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Monday, September 30, 2013

U.S. Prepares For Martial Law With MRAP's (Video)

By Susan Duclos

In the video below, Alternative Media TV's Christopher Greene discusses the U.S. police purchasing military vehicles to hunt for domestic criminals. Equipment used in wartime, in war-torn countries on the streets of the U.S. and Greene asks, "Why would the police in the United States need military armed vehicles that they used in Desert Storm, places like Iraq and Afghanistan, that can withstand IED's and bombs and men with guns, $600,000+ vehicles?"

Watch the whole video titled "SHUTDOWN: U.S. Prepares for Martial Law with MRAP's"

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NY Family Swarmed By Motorcycle Gang: Unarmed And Terrified (Scary Video)

By Susan Duclos

Scared, wife and 5-month old baby in the car with you, in a state that has disarmed it's citizens (New York), surrounded by bikers attacking... what do you do?

Alexian Lien was in that situation and what he had to do to protect himself and his family was caught on camera.

Via Daily News, the terrifying story you will see played out in the video below.

Alexian Lien's Range Rover was surrounded by several bikers on the West Side Highway on Sunday. One biker apparently cut the driver off and slammed on the brakes just before the SUV bumped his rear tire. But when the Lien — who was driving his wife, Rosalyn, and their 5-month-old child — stopped, several bikers began to damage his SUV. Lien fled, striking one biker. But the group caught up to him and pummeled him before cops arrived.

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Media War: Elites Are Losing Control Of The People (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Washington elites have been in control of messaging simply by controlling the Main Stream Media (MSM) for so long that it is no wonder liberal politicians are declaring war on Alternative Media, because AM is not following the script and reporting only what Washington wants reported, spun the Washington wants it spun and they have lost control and now are losing the Media War.

In the video below from AMTV's Christopher Greene, explains why the people win the media revolution

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Christianity Becoming Extict In Its Birthplace.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Hat Tip to Creeping Sharia

MIDDLE EAST historian Tom Holland told a briefing in London last night that the world is watching the effective extinction of Christianity from its birthplace.In an apocalyptic appraisal of the worsening political situation in the region, a panel of experts provided a mass of evidence and statistics for the end of the region’s nation states under the onslaught of militant Islam.‘In terms of the sheer scale of the hatreds and sectarian rivalries, we are witnessing something on the scale of horror of the European Thirty Years War,’ said Holland.‘It is the climax of a process grinding its way through the twentieth century – the effective extinction of Christianity from its birthplace.’The event titled ‘Reporting the Middle East: Why the truth is getting lost’ at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall, sought answers to the ‘anaemic’ coverage of attacks on Egypt’s Christians on 14 August.
Pre-planned destruction of scores of ancient churches, monasteries, schools, orphanages and businesses had gone unreported for days across the West, Nina Shea, Director of the Hudson Institute Religious Freedom Centre in Washington said.

After the Islamists swept multiple elections during the first revolution in 2011, US newspapers asking how it would change Egypt suggested merely that women would be prohibited from wearing skimpy clothes, and Sharm el-Sheikh would close as a tourist destination.

This was ‘utterly trivial’ she said.  Persecution of Copts, who dated their church to Gospel writer St Mark in Alexandria, was at its worst since the fourteenth century, with ‘horrific levels of violence’.
‘It has been the worst persecution in 700 years against the oldest, largest remaining Christian minority in the Middle East.’

The media had failed to ask the most basic questions, she said.  ‘Why were the Copts singled out, what was the significance and purpose of the attacks?’

A fourth-century church dedicated to St Mary – whom Muslims were supposed to revere – and that was a UNESCO World Heritage site, had been destroyed and designated as a Muslim prayer space.
It was 200 years older than the Bamyan Statues in Afghanistan, yet the mainstream media had ignored its demise.

Yet there was enough evidence to show that the violence was part of a plan to ‘drive out the Copts, to terrorize them into leaving’, she added.

Lapido Chief Executive Dr Jenny Taylor who organized the event which was co-hosted with foreign policy think tank Henry Jackson Society, said the media’s job was impeded by ‘secular blinders’.
They tended to report the Middle East’s religions as a ‘variant of a Westminster debate’ with ‘left-wing underdogs versus right-wing overdogs and the Christians getting lumped in with the overdogs if they get mentioned at all.’

Holland said Egypt was not a developing nation, which needed help to emerge as a Western democracy but had been the world’s first state, with a civilization on a level with China and Iran.  In Roman times, it had been the world’s bread basket.

Now it was the single largest importer of wheat anywhere on the planet.

In answer to a question from the floor he agreed there had been what felt like ‘silence’ from Western churches, governments and indeed Western Muslims after the attacks, which belied Islamist propaganda that the West colluded with Christians.

Shea also spoke about Syria.

Christians in Syria were now ‘caught in the middle’, she said.  There was a shadow war against them by rebels, with jihadis and al-Qaeda factions deliberately attacking Christians.

‘When they conquer a town they set up sharia courts and mini sharia states.  The Christians are fleeing.  Given the choice to be killed or to leave, they leave.  If they stay, the jizya tax is imposed, and then raised.  If they cannot pay they are killed.’

She said Christians dared not go to refugee camps run by rebels as they would be recruited to fight.
The so-called Damascus Plan drafted by the Free Syrian Army for after the war ends, included retribution killings against any who did not oppose Assad.


I feel sorry for the Churches of the Middle East.  In every Muslim nation  they are being destroyed.  In Bethlehem, under the Palestinian Authority, Christians have gone from a majority population of 85% to a minority population of 10%.  Pretty soon the only Christians in the city will be the priests, nuns, and tourists.  Already the Palestinian Authority has decided to turn the Church of the Nativity into a mosque.  The Church of the Nativity is one of the holiest sites in the Christian world.  Yet there will be no protests when this happens.

The only place in the Middle East where there is total and free religious liberty is Israel.  Yet the Christian Churches will not praise Israel for this, but condemns the Jewish State instead.

Between 1949 and 1955 every Arab nation forcibly removed most of the Jews from their nations.  They laughed doing so, saying:
First the Saturday people.
Then the Sunday people.
In most of the Arab world there are not enough Jews to satisfy their blood lust.  For instance there are only 9 Jews in Egypt.  (All elderly women.)  So now it is the turn of the Sunday people to leave.  And like with the Jews, the world is remaining silent.

Until Christian and World leaders cry out and demand a stop to the persecution, the murders, the rapes, the torture of their fellow Christians, the Muslims will keep doing what they want and laughing while we just sit back and do nothing.

Kate MacEachern is on The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home is one former Canadian Military Service member's mission to break the silence about PTSD and to raise funds for a non-profit group Military Minds whose mission is to also break the silence, to reach into the shadows of Military PTSD and offer help to those who have served our countries honourably.

The Long Way Home is my journey from the Canso Causeway NS, to Ottawa Ontario to raise awareness for Soldiers journey through PTSD and OSI. Sept 03-Oct 18

Former Tanker Kate MacEachern may sometimes feel that she is alone (well, apart from support Veteran Kevin Berry and his PTSD dog Tommy) as she travels thousands of kilometers across eastern Canada, but as her FaceBook community page shows, many active duty and Veterans - and those who love them - from around the world have her six.

FaceBook entry:  Left foot...Right foot... Headed to Perth-Andover tonight. Beautiful day so far!

CBC Radio  Maritime Magazine aired an interview with Kate last week.  Go HERE to listen to it.

Kate is sharing her journey with daily updates on the FaceBook page, and not all of them are as optimistic as the one above.  With brutal honesty, yesterday she wrote:


The last 24 hours has been well, trying. Emotionally I hit "that point" the same point that I hit back in November. Do I carry on and fight through the next steps that I need to take, or do I give up and go back down into the well I have been clawing my way out of.

Although it's not a welcoming or positive place, it's safe. I can control my surroundings down there. No emotion no pain. Just me in the dark. 

Up until this point I didnt see the connection.

Those faces I will never meet, and those voices I may never hear need me to finish this as much as I need them to finish. 

When I look left on the highway, I see a yellow line...the same yellow that a paramedic wears to work. The same paramedic that just walked into an office and asked for help. To my right is the white line. The same white as the sneakers a mom wears when she takes her kids to soccer. The same mom that put down the pillow she has been crying into from the pain of losing her child and picked up the phone for help instead. The red trees, that's the firefighter that has been thinking he can't hurt because he's a volunteer. The same firefighter that just hit google on the computer and slowly wrote in PTSD. Every stone I pass is another person who hasn't been able to exhale for however many days/months/years. Every child that has wondered why mom or dad isn't there when they look out from the stage at their concert. 

The grass..that's the Military. The soldiers, airmen and sailors families that are now sitting down to supper and having "the discussion" The dark spots, and pot holes and obstacles, well that's just fear of those people facing what I am bringing forward....It takes a great amount of strength and courage to stand up against lifes Goliath's.

I understand how hard it is to not judge something you don't understand. Once upon a time I wouldn't even admit I had PTSD. The survivors guilt consumed me, the fear of being judged because mine was born out of an accident within Canada. The scrutiny ripped me apart. It took a part of me away that I didn't think I would ever get back. That is why I decided to walk. That, is why I am sitting here wondering it I can still do this. If I can indeed get to the end and find my own way home. Find the way for so many others that need to see the lighthouse in the storm. 

Tomorrow, I'll keep walking. I may be on the highway myself, but when I look back there are thousands of footsteps behind me. 

It took me 3 years to get to this point on my highway. I can't give up now. I owe it to myself and to so many others. I am damn well going to finish this. 

My name is Kate MacEachern and I have PTSD. I was diagnosed in 2010 and tomorrow, I am going to help those who can't yet find their voice. 

---Speak your truth, even when your voice shakes---

On that community page, Kate shares maps of her route, and her thoughts, and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive, encouraging as those of us nowhere near the east coast, cheer her on.

Her mission, though, needs tangible support. In order to keep her fed, all the other expenses, and gas in the van as well, The Long Way Home needs dollars.

You can donate to Kate and The Long Way Home

PLEASE, whatever few spare dollars you have, via - (email money transfer)


click here and donate to Kate's mission.

Don't have the price of a coffee to spare?  You can support this important mission, by joining the FaceBook community page, and then share the message of what Kate is accomplishing every step of the way.  If you live anywhere near the communities she has mapped out as planned stops, (or know anybody else who is) be sure to get out there and show up to walk even a few steps with her.  I know she'd appreciate that!

 If you can't do any of those?  Pray her on - all The Long Way Home.

What Kate is doing is so important.  The ripples from her mission will reverberate far into the future. Kate IS breaking the silence for millions around the world; millions who you and I will never meet, as they fight their own battles in the corners of darkness.

Thank you, Kate, for shining the light. Thank you.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

SNL Rips Obama & Obamacare (Video)

By Susan Duclos

New York liberals, Obama supporters all, seems to have finally figured how bad the Obamacare aka supposedly "Affordable" Care Act, really is and although I stopped watching Saturday Night Live about two decades ago, this clip just came to my attention and it encapsulates the most egregious parts of the Obamacare plan and rips Obama for trying to put lipstick on that pig.

So, without further ado, because laughter is much better than crying, watch and enjoy.

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Killer Wasps Leave 19 Dead, 600 Injured In Northern China (Video)

By Susan Duclos

19 people were killed and nearly 600 severely injured in Northwestern China. The victims who survived the deadly attack describe say they were chased and stung hundreds of times.

"These wasps surrounded me and I couldn't stand it, so I used a basket to cover my head, and that is how I saved myself," says one man from his hospital bed to a reporter.

According to the second video below, in total 28 across China have died, the 19 above in northern China and the remainder is other parts.

Because some reports refer to them as hornets and others as wasps, below is a quick description of both:

Wasps are members of the family Vespidae, which includes yellow jackets and hornets. Wasps generally have two pairs of wings and are definitely not fuzzy. Only the females have stingers, but they can sting people repeatedly. 
Hornets are a small subset of wasps not native to North America (the yellow jacket is not truly a hornet). Somewhat fatter around the middle than your average wasp, the European hornet is now widespread on the East Coast of the U.S. Like other wasps, hornets can sting over and over again and can be extremely aggressive.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Has Iran Gone Nuclear Already?

Although the report comes originally from Maariv, an Israeli paper notorious for being far left and their reports have been far from the truth, I submit this to you, my truth seeker, so you can make an honest assessment.
Some Israeli government analysts believe Iran already has at least one nuclear bomb, an Israeli journalist wrote in an article published Friday.

Shalom Yerushalmi, writing in the national daily Maariv, said that “government security sources up to date on development in Iran,” told him recently that Tehran has crossed all points of no return and already has its first nuclear weapon, and maybe more.

The report marks the first time a government official has been quoted saying Iran already has a nuclear weapon. No sources in the piece were named.

The information, if true, would mark a major shift in international relations and would be a game changer in terms of a regional power balance.

“It’s too late for Israel [to prevent an Iranian bomb]. Iran has crossed all the borders and all the constraints, and it has a first nuclear bomb in its possession, and maybe more than that,” Yerushalmi writes, basing himself on what he says is the assessment he heard this week from state security sources. ”We are facing a historic change in the strategic balance of forces in the region.”

He then quotes a source who he says is deeply familiar with what he calls the relentless war against the Iranians. “This is no longer about how to prevent a bomb,” the source is quoted saying, “but about how to prevent its being launched, and what to do if and when.”

Yerushalmi, still basing himself on the anonymous security sources’ assessment, goes on to compare the current behavior of Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and new President Hasan Rouhani, in their interactions with the West, to a soccer coach at the end of a hard-fought match which he knows he has now won. The Iranian leadership is behaving with the air of “those who have achieved their target, and therefore can today afford to be more generous and to offer new (self-serving) messages.” The Iranian leadership can afford to be friendlier, he writes, “because victory has been secured.”

Maariv led its Friday paper with a photograph of a smiling Rouhani, alongside the headline, “What’s hiding behind the smile,” and a sub-headline quoting the security sources saying Iran now has “at least one bomb.” It then adds that most in the security establishment, however, still believe that this “nightmare scenario has not yet been realized.”

While most Western countries believe Iran’s nuclear program is intended for military purposes, officials in Israel, the US and elsewhere say Tehran has yet to “break out” toward a bomb, a process that could take over a year.

Iran, which on Thursday agreed to renewed talks with world powers on curbing its nuclear program, says its program is for peaceful purposes.

On Friday, Iranian and UN officials met to discuss whether to resume inspections meant to determine whether Tehran worked on atomic arms, in a test of pledges by Iran’s new president to reduce nuclear tensions.

Iranian envoy Reza Najafi said in Vienna that it would be unrealistic to expect that “in just one day of meeting we can solve our problems.”

Herman Nackaerts of the International Atomic Energy Agency said only that he hoped the meeting could “intensify the dialogue.”

The UN agency wants access to a site it suspects was used to test conventional explosive triggers meant to set off a nuclear blast.

A report released last month by the IAEA said that while Iran was testing new centrifuges, which could help it eventually create a nuclear weapon, its uranium stockpile was still below the amount needed for a bomb.

“It is unlikely, at this point, that Iran could dash toward further enrichment to weapons-grade without the IAEA detecting Tehran’s activities,” Reuters quoted the Arms Control Association, a Washington-based advocacy and research group.

Israel sees an Iranian nuclear weapon as an existential threat, and Jerusalem has campaigned vigorously around the world for heavy sanctions to be placed on Iran, with a threat of military action should those fail to stop the nuclear program.

Next week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to deliver a speech at the United Nations during which he is expected to press for maintaining pressure on Iran despite a recent easing of tensions between Tehran and the West. In comments Tuesday, Netanyahu urged the world not to be “fooled” by Iran’s newly moderate rhetoric, which he said was a “smokescreen” to obscure its continued drive toward nuclear weapons.

Israel would welcome a genuine diplomatic solution that truly dismantles Iran’s capacity to develop nuclear weapons,Netanyahu said. “But we will not be fooled by half-measures that merely provide a smokescreen for Iran’s continual pursuit of nuclear weapons. And the world should not be fooled either.”

If true this would explain why Iranian President Hasan Rouhani is talking about the UN stopping the sanctions.  After all they have already gotten nuclear weapons and sanctions did not stop them.  But President Barack Hussein Obama's appeasement not only is helping Iran, he is pleased with the progress they achieved.  Along with forcing Israel into the Auschwitz Borders, Obama is well underway to appease his Muslim masters and destroy the West in the process.  For after all  Obama has been in communications with Iran, capitulating to their demands, and accepting the fact that Iran not only has a nuclear weapon, but will attack Israel with the weapon while the world stands by as they finish the job Hitler started.

Photo Proof- al-Qaeda Inside U.S. Aid Tent (Video)

By Susan Duclos

In the video below, Glenn Beck discusses photo circulating that purports to show Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) linked Commander Muhajireen Kavkaz wa Sham inside a USAID tent.

The officially designated terror group is now in Syria, working hand-in-hand with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels and along with online videos showing the groups merging in a ceremony and firing off chemical weapons, plus public knowledge that the Obama administration is providing weapons to the rebels, this is just further proof that in order to remove the Assad regime in Syria, the U.S., under Obama, is willing to sell it's soul to actively work with and aid al-Qaeda.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Pakistan Earthquake Created 3 New Islands - Gas Rising From All Three (Video)

By Susan Duclos

It was reported that the Pakistan earthquake had created a new island, but two more have now sprung up along the Balochistan coast, making three islands newly created from one major 7.7- 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

It was found that the first newly created island now has methane gas rising from it, and reports indicate that gas is also rising from the other two newly created, smaller islands.

"The island near Gwadar is about 600 feet in diameter and has a height of about 30 feet," Muhammad Moazzam Khan, technical advisor at WWF — Pakistan, told IANS over telephone.

He said "gas was coming out" of the island, which primarily consists of "stones and soft mud".

The two islands near Ormara town are small.

Khan said the islands had a diameter of about "30-40 feet and a height of about 2-3 feet". "Gas is also coming out," he said.

The death toll from this massive quake has reached 348, and a total of 20,000 houses were destroyed.

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Martial Law is Coming to City Near You- Open Statement To Obama (Must-See And Share Video)

By Susan Duclos

Youtube videographer Major Fawcett has just published an open statement entitled "Dear President Barack Obama," where he proceeds to educate Obama on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of indepedence, and suggests Obama should read the all three.

Language alert, there are a couple moments Major Fawcett speaks his mind about Obama's use of executive orders, his violating the constitutional rights of the American people, including the First and Second Amendments.

This statement should be shared far and wide because he is right, Americans will stand up and will fight back when martial law comes to America.

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Obama- The King Of Fake (Video)

By Susan Duclos

A study has shown that Barack Obama's Twitter account has 19.5 million fake followers, meaning that approximately 53 percent of his 36.9 million Twitter followers are fakes and 27 percent of his "followers" are inactive, and according to The Daily Mail only 20 per cent of Obama's Twitter buddies are real people who are active users.

Michelle Obama doesn't do much better with 36 percent of her Twitter followers listed as fake, 35 percent inactive and only 29 percent real people who are active.

In fact, the following two paragraphs say it all:

Overall, the five most influential accounts linked to the Obama administration – the first lady has two – account for 23.4 million fake followers. 
Biden's nonexistent fans make up 46 per cent of his Twitter total, with 20 per cent being 'real' followers. The White House's followers are 37 per cent fake and 25 per cent active; the first lady's primary account is 36 per cent fake and 29 per cent active.

Obama- The king of fake.

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Savage's Prediction Comes True (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Back in August Michael Savage made a prediction on air that he was going to be replacing Sean Hannity's 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. spot on Cumulus radio next year and at the time Cumulus had no official comment.

It's official now.

ATLANTA, September 26, 2013 – Cumulus Media Networks, with more than 5,500 affiliate radio stations reaching 129 million listeners every week, announces that Michael Savage’s The Savage Nation® will move to the highly coveted 3p-6p ET timeslot beginning in January 2014 – bringing his unique brand of “News, Views and Reviews” to drivetime on top radio stations nationwide.

Below is the audio of Savage announcing it to his listeners.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fukushima Disaster: Torn Barrier Found, Meant To Keep Radiation From Ocean (Video)

By Susan Duclos

On top of all the other challenges facing TEPCO and Japan in trying to control the radiation and radioactive water that is pouring into the ocean from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, a new major setback has been discovered. The silt fence meant to be a barrier to keep contaminated water from seeping into the sea, is torn it was recently discovered.


TEPCO has struggled to contain the "emergency without end" at Fukushima since the disaster began to unfold in March of 2011. An unsustainable contaminated water-storage system plagued by a series of leaks, soaring radiation levels in groundwater that head into the ocean, and high levels of radiation found in fish have catalyzed widespread resistance to nuclear power and raised international alarm.

As out of control as the situation seems, one expert has warned that it may actually be "much worse" than claimed. Also, long-time anti-nuclear activist Harvey Wasserman warned last week that a plan to "remove more than 1300 spent fuel rods from a badly damaged pool perched 100 feet in the air" risked putting the "hand of global nuclear disaster... painfully close to midnight."

According to W7VOA, a second barrier has also been found to be torn as well. The second tear has not been confirmed by anyone other than that tweet as of yet.

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Obamacare To Collapse American Society- Chaos (Video)

By Susan Duclos

In the video below, Topher Morrison of AMTV, explains the chaos which is already ensuing with the implementation of the highly unpopular Obamacare.. With portions of it being arbitrarily delayed due to it's unsustainable nature and the so-called "affordable care act" also proving to be extremely unaffordable to millions across the country, Obamacare is about to collapse American society.

It continues to get worse everyday as Americans now learn that The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a TIGTA report released today.

Obama Admin Signs Global Gun Control, Senate To Block (Video & Embed)

By Susan Duclos

 The Obama administration, via Secrety of State John Kerry just signed on to the UN treaty on arms regulations, despite the U.S. Senate, who is responsible for ratifying any treaties, having voted against it earlier in the year, due to the restrictive nature and the overwhelmingly threat to Americans constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms as well as the language which brings the U.S. closer to establishing a gun registry.

 The text of the treaty will be embedded below the article and video.

 Via The Daily Caller, the specific areas of concern by the U.S. Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike:

Many lawmakers in the House have also expressed concern over the agreement. 130 representatives sent a letter to President Obama in May, urging him not to sign a treaty they worry could be “used to justify the imposition of further [gun] controls within the United States.”
Article 5 of the treaty requires that each signatory country “establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list,” raising the specter of a federal gun registry that could track the purchase and use of all firearms and their components.

The text also “encourages” nations to “apply the provisions of this Treaty to the broadest range of conventional arms,” causing gun rights advocates to fear that regulators will seek to limit not just assault weapon ownership, but handguns and hunting rifles as well.

Bear in mind it takes two-thirds of the Senate to ratify a treaty and the previous vote against this treaty received 53 out of 100 senate votes, leaving Barack Obama without even a majority and far less than he would need for this treaty to legally be implemented.

It is time to call your Senators and be very clear with them about opposition to any UN mandates that threaten Americans' constitutional rights. 

The next video is a reminder of the 46 Senators that voted to violate Americans'  constitional Second Amendment right to bear arms.


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Flesh Eating Drug Comes From Russia To The U.S. (Video)

By Susan Duclos

The new drug "Krokodil" has made it's way from Russia to the United states and the first reported cases have been found in Arizona.

This horrendous new drug actually eats the flesh from the inside out and leaves users with reptilian-like skin and doctors are "frightened"  that this could be the beginning of an epidemic.  The drug is very popular in Russia, and is made by mixing codeine with gasoline or oil, filtering it and then injecting it directly into the body.

Dr. Frank LoVecchio, the co-medical director at Banner's Poison Control Center says "We've had two cases this past week that have occurred in Arizona," he continues on to say "As far as I know, these are the first cases in the United States that are reported. So we're extremely frightened."

YouTube screen shot

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Woman Kills Suspected Pedophile (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Forsythia Eliese Owen, 30, of Englewood Colorado has confessed to killing Denzel Rainey because a female child accused Rainey of sexual abuse. Owen told police she went to the alley with a baseball bat, where 42 year-old Rainey slept and proceeded to beat him.

Owen claims the child told her Rainey sexualy molested her.

Rainey's injuries are being reported as both arms, six ribs and his left hand was broken. He was found unresponsive and later died of his injuries in the hospital.

Owen is locked up in the Arapahoe County Detention Facility.

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NY Cop Caught Removing Pro Gun Rights Sign

By Susan Duclos

on Gibson, of Lake Lincolndale, N.Y. set up a trail cam to discover who on earth was stealing his pro-gun signs that red "Protect the Second Amendment," and much to his surprise the person removing his signs illegally, was a Somers Police officer.

Gibson has retained an attorney to consider his legal options as which could include a potential case for “criminal trespassing, vandalism and larceny,” pending additional findings.

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Gov To Declare Martial Law In Chicago? Open To National Guard On The Streets (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Martial Law could be headed to Chicago as the Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn says he is ready to issue the order to bring the National Guard in if Mayor Rahm Emanuel tells him he needs help to eradicate crime in his city. Chicago, a city with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the U.S.,  meaning the majority of weapons being used for crime are illegally obtained, yet already in 2013 the death toll has reached 317.

Germantown Now asks some very pertinent questions, which are shown below before the news report on martial law coming to Chicago.

So what if the Illinois National Guard is called to state active duty? How many troops would be activated for this duty? Will the troops be issued their individual weapons? If so, will they receive ammunition for those individual weapons? What happens if a gunshot from a guard weapon is determined to have killed an innocent? Will the state stand behind the person who fired that shot, if one can be identified, so that he or she will not stand naked before justice?

All questions that Quinn's statement did not answer.

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Caught On Cam Having Sex While Driving (Hysterical Viral Video)

By Susan Duclos

In a video that has gone viral, a couple driving by another car catches the two people in said other car having sex while driving, with the woman on top of the man, bouncing away. Funnier still is the conversation between the couple who are videoing the two that are going at it like rabbits.... let me repeat, while driving!

Evidently the one holding the camera wants to just speed by while filming, the woman driving wants to capture more, the other person says I don't want to look, the driver, "how do you know you are getting the shot, the camera person says "I totally got it."

Then when the person filming wants to stop, the drive hysterically says "I want to get her 'bouncing again'."

 Watch the rest below.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Car Thief Meets Armed Former Marine- Car Thief Loses (Video)

By Susan Duclos

A perfect case of picking the wrong person to mess with as a car thief gets caught breaking into an armed former Marine's truck. Guns were drawn, bullets flew and at the end of the day only the former Marine was left standing.

The Marine's aunt was with him and describes what happened.

"He shoved me out of the way when the guy was going to shoot at us," Kristen Hague told KOMO-TV. She also said it looked like the thief had a gun and Keenan "pushed me out of the way and yelled 'gun!' and I don't think if he would have done that, I would be alive... I think he was defending me — I totally see it." Though the incident ended badly for the suspect, Hague said the shooting was completely justified.

"My life was in danger; my nephew's life was in danger, and he did the right thing even though it ended really bad and really sad," she added. The woman even reportedly attempted CPR on the suspect who had just tried to shoot her until medics arrived.

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GOCE Satellite Will Fall To Earth In October, ESA Says (Video)

By Susan Duclos

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), the Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite will run out of fuel and plummet towards the Earth in October.Approximately three-fourths of the satellite will burn up upon reentry but a quarter of it will strew a trail of debris across the planet,  broken into about 40 to 50 fragments. The ESA has no idea where those fragments will land.

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BS Charges Dropped Against Parent Arrested For Speaking Up Against Common Core (Video)

By Susan Duclos

After speaking up against Common Core, out of turn, and exercising his right to free speech, father and Common Core meeting attendee, Robert Small was arrested and removed from the meeting, causing quite the outcry across the country when the video of his removal and arrest went viral.

 Small, like many, believe Common Core is an intrusion by the federal government into local school control, and his arrest has brought national attention to not only him, but how far officials will go to stop parents from publicly speaking out against it.

 The charges have been dismissed against Small, with the Baltimore County state's attorney's office stating "It was clear that Mr. Small violated the rules of the meeting and disrupted the meeting. It was also clear that the officer acted appropriately and did have probable cause to make an arrest on both charges. In the interest of justice, further prosecution will not accomplish anything more. Therefore, the charges have been dismissed."

 Since when is it appropriate to arrest a parent, concerned about the implementation of a program when he believes the new standards would lower expectations for students and that teaching would be aimed at getting students to community colleges rather than Harvard?

 Glenn Beck discusses the issue below in the first video. The second video is the original one that went viral showing how Mr. Small's right to free speech in the protection of his child, was violated.

The original video of Mr. Small's arrest seen below.

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Public Schools Out Of Control- Kid To Be Expelled For Toy Gun In His Own Yard (Video)

By Susan Duclos

The public school system in America is completely out of control and lacking any manner of common sense whatsoever.

This latest instance is an example of a school system that believes they have the right to punish a kid  for what he does on his own home property.

The Virginia Beach City Public School System has suspended two seventh grade students, Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark, and recommend they be expelled for a year, for playing with an airsoft gun..... in Caraballo's front yard.

The two boys were waiting for the school bus, they did not bring to airsoft gun onto the bus or near it and did not bring the gun to school, but a nosy neighbor has called the police even though she confirms she knew the gun wasn't real:

A neighbor saw Khalid shooting the airsoft gun in his front yard. She told the dispatcher, “He is pointing the gun, and it looks like there’s a target in a tree in his front yard”. located the 911 caller and spoke to her. She confirmed Khalid was taking target practice using a zombie hunter airsoft gun to kill the zombies. There was also a net behind the target to catch the plastic pellets. 
The caller also knew the gun wasn’t real and said so, “This is not a real one, but it makes people uncomfortable. I know that it makes me (uncomfortable), as a mom, to see a boy pointing a gun,” she told the 911 dispatcher.

What exactly did any of that have to do with the school? Absolutely nothing.

Contact page for Virginia Beach City Public School System

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Your Monday Mission: Support this Veteran

Not a week goes by that we don't hear about our Veterans having to deal with discrimination (and sometimes outright illegal actions) as  they reclaim their lives post-deployment.  In the US, Britain, and Canada, to name but three countries, our Veterans are having to fight the good fight, not just with the various levels of government and politicians, but also at street level.  Remember the Brit soldiers who were refused entry into Harrods because they were wearing their uniforms - on Remembrance Day, of all days!? Remember the Brit soldiers who were refused service in a pub - again because they were wearing their uniforms - they were just home from a sandbox!?   Remember the incidents in the US - the most recent of which was a Veteran with his Service dog refused entry into a restaurant??!

These are but a few of  the  many examples, of what seem to be almost weekly encounters where our Veterans are met by ignorance AND a disrespect of our returning Troops.

Today?  From the CBC comes this:

Former soldier's service dog refused entry to gym

Human rights complaint planned by man suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

CBC News Posted: Sep 23, 2013

Kevin Berry was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in 2010, six years after his military service with the 3rd battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment in Kabul. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)


A former soldier, who now lives in Vancouver, is filing a complaint with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission against a Moncton fitness club. 

Kevin Berry, 30, served in Afghanistan and says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He travels with his service dog Tommy to help him cope with his PTSD symptoms.

"Tommy wakes me up during nightmares, Tommy walks in and clears my house when we get home," said Berry.

Last week, Berry and Tommy were passing through Moncton as part of a walking tour between Nova Scotia and Ontario to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder.

Berry says they went to Global Gym on Mapleton Road so he could work out, but were denied entry even though Tommy wears a service dog vest and comes with a government-issued ID card.

"They never once asked what Tommy was for," said Berry. "It was, `No,' right away."

Berry says after being denied entrance by a club employee, he contacted the gym's owner by telephone. He says the man laughed at him and said he'd never allow pets at his gym. 

"My human rights were violated by the staff at Global Gym and the ownership," said Berry. "It wasn't just the injury, [there was] definitely an insult aspect to it after speaking with the owner on the phone."

'That's unacceptable'




Yes, it is totally unacceptable and yes, there is MUCH more here,  

It seems to me we need to educate this Global Gym owner.  In the CBC story, they do not have any contact info for this business, but they do have their address and phone number on a FaceBook page .

I DO have the owner's private telephone number, but because I'll show him more respect than he showed for this Veteran, I won't share it here.

However, I AM asking each of you to do what YOU can, with the information given, to take this opportunity to educate this business owner, and show tangible support for Kevin.

You have your mission:  Release the hounds..

Act Of Kindness Goes Viral - It Doesn't Have To Bleed To Lead (Video)

By Susan Duclos

In this day and age where the motto is, if it bleed it leads, meaning bad news always acquires more traffic and viewers than good news, it is a great thing to see that a random act of kindness by a manager of a Dairy Queen, has roared across the Internet and on television screens.

The Dairy Queen managers name is Joey Prusak and he noticed a blind man had dropped a $20 bill and a woman picked it up but didn't give it back to the blind man. Prusak stepped up and asked, politely, for the woman to return the money, she refused and left.

According to a letter sent to the Company about the incident, what the writer noticed next was unexpected and gives hope to see that there is still much good in the world.

"After I received my order I went and sat in the lobby, on the same side as the young man who dropped the money. Your employee then came into the lobby. What happened next I would never have expected. Your employee approached the young man and took out his wallet, and said Sir, on behalf of Dairy Queen I would like to give you the $20 that you happened to drop on the ground as you walked away from the counter....."

