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Friday, October 27, 2006

Good News From Iraq Part #5 and Allen/Webb

---A bit about the Allen/Webb situation below---

Seems there is quite a bit of news coming out today, so this is going to be short and sweet and, as usual, I will link to the site where you can get the good news from Iraq yourself to keep updated.

Blog Spot is having some issues with the photos so you can find the photo to go with this post here.

10/27/06- KHAN BANI SA’AD, Iraq – At approximately 6:30 a.m. Thursday, a Baqubah based Iraqi police unit came under attack by an unknown number of anti-Iraqi forces, in the vicinity of Khan Bani Sa’ad in Diyala Province.

The police under fire fought back in intense house to house fighting.

An element from 1-68 Combined Arms Battalion, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, Task Force Lightning, was diverted from another mission and rapidly responded to reinforce the IPs in contact.

The reaction force consisted of ground and air elements; they engaged the AIF immediately upon arrival.

Iraqi and Coalition forces engaged AIF with direct fire, killing 18 AIF, wounding eight and capturing 27 more. Additionally, enemy weapons and ammunition were captured.

Release here.

This next one is from Afghanistan, but since they are both part of the war on terror, it is well worth mentioning:

10/27/06- KABUL , Afghanistan — Afghan and Coalition forces detained five terrorists associated with the Haqqani network during an early morning operation in the vicinity of Shah Vazir Kala in the Khowst Province today.

After requesting a peaceful surrender, in which several occupants came out, the combined force entered the compound. The compound contained several men, women and children, and the combined force secured the area without incident.

"Terrorists continue to conduct illegal activities with women and children surrounding them, unnecessarily placing these innocent civilians in danger," said Col. Thomas Collins, Combined Forces Command - Afghanistan spokesman.

Release here. Site to keep up with these updates here.

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Other things in the news today: Drudge has picked up on something Right Wing News has been posting on for a while now. George Allen R-VA put out a press release Thursday with excerpts from Webb, his opponents, fictional novels.

Webb’s novels disturbingly and consistently – indeed, almost uniformly – portray women as servile, subordinate, inept, incompetent, promiscuous, perverted, or some combination of these. In novel after novel, Webb assigns his female characters base, negative characteristics. In thousands of pages of fiction penned by Webb, there are few if any strong, admirable women or positive female role models.

My take is fiction is fiction and writers have great creative license but in conjunction with his previous comments about women, it does show Webb's affinity for portraying women in a bad light, in his books and in his public comments. For this reason alone, I do think it may have ramifications to Webb's election hopes. Since Webb started the mudslinging reaching back into Allen's past to make allegations, fair is fair. Good for Allen.

There is some disagreement it seems in the blogosphere about whether Allen should have used this. Having been alive for many more elections that most of those blogging, I am going to say from experience, in the political arena, at election time... WHATS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE and all that crap. When in a war, whether actual or political and elections are right around the corner, you use whatever weapons are available to you. This is the world we live in, in a perfect world, things might be different, but guess what? We do NOT live in a perfect world.

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