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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

America Was Just Defeated From Within (Video)

By Susan Duclos

The video below from David Vose is a must-see for every American that believes in the constitution  and that the rights guaranteed to us under that very constitution should be celebrated, not taken away from us. Vose shows a clear understanding of what the First Amendment and free speech is all about and that if we are allowed to "punish" people for thinking, feeling, and speaking what they feel, then we have lost those rights.

The topic is Donald Sterling and the recently released recording that his racially mixed girlfriend secretly recorded then publicized, causing an uproar and the NBA to ban Sterling for life, which is basically taking away his right to free speech, no matter how moronic and ignorant and racist the partial recording  may have sounded.

Right by right, liberty after liberty, is being stripped from Americans in the name of "political correctness," and if we do not put a stop to it now, we will lose our chance to take our constitutional rights back.

Sterling is a former trial attorney and while his words were abhorrent in some areas, we can only hope he refuses to let this rest and takes it to court, because while no one will stand by his words, we should all fight for his right to say what he wants to say freely as long as he isn't inciting violence.

Author note- I may disagree vehemently disagree with much of what Sterling said, but I will fight to the death for his right to say it...... this is our country, our constitutional rights and everyone should be willing to fight for those rights.

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Texas Vs BLM: Armed, Dangerous And Still Stealing Ranchers’ Land And Livelihoods

By Susan Duclos

Armed militias and supporters forced the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) to back off of Cliven Bundy's ranch in Nevada, but the theft of ranchers' property and livelihoods across the US has not stopped.

Case in point, Texas, but the difference here is the Attorney General in Texas, Greg Abbott, backed by Texas Governor Rick Perry, are standing up for their ranchers and against the BLM'S 90,000 acre land grab, unlike the officials in Nevada.

Videos, images and firsthand accounts made it very clear that the BLM were not only armed and dangerous, but were not above abusing people and the cattle on the Bundy ranch, running some of those poor animals to death and point blank executing some of their bulls. The images of the BLM surrounding the family, guns drawn, snipers aiming their weapons on supporters, videos of BLM agents throwing a pregnant woman to the ground and tasing a Bundy family member, mass cattle graves, and lets not forget those zones marked as "First Amendment" areas.

One rancher explains his battle with BLM along the Red River area and how it affects him, with the four options BLM claims it is considering for that land, those being; 1) Close it; 2) Leave it open; 3) Open it with limitation and; 4) Disposal.

Kenneth McAlister talks about the least objective of those options, quote below:

"That's a perspective that a lot of folks have to the extent that they believe the public land was held in private ownership; that would be their perspective," McGuire says. "BLM's perspective is that the land in question has always been in the public domain. It has never been privately held."

It's a move McAlister says is cheap.

McAlister says, "I wouldn't have no oppositions against that but I think it would be still kind of unfair."

He says, "I've already tended to the land. I've already paid taxes on it. I've already assumed that I take ownership of it. It's been in my family since the late 50s. It's pretty hard to say that it is not ours."

In the video below, another rancher, Tommy Henderson, affected by the BLM land grab, speaks with Breitbart Texas, along with a couple Texas officials, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, about the out-of-control BLM.

Photo above - BLM snipers aiming at people filming them

Cattle being removed from mass cattle graves the BLM buried them in

Stand off between Bundy supporters and BLM, where supporters demanded the release of Bundy's cattle

Bundy cattle slaughtered by BLM

BLM "First Amendment Area" sign

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VA Secret List Is A Death Panel – Coming To A Neighborhood Near You! (Video)

By Susan Duclos


In the InfoWars video below, people are asked what they think about the "secret list" CNN reported that the Veteran's administration has, where former military members languish and die rather than being treated for their illnesses, with 1,600 people on the list, where 40 of them have already died.

This is being likened to "death panels," that many believe Obamacare will also implement, fashioned in the example of the VA and their death list, which is government run healthcare.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Even Morons Have First Amendment Rights – Freedom Of Speech In Real Trouble!

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted at Before It's News

 Fabian4Liberty changes his planned discussion from real estate to discuss the recent banning of Clippers owner Donald Sterling by the NBA, and calls it a major hit against free speech rights as well as questioning the legality of banning him, forcing him to sell his business, because of ignorant, stupid remarks recorded by his Latino/black girlfriend and made public. 

As Fabian points out, starting at the 1:04 minute mark in the video below, the comments were offensive, ignorant, stupid, and any other number of adjectives thrown at him for his remarks, which a video/audio of those remarks will be shown below the Fabian4Liberty video, but they still fall under the right of free speech. 

Especially private free speech, which without his permission was made public. 

If this NBA ban is enforced, then as the title of the video states below, free speech is in real trouble. Free speech protects even stupid, offensive speech as long as it isn't meant to incite violence. Another point made is that the free market can take care of this all by itself. Fans can stop going to games, sponsors can, and some have, drop their contracts, players can get out of contracts.

Listen to the rest below.

The Mother of All Conspiracies -Dr. Jim Garrow With Sheila Zilinsky On The Weekend Vigilante

By Susan Duclos

Sheila Zilinsky from The Weekend Vigilante is joined by Dr. Jim Garrow a former CIA operative with over 40 years knee deep in staggering intel; until they cut him loose for exposing the one thing they didn't want you to know...the motherload, according to the email Sheila sent me.

Mankind faces a common foe. This nefarious foe presumes that they have the God-given right to exert full spectrum dominance over every area of our lives. The globalists have left an unmistakable paper trail in which their real agenda is being exposed-could their true agenda really be the extermination of mankind?

As the show's title states, this is the mother of all conspiracies!

BLM: It’s The Brutality Stupid (Video)

By Susan Duclos

 David Knight from InfoWars goes over the reason the Cliven Bundy "range war," caught national attention and it wasn't tortoises or grazing fees, it was the "iron-fisted" tyranny and abuse shown by government bureaucrats, which as Knight points out, we were warned about by Ron Paul  on the House of Representatives floor on September 17, 1997 when he argued against arming bureaucrats, including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Ron Paul said:

More immediate, the enforcement of the interventionist state requires a growing army of bureaucrats. Since groups demanding special favors from the Federal Government must abuse the rights and property of those who produce wealth and cherish liberty, real resentment is directed at the agents who come to eat out our substance. The natural consequence is for the intruders to arm themselves to protect against angry victims of government intrusion.

Thanks to a recent article by Joseph Farah, director of the Western Journalism Center of Sacramento, CA, appearing in the Houston Chronicle, the surge in the number of armed Federal bureaucrats has been brought to our attention. Farah points out that in 1996 alone, at least 2,439 new Federal cops were authorized to carry firearms. That takes the total up to nearly 60,000. Farah points out that these cops were not only in agencies like the FBI, but include the EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Even Bruce Babbitt, according to Farah, wants to arm the Bureau of Land Management. Farah logically asks, “When will the NEA have its armed art cops?” This is a dangerous trend.

It is ironic that the proliferation of guns in the hands of the bureaucrats is pushed by the antigun fanatics who hate the second amendment and would disarm every law-abiding American citizen. Yes, we need gun control. We need to disarm our bureaucrats, then abolish the agencies. If government bureaucrats like guns that much, let them seek work with the NRA.

The entire speech can be seen at InfoWars.

Knight describes events at the Bundy Ranch, the BLM's overreach, as Knight was there to witness it all, document it, as were many others.

So while the NYT and others grabbed on to badly phrased words from Mr. Bundy to claim he is racist, the issue never was just Cliven Bundy, it was the brutality, the abuse, the overreach. and the tyranny shown by BLM that captured our attention originally. Then when media and supporters were on the scene, the BLM was captured on film committing atrocities, slaughtering cattle, throwing women to the ground, bringing out K-9s and tasing Bundy family members.

Then after the BLM was forced to back off, the mass cattle graves were discovered, where they attempted to hide what they had done.

The BLM has shown it cannot be trusted to perform their duties without the brutality that has been seen across the country by now and as Knight points out, they must be disarmed.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Teacher Confiscates Bible From 2nd Grader During ‘Read To Myself’ Time

By Susan Duclos

 The war against Christians and religