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Saturday, June 30, 2007

FBI: Don't Open DOJ Emails

From an email I received from NewsMax.

According to an advisory issue this week by the FBI, the Department of Justice has recently become aware of fraudulent spam e-mail messages claiming to be from the Department of Justice, or DOJ. Based upon complaints from the public, it is believed that the fraudulent messages are addressed "Dear Citizen," says the agency.

The messages are believed to assert that the recipients or their businesses have been the subject of complaints filed with DOJ and also forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service.

In addition, such email messages may provide a case number, and state that the complaint was "filled [sic] by Mr. Henry Stewart." A DOJ logo may appear at the top of the email message or in an attached file, warned the FBI.

Finally, the message may include an attachment that supposedly contains a copy of the complaint and contact information for Mr. Stewart.

The Department of Justice did not send these unsolicited email messages-and would not send such messages to the public via email.

Similar hoaxes have been recently perpetrated in the names of various governmental entities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Email users should be especially wary of unsolicited warning messages that purport to come from U.S. governmental agencies directing them to click on file attachments or to provide sensitive personal information.

These spam email messages are bogus and should be immediately deleted. Computers may be put at risk simply by an attempt to examine these messages for signs of fraud.

It is possible that by "double-clicking" on attachments to these messages, recipients will cause malicious software - e.g., viruses, keystroke loggers, or other Trojan horse programs - to be launched on their computers, concluded the warning.


Ranting, don't underestimate it

I am going to do something I rarely do here. I am going to spotlight a left leaning liberal blog and I am not going to go through it paragraph by paragraph and criticize, although, for the record, I disagree with just about everything this guy stands for, but that is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is going on a rant.

Anyone who reads me regularly knows I like a good rant now and then. Quite often, when in "rant mode" one forgets to be politically correct, which is the one thing I believe is going to kill more of our citizens than any disease or war eventually, and I can always apreciate a good rant even when I disagree with everything that is said in said rant.

With that said and my disclaimer that I disagree with the "thrust" of the rant, let me please point out a rant from The Gun Toting Liberal.

Right or wrong, even though I could take point by point and look at it from a different persepective, this guy rants good and whether I like him, dislike him or think he is irrelevant, I certainly appreciate a good rant.

So Be It.


London Terror Plot Update: Cars, Bombs and Airports

[Scroll for Updates]

Continuing this story from the previous thread.

More and more stories are coming out about the two cars that were found with explosive materials yesterday, mainly because today, a car rammed into Glasgow Airport.

Quickie recap from yesterday:

I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was stories about a Car Bomb found in London, then a second vehicle with similiar explosive material inside. Then the Blotter telling us, BIG SURPRISE, that the terror plot involved Islamic Extremists.

Lets see if I can put todays news stories into some sort of comprehensive order for you.

Sky News reports:

The Government has raised the national terror threat level to "critical" after a burning Jeep was rammed into Glasgow airport.

Police say the attack is linked to the two car bombs that were found in the heart of London.

It has also been revealed that one of the two suspects arrested in Scotland was wearing a "suspicious device". Officers would not say whether it was a suicide belt.

Gordon Brown has warned the British people to be vigilant and told them to remain "united, resolute and strong".

The UK is now at its highest threat level - meaning further attacks are expected "imminently".

The PM made a short statement after emerging from a Cobra emergency meeting, where ministers discussed deploying troops at UK airports.

Mr Brown - who was born in Glasgow - said: "The first duty of the Government is the security and safety of all the British people. So it's right to raise the levels of security at airports and crowded places.

"I want all British people to be vigilant and support the police. I know the British people will stand together united, resolute and strong."

Liverpool's John Lennon airport and Blackpool airport have been closed and security tightened at other UK airports. The US has also installed extra security at its airports.

The Jeep Cherokee was rammed into the terminal at 3.11pm on Saturday afternoon.

Lets not forget a Sky News Report says witnesses heard them yell, ALLAH ALLAH!!!!

The Blotter tells us that the US was warned about a "terror threat" two weeks ago.

U.S. law enforcement officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago warning of a possible terror attack in Glasgow against "airport infrastructure or aircraft," a senior US law enforcement officials tells the Blotter on

The intelligence reports also warned that airports and aircraft in the Czech Republic could be the targets of al Qaeda-connected terrorists.

The warnings were kept secret for operational reasons, according to officials. In public, the White House and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff have continued to maintain they know of no specific or credible threats involving the United States, even though the intelligence reports specify US aircraft as possible targets.

A US official told that the intelligence reports led to the assignment of Federal Air Marshals to flights into and out of both Glasgow and Prague.

Air marshals had been added to flights into and out of Germany late last month, based on similar warnings.

Also from the Blotter, it seems there is a sleeper cell of 20 or more operatives. (Personally I say, if they are now using people this incompetent, we are certainly doing some damage).

Counter-terrorism analysts estimate that the apparently coordinated attacks in Great Britain are the Glasgow3_070630_main work of a sleeper cell that could include as many as 20 individuals.

"You would need that many to pull off three different vehicle-borne explosions," said one former CIA official who requested his name not be used.

A massive manhunt is now underway across Great Britain for at least three suspects who officials say have been positively linked to the Friday attacks by surveillance photographs and forensic evidence, including fingerprints.

Hot Air is allll over this with constant updates, so make sure you visit.

Hot Air has another thread started on this also.

I would show you the AP report, but we have already established the AP makes things up as they go along, so skip it.

Times Online brings us eyewitness accounts:

One eyewitness at yesterday’s attack in Glasgow, Jackie Kennedy, 46, a beautician from the city, described how she watched one of the occupants of the car douse himself in petrol and set himself alight.

“He had a big smirk on his face. He lifted up what appeared to be a five-litre drum, which I think had petrol in it, and set himself on fire,” she said. “His clothes were melting in front of my very eyes.

“The police tried to pounce on him but he fought back and was struggling with them. It was only when a member of the public punched him in the face that the police managed to restrain him. The police were trying to spray CS gas in his face but it was not working. I can’t believe what I have just seen. I have no doubt this was a terrorist attack.”

One eyewitness said : "Some holidaymaker tried to restrain him, then the police came over and wrestled him to the ground - the fire was burning through his clothes - and finally put him out with a fire extinguisher."

Another said one of the men had tried to open the boot of the vehicle but was not successful.

"Police tried to restrain him but the guy was quite strong and he started fighting off the police," he said.

Eyewitness Fiona Tracey, who had been picking up her daughter from the airport, said she believed people were injured in the incident.

"There were people injured, because I've seen them lying on the road," she said. "I was standing next to departures, I heard a great big massive bang, and then all the folk from departures were running through arrivals."

Reactions to this are varied... most normal people see these attempts as terrorist attacks, whether successful or not, there was an attempt to shut down the airport and to kill people.

Other reactions, from the far left liberals leave me astounded at their agility to manage to do the impossible and stick their heads evern FARTHER up there asses than normal. (QUITE A FEAT). I am impressed.

Dr Sanity manages to nail it right on the head and declares those that live in complete denial, INSANE.

I wish I could tell you that the political left in this country was out of its friggin' mind...but I can't, because it is increasingly clear that if you could put all the combined synapses of all the the above bloggers together you would not get a single logical or coherent thought about the war that is being waged against the West by the religion of peace.

These bloggers and many of their readers are on a mission to go where no human has gone before. They are beyond mere denial and delusion; beyond psychosis even. I regularly treat schizophrenics who have more respect for reality.

Then for the best part:

Sadly, they suffer from a totally debilitating disorder: Severe Acquired Leftist Anencephalic Dementia (SALAD). Their minds are simply not there any more! The cognitive dissonance of believing so many bizarre and contradictory fantasies; the mental contortions and fits necessary for them to retain their ideological myths has caused their minds to softly and silently vanish away (that's what happens when the snark is a boojum, you see).

Pretty bad when a real life shrink calls you crazy....jeeeeeez

The Right Wing Nut House also does a little analysis of the left and his commentary is spot on.

Right Truth has some additional thoughts on the happenings in the UK. Since Debbie is one of my guest contributors here, I am going to have to INSIST you go read it. (It is good, she always writes well and has well thought out posts.) Also see this post from Debbie.

Lets not forget the BEST idiotic, insane comment of the day came right from MY comments section!!! YEAAAAAHHHHHH ME!!!!

Its the JEWS fault!!!!!

I laughed so hard I got dizzy.

More from YID with LID, hey sammy, can ya believe the idiocy of the guys comments?

