at the same time as publicly admitting they never read the actual bill.

-He would have stated loud and clear that those that enter this country illegally would be sent back where they came from and if they wanted to live in American they could come through the front door, not sneak in the back illegally and breaking our laws.

He has done none of that, so this token public relations show is nothing more than an obvious ploy to help his dwindling approval ratings which have hit the lowest point since he took office.


Obama Approval Ratings Hits New Low With Under Half Of His Own Party Strongly Approving

The numbers are dismal for Barack Obama with 45 percent of the nation's voters strongly disapproving and only 23 percent strongly approving, but the surprising number is that only 48 percent of Democrats strongly approving which is a 17 point drop from earlier polling.

Overall numbers are not much better, showing the majority of the nation's voters (56 percent)disapproving of Barack Obama's job performance and 43 percent somewhat approving.

According to Rasmussen, Obama is at the lowest approval rating index measured so far since Obama took office.

Most Americans have “come to believe that the political system is broken, that most politicians are corrupt, and that neither major political party has the answers,” observes Scott Rasmussen. Just 27% believe Congress knows what it’s doing when it comes to the economy and 41% say that a group of people randomly selected from the phone book would do a better job than the current Congress.


Barack Obama and the oil spill

Barack Obama wants government to handle the oil spill. That will make things far worse.

Today at lunch I am speaking at a joint Republican Women's meeting in Galveston, Texas between the Bay Area and Friendswood clubs.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bobby Jindal On Oil Spill Damage: 'We Don't Have The Resources We Need'

Seven and a half minute video of Bobby Jindal explaining the massive amount of damage being done in Louisiana by the oil spill and the dire consequences from the government inability and incompetence in helping.

Well worth the time it takes to watch the video below.

According to ABC News, Jindal is prepared to act alone, even at the risk of jail.

Stop the spill or "get out of my way" say Jindal, because he is determined to minimize the damage as much as he can.

As thick oil flows into the sensitive marshes of the Louisiana coast, Gov. Bobby Jindal called on the White House and BP today to either stop the oil spill or get out of his way.

Jindal is still waiting for the federal government to provide millions of feet in boom and to approve an emergency permit for a state plan to dredge and build new barrier islands to keep the oil from reaching the marshes and wetlands.

Jindal is so desperate for the islands, he's said he'll build them even if it sends him to jail.

"We've been frustrated with the disjointed effort to date that has too often meant too little, too late for the oil hitting our coast," Jindal said.

About 5 1/2 minutes into the video is the key statement.... Louisiana has requested supplies he hasn't gotten, come up with a plan he has already proven will work to help limit the damage and is still waiting for an answer.

Jindal in closing: "We've only got two option in Louisiana, there is only two options in front of us. We can either fight this oil off of our coast 15 to 20 miles away on barrier islands, on sand booms, where it will do much less damage to our marine life and to our wetlands and to our fragile ecosystem, but every day we do not fight this oil on a barrier island, every day we are not dredging sand, means one more day this oil has the chance to come into our ecosystem, into our wetlands, into the home of some of our nations most important fisheries.

30 percent of the nation's oil and gas comes off this coast, 30 percent of the nations fisheries. These are America's wetlands, lets make no mistake about what is at stake is our way of life. This is not just about keeping oil off of a rocky land or beach. This is about a way of life for our people and for our state, so we need to get this planned approved as quickly as possible.

Every day it is not approved is another day this choice is made for us and we are forced to fight this oil farther and farther in our wetlands instead of off of our coast where we would rather fight this. We don't want a drop of oil to hit our coast but as Governor of Louisiana I would rather fight this oil on a barrier island, on a hard rocky coast than have to fight it inside of our wetlands.

Thank y'all very much."

While the White House and BP are bickering about who is in charge and who is responsible for fixing the problem, Jindal and everybody affected is supposed to wait for them to get around to approving plans to minimize the damage?

Jindal and others are fed up with waiting and I for one cannot blame him for his disgust with the response to date.

America is watching all of this, and as of now, they are not overly impressed.

A majority of Americans, by 51 percent to 46 percent, now disapprove of Obama’s handling of the crisis, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll. An Associated Press-GfK survey taken less than two weeks ago showed that only one-third of those polled gave Obama low marks for his response.


Bailout Mania Continues- $165 Billion For Unions Next?


A Democratic senator is introducing legislation for a bailout of troubled union pension funds. If passed, the bill could put another $165 billion in liabilities on the shoulders of American taxpayers.

(Bailout cartoons found via Google images)


Lying Cr@pweasel Tuesday

Connecticut Attorney General did not misspeak regarding his fictional Vietnam service. He is simply a lying cr@pweasel.

I am speaking at lunch to the Sandpiper Texas GOP ladies in Galveston and at dinner to the North Shore GOP ladies in Houston.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Private Pay Hits Record Low- Government Income To New Highs

"People are paid for being rather than for producing" - Economist David Henderson, Hoover Institution

USA Today reports that private pay has hit record historic lows while money obtained from government benefits or wages has expanded at what economist Donald Grimes from University of Michigan calls "not sustainable".

Key shifts in income this year:

• Private wages. A record-low 41.9% of the nation's personal income came from private wages and salaries in the first quarter, down from 44.6% when the recession began in December 2007.

•Government benefits. Individuals got 17.9% of their income from government programs in the first quarter, up from 14.2% when the recession started. Programs for the elderly, the poor and the unemployed all grew in cost and importance. An additional 9.8% of personal income was paid as wages to government employees.

Confirming his statement, Economist Veronique de Rugy of the free-market Mercatus Center at George Mason University, points to the riots in Greece as proof of this type of trends unsustainable outcome.

Greece should be an example to our political leaders about welfare states and what happens when this type of trend continues and Washington is not heeding that example as they continue to spend, spend and spend more.

Reminder from yesterday, Wapo:

Still, House leaders view the spending package scheduled to reach the floor Tuesday as must-pass legislation, saying it would shore up support among key constituencies heading into the November elections. In addition to renewing a laundry list of popular tax credits and deductions, the measure would extend unemployment benefits through the rest of this year and set aside $24 billion to help states close huge budget gaps without layoffs or new taxes. The package would also direct nearly $6 billion to finance summer jobs and settle discrimination lawsuits against the Agriculture Department -- both are top priorities among black lawmakers.

Congressional budget analysts have yet to calculate the price of the package, but senior Democratic aides said it could approach $200 billion, most of it unpaid for by new revenue. Among the big-ticket items is a proposal to postpone until 2014 a scheduled pay cut for doctors who see Medicare patients. While many members favor the delay, its $65 billion cost is causing heartburn in both parties.

Emphasis mine.

The Obama admin, Congress and the Senate are out of control with their spending and government interference and government entitlement programs, and there are people, like myself, that believe we are not "entitled" to what we have not earned.

The Democratically controlled Senate and Congress as well as the White House, seem to think that by virtue of being able to produce, create and earn, means the rich's wallets can be Washington's own little piggy bank, so they create these entitlement programs, hike the taxes on the rich even more, and the difference in what they collect from what they spend they simply ignore.

Government entitlement programs, such as food stamps, welfare, etc... should be stepping stones to help people who have fallen hard on rough times, to get them back on their feet, they should not be the way of life for people.

I leave Social Security out of that equation because the elderly has worked, had money taken from every check to be paid out upon retirement, so I do not consider that as an "entitlement" program.

No government can afford to pay people for "being" rather than producing and Greece is the perfect example of this and the political class needs to learn from the lesson Greece is teaching us and stop spending money we do not have.

[Update] It is not only Greece that is showing us what the end of the road will look like should we continue along the same path Obama has now put us on toward socialism.

Spain, Portugal and Italy, just to name a few more problem areas.

To top it all off now, Democrats are going to propose another $165 billion bailout for unions.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama Admin And Democratic Congress- Spend, Spend And Spend Some More

Pay-Go is gone and in it's place a running tally of continuous spending from the Obama admin and the Democratically controlled congress continues unabated, to the point where even some Democrats are saying "hey, slow it down folks".

Teaser From Wapo:

Still, House leaders view the spending package scheduled to reach the floor Tuesday as must-pass legislation, saying it would shore up support among key constituencies heading into the November elections. In addition to renewing a laundry list of popular tax credits and deductions, the measure would extend unemployment benefits through the rest of this year and set aside $24 billion to help states close huge budget gaps without layoffs or new taxes. The package would also direct nearly $6 billion to finance summer jobs and settle discrimination lawsuits against the Agriculture Department -- both are top priorities among black lawmakers.

Congressional budget analysts have yet to calculate the price of the package, but senior Democratic aides said it could approach $200 billion, most of it unpaid for by new revenue. Among the big-ticket items is a proposal to postpone until 2014 a scheduled pay cut for doctors who see Medicare patients. While many members favor the delay, its $65 billion cost is causing heartburn in both parties.

Anyone living on a budget knows, you cannot keep spending money that you do not have, yet the Obama administration and congress do not seem to understand the word "budget."


Did The Obama Administration Commit A Crime Offering Sestak A Job To Drop His Campaign

Once again Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.)confirms clearly that the Obama administration offered him a federal job in order to get him to drop out of the Democratic race against Arlen Specter.

That is a crime and the White House has been "stonewalling" for the last few months since Sestak first dropped the bombshell.

The Hill reports that even Democrats are concerned with the unanswered allegation and trying to encourage the White House to provide some answers.

Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner (N.Y.) called on the White House on Monday to detail conversations it allegedly had with Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) to try to convince him to drop his Senate bid.

Weiner said that allegations that White House officials had offered Sestak an administration job in exchange for his dropping of his primary bid against Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) had become a growing political liability.

"I think what the White House should do is, to some degree, say, 'Here are the facts,' " Weiner said Monday morning during an appearance on MSNBC. "If there's not a lot [to] what's going on here, then just say what happened."

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs continues to evade questions about the offered deal, claiming nothing "problematic" occurred.

Legal experts have said federal statutes concerning bribery or interference with an election might have been violated if the White House made a job offer as a quid-pro-quo for Sestak to abandon the primary against Specter that Sestak had won Tuesday.

Several reporters asked Gibbs about the matter Thursday during the White House briefing.

“I don’t have anything to add to that,” Gibbs said repeatedly.

He said he answered the question in March, when he told reporters, “I’ve talked to several people in the White House; I’ve talked to people that have talked to others in the White House. I’m told that whatever conversations have been had are not problematic. I think Congressman Sestak has discussed that this is – whatever happened is in the past, and he’s focused on his primary election.”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has officialy asked Eric Holder, Attorney General to assign a special prosecutor to investigate Sestak's allegations.

Perhaps then Sestak will be more forthcoming about what the job offer was for and who made it and then perhaps the Obama administration would be forced to show that transparency they continue to claim they will show.

Sestak has stayed consistent since dropping the bombshell in February in saying yes a job was offered but refusing to detail which position he was offered and by whom, specifically.


Political Hawaiian Tsunami

Republican Charles Djou won the Hawaii congressional seat. Let the 2010 political tsunami begin.

At 7:35am PST I will be a radio guest of Brian Sussman of KSFO discussing my book Ideological Bigotry.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poison Sunday--Rock Solid Bret Michaels

Hoping Bret Michaels of Poison gets healthy, and wins tonight on Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump knows that Bret is as Rock Solid as it gets. Go Bret, and get well!

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

The Trashing of Arizona

This is the third article in our ongoing series of articles about the rapidly deteriorating situation in Arizona as a result of the abandonment of this state by the federal government. Our first article, A Line Has Been Crossed, detailed how the President of Mexico figuratively trashed Arizona in the United States Congress to the raucous approval of the elected and appointed Democrats present. El Presidente Calderon actually admitted that it was "his" people who composed the army invading Arizona. No doubt his folks invading Arizona are really just a bunch of tourists because they are too thrilled with the fabulous job he is doing running his own third world hell hole to actually want to permanently leave it.

The second article, There is a Difference, detailed how illegal immigration has been a partisan issue all along and Arizona has been bearing the brunt of the Democrats' wrath for daring to try and do what the federal government will not. It also pointed out that Arizona is actually being invaded by a partially armed army from a foreign country. Like all invading armies, it tends to lay waste the territory it invades. General Sherman's march through Georgia is such an example. Laying waste is primarily a historical term but the modern term is to trash a country.

Today we are offering pictorial proof that this invading army is literally trashing Arizona. You need to see what is really happening in Southern Arizona to get a real grasp of what is going on.

Looking back down the invading army path

Further down the path south of Tucson

Notice the some of the 5,000 backpacks discarded

Used baby diapers are an evironmental hazard

The track heads towards Tucson

On the way to Tucson

H/t to Dr. Sam Nigro for pictures

No doubt you are wondering about the dead silence from the Environmental Protection Agency or the Sierra Club. Oh wait, this is a red state and not a blue state. Liberal Democrat cities like New Orleans count but conservative Republican cities like Nashville do not. If a Republican President is not Johnny on the spot in a place like New Orleans, there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the fifth column that passes for news media in America. But in the home of that uniquely American country music in a red state, all it gets is a yawn when Obama does not even mention that a terrible disaster has struck that city let alone ever doing anything about it. Oh wait, he is a Socialist Democrat so that is okay.

Oh well, the next strong rain will fill this wash and dump some of this trash into the Santa Rita river and return it back to Mexico from whence it came. No doubt the El Presidente Calderon will file a formal protest with Obama about the state of Arizona dumping its trash in Mexico which will result in a major summit meeting with much posturing and pointing more fingers of blame on hapless Arizona.

Look at these pictures and then tell us beleaguered Arizonans that the term invading army is too strong a term. Over 5,000 backpacks on this one trail does not an army make? In military terms, isn't that about the size of a regiment? But this is just one of many such sites in Southern Arizona. Don't several regiments make up a division? If an heavily armed division of uniformed soldiers invaded the United States wouldn't our military rush to repel the invaders? Okay, only the drug runners and coyotes are armed with assault weapons like AK-47's.

That weapon is not used to hunt deer, just ranchers and deputy sheriffs. Oh, by the way, El Presidente, the AK-47 is a communist weapon and is not manufactured in Arizona so the ending of the assault weapons ban in the United States had diddly squat to do with the influx of such weapons into Mexico. Those AK-47's are being brought into Arizona from Mexico and not the other way around. On the other hand, there are arms manufacturers in Arizona. In fact, Sturm, Ruger & Co has a plant just a few miles from my home so at least we will have something to shoot back with should push come to shove.

So listen up El Presidente and get your own act put together.
This is a red state where guns are still legal and not a blue state where only the police and criminals have them. Arizona is an open carry state and now you do not even need a permit to carry a concealed weapon here starting July 28th. You know why the Arizona legislature passed SB1108 repealing the law requiring a permit and Governor Brewer signed it? Know why it takes effect the same day as our new immigration law that you are so upset about? Look in the mirror for a clue.

Arizona Does Not Stand Alone On Immigration Law- 17 Other States Join Fight

Mens News Daily and WND report that 17 other states are joining with Arizona in the battle against the crime of illegal immigration.

Mens News daily:

First, President Barack Obama allowed Calderon to slam American citizens in Arizona over the new immigration enforcement law and then Obama openly agreed with Calderon statements that denigrated patriotic Americans.

Later, when Calderon lectured lawmakers on the floor of the U.S. Senate about Arizona’s immigration policy, the man known as “the Mexican moocher” — because of the billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars he receives yearly – was given a standing ovation by members of the Obama administration and Democrat members of both houses of Congress.

Two Obama cabinet members — Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder — stood and enthusiastically applauded Calderon’s arrogant speech. It should be noted that both of these members of the Obama national security team admitted they failed to read a law that they felt qualified to bash repeatedly.

Meanwhile, one of America’s national organizations fighting against illegal immigration announced Friday that 17 additional U.S. states are now filing versions of Arizona’s SB 1070 law which is designed to help local police enforce America’s existing immigration laws.

Sadly, on Friday the Director of Immigration & Customs Enforcement, John Morton, says he will not deport any illegal aliens referred to his office by Arizona police officers or sheriff’s deputies.

Numerous national and local polls indicated that 60-81% of Americans support local police enforcing immigration laws.

“Our national network of activists have been working overtime trying to help the state of Arizona and the brave Arizonans who have passed this bill,” said William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. “Arizona no longer stands alone and we have now documented state lawmakers filing, or announcing they will file, versions of the Arizona bill in seventeen states! We will not stop until all states are protected from invasion as required by the US Constitution.”

The 17 states claiming to be joining Arizona’s fight against criminal aliens – as well as corrupt Mexican politicians or criminals serving in Mexican police or military forces — are as follows:


Let the Obama administration try to sue them all.


Althouse Spanks Wapo For Misstating Texas Cirriculum Changes

Althouse is a must read here and she is right, if media outlets plan to run an article on a subject, they should first actually read the documentation in question and they should definitely use accurate quotes instead of simply their "understanding" of what they have heard or read.

After going through the Wapo story, piece by piece and actually providing the correct verbiage to correct Wapo's sloppy work, Althouse concludes:

Virtually everything cited in the article to make the curriculum seem controversial is misstated! Appalling!

Althhouse also does what Wapo didn't... she provided the link to the documents in question so people can read and learn for themselves.

Let me embarrass the Washington Post. Below, the material from the WaPo article, written by Michael Birnbaum, is indented. After the indented part, I've located the relevant quote from the Board of Education text, found here. (I'm searching 3 PDF documents: Economics with Emphasis on the Free Enterprise System and Its Benefits Subchapter A. High School; Social Studies Subchapter B. Middle School; Social Studies Subchapter C. High School.)

Blogs, such as Althouse may be opinion based, but they provide readers with something critical that major media does not..... links to the data used to determine that opinion, so that any reader truly interested in developing their own opinion, can simply click, read and analyze for themselves instead of letting someone else, whether it is the media or a blogger, tell them what they should be thinking.

Kudos to Althouse for doing the homework Wapo didn't both doing.

Note to readers
- Notice I did not discuss the actual story about the new Texas Cirriculum?

There are links provided in the Althouse quote... clickity clickity click everyone.

Then you decide for yourself whether the misrepresentation from Wapo were from ignorance or a deliberate attempt to create controversy.


Illegal Immigration- Applause For Miss Oklamhoma For Supporting State's Rights

Hat Tip Bill O'Reilly for the video.

A couple points here, first she is clear that she is a "huge believer" in state's rights, against illegal immigration and against racial profiling.

Not easy to answer a loaded question that misstates and misrepresents the actual law but she did it and did it well.

Notice as Nunez asks his question, he deliberately neglects to mention that in order to check ID's, police must first be stopping or detaining the person for another legal reason.

Anyone that thinks he deliberately didn't misstate the law is a fool, that or he like so many others spewing about the law, simply hasn't read it.

Secondly, the contrast from our politicians and Obama administration officials applauding the Mexican President for denigrating Arizona law and Americans applauding Miss Oklahoma for supporting it, is astounding.... once again Congress shows that they refuses to do the job they were elected to do and represent the people of America, to which an overwhelming majority nationally, support Arizona's right and obligation to protect their own state when the federal government has failed to do so by enforcing federal laws.

Americans vs Congress

In the end it is Americans that will decide who stays and who goes from congress and it is about time the political leadership remembered that because in November, voters are going to make it loud and clear that they work for us, we don't work for them.

"Remember November"


Republican Charles Djou Wins Hawaii Special Election House Seat

For the first time in two decades a Republican holds a Hawaii House seat after Charles Djou won Hawaii's special election against two Democratic opponents. To maintain that seat passed Novemeber, Djou will need to win November's election.

Djou won the special mail-in election with 39.7 percent of the vote in the final printout, released at 9 p.m.

The final printout represented 171,417 ballots returned by voters in the district, which stretches from Waikiki and downtown to Mililani.

Democrat Colleen Hanabusa was second at 31 percent, with Democrat Ed Case third at 27.8 percent.