Not only was the act of kindness something not seen as often as it should be, but the fact that it has gone viral means people do care about good things, and it doesn't have to bleed to lead.

Full letter below:

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'It's Your Fault' Rape Satire Goes Viral (Video)

By Susan Duclos

The satirical piece "It's Your Fault" was uploaded to YouTube on September 19, 2013 and has already garnered over 900,000 hits and still rising fast as more become aware of it.

Created by the popular Mumbai-based group All India Bakchod (AIB), which is a group of four stand-up comics, Rohan Joshi, Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba and Ashish Shakya, that believed the issue of women in India being blamed for molestation and rape needed to be addressed, and so they did so in a mocking manner. It features Kalki Koechlin and Juhi Pande

Juhi tells The Times Of India "We knew when we were shooting the video that it would get a lot of reactions. Eyebrows would be raised and there would be a lot of discussion. We've all had these discussions in our social groups and have all felt angry and frustrated at these statements that have made headlines. Yes, this video will only reach the English-speaking, 'sarcasm-understanding' young person, but at least it's out there. It's a drop in the ocean, but it is still a drop and I am glad to be have been a part of it."

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Students Called Nigger, Chased Through Woods On Field Trip - Slavery Re-enactment (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Parents were outraged to discover that on a field trip their 12 year-old children were exposed a re-enactment of slavery which included "having the students pretend to be on a slave ship, pretend to pick cotton, pretend the teachers were their slave masters, yelling the n-word at them and chasing them through the woods."

On couple has filed a formal complaint against the Hartford, CT school district after their daughter came home with horror stories from the field trip.

"I ask that you imagine these phrases being yelled at our 12-year-old child and their friends," parent Sandra Baker said at a Hartford School Board meeting. "'Bring those (n-word) to the house over there. (N-word) if you can read, there's a problem. Dumb, dark-skinned (n-word). How dare you look at me?'"
Baker said screaming that at children on a field trip is abuse.
"They intentionally terrorized them and abused them on this field trip," she said.

Learning history is part of what a school gives children, but qs the parents that have become aware of what happened on that field trip start speaking out, it is being asked, did the school go too far? How much do you teach by re-enacting something that can traumatize children just as it traumatized the slaves of that era, and is it appropriate to do without parental permission?

Sandra Baker and her husband James Baker answer that with a hearty no after their daughter told them what happened.

The instructor told me if I were to run, they would whip me until I bled on the floor and then either cut my Achilles so I couldn't run again, or hang me,'" he told the school board. 
They pretended to be on a slave ship. 
They pretended to pick cotton. 
They pretended their instructors were their masters. 
The Bakers said the program told kids they didn't have to participate in the Underground Railroad skit, but were only told about the re-enactment 30 minutes before it began. 
"The fact that they used the 'n' word. I mean, how dare you say that to my child and call it an educational experience. How dare you say that to any child." Sandra Baker said.

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Cop Suspended After Viral Video Showed Him Ignoring Fight (Video)

By Susan Duclos

A veteran cop was suspended from the NOPD after a video went viral of him standing just feet away from a woman-on-woman brawl broke out and not even attempting to break it up.

Via the YouTube details:

Cortez Hankton, a 28-year veteran, was suspended for neglect of duty pending a full internal investigation by the Public Integrity Bureau, Police Chief Ronal Serpas said.

The original video and followup on the saga is shown in the vid below.

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A Race For The 51st State (Video)

By Susan Duclos

First eight counties in northeastern Colorado wanted to secede and create their own 51st state, then came  five counties in Western Maryland, and now a grassroots citizen movement from Northern California residents has begun with the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors taking the first step in what would be a long journey, by voting 4-1 in support of a citizen-led initiative “to commence the Constitution’s Article 4, section 3 process of carving out a new state from an existing state just like the state of Maine was created out of the state of Massachusetts,”  said Supervisor Marcia Armstrong.

What the residents pushing to secede want, in each case, is similar. They want local control, smaller government and gun rights, and feel their elected liberal officials are giving them the exact opposite and are not representing their voice in their state.

Gigi Erneta discusses these movements to secede in the video below.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anti-Obamacare Ads Goes Viral- Opt Out - Creepy Uncle Sam - 'The Exam' & 'The Glove' (Videos)

By Susan Duclos

An independent conservative group called Generation Opportunity has created two very memorable anti-Obamacare videos which have both gone viral. The ads are designed to get young people talking and to encourage them to opt-out of Obamacare where government is up in your business, so to speak.

They were both released on September 18, 2013, and one, "Opt Out - The Exam - Creepy Uncle Sam," has received 1,492,332 views as of the writing of this article. The other, titled "Opt Out - The Glove - Creepy Uncle Sam," and has garnered 1,241,524 views.

Both include the same very creepy Uncle Sam prepared to conduct an invasive medical exam.

The message, via the YouTube details:

Good news: you are not required to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare exchange! There are cheaper, better options for young people.

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Earth's Strongest Storm: 'Monster Super-Typhoon,' Roars Toward Hong Kong (Video)

By Susan Duclos

 What is being called a "monster super-typhoon," Usagi, also being referred to as the "strongest storm on Earth," is barreling toward Hong Kong. It is expected to roar through the Philippines and Taiwan before hammering the Southern Chinese coast. In the last day Usagi has grown from 75 mph to 180 mph and is now the strongest storm to form on Earth this year. It is expected to maintain it's current strength or grow for at least the next 24 hours. Dues to a lack of "hurricane hunter" aircraft, they cannot accurately measure the exact strength and it is believed the storm could be stronger than what is being reported, accoring to The independent.

Usagi is a very large tropical typhoon with a diameter of 1,100 kilometers (680 miles). Its outer rain bands were extending across the main northern Philippine island of Luzon and southern Taiwan and strong winds outward up to 220 kilometers (135 miles).

It is packing the 24-hour rainfall accumulation of 500 millimeters (nearly 20 inches) near the center of the typhoon. Philippine weather bureau forecaster Alvin Pura said that the typhoon had gathered strength and speed with gusts of 240 kph (150 mph).

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Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Our America - 80 And Not A Happy Camper (Video)

By Susan Duclos

The video below and the comment I am going to show  is being shown with permission, from a message sent to me on Facebook. It is a real pity that a person who is 80 years-old, is doing more than most people half his age to try to take our country back.

From Pappy:

Hey Susan , thank you for the friendship. I will endeavor to be a constructive contributor. As a senior (seen 8 decades) I’m not a very happy camper. My government has been using me and my generation to financially water board our own doggone children and grandchildren, all under the headline of “saving our Social Security”. None of us seniors signed up for this, yet weave become unwitting partners in creating this horrish nightmare we've all been living through. My generation has something in its possession called the generational chain of trust, and we've an obligation to hand it off intact to the next generations. After all they’re entitled to an America that resembles the America we inherited from a previous generation.

To that end I've committed the rest of my productive (???) years to promoting a proposal that begins restoring middle class Americans, their families and the communities they call home; the heart and soul of our great country. We've come too far, worked too hard, made too many sacrifices, have too far to go, and too much at stake to leave this debate in the hands of inept leadership (both republican and democrat). The time for talking has passed, and the time for walking is upon us. We’re on a mission to create a better world for the next generation/s, and If you’ll invest a little of your time, we’ll respect you enough to spend it wisely. It's time “we the people” took “Our America” back and squared the books. “REAL JOE” the REAL DEAL - coming REAL soon.

It's Our America- Alway Has Been - Always Will Be

A special statement from Pappy can also be heard here--
The Real Joe Army website -

Thank you Pappy!

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Common Core: 'Pimps’ And ‘Mobstaz' For 4th Graders (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Parents in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana are upset over a homework assignment handed to their 4th grade children which included the words "Po Pimp” and “mobstaz," but the school claims it is age appropriate according to the Common Core education standards.

One mother, Brittney Badeaux told Fox News, "I try to instill values in my son. My goal is for him to ultimately to become a great man, a family man, a well-rounded man. And now my son wants to know what a pimp is."

This outraged mother also takes issue with schools sending children home with work that includes intentional misspelling.

 "“I couldn't believe it at first – hearing him read it to me. So I looked at the paper and read the entire article. It was filled with Ebonics, "Badeaux states. She continues "I try to teach him morals and respect and to speak correctly."

The Common Core State Standards initiative is a plan devised by the nation’s governors and backed by the Obama administration to set a uniform standard for grades K-12. In practice, it will ensure that every child in the nation reaches the same level of learning. So far, 45 states have agreed to use Common Core – including Louisiana.

Read more at Fox News

Public schools are dumbing down our children instead of teaching them proper spelling, proper grammar and it is starting to look like the only way to teach a child in America correctly, is to yank them out of school and start homeschooling them.

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Professor Calls For Murder Of NRA Members' Children

By Susan Duclos

 A college Associate professor David Warner Guth, who holds a master’s degree in journalism, from the University of Kansas sent out a tweet on Monday that has caused quite the controversy, calling for the deaths of NRA members' children in saying "The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you."

He then took to his personal blog to expand his vitriolic statement:

"The blood spilled today is on the hands of the National Rifle Association. I don’t care how the NRA tries to spin this. One fact is undeniable: The NRA has championed a gun culture that is shredding our nation’s moral authority like armor-plated bullets ripping through flesh. Is that imagery too graphic for you? It is no worse than what we are seeing every night on our television screens. Do our citizens have a right to bear arms? Certainly, that’s what the Constitution says. But as it is with every other right enumerated in the Bill of Rights, there are limits. A person’s right to go about his or her job at the Navy Yard – or for that matter to attend an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut – trumps any individual’s right to stockpile weapons of mass destruction in the name of personal freedom. I don’t wish what happened today on anyone. But if it does happen again – and it likely will – may it happen to those misguided miscreants who suggest that today’s death toll at the Navy Yard would have been lower if the employees there were allowed to pack heat. Those fools don’t get it."

The college has now issued an official statement distancing themselves from the professor's statement.

LAWRENCE – The University of Kansas today issued the following statements in response to comments by Associate Professor of Journalism David Guth regarding the Navy Yard shooting in Washington, DC.

Ann Brill, dean of the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications:

“While the First Amendment allows anyone to express an opinion, that privilege is not absolute and must be balanced with the rights of others. That’s vital to civil discourse. Professor Guth’s views do not represent our school and we do not advocate violence directed against any group or individuals.”

Timothy C. Caboni, vice chancellor for public affairs:

“The contents of Professor Guth’s tweet were repugnant and in no way represent the views or opinions of the University of Kansas. Like all Americans, he has the right under the First Amendment to express his personal views and is protected in that regard. But it is truly disgraceful that these views were expressed in such a callous and uncaring way. We expect all members of the university community to engage in civil discourse and not make inflammatory and offensive comments.”

BizPac provides the contact information:
University of Kansas Facebook.William Allen White School of Journalism Facebook.785-864-7100
Bernadette Gray-Little, University Chancellor,
Jack Martin, Office of Public Affairs,
David Guth, Associate Professor of Journalism,

[Update] As seen in the video below, this is not the first times liberals have called for the deaths of those in the NRA, flashback to  December 2012, when liberals were calling for the death of the NRA president and members.