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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good News From Iraq Part #2

My post yesterday got some interesting responses and commentary, most of it was good feedback, but there were others who were downright hostile and it made me think.

Seems that people almost "like" the bad news they keep hearing from the left media about Iraq, it justifies their anti-war philosophy, yet when I post some of the good news coming out of Iraq they get up in arms (no pun intended). They cannot handle any good that might come from the war. In their warped perception of the world, any good news from Iraq is somehow a personal insult to them.

What makes people so embittered that they cannot see stories about humanity and pictures of happy Iraqi children standing with our soldiers? How low does a person have to be, how deprived are these peoples souls that they cannot acknowledge our brave soldiers sacrifices and love of country and freedom and our presidents desire to protect us?

How is it that some can only deal with the ugly, the horrible but cannot tolerate seeing the good? What is wrong with them?


Get used to it because I plan on having at least one post a day with the good news coming from our soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan. (IF I can get blogspot to actually cooperate, which is why this post is coming so late in the day.)

If you cannot handle nor acknowledge the bravery these fine men and women, who are fighting for US, have shown and will continue to show, then go elsewhere, because I for one plan on thanking them. Thanking them for volunteering to join the armed services, thanking them for fighting for OUR safety, thanking them for protecting our country by fighting to liberate Iraq, to deny al-Qaeda and other terrorists groups a safe haven, which is what Iraq will become for them if we "cut and run" before the Iraqi's can take control for themselves, as many of you ungrateful ingrates wish to do.

I had a former soldier comment yesterday, in response to some of these hate filled fanatics that cannot understand what war is or why our soldiers fight, or the principles they stand for.

His comment:

Those who have never served in the armed forces cannot understand the mind of the soldier nor the heart of the soldier. We who have served and those who serve now did and do so in order to protect the rights of the individuals of this country, whether we agree with all of those individuals or not. A friend of mine made the ultimate sacrifice for these freedoms IN Iraq, and was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his valor. Spit forth your bile, curse those of us willing to die to defend your rights to do so, but know this, without us, without those of us WILLING to make that sacrifice if need be, those of us who were and are willing to put ourselves in harms way for the cause of freedom, you wouldn't have the RIGHT to rebuke us.

Kudos to your commentary, spree.

After reading his response, I emailed him to thank him again and found out he lived in Tennessee and found out who his friend was that made that ultimate sacrifice.

So, I am going to take a second to acknowledge this man who died bravely for this country, in honor of him, his family and his friend who responded to the ingrates, that they both fought to defend along with the rest of us.

A Fallen Hero:

Brent L. Morel (July 26, 1976- April 7, 2004) was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps who was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his actions near the city of Fallujah while serving with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Where most would be looking for cover, Morel's assault was aimed at saving others - not himself - according to battlefield accounts. As a result, Morel posthumously received the Navy Cross - the Department of the Navy's second-highest award for Valor. Morel's award was presented to his wife, Amy.

Several Marines who fought with Morel were on hand for the presentation - including Navy Cross Recipient Sgt Willie Copeland III

"That was the type of Marine Morel was - he led from the front," said Copeland, a team leader with 2nd Platoon, Company B, 1st Recon Bn, which Morel commanded. "He was a personal mentor of mine, so I was constantly trying to obtain knowledge from him any way I could."

Morel's self-sacrifice came as no surprise, Copeland said.

Story here.

I thank the man who made that comment yesterday, for his comment, the compliment AND letting me honor his friend for him here.

Now, as promised, the GOOD NEWS FROM IRAQ.

10/24/06- CAMP AL ASAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed six insurgents, wounded four and netted five sniper rifles Sunday in the Euphrates River city of Hit, Iraq.

Coalition Forces positively identified 10 males conducting insurgent activity in a parking lot prior to engaging them with a heavy volume of fire.

The insurgents were gathered around a car while distributing black masks, AK-47 assault rifles and rocket propelled grenade launchers to one another.

After the engagement Coalition Forces personnel searched three insurgent vehicles in the parking lot and captured the following equipment:
o (5) sniper rifles
o (3) sniper rifle magazines
o (11) AK-47 assault rifles
o (19) AK-47 assault rifle magazines
o (3) rocket propelled grenades with launchers
o (1) RPK machine gun
o (2) PKC machine gun
o (1) video camera
o (1) bullet-proof vest with protective plates
o (2) hand grenades
o (7) load bearing vests
o (8) black masks

Release here.

10/24/06- RAMADI, Iraq – The Iraqi Army assumed responsibility of an area in northern Ramadi today. The 3rd Battalion, 1st Brigade of the 7th Iraqi Army Division, commanded by Colonel Kareem, officially assumed battle space at 11 a.m. today at a ceremony on forward operating base Blue Diamond.

Release here.

10/24/06- BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers detained five suspected terrorists and seized illegal weapons in and around Baghdad Thursday and Friday.

Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, MND-B, discovered illegal items while searching a store in Kadhamiyah Thursday.

The items included a hidden pistol and 71 incomplete illegal militia identification and weapons cards. The 172nd Soldiers detained the three store employees and moved to the home of the shop owner, where they discovered an AK-47 assault rifle, three pistols and a briefcase with 860,000 Iranian Bunka and 630,000 Iraqi Dinar.

Release here.

10/24/06- CAMP AL ASAD, Iraq – Residents of the Haditha Triad region, Iraq, held a demonstration today demanding the release of a local Mosque Imam who was detained by Iraqi soldiers yesterday in connection with insurgent activity.

Iraqi soldiers were on a security patrol yesterday when they were attacked with small-arms fire originating from a Mosque.

In response to the attack, the Iraqi soldiers entered the mosque where they detained three suspects including the Mosque’s Imam.

A search of the mosque revealed an AK-47 assault rifle with ammunition in addition to improvised explosive device-making material.

No one was killed or injured in the attack.

Release here.

10/24/06- BAGRAM, Afghanistan – The U.S. Bagram Civil Military Action Team, in conjunction with Nangarhar civic leaders, traveled to Dur Baba District in Nangarhar Province to conduct a Medical Civil Action Program, Oct. 17 through Oct. 20.

The team, comprised of eight medics, nine interpreters and one veternianrian, treated more than 1,900 locals and over 650 animals in just three days.

Release here.

10/24/06- KABUL , Afghanistan – A platoon of Soldiers from the Afghan National Army’s 201st Corps arrived in the United States yesterday as part of a training exercise with American Soldiers.

Release here.

If any of these releases do not open for you, simply close it down and reopen it and it will open then.

The site to keep up with the good news in Iraq is here.

A special thank you to Mary Katharine Ham from Townhall for linking to my Good News from Iraq Part #1.

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