[UPDATE] The Corner brings us the Constable's presser in Scotland:

Latest details on the Glasgow terrorist attack, based on a press conference in Scotland just completed (at 450pm Eastern Time):

Two men in custody—police have not identified them by name or any other pedigree information.

One of them is in critical condition from severe burns and detained in the hospital. There was a “suspect device” found on him, and as a result the hospital had to be partially evacuated. Police were asked whether the device was a “suicide belt” but declined to answer beyond saying the device was “removed and brought to a safe place.”

The other suspect is in police custody.

The SUV used in the attack is still at the airport and still deemed very unstable. Police will not be able to examine it until the specialists give them the high sign. Until then, the airport is considered unstable. The vehicle contained materials that were flammable and that continues to be the continuing concern—police are not saying there are chemical components. As a result of the instability, there are still passengers stuck on the tarmac because it is deemed to be safer to keep them where they are at the moment than to move them.

The police do not know whether there were other conspirators in the car other than the two in custody. There were apparently 30 or more people outside the terminal when the incident happened and police are asking them to come forward and tell police what, if anything, they saw.

It is unclear when authorities will be able to pronounce the airport safe.

Police are deeming today’s attack a terrorist attack that is linked to the two attacks on Friday in London.

[Update #2] 7-1-07- Reports that a 5th suspect has been arrested in connection to the terror plot.

Four suspects were in police custody Sunday _ and a fifth man was under guard in hospital _ after a flaming Jeep crashed into a Scottish airport on Saturday and two car bomb plots were foiled in central London on Friday.

Police said Sunday's search was taking place in a residential area about seven miles west of central Glasgow, about a mile from the airport. The area around a two-story house in Houston, a small town just outside Glasgow, was cordoned off.

Scotland Yard said two people were arrested early Sunday on a major highway in Cheshire, northern England, in a joint swoop by specialist officers from London and Birmingham. Another person was arrested overnight in Liverpool, police said.

Police offered no further details on those arrested.

In Scotland, officers arrested two men _ one of them badly burned _ after a Jeep Cherokee rammed into Glasgow airport and burst into flames. The green SUV shattered glass doors at the terminal entrance, stopping within yard of where passengers were lined up at check-in counters.

Police and security officials said the attacks were clearly linked, adding all three vehicles carried large amounts of flammable materials _ including gasoline and gas cylinders. The chaos over the past two days has raised fears that the type of car bomb attack that have become commonplace in Iraq has now reached European shores.

Britain on Saturday raised its terror alert to "critical" _ the highest possible level _ and the Bush administration announced plans to increase security at airports and on mass transit.

In an interview on British Broadcasting Corp. TV Sunday, Brown, who replaced Tony Blair as Britain's prime minister last week, said Britons face a "long-term and sustained" terrorist threat.

He said that Britain's message to the terrorists must be: "We will not yield, we will not be intimidated, and we will not allow anyone to undermine our British way of life."

Brown said it is "clear that we are dealing, in general terms, with people who are associated with al-Qaida."

I don't know how to get this through peoples heads but al-Qaeda came after us before 9/11 and they continue to try, they recruit using the web, they have online "training" (which could explain why this last attempt was a failure) and they are sending people that are being trained to do only one thing...KILL INNOCENT CIVILIANS. [End update]

Opinions and comments from the reality based crowd that still has their sanity include but are not limited to:

Little Green Footballs, Don Surber, The American Mind, Blogs of War, The Jawa Report, Pajamas Media, Riehl World View, Gateway Pundit, The Reaction, BLACKFIVE, JammieWearingFool and Blue Crab Boulevard

More from:

Gay Patriot, Blue Crab Boulevard, The Moderate Voice, TigerHawk and Red State.

Tracked back by:
Sunday Reading List 7/01/07 from Right Truth...


Iranian Backed Operatives Killed in Iraq:Good News From Iraq

From Operation Iraqi Freedom:

Two Separate Raids Net 17 Suspected Secret Cell Terrorists; Approximately 26 Killed

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces conducted two separate raids targeting suspected secret cell terrorists during pre-dawn hours Saturday in Sadr City. It is believed that the suspected terrorists have close ties to Iranian terror networks and are responsible for facilitating the flow of lethal aid into Iraq.

Coalition Forces encountered significant small arms fire and multiple improvised explosive device (IED) attacks during the operations. Coalition Forces armored vehicles used proper escalation of force rules to engage four civilian vehicles. Coalition Forces also received multiple attacks with rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). Coalition Forces killed an estimated 26 terrorists and detained seventeen suspected secret cell terrorists during the two operations.

There were no Coalition Forces casualties during the operations.

“We remain committed to dismantling terror networks that seek to kill Coalition Forces, Iraqi Security Forces, and innocent Iraqis,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson. “We will go after these terrorists wherever they are.”

More details from The Fourth Rail:

Multinational Forces Iraq is pressing on with operations against the Iranian backed “Secret Cells” of the Qazali Network. Coalition forces conducted two major raids inside Sadr City against the Qazali Network early Saturday morning. After encountering heavy resistance during both operations, which included “significant small arms fire and multiple improvised explosive device (IED) attacks” and “attacks with rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs),” Coalition forces counterattacked with armored vehicles. Twenty-six Secret Cell members were killed and 17 captured.

Read the rest of that one because it brings you more information about other operations also going on inside of Iraq.

For more Good News coming out of Iraq, just go read the daily releases for yourself, you sure as hell won't see these from our media, they are too busy making up stories, as found here and HERE.


AP lies again: There we NO 20 beheaded bodies after all

The reporting that the AP does has come under close scrutiny again and with very good reason.

I ran across a piece done by Confederate Yankee the other day and waited for official word of what did and what didn't happen.

Once again, the AP reported rumor as news and that rumor, we come to find out, was a complete fabrication that could not be verified.


Headline and story written by an Associated Press writer.

20 Beheaded Bodies Found Southeast of Baghdad, Iraqi Police Say

Twenty beheaded bodies were discovered Thursday on the banks of the Tigris River southeast of Baghdad and a car bomb killed another 20 people in one of the capital's busy outdoor bus stations, police said.

The beheaded remains were found in the Sunni Muslim village of Um al-Abeed, near the city of Salman Pak, which lies 14 miles southeast of Baghdad.

The bodies all men aged 20 to 40 had their hands and legs bound, and some of the heads were found next to the bodies, two officers said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.

Horrible huh? Problem is, it never hapened.

But something seemed inherently wrong with the accounts I read from the Associated Press. The only two sources for the Associated Press article were anonymous police, not located in Salman Pak, but from Baghdad (more than dozen miles away) and Kut (more than 75 miles away).

Because of this odd sourcing, I asked Multi-National Corps-Iraq and the PAO liaison to the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior to investigate.

I published their preliminary findings as they came out in Bring Me The Head of Kim Gamel.

This morning, MNF-I PAO published an official denunciation of this story:

June 30, 2007 Release A070630c

Extremists using false media reporting to incite sectarian violence

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Friday, news media reported a mass killing in a village near Salman Pak where 20 men were allegedly found beheaded. It now appears that the story was completely false and fabricated by unknown sources.

Upon learning of the press reports, coalition and Iraqi officials began investigating to determine if the reports were true. Ultimately it was concluded the reports were false.

Anti-Iraqi Forces are known for purposely providing false information to the media to incite violence and revenge killings, and they may well have been the source of this misinformation.

“Extremists promote falsehoods of mass killings, collateral damage and other violence specifically to turn Iraqis against other Iraqis,” said Rear Admiral Mark Fox, spokesperson for MNF-I. “Unfortunately, lies are much easier to state, the truth often takes time to prove,” said Fox.

Not all media reports can be immediately substantiated by Government of Iraq or Coalition Forces. They must go through a process to verify such claims, to include checking with various Iraqi Ministry’s, local police and security forces. Meanwhile, extremists have achieved their goal of spreading false information aimed at intimidating civilians and destabilizing Iraqi security.

Ultimately, media reporting based on verifiable sources will reduce the possibility of misinformation unnecessarily alarming citizens.

The Associated Press, Reuters, and Voices of Iraq should immediately apologize for publishing this completely false story, and push for immediate retractions. The Associated Press should admit full responsibility for not following good journalistic practices of verifying a story though legitimate responsible sources, as they were in a headlong, reckless rush to publish.

As an update the Confederate Yankee pointed out the AFP, showed much better judgement than the AP:

BAGHDAD (AFP) - The US military accused the international media on Saturday of exacerbating Iraq's violent tensions by reporting false claims of massacres which it said were deliberately fabricated by extremist groups.

This week several newspapers and agencies reported that Iraqi police had found 20 beheaded corpses in Salman Pak, just south of Baghdad.

AFP did not carry the report after its sources were unable to confirm the rumour.

This is not the first time the AP has used rumor as news and been caught red handed at it. Many of you might remember the whole Jamil Hussein thing, but it brings up a serious question here.

If Iraq is going so badly as our media touts every single day, then why the need to create and report false stories that make the front pages and have the left liberal blogs up in arms and spreading these lies without regard to whether they are true or not, then when proven wrong, just move right along without issuing a correction and spreading it as far as they spread the lies the first go round?

The Strategy Page brings up how our military sees our news coverage and they make the SAME comparisons I have made previously on this blog (Original piece from Nov. 2006, found here)about our media and our Democratic politicians being the Tokyo Rose of our day:

From The Strategy Page:

June 29, 2007: U.S. troops have been mystified at how differently the war they fight in Iraq is portrayed by the U.S. media back home. Most just shrug it off as "politics," and yet another reason to not trust what the mass media presents as reliable reporting. But recently, the troops have been passing around an interesting discovery. Namely, that the Japanese psychological warfare effort during World War II included radio broadcasts that could be picked up by American troops. Popular music was played, but the commentary (by one of several English speaking Japanese women) always hammered away on the same points;

1 Your President (Franklin D Roosevelt) is lying to you.

2 This war is illegal.

3 You cannot win the war.

The troops are perplexed and somewhat amused that their own media is now sending out this message. Fighting the enemy in Iraq is simple, compared to figuring out what news editors are thinking back home....

What I had to say previously:

Because of Harry Reids idiotic words yesterday I would like to repost this which was written in November of 2006 here at Wake up America.

The Democrats and the elite left wing media have become the Tokyo Rose of Iraq.

Every time a Democratic candidate or the media report that the "war in Iraq cannot be won", they are insulting the troops on the ground that fight every single day in a battle they DO think they can win. They are telling these brave men and women who are our soldiers that they do not believe in their capabilities nor do they believe the soldiers own words when they say they ARE winning this war in Iraq.

Every time the politicians claim that Iraq is a "failed policy" they are telling our troops that they are failing and that every sacrifice is in vain.

What Tokyo Rose could not accomplish, because they American soldiers KNEW she was lying about what their country felt, the left media and the democratic candidates and party are accomplishing, because they ARE Americans who are belittling our troops and our soldiers know it.

This campaign of the elite media and Democratic party to demoralize and insult our troops, by insulting their president, their Commander in Chief, the man they look up to as their ultimate superior.

Because the media only publicizes the bad and the death and continue to ignore the good news that comes from Iraq which I show in "Good News From Iraq Parts #1- Part #8", our soldiers, in this day and age of the internet, know that their stories are not being told. Their words are being ignored by the American people, ignored by the media and ignored by the Democratic party, for political purposes.

The Democratic party is using our soldiers as pawns in their political games and our troops know it. The Democratic party and the left media ARE Iraq's "Tokyo Rose."

For those of you who do not know who Tokyo Rose is:

During World War II, American soldiers dubbed the female broadcasters on Japanese radio, "Tokyo Rose." It was a name invented by the soldiers -- U.S. government research never found evidence of a person named Tokyo Rose in radio programs anywhere in the Pacific. The voice of Tokyo Rose was said to have taunted Allied forces during the war, hurting morale.

One of her jobs was as a typist for Radio Tokyo. There she met American and Australian prisoners of war who were being forced to broadcast radio propaganda. Toguri scavenged black-market food, medicine, and supplies for these POWs. When Radio Tokyo wanted a female voice for their propaganda shows, the POWs selected Toguri. She was one of many female, English-speaking voices on Radio Tokyo, and she took the radio name of "Orphan Ann." Her POW friends wrote her scripts and tried to sneak in pro-American messages whenever possible.

As Tokyo Rose was forced to demoralize our troops in World War II, the left now demoralizes our troops in Iraq. The difference between the two is Tokyo Rose was forced to do it, the Democratic party does it willingly for political gain.

Tokyo Rose was tried for treason, the Democrats and left media will not be for one reason, because these soldiers that fight every day and give their lives in the name of freedom, give the Democrats and the media the RIGHT to spit on their fallen soldiers graves, they fight to give them the right to spit on them. They fight, in some cases to the death so the Americans MAY have the freedom of speech as well as other liberties.

These men and women, these brave soldiers volunteer to join the service, they volunteer to go fight a war THEY believe in, and we, as a people should back them and be united in that support. The Democrats party strives to divide the country, knowing full well that this is the goal of our enemy. What does that make them?

That makes them ungrateful to our soldiers and willing allies of our enemy, they take advantage of the freedom and the rights that our soldiers fight to protect for them, in order to use those rights against the very men and women that die to protect that very right.

Ironic isn't it?

The AP needs to be held accountable for what it reports and everyone that uses them as a source without getting independent verification, should also be held accountable .

These are not just innocent mistakes, these are lies that are being spread by OUR MEDIA and one has to wonder why the original lie gets so much attention and yet when it is proven as a lie, almost no one bothers to mention it again, instead of making sure people know the truth.

Truth, in our media, has taken second place to political agenda and our troops who are fighting for us, deserve so much better than that.

Why are we not insisting they get it?


Political Cartoons: 6/30/07

I saw a few very amusing cartoons and a couple stories that go with them, so lets start with the supposed "Fairness" Doctrine:

Cartoon by Paul Nowak.

A few words by Fred Thompson about the Fairness Doctrine, brought to us by Townhall Blog.

Yesterday was a good day. Talk radio, along with the blogs, helped block an immigration bill that the American people overwhelmingly opposed. Then, a congressman, who is also an ex-radio talk show host, managed to get a “yes” vote on language in a House bill that could permanently stop those who want to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine.

We've been hearing threats to use the obsolete Fairness Doctrine to go after talk radio ever since the left-leaning talk radio network, Air America, failed. Ironically, I think Air America might have had a shot if its target audience hadn’t already been served so well by many in the mainstream media. But regardless, giving the government veto power over radio stations' programming decisions is wrong. I don't think forcing the one sector of the media where conservatives have a clear voice to provide equal time to liberals is the American way. At the very least, it has a chilling effect on station owners.

I understand how the left feels though. For most of my life, the big broadcast television networks and almost all the major newspapers and magazines presented only one side of a lot of issues. Talk radio is a relatively small part of a bigger media picture, but I imagine it aggravates the new congressional majority to hear their opposition’s arguments without the old filters.

I would remind them, though, that a few Republicans were elected even when the entire mainstream media was painting us as heartless Neanderthals. I would also remind the current congressional leadership that they managed to win the last election despite talk radio.

Americans are smart enough to recognize news that’s biased -- even when journalists pretend they’re not. New polls show that more than seven in 10 people recognize that the news comes with an agenda. So maybe we should welcome a new Fairness Doctrine. We could start by requiring that every broadcast television news show be co-anchored by both a liberal and conservative; and all major newspaper staff be evenly divided.

Not much chance of that happening. Nor should it in a free country -- but I'll tell you something that those who want to control the media apparently don't know. Everyday, more people are listening to streaming radio on the Web and downloading podcasts. Some popular talk shows skip radio altogether and go straight to the Internet. You can even hear talk shows on Web-enabled telephones if you want, and that will get much easier and cheaper quickly.

If the current stars of talk were pushed off the radio dial, they'd get their audiences anyway. The era of controllable media is over, and nothing will ever bring it back.

The more this guy talks the better I like him, although my final decision isn't made, I do have a contribute button up on the left sidebar, so if you are a Thompson supporter, there is your chance to donate.

Cartoon by Jerry Holbert.

Politico goes over the numbers about how badly this bad bill cost the congressional Republicans that backed it.

Cartoon by Cox & Forkum

Pelosi, of course, blames everybody BUT herself and Democrats....its always everyone elses fault when promises cannot be kept...maybe she should just admit she is incompetent, unpopular, and incapable of keeping the promises she made before the elections.

At least THAT would be honest.

(06-30) 04:00 PDT Washington -- The problem for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't just President Bush. It's the Senate.

Pelosi sounded more apologetic than celebratory Friday when she announced with her Senate counterpart, Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democrats' list of accomplishments six months after they seized control of Capitol Hill and promised "a new direction" in Washington.

"I'm not happy with Congress, either," Pelosi, of San Francisco, conceded.

She pinned the blame on "the obstructionism of the Republicans in the United States Senate."

Immigration has joined Iraq, stem cell research, Medicare drug pricing, the 9/11 Commission's recommendations and other promises in the dustbin of the current Congress. Heading into a July Fourth recess after a bruising failure on immigration, Congress has a public approval rating in the mid-20s, lower than Bush's and no better than Republicans' ratings on the eve of their catastrophic election defeat in November, when the GOP lost control of the Senate and the House.

Just a few amusing tidbits.


In The News and On The Blogs: 6/30/07

London Terror Plot:

I pointed out in the previous post that there is more news in London, so catch up on the bombing attempts and the jeep that was rammed into thier airport later that day.

Don Surber has more in "We are all Britons II" and as usual he is well worth the read.

More updates on this over at Hot Air.

The Scotsman tells us that the police are hunting an Iraqi in connection to the london Bombing attempts.

Other headlines I see today include but are not limited to: Thompson:

Fred Thompson in New Hampshire. Politico gives him a glowing report but warns that Fred has to "commit" and not just

Fred Thompson confidently and casually stepped onto the New Hampshire political stage for the first time on Thursday — and even before his performance was through, the audience was begging for an encore.

In a sharp black suit with an open-collar, off-white shirt, the former Tennessee senator flew in for a fundraiser for New Hampshire state Senate Republicans, his pretty and lively wife, Jeri, also clad in black, at his side. The smashingly attired couple looked conspicuously out of place touring the greater Manchester area, as if they were headed to a fine restaurant in Boston but the limo driver took a wrong turn on I-93.

State Senate Republicans are outnumbered 14-10 and desperate to regain their majority next year.

Before the evening event on their behalf, Thompson made the rounds like an experienced presidential candidate.


Obama returns to New Hampshire on Monday, but this week belonged to the former senators from Tennessee.

Gore got his headlines by merely existing, which speaks to the fragility of Clinton’s lead here.

Thompson earned his, even if all he had to do was smile, bat his eyes and say he hoped to see us again really soon. But if he wants to keep the interest of New Hampshire voters, he’ll have to do more than flirt. He’ll have to commit. And soon.

Powerline points out that some Congressmen are not sure Thompson is ready for a tough Presidential campaign, I like Powerline and they have great analysis, but I do believe that the good ole boy, Thompson, may surprise them with his stamina.


McCain announced he is heading back to Iraq on Monday to spend the 4th of July with the troops.

Sessions and Immigration:

Wapo speaks as to how Sessions Takes the Lead in Immigration Fight, which after watching the whole thing on Cspan2, he sure did and he did it well.

"Hopefully our Senate has learned some things," Sessions crowed on the Senate floor on Thursday after his colleagues killed a comprehensive overhaul of the nation's immigration law, bouncing on his toes and struggling to contain a grin.

For weeks, the son of a country-store owner from rural Alabama emerged as a front man on immigration, making it his mission to break the uneasy union that produced the bill. Usually a GOP role player, he derided the legislation as the "no illegal alien left behind" bill and its bipartisan sponsors as "masters of the universe."

"I've kind of enjoyed it, actually," Sessions said of the long days managing floor debate for the opposition. "I feel real comfortable that I have a good understanding of the issues and the deficiencies of this legislation, so I felt real good about it."

Senator Mel Martinez, R-Fla., has a little hissy fit over the immigration thumping he and his merry band of Amnesty proponents suffered.

LAKE BUENA VISTA -- The Chairman of the Republican Party on Friday lambasted Democrats and Republicans who helped kill an immigration bill in the Senate and challenged them to come up with a solution beyond ``just build a fence along the border.''

Captains Quarters patiently reminds him that this has been answered multiple times and perhas it is Martinez that is a little hard of hearing or, in my opinion, just a tad slow in the head.

The answers seemed very clear to everyone outside of the Senate chambers for the past four weeks. Instead of offering a repeat of 1986, fix the underlying problems that allow for lousy border and visa security, as Congress has repeatedly promised, before saying "Trust us!" How difficult is that to comprehend?

Obviously it IS difficult for them to comprehend and I will refrain from any English/Spanish language and comprehension jokes at this time. (But I reserve the right to crack some bad jokes at a later time...heh)

In the meantime the Mexicans whine about the Senate defeat of the immigration travesty bill.

NewsBusters takes them to task.

Right on cue, as the illegal immigrant amnesty bill failed to get the required support for passage in the Senate, the MSM is here to tell us mean spirited LEGAL Americans how "hard" it is on all those poor, innocent ILLEGAL migrants who break the law to come here by the millions. Yes, folks, women and children hardest hit, as the old saw goes. Of course, it is nearly ignored by the MSM that these people are not just "innocents" but are here knowingly breaking our laws and then blaming us when they find life a bit uncomfortable -- and a bit uncomfortable is all they are facing it should be remembered.


The NYT tries to spin the fact that Don Siegelman, the former governor of Alabama, was convicted by a jury of felony counts and tries to make it a politial issue.

It sorta was, after all he was a politican and he did break the law, so... I guess the NYT thinks that because he is a Democrat breaking the law it shouldn't have been investigated and he shouldn't have been put on trial, that is saved for crooked Republicans.

Media Bias and outright lies:

Confederate Yankee has some questions for yet another AP source.

But the Associated Press didn't rely on the local police. Instead, they blatantly presented hearsay as the truth, and as a result, ran a story about a brutal massacre that currently appears to have never taken place.

In the news and on the blogs for 6/30/07.


Friday, June 29, 2007

London Car Bomb Found: Second Car Found with Explosive Materials.

I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was stories about a Car Bomb found in London, then a second vehicle with similiar explosive material inside. Then the Blotter telling us, BIG SURPRISE, that the terror plot involved Islamic Extremists.

Times Online:

The “patio gas” bomb defused in Haymarket would have generated a fireball the size of a house and a shock wave spreading out over a diameter of at least 400 yards, explosives experts said today.

The propane cylinders and petrol used in the device would have triggered a huge conflagration, as well as causing shrapnel and blast injuries from the exploding car chassis and the nails packed around the bomb, according to Hans Michels, Professor of Safety Engineering at Imperial College, London.

Just one 13kg propane canister — the type sold by Calor under the brand name “Patio Gas” — would release a highly flammable cloud of vapour that would spread over an area of 50 to 60 cubic metres before igniting into a still larger fireball, he said.

“The vapour cloud from one cylinder would fill the order of a big room, and when it ignited the effect would be even bigger,” Professor Michels said. “In addition to the power of the explosion and the shrapnel, you would get a fireball the size of a small house.”

As several propane or butane cylinders were recovered, the volume of the fireball would have been greater still, though it is impossible to calculate the size without knowing how much gas would have been involved.

The CNN tells us about the second car:

LONDON, England (CNN) -- As authorities were investigating an explosives-packed car discovered outside a nightclub near Piccadilly Circus on Friday, a second vehicle was found in London that had similar explosive material inside, security sources said.

The second car had been parked underground near Trafalgar Square in an area where parking was not allowed.

Workers towed it to a lot on Park Lane near Buckingham Palace and thought it smelled of gasoline. Given the reports that gas canisters were among the explosive material found in the other car, they became suspicious, security sources said.

Authorities then blocked off a section of Park Lane while they examined the car and discovered the material.

The sources did not say exactly what was found in the second car, but a U.S. source with knowledge of Britain's investigation said the second vehicle is linked to the first.

The Blotter tells us that there is suspected involvement from, BIG SURPRISE, Islamic Extremists.

British police have a "crystal clear" picture of the man who drove the bomb-rigged silver Mercedes outside a London nightclub, and officials tell the Blotter on he bears "a close resemblance" to a man arrested by police in connection with another bomb plot but released for lack of evidence.

Terrorplotinv_main Officials say the suspect had been taken into custody in connection with the case of al Qaeda operative Dhiren Barot (pictured), who was convicted of orchestrating a vehicle bomb plot involving targets in London, New York, Newark, N.J. and Washington, D.C.

Officials say a surveillance camera caught the suspect "staggering from the Mercedes" shortly after parking it outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub.

CBS shows us the news of words found on a popular Jihadist internet forum hours BEFORE the bombs were found:

Hours before London explosives technicians dismantled a large car bomb in the heart of the British capital's tourist-rich theater district, a message appeared on one of the most widely used jihadist Internet forums, saying: "Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed."

CBS News found the posting, which went on for nearly 300 words, on the "al Hesbah" chat room. It was left by a person who goes by the name abu Osama al-Hazeen, who appears regularly on the forum. The comment was posted on the forum, according to time stamp, at 08:09 a.m. British time on June 28 -- about 17 hours before the bomb was found early on June 29.

(Emphasis mine)

The stories and articles keep coming out.

Of course you have those on the left poo pooing the whole thing. So what? Who cares? A big story about nothing. The media shouldn't tell us these things because it scares us.

Lets not forget the "conspiracy theorists, one example: Brainless at Breakfast. (And lunch and dinner too)

After years of having Tony Blair as his own personal valet, George W. Bush now has to deal with Gordon Brown. Brown has been a supporter of the Iraq War, but there's no guarantee that he's the kind of true believer in the PNAC neocon agenda that Blair was. So it's just perhaps a bit too convenient for George Bush that a car packed with fuel was found in London's West End early this morning.

Move right along, nothing to see here folks.

Yup, they are serious about Security and Safety aren't they?

Of course they should be trusted with National Security because they know that if we ignore this it will simply go away, at least they will ignore it until it hits them, their families or children then it is Bush's fault for ignoring it and the media didn't do its job by reporting it.

Yeah, makes perfect sense. For those that have no firm grasp on reality that is.

How about those that think all Islamic extremist terrorism is Bush's fault, EVEN the terror attacks, hundreds of them BEFORE 9/11.

What a joke.

Excellent roundup and updates over at Hot Air.

The Corner points to the irony of having a failed bomb attempt to a successful one:

Anyway, the irony is that from a policy standpoint, it seems to me that security officials have to view things like the failed London bombing as basically no different than a successful bombing. But because the bombing failed, the policy options to security officials are far narrower precisely because the bombing failed and therefore didn't rouse the sort of political reaction it might otherwise have.

Isn't that the truth!!!!

London managed to foil a potentially disasterous situation today and instead of seeing the threats for what they are, we have people playing politics with this story.

Get a grip folks, just because you deny that there is a terrorist out there doesn't mean he doesn't want you dead, it just means you are too ignorant to see it coming and too stupid to take measures to protect yourselves.

This fits right in with Right Truth's mose recent post "News that makes you go "huh?" .

Mine would be, Reactions that make you go huh?

It would do us all well to realize there IS a threat out there and work together to keep our country safe instead of playing politics with our lives.

I will leave you with Gordon Brown, the new Prime Minister's, words here, via Daily Mail:

Gordon Brown said today's attempt was a reminder that Britain faces "a serious and continuous security threat".

Now if only Americans would understand that same thing.

[Update] Hot Air has more updates on a new thread, so here ya go.

[Update] 6/30/07- A driver tried to ram a burning Jeep Cherokee into the main terminal building of Glasgow airport Saturday, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported, citing witnesses.

LONDON - Detectives hunted Saturday for suspects who abandoned two explosives-packed cars in the heart of London's nightlife district, reviewing closed circuit television footage and scouring the vehicles for clues.

Amid fears of further attacks, a burning sport utility vehicle crashed at full speed into the terminal building at Glasgow airport in Scotland, police and witnesses said.

Expect more of this and be prepared for this same type of thing to start happening here in the US.

Tracked back by:
Random things - Jessie Davis, London Terror and iPhone from My Internal Dialog by Salvia...

Utopia Does Not and Can Not Exist

I really wish people would get this concept through their thick freaking skulls, I do.

Not every problem has a solution, sometimes we have to make the best of what we have, play the cards we were dealt, so to speak, and live our lives.

This rant was brought to you by the latest "discussion" we have been having on this thread. (Go to comments)

I am going to take a look at just todays news stories and explain what I mean using them as an example.

Car Bomb found in London.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the incident reminds us that Britain faces "a serious and continuous threat" and the public "need to be alert" at all times.

Mr Brown confirmed that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will chair a Cobra meeting and then report to Cabinet.

A police source said: "The indications that we have got so far are that it was certainly a big device."

Then we have this report on a different article about this incident.

A car bomb left in London's West End would have caused "significant injury or loss of life" if it had not been defused by police.

The explosive device, consisting of gas cyclinders and nails, was discovered at 2am outside a packed nightclub in The Haymarket, near Piccadilly Circus.

Moving right along we see more about Iraq.

We also see headlines like this: "US voices concern over 350 people 'disappeared' in Sri Lanka ".

COLOMBO (AFP) - The United States has voiced concern about the fate of 355 Sri Lankans who "disappeared" in recent months amid an escalation of the island's ethnic conflict, the government here said Friday.

We have problems in Lebanon. More problems in Lebanon.

These are just a few examples of the news from one day, and I didn't even show Israel's news, Syria, North Korea, Iran or News of al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups.

The point is, there are bad people in the world, there are good people who think appeasing these bad people will make them "like us", there are good people that think the world won't be better unless the bad people are dead.

So many types of people, so many offered solutions, so many decades of this Merry Go Round and although over the centuries we have seen progress, we still have people asking questions like this: (From the comments section)

That's great that you're an edicated guy. I look forward to your thoughts on how we could achieve the jpeace dividend. Please don't bother to tell us what won't work (UDN, etc), but rather what will work.

Guess what? Progress is slow going business and we may not be alive to achieve "jpeace" in our lifetime, hell it may not even be achieved in our grandchildrens lifetime, and yet, some people still think there is some secret formula that will obtain world peace, but lets not forget it has to happen "fast" because those same people do not have the attention span for anything that takes too long or gets too tough or is too bloody.

Like children, people demand what they want, yet throw little hissy fits when it cannot be accomplished in a "timely manner", or a better analogy would be, a kid wants a speacial toy for christmas, yet wants to piss and moan and throw a temper tantrum if Dad has to work overtime to get that toy.

Utopia doesn't exist and it isn't going to. It is fiction.

I am not cynical, these are simply facts that a person who lives in reality instead of denial, instinctively understand.

The reason I say this is because human nature somehow creates people that are peaceful born sometimes on the same day as a mass murderer starts his life.

We have bad and we have good and we have a population that is still growing and expanding, therefore, more bad and more good.

Unless someone has some secret pill that prevents anyone from growing up bad..... WE WILL NEVER GET PERFECTION.

Deal with it.

Sometimes dealing with one problem will create ten more and we have to make a judgement call on whether it is worth it or not.

Lets take Iraq as an example.

Some people believe going to Iraq, toppling Saddam and helping those 12 million people that were so proud to vote in their first election, was a mistake.

Whether I agree with them or not, THAT is an intellectually honest argument.

Then we have those that will take it a step farther and claim the "reason" they disagree with our actions in iraq is because we are losing fine brave soldiers.

THAT is an intellectually dishonest argument because our brave soldiers VOLUTEER, enlist and REenlist time and again because they DO feel the Iraqi's are worth it and that they deserve the freedom they showed they wanted in those same elections.

If one cannot be honest enough to simply say I disagree without adding a strawman (claiming they are concerned for the soldiers instead of admitting they simply do not agree and leaving it at that) then how on earth are we to obtain progress, of any sort.

Then we have Bush Derangement Syndrome, many wave that away, but it is a factor here in what is happening today.

If it rains it is Bush's fault, if there is a draught, it is Bush's fault. Those peple simply need a shrink, but unfortunately, we have a few of those people as ELECTED OFFICIALS.

For the record, I came out just as strongly against Ken Starr when he and others had what I call "Clinton Derangement Syndrome"... where everything was Clinton's fault.

Lets move along to Darfur, the same people that would claim they think it is wrong to help the Iraqi's because it is taking too long and is too hard of a fight, clamour for us to go into Darfur and fix all their problems, ignoring the fact that it will be just as hard and the fight will be just as bloody.

Hypocritical to say the least.

The fact is, we cannot even agree in our own country between ourselves, so how on earth does anyone expect a "quick" solution to problems around the globe?

Progress takes time on any issue and those that do not have the patience to see years or even decades used to find such a solution, have no business debating the problem to begin with, they are no better than children that want there toy NOW whether the parent can afford it or not.

Utopia doesn't exist, it never has and it never will, but that does not mean that we cannot try to "improve" or "progress", it just means that we must understand that the improvements may not be huge in the short term, but in the longterm they may be overwhelmingly grand, and NEWSFLASH, they make take time to accomplish.

Right Truth shows us that Tony Blair is moving to Jerusalem and I wish him the best of luck in his new position, but I truly hope everyone understands that centuries of problems are not going to be fixed overnight and mistakes are going to be made and these things are like learning to walk, one step at a time, with many falls in between.

One last thing: Safety and Security: We have people that demand our government keep us safe, then throw a temper tantrum about the tools implemented to keep them safe, again, intellectual dishonesty.

Parents out there: Have you ever had to sacrifice something you wanted to be able to afford something your child needed? If so, then you understand that one must pick priorities, one must sacrifice what they call civil liberties to obtain certain safeties.

One example is Airport Security, we demand that our airports be safe and yet many complain, loudly, about the fact that people that make airline reservations are "assessed" by our government... how assinine.

I fly alot for my business and I EXPECT TO BE ASSESSED, I also have the right to expect the guy next to me on the plane to be assessed.

What annoys me the most about this subject on airline security is many that I hear bitching about their "civil liberties" are repeating what they saw on a liberal blog, but they never even fly, and yet they think a civil liberty that they never take advantage of anyway trumps MY right to be safe?

How backwards is this?

Politics should never trump safety or National Seciurity.

Okay, rant over and back to scheduled programming on the next post...

Tracked back by:
News that makes you go "huh?" from Right Truth...
Olmert to Israeli Citizens: You're On Your Own from The American Israeli Patriot...
Iranian "Moralization Campaign" Picks Up Steam from The American Israeli Patriot...
Iran "Fuel Ration Protest" Update from The American Israeli Patriot...
Saudi Snub from The American Israeli Patriot...

Please visit these links above because whether you want to believe it or not, this news is the REALITY of the world we live in and before we can help be part of the solution we need to recognize the problems first. Otherwise, you are just getting in the way.


The Bill That Tried To Be

Pondering the ILLEGAL Alien Legalization

NY Post:
The Senate drove a stake yesterday through President Bush’s plan to legalize millions of unlawful aliens, likely postponing major action on immigration until after the 2008 elections.
After the stinging political setback, Bush sounded resigned to defeat.
“Legal immigration is one of the top concerns of the American people, and Congress’ failure to act on it is a disappointment,” he said in Newport, R.I. “A lot of us worked hard to see if we couldn’t find common ground. It didn’t work.”

Dear Mr President. Guess what? The MAJORITY of the American people don’t want amnesty for the law breaker aliens. We are all for LEGAL immigration and welcome the law abiding imigrants with open arms. Condoning the non-law abiders citizenship is unacceptable. Get over it.

The bill’s Senate supporters fell 14 votes short of the 60 needed to limit debate and clear the way for final passage of the legislation, which critics assailed as offering amnesty to illegal immigrants. The vote was 46 to 53 in favor of limiting the debate.

Some senators in both parties said the issue is so volatile that Congress is unlikely to revisit it this fall or next year, when the presidential election will dominate politics. The vote was a defeat for a bipartisan group of lawmakers who advocated the bill as an imperfect but necessary fix of current immigration practices in which many illegal immigrants use forged documents to live in the United States.

Not only was it “imperfect”, it was retarded and was pushed through on the hopes that the bill would pass through before anyone knew what it was all about…behind closed doors and in “secret”. That right there doomed it from the get-go. We caught it and defeated it.

It was a victory for Republican conservatives who strongly criticized pathways to lawful status for many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.

Voting to allow the bill to proceed by ending debate were 33 Democrats, 12 Republicans and independent Joe Lieberman (Conn.). Voting to block the bill were 37 Republicans, 15 Democrats and an independent. All Democratic presidential candidates in the Senate, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, voted for the bill.

Imagine that. The Leftinistra leadership sided with GWB to develop a new voter base. Here’s your sign! Anything the Leftinistra want is a bad thing for America. Get over it. This won’t be the last time the Silent Majority will trounce such ignorant attempts of selling our country to the highest bidder.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ann Coulter and Elizabeth Edwards UPDATE

We showed you yesterday that Elizabeth Edwards called in to Hardball with Chris Matthews to ask Ann Coulter to stop "personal attacks" on her poor husband....evidently he cannot speak for himself....well today the president of the Media Research Center (MRC), Brent Bozell has a statement issued.

ALEXANDRIA, VA --- Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, arranged a call-in Tuesday to MSNBC’s Hardball, hosted by Chris Matthews, and criticized conservative author Ann Coulter for peddling “hatefulness and ugliness” and repeatedly asked Coulter “to stop the personal attacks.” Today, on her husband’s blog, Mrs. Edwards calls on people to help stop Coulter’s “hate words,” the “words of bigotry and division,” to help “drum out the hate-mongers from amongst us.”

In response to Mrs. Edwards’ comments, MRC President Brent Bozell issued the following statement:

“Elizabeth Edwards should look close to home when it comes to ‘hatefulness and ugliness’ for it was her husband’s Democratic presidential campaign that hired two official bloggers who attacked ‘Christofascists’ and insulted Christians and their faith in the most repulsive words imaginable, which I won’t repeat here. Go Google Amanda Marcotte and Holy Spirit.

“As for Ann Coulter, don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors orchestrated by the liberal Democrat Elizabeth Edwards and her advisers in the Democratic Party. This attack on Ann Coulter, a conservative writer, is part of the liberals’ plan to squash free speech by conservatives. They want to silence Coulter, as well as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, and many others. Hugo Chavez does this type of censoring in Venezuela—but in America, we don’t.

“Nonetheless, Senators Kerry and Durbin this week called for restoring the Fairness Doctrine—government-enforced equal time for liberals on talk radio—and John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Clinton, released a hatchet-job report last week calling for regulations to fix the supposed imbalance in political talk radio.

“The liberals cannot sell their product—liberal talk radio—in the marketplace, so they are planning to use the power of government to stop conservatives from selling their product, conservative talk radio. Liberals don’t believe in free exchange, tolerance, or the marketplace of ideas. They believe in the iron boot of liberalism stamping out any view that upsets the liberal apple cart. Mrs. Edwards’ attack on Coulter is just another volley in the liberals’ attack on conservative writers and conservative talk radio.”

I am amused. VERY amused.

Why am I so amused?

The lefts idiocy once again rears its ugly head as well as their hypocritical example, Crooks and Liars. (The name alone should have warned me that all I would read there is lies, but hey, I held my nose and bit the bullet and clicked the link anyway. It smells BAD over there though.)

The Republicans can’t compete in a creative environment so they try to stop free expression, and then accuse us of what they’re always doing. It’s laughable that Bozell would be so worried about regulation of free speech and government control when he has used it at every turn.

There is so many lies in this post I am starting with this one because it is the most laughable.

1st. The Republicans and conservatives have been trouncing all the liberal radio and cable news shows as witnessed with Fox holding higher ratings than any liberal tilting news station as well as the conservative radio shows kicking all the liberal radios shows asses, as witnessed by Rush being so popular and Air America going bankrupt.

Hence the reason the Democrats are the ones begging for the Fairness Doctrine to be enacted again, they would prefer state regulated media than independent media, if that is the case... hey, move to Iran or North Korea...don't let the door kick you in the ass on our way out either.

That was lie number one.

And if he was being honest, he would admit that Elizabeth Edwards merely called in and asked Coulter to stop using personal attacks which lowers the bar of political debate in this country. Is he trying to say that Republicans think it’s acceptable to wish death by terrorist attack on a presidential candidate?

First off, the comment is being deliberately misrepresented because last I heard, Crooks and Liars as well as other liberal blogs didn't have one problem with Bill Maher wishing the Vice President of the United States of America dead, yet Coulter saying and I am going give you the REAL quote since Crooks and Liars writers are too dishonest to tell their readers the truth;

Coulters comment:

"But about the same time, you know, Bill Maher was not joking and saying he wished Dick Cheney had been killed in a terrorist attack -- so I've learned my lesson: If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

Whats good for the goose and all that jazz.

Once again a far left liberal blogger proves everything we say about them.

They are INCAPABLE of being honest and when quotes are soooooo easy to find on the internet, that also makes them very stupid indeed.

Coulter's parting shot also gave me a laugh:

I'm a little tired of losers trying to raise campaign cash or TV ratings off of my coattails, particularly when they use their afflictions or bereavement schedules to try to silence the opposition. From now on, I'm attacking only serious presidential candidates, like Dennis Kucinich.

The problem here is, as good ole jack once said in A Few Good Men... THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

So they make up lies and trust that their readers are too stupid or gullible to look up the truth for themselves.

Hey, at least Crooks and Liars gave me a hearty laugh so I suppose I should say thanks.



Fred Thompson: Take that, Fairness Doctrine.

From I'm With Fred:

This has been a good day for America.

For a while, it didn’t look like Washington was going to listen to us regarding real immigration reform. Thankfully, we’ve been spared a serious mistake, but I wonder if things would have turned out the way they did without the work done by the bloggers, talk radio and the American people. Rush, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, RedState, Powerline, Pajamas Media and a lot of others have done a great job. Take that, Fairness Doctrine.

I am seriously liking this guy more and more..hehe

I’m up in New Hampshire today. Met some great people and got to help the state GOP up in the Granite State. I did want to clarify something coming out of my time yesterday in Columbia, South Carolina.

Anybody who knows my track record or has read some of the things I’ve written about the Cuban-American community knows where I stand. While the communist dictatorship has been a tragedy for Cuba, America has been in some ways, at least, the beneficiary.

One of those benefits is the presence of the great Cuban-American artist, Gloria Estefan. She co-wrote a song called “No hay mal que por bien no venga” which I understand translates something like — there’s no bad that doesn’t bring some good. The bad that is Castro’s tyranny has given America one of the greatest communities in the Western Hemisphere.

And no one knows better than that community that the Castro regime remains dedicated to infiltrating American institutions to spread his ideology of tyranny. Castro admitted it himself in an interview with CNN in 1998.

This is why the Cuban government rightfully remains on the State Department’s terrorist list for its continued support of terrorism. It’s also why we must oppose the illegal immigration of Castro’s agents into the United States while welcoming the vast majority who immigrate legally and with legal intentions.

It seems to me that few Americans understand the threat that the illegal entry by Cuban spies represents to our country, though Cuban-Americans have never forgotten or stopped pointing it out. Ambassador Otto Reich, the former Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere has called Castro’s efforts to penetrate U.S. intelligence networks “relentless.”

The best-known incident involving Cuban espionage, which many believe may have provided U.S. secrets to hostile Middle Eastern regimes, is probably that of former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Ana Belen Montes — convicted of espionage in 2002. Now, our intelligence picture has been further complicated by the emergence of oil-funded Hugo Chavez and his anti-American, pro-Castro regime. We know that Cuban intelligence officers, for instance, are in South America — presumably training Venezuelans and others in the intelligence arts.

Our national security is too important an issue to let folks twist words around for a one-day headline. Cuban-Americans are among the staunchest opponents of illegal immigration, and especially so when it’s sponsored by the Castro regime. We know we have a porous southern border in which they can currently slip through easily. Our enemies know it too.

All of us should be rightfully concerned about Castro and his ideological pal Chavez sending agents and provocateurs into the United States through Mexico. I’m sure that Cuban-Americans share this concern as well.

We’ve seen today what the voice of the people can do in Washington. Let’s hope similar voices can do the same thing for Cuba.

Go to the site, sign up, place a contribute button on your site if you think Fred might just be the guy that should be our next president.


Gathering of Eagles update...28JUN07

Leftists Disrespect Dead Soldiers

Posted: 28 Jun 2007 12:36 PM CDT

San Mateo- Anti war protestors have taken the liberties of our free speech amendment to post the following posters near Military Recruiting Offices.


Eagles, this is despicable! We cannot stand by and let this atrocity continue; think of all the recruiters we have met personally during ORA, think of the men and women who lay down their lives for us and this country’s freedom-for the right of FREE SPEECH.

Eagles, we must band together and counter this as soon as possible. San Mateo cannot see this despicable lack of patriotism.

Eagles UP!

Gold Stars Stall in Legislature

Posted: 28 Jun 2007 09:33 AM CDT

SACRAMENTO - A move to give relatives of those who have died in
military service the chance to buy a special “gold star” license
plate has stalled in the Legislature, sending supporters scrambling
to find a way to crack the impasse.

State Sen. Jeff Denham, R-Merced, says he’s appealing to Senate
Leader Don Perata, D-Oakland, to waive Senate rules and let the bill
move, at the same time he’s working with the administration of Gov.
Arnold Schwarzenegger to try get it done without legislation.

Denham, who was a crew chief on a C-5 Galaxy cargo jet in Saudi
Arabia during the first Gulf War, sponsored the bill after being
approached by parents Michael Anderson of Modesto and Kevin Graves of the Delta’s Discovery Bay. Both have lost sons in Iraq.

California has lost 372 service members in Iraq, according to data
from the Department of Defense. Sixteen have died in San Joaquin
County or the Mother Lode. An additional 2,672 Californians have been wounded.

The symbol of the Gold Star dates from World War I, when families who had a member serving in the armed forces during wartime flew a little flag with a blue star in their windows. But if their soldier, sailor
or Marine had died, that blue star was replaced with a gold one.

The license plate would not just be for Iraq War veterans: Any
relative of a service member who died in action would be eligible.

Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York,
Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Virginia already have Gold Star plates, and seven other states are debating the issue.

Denham says he hopes Perata will help him get a fair hearing for the
legislation; It never received one during the regular committee
process this spring. A companion bill in the Assembly flew through
two committees without a “no” vote before getting hijacked earlier
this month; the bill now deals with petroleum products.

“It should be a very simple issue,” Denham said. “This should receive
a hearing.”

A spokeswoman for Perata said he isn’t likely to change the rules for
Denham and said he should work through the administrative process.

Denham may not have helped matters by suggesting that staffers are to blame.

“It’s the Democrat staff on the Transportation Committee who has this bottled up,” he said. “It’s one of those unusual cases where you’ve got staff trying to interject their ideas.”

Special license plates in California have become controversial since
the Legislature passed a slew of them in the late 1990s. A court case
and unwritten legislative rules has made it nearly impossible to
convince lawmakers to create a new plate.

Last year the Legislature punted this job to the Department of Motor
Vehicles. But the rules set up under this new system require
supporters to find at least 7,500 drivers willing to pay for the
special plate - but anyone, even drivers with no lost relatives,
could buy the plate if they wanted.

This is the administrative route Denham is tentatively pursuing,
although it isn’t his preferred option. He had the bill written to
bypass this process and instead add Gold Star to a select list
of “special recognition” plates, such as those for Medal of Honor
winners, Purple Heart awardees and former prisoners of war.

But staffers in both the Senate Transportation Committee and Perata’s office say that isn’t clear from the bill’s text.

Anderson says he’s surprised there’s been such resistance to passing
what he sees is a very simple, very worthy proposal.

“It’s disturbing that our state lawmakers will not honor our fallen
heroes or those left behind,” Anderson said. “It’s just ludicrous.”

Giuliani Slams Clinton on Terrorism

Posted: 28 Jun 2007 12:35 AM CDT

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday accused former President Clinton of not responding forcefully enough to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing or later terrorist attacks.
The former New York mayor criticized Democrats, accusing them of weakness and naiveté in dealing with terrorism. Giuliani made the comments to about 650 businesses, corporate and political leaders at Regent University, the conservative Christian college founded by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson.

“Islamic terrorists killed more than 500 Americans before Sept. 11. Many people think the first attack on America was on Sept. 11, 2001. It was not. It was in 1993,” said the former New York mayor.

Giuliani argued that Clinton treated the World Trade Center bombing as a criminal act instead of a terrorist attack, calling it “a big mistake” that emboldened other strikes on the Khobar Towers housing complex in Saudi Arabia, in Kenya and Tanzania and later on the USS Cole while docked in Yemen in 2000.

“The United States government, then President Clinton, did not respond,” Giuliani said. “(Osama) bin Laden declared war on us. We didn’t hear it.”

In hindsight, Giuliani said, maybe it’s all clearer now, “but now is now, and there is no reason to go back into denial, and that is essentially what the Democratic candidates for president want to do: they want to go back, to put the country in reverse to the 1990s.
“I’m not blaming anybody back then,” Giuliani said later in the day at a campaign stop at a Jewish temple in Rockville, Md. “What I am saying is, I do blame people after Sept. 11. Now you have to get it.”
Last September, Giuliani defended Clinton’s record amid political bickering over which president — Clinton or George W. Bush — missed more opportunities to prevent the Sept. 11 attacks.
“The idea of trying to cast blame on President Clinton is just wrong for many, many reasons, not the least of which is I don’t think he deserves it,” Giuliani said during a stop in Florida. “I don’t think President Bush deserves it.

The people who deserve blame for Sept. 11, I think we should remind ourselves, are the terrorists — the Islamic fanatics — who came here and killed us and want to come here again and do it.”