“This is a momentous day,” Djou told a jubilant crowd at state party headquarters. “We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the ex-governors. We have sent a message to the national Democrats! We have sent a message to the machine.

“We have told them that we will not stand idly by as our great nation is overburdened by too much taxes, too much debt and too much wasteful spending.”

November's election will be more difficult to win for Djou because Hawaii is a liberal state and he will be only facing one challenger, so the Democratic vote will not be split, but it is doable for Djou if he continues to get his message out there.

The optics of a Republican winning the seat after 20 years of Democrats holding it, in Obama's "home" are not good for the Democratic party.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

There is a Difference

About 40 years ago, George Wallace made the observation that there was not "a dime's worth of difference between the two major political parties". At the time he said that, there was a lot of truth to that statement as Michael Barone just noted in "The Golden Age of Centrism Wasn't so Golden." Well that was then and this is now and there is now a huge difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties as Michael pointed out in his piece. Nothing makes this divide clearer than the Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act aka SB1070 aka "that terrible/great Arizona immigration law" depending on your partisan orientation.

What you will not learn from the fifth column, aka the lame stream media, is the real history behind that bill. What you will learn from them is what the bill is NOT about, namely racial or ethnic profiling or the police demanding citizenship documentation from every Tom, Dick and Harry they see walking down the street. Obviously this bill had to be passed by the Arizona State House of Representatives and the Arizona State Senate before Governor Brewer could sign it. Needless to say, both parties are represented in the Arizona state legislature. So how did the Democrats in both houses vote on this bill? If you guessed not one single one voted for it, you are right on. Except for Senator Carolyn S. Allen (R - Scottsdale), all the Republicans who voted did vote for the bill. Perhaps the fact that she is not seeking re-election had something to do with her vote since it would have been the kiss of death if she was.

The point is that this bill was definitely a partisan issue right from the get-go. Similar bills had passed the Arizona legislature previously only to be vetoed by our then Democrat governor, Janet Napolitano. Fortunately for Arizona but unfortunately for the United States, our affirmative action President decided in his infinite wisdom that she would make a great head of the Department of Home Security. She did everything she could to stop border enforcement while governor and still manage to get elected, so now she can do the same for the rest of America. Still since Arizona does not have a Lieutenant Governor, that allowed the Republican Secretary of State to take over and finally sign this bill.

Now we have the Mexican President trashing Arizona and the Democrat President and Congress whooping it up while he does. See my piece on "A Line Has Been Crossed." Still think there is not a dimes worth of difference? The United States is rapidly being divided into two totally different countries, Blue America and Red America. In the ensuing civil war that so far is not a shooting war, the battles are raging across guess where? That's right, it is being waged in the battleground states aka the Purple States. Soon those states are going to have to decide which side they are joining. It would appear that the upcoming elections will be the time of that decision because the Red States are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore from the socialists masquerading as Democrats.

Just today, the head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement threatened not to process any aliens aka illegal immigrants that the state of Arizona turns over to federal authorities under the new Arizona law. The "hammer" aka Charles Krauthammer takes John Morton of the ICE to the woodshed for his arrogance. But in the meantime, what are we in Arizona supposed to do? Under our system of government, the federal government is supposed to "provide for our common defense." Arizona is being invaded by an army from the country to its south. That fact that they are not wearing uniforms is beside the point. Many of them are carrying assault weapons though and shooting Arizonans who get in their way.

The federal government is forcing us to defend ourselves. In that case why are we paying taxes to the federal government? On top of that, we have cities in a neighboring state attempting to boycott our state in violation of the Constitution. On the west we have the Peoples Republic of Mexifornia and on the east we have New Mexico which might as well secede and join the the United States of Mexico as its name implies. That state has already been overrun by Mexico since Hispanics were almost a majority there in 2000 (44.5%). No doubt the 2010 census will show they are a majority. That leaves us only with Utah that can be considered friendly.

What are the Democrats trying to force us to do? Do they want Arizonans to secede and form our own country? We are running out of options, folks, and this is beyond serious. The federal government has not only abandoned us but is trying to force us into bankruptcy by being burdened with 460,000 people who do not belong here. They do not pay taxes and they chew up social services at an alarming rate. Yet more of this invading army pour across our border every day to applause of the Democrats everywhere. Democrats in other states and cities are trying to impose sanctions on us as if we were a pariah like Iran. We will soon be forced to fight back as we will have no other choice. Why should we send 27.4% of the power generated in our state at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant to Southern California when they are imposing sanctions on us?

Perhaps we should behave like Mexico and just expropriate the 5.7% of that plant owned by the city of Los Angeles Power and Water Department to the State of Arizona since that city has threatened us with what is essentially an act of war. If you think the citizens of Arizona where 71% of us approve of our immigration law are going to go quietly into the night, you have a new think coming. We will not tolerate this crap much longer so I would advise the Democrats to back off before the manure really hits the wind powered turbine.

Overwhelming Majority Not Confident About Congress On Economy

The Rasmussen headline says it all with "72% Are Not Confident Congress Knows What It’s Doing When It Comes to The Economy."

Even as Congress puts the finishing touches on legislation asserting more government control over the U.S. financial industry, most U.S. voters continue to believe the legislators have little idea what they're doing when it comes to the economy.

The latest national telephone survey of Likely Voters finds that just 27% are at least somewhat confident that Congress knows what it’s doing when it comes to addressing current economic problems. An overwhelming majority (72%) are not confident in Congress to address these problems. These figures include six percent (6%) who are Very Confident and 43% who are Not at All Confident.

Count me in on that 72 percent.

It isn't only the economy that voters don't trust congress on, it is across the board with the Pelosi/Reid congress holding the lowest approval rating for congress, ever, with 70.8 percent average disapproval rating according to polling from multiple organizations.

May Polls

Gallup- 75 percent disapproval of the job performance of congress with 21 percent approval.

NBC News/Wall St. Journal- 72 percent disapproval of the job performance of congress with 21 percent approval.

Associated Press/GfK- 71 percent disapproval of the job performance of congress with 28 percent approval.

Fox News poll- 65 percent disapproval of the job performance of congress with 23 percent approval.

Pelosi certainly did as promised and made this congress one that has done what no other congress ever has..... she has created the most unpopular congress ever.

Somehow I don't think that was what she meant at the time though.


Vets for Freedom Calls on Richard Blumenthal to Apologize to Real Vietnam Veterans

Via an email with the Vets For Freedom press release in response to Richard Blumenthal's repeated misrepresentation of his military record and service.

May 18, 2010

(202) 338-4070

Washington, DC – Pete Hegseth, Iraq War veteran and Executive Director of Vets for Freedom, released the following statement regarding Connecticut Attorney General and current Senate candidate, Richard Blumenthal’s misrepresentation of his service in Vietnam:

“On behalf of Vets for Freedom—and our over 100,000 members—we call on Richard Blumenthal to apologize to Vietnam veterans for misrepresenting his service. He never set foot in a combat zone—even though he gladly perpetuated the politically-expedient perception that he had—and should apologize to real Vietnam combat veterans for this gross violation of honor.

“After the New York Times exposed his real service record, Mr. Blumenthal remained defiant at his rebuttal press conference, saying he takes “full responsibility” for the statements, yet refuses to apologize. Mr. Blumenthal also claims he merely “misspoke” on a few occasions, and did so unknowingly. As a combat veteran of Iraq, I find this very hard to believe. All veterans know what they did and where they were. There’s a big difference between the battlefield and your hometown.

“We thank Mr. Blumenthal for his Reserve service and his support for veterans. However, neither of those facts change the reality that he repeatedly lied about his military record for political gain. Mr. Blumenthal should apologize, and should start with his fellow Connecticut Senate candidate Rob Simmons, who served 19 months on the ground in Vietnam, earning two Bronze Stars. Mr. Simmons is a real combat veteran, and his record actually back it up."

You can find out more about Vets For Freedom at their website.


The illegal immigration Mexican conundrum

Illegal immigration from Mexicans leads to an interesting issue that nobody thinks about.

Today at 5:30pm I am speaking to the Smith County GOP ladies in Tyler, Texas.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Video- Arizona Sing-A-Long: Read Immigration Law!

From Secure The Border AZ, the video below is brilliant in it's simplicity.. short, to the point, and clearly shows the type of administration Obama is running.

Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and others have all criticized Arizona's new immigration law, signed by Governor Jan Brewer and in each case, when asked directly and captured on video, all of them have stated they haven't actually read the law.

H/T for video to Kosmosnet@Twitter


68% Oppose Boycotts of Arizona Over New Immigration Law

Malkin with the standing O by Obama officials for Mexico's president and Cuba's two cents.


Friday, May 21, 2010

A Line Has Been Crossed

I do not know about you, but to me a line was crossed yesterday that should never have been crossed by any American no matter what their political views may be. All of us have friends, neighbors, clients and sometimes even family members whose political views are diametrically opposed to our own. You just do not discuss politics with them because you know that it will just cause an argument and hard feelings. Just because they have political views that you consider totally unbelievable does not make them "bad" people, misguided perhaps, but certainly not bad. That has always been my point of view but the events of yesterday has caused me to call this view into question.

All of us have some line we draw in the sand that other people should not cross because if they do, you simply will no longer have anything to do with them and that even extends to family members. Where that line is drawn varies from individual to individual and just exactly how serious the offense is that someone commits against you. Most of us never are pushed to the point of having to decide that an entire group of people have crossed that line because almost every definable group of people has some nice people and some not so nice people in it. Indeed, some groups of people have totally evil people in it but that does not usually mean that everyone in that group is evil.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Adherents of jihadistism comes to mind as a collection of truly evil people. It does not matter how much they were brainwashed into becoming a jihadist. Mere membership in the group makes them evil. Then there are groups of people who may be only misguided but that still might make them very dangerous and people you want nothing to do with any more. This is because their views are so misguided that if their views become accepted by a majority of people, you will be personally adversely affected. That is what happened yesterday.

Even though I have always considered myself to be a Republican, I have occasionally voted for some Democrats when the Republican candidate was not up to what I thought being a Republican was all about. Well, that will never happen again. For Democrat members to stand up and give a foreign leader a standing ovation when he trashes our country is not only beyond the pale, but they have as a group crossed my line in the sand. At this point any elected Republican has to be a better deal than any elected Democrat at any level of government. Even so called RINO Republicans are a better bet than any Democrat no matter how conservative they claim to be. At least they all voted against Obamacare.

This is particularly true of members of the House of Representatives. Once a Democrat is elected to the House this coming November, what will his or her first vote in Congress be when seated in January? They will vote for Nancy Pelosi for not just Speaker of the House but to be third in line to become President of the United States should some jihadist take out both Obama and Biden at the same time. A Republican elected to the House will not vote for Nancy Pelosi. I saw that witch enthusiastically applauding the President of Mexico when he was trashing my state of Arizona. I have always been opposed to her politics but never really considered her evil, just unbelievably misguided.

It has been a standing rule of politics to never question the patriotism of any elected official. You might oppose them but at least they are fellow Americans who will stand up for America. Those days are over for me. I now come right out and declare that the President of the United States, all his appointees and every last Democrat member of Congress are just plain flat out unpatriotic. The only way such individuals can get off my list of unpatriotic officials will be to demonstrate that they sat on their hands in Congress when the President of Mexico dumped on not only my country but my state as well since I live in Arizona. Some actions are just plain not to be tolerated and that action is definitely one of them.

That only leaves one question. Why isn't every last red blooded American as royally pissed off as I am? How can any patriotic American support these scumbag traitors? Even if you are a Democrat, aren't you an American first and foremost? How could you possibly vote to re-elect someone who will not even stand up for our country? It has come to the point where I am ready to question the patriotism of anyone who supports these Democrats. I have still not recovered from the fact that Jane Fonda was never charged with treason for what she did in Hanoi. Obviously no one will be convicted of treason ever again after she got away with that. Jane Fonda was a traitor and so what does that make President Obama and the Democrat members of Congress who applauded yesterday since most of them undoubtedly agreed with Jane Fonda? One thing is for sure, they certainly are not patriots.