In his comments Tuesday, Giuliani said Democrats would abandon Iraq while giving terrorists the U.S. “timetable for retreat.”

Giuliani remained aligned with President Bush in keeping U.S. forces in Iraq even as two more senior Senate Republicans — Indiana’s Richard Lugar and Ohio’s George Voinovich — in the past two days suggested the president’s policy is failing and said he should begin bringing troops home.

In his Rockville appearance, Giuliani compared the war in Iraq to the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

“What happened in Gaza is a microcosm of what’s going to happen in Baghdad” if the United States withdraws. “It will become something that inflames the entire region.”

Welcome to Hillaryland…

Posted: 27 Jun 2007 10:34 PM CDT

Two veteran New York Times reporters — with almost 42 years of combined experience — decide to tell the true story of Hillary Clinton in a new biography. In doing so they are attacked by their own newspaper. These reporters continued on, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton and her staff offered stiff resistance to the book project entitled “Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton” by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Atta Jr., the authors have published one of the most compelling and exhaustive biographies of Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Importantly, “Her Way” is the first book to delve into Hillary’s mysterious activities as a U.S. Senator.
For years Hillary has been shielded from public scrutiny by friendly media. “Her Way” cuts through the fog. Dick Morris, once a long-time consultant to Bill and Hillary Clinton, says “Her Way” is a “very good investigative job by the reporter who first broke the Whitewater story. He probes her flip-flops on Iraq, her ethical lapses in the Senate, and her involvement in spying on women with whom her husband was involved.”
“It’s a great read and a useful book,” Morris says.

As for “spying,” Dick Morris is referring to one of the most shocking disclosures in “Her Way.”

During the heated 1992 presidential campaign as Gennifer Flowers and other women made accusations about her husband Bill, Hillary was quick to circle the wagons and organize the couple’s defenses.
According to “Her Way,” Hillary even “listened to a secretly recorded audio tape of a phone conversation of Clinton critics.”

The authors said Hillary’s supporters’ monitored cell-phone frequencies “and the tape was made during one of those monitoring sessions.”

The authors also reveal for the first time a stunning pact made between Bill and Hillary Clinton some three decades ago.
In this pact each promised the other that they would work to get each in the White House.” Eight years for Bill and eight years for Hillary.”
But the most important story told in “Her Way” is the revelations about “Hillaryland.”

Hillaryland is a code word Clintonistas have used to describe the discipline, devotion and cult that surrounds Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Her Way” offers some startling facts and information about “Hillaryland” including:

The Chief Advisor: Bill Clinton’s role, sometimes public, sometimes secret.
The staff: her inner circle’s “cavalier attitude” toward longtime Senate rules.
The secret retinue: Hillary’s hidden use of Senate “fellows” that are not fully disclosed.
Why Karl Rove jokes about Hillary’s old White House office.
How Hillary became a U.S. senator (She wasn’t asked by New Yorkers, as she claimed).
Fundraisers: Hillary’s Washington fundraisers where “invisibility” is the watchword.
Hillary’s rule: “We can do what we need to do.”
Iraq: why Hillary can’t escape from the “box” her vote has placed her in.
Why Hillary can’t admit she made a “mistake” by voting for the war.
Shocker: evidence Hillary didn’t bother to read the CIA’s National Intelligence Estimate Report before her vote for the war.
Why Hillary told Senate colleagues she needs “wiggle room” on the Iraq war.
Sniping comments: Hillary’s shocking remarks about Sen. Elizabeth Dole made in a Senate elevator.
“Her very relaxed relationship” with Sen. John McCain which sometimes includes cracking jokes and “a few glasses of vodka.”
Hillary hates Chuck Schumer and why his eating habits disgusted her. She once said, “That’s the last meal I’m having with Chuck Schumer.”
Why U.S. senators from her own party groan, “there she goes again.”
Brutal: Hillary’s press secretaries move through a revolving door in her Senate office.
No exit: One Senate staffer admits when you work for Hillary, “you never really leave her.”
Hidden agenda: Hillary’s use of tax-exempt groups including CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), and the liberal media monitoring group, Media Matters, to serve her agenda so she can “beat the GOP at their own game.”
The War Room: How Hillary brought the notorious Clinton White House war room into the Senate — despite some objections from U.S. senators.
The Internet: Hillary is already bullying her way in cyberspace.
Stony silence: Hillary usually nary says a word when she enters the White House to meet President Bush.
Bill’s fear: Her husband thinks Al Gore just well may emerge to challenge her for the Democratic nomination.
Gore’s anger: Bill and Hillary steal his “signature” issue of the environment.
Hijack: Bill and Hillary decided to back a California proposition on the environment that made Al Gore completely “furious.”
Ambush: Hillary’s pleasant invite to Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld to come before the Armed Services Committee meeting where Hillary launched a surprise attack on him.
Defection: Longtime Washington attorney and friend of the Clintons Greg Craig — he even represented Bill as one of his impeachment attorneys — has left the Clinton circle to support Barack Obama.
Butting in: Hillary Clinton wasn’t supposed to speak at Coretta Scott King’s funeral but demanded to be put on the agenda.
The Obama surprise: Hillary allies, including Terry McAuliffe, believe Obama could be a lethal threat to the senator’s presidential chances.
And so much more…
In this book you will find out how Hillary is walking a very thin “balancing act” to become president of the United States, and the Clintons are working overtime to make it into the White House.
Gerth and Van Natta also reveal the “unbelievable” attack the Clinton machine launched against ABC to stop them from running the mini series “Path to 9/11″ — the docudrama that described how the Clinton administration mishandled the hunt of bin Laden and al-Qaida.
Hillary has described herself as “the most famous person in the world you don’t know.”

That may be true.

But it won’t be if more Americans read “Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Cheney’s Office Subpoenaed

Posted: 27 Jun 2007 10:23 PM CDT

“Senate Committee Seeks Information on Eavesdropping”

(Story Written by Laurie Kellman, AP)
WASHINGTON - The Senate subpoenaed the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s office Wednesday, demanding documents and elevating the confrontation with President Bush over the administration’s warrant-free eavesdropping on Americans.

“If there have been lies told to us, we’ll refer it to the Department of Justice and the U.S. attorney for whatever legal action they think is appropriate,” Leahy told reporters.

The escalation is part of the Democrats’ effort to hold the administration to account for the way it has conducted the war on terrorism since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The subpoenas extend the probe into the private sector, demanding among other things documents on any agreements that telecommunications companies made to cooperate with the surveillance program.

The White House contends that its search for would-be terrorists is legal, necessary and effective - pointing out frequently that there have been no further attacks on American soil. Administration officials say they have given classified information - such as details about the eavesdropping program, which is now under court supervision - to the intelligence committees of both houses of Congress.

Echoing its response to previous congressional subpoenas to former administration officials Harriet Miers and Sara Taylor, the White House gave no indication that it would comply with the new ones.

“We’re aware of the committee’s action and will respond appropriately,” White House spokesman Tony Fratto said. “It’s unfortunate that congressional Democrats continue to choose the route of confrontation.”

Fratto defended the surveillance program as “lawful” and “limited.”

“It’s specifically designed to be effective without infringing Americans’ civil liberties,” Fratto said. “The program is classified for a reason - its purpose is to track down and stop terrorist planning. We remain steadfast in our commitment to keeping Americans safe from an enemy determined to use any means possible - including the latest in technology - to attack us.”

Click here to view full AP story

Eagles Needed in New Jersey

Posted: 27 Jun 2007 08:16 PM CDT

Fort Monmouth, New Jersey is desperately seeking Eagles to counter anti-war protestors!

Every Saturday at Noon you will see a gathering of
“support the troops” Eagles across the street from anti-war protestors. The anti-war protestors regularly outnumber the Eagles 12 to 2!

The anti-war protestors display their usual hatred-filled “Bush lies” signs and commonly take to shouting at vehicles entering Fort Monmouth.

However, this Memorial Day weekend they went too far. The anti-war protestors lined their side with pictures of fallen New Jersey servicemen. They have also taken to lining their side with crosses that had fallen servicemen’s names displayed on them.

We desperately need Eagles to counter their horrific displays with positive “troop support”

We gather and park on the Exxon gas station side of the street across from the gate of Ft. Monmouth. Please meet at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday; this is an ongoing event. The anti-war protestors are there every Saturday like clockwork. Our Eagles need to be there, as well.

All further logistical information and questions can be forwarded on to Elyse A. Buongiorno, GOE New Jersey Coordinator. You can reach her via email at the following email addresses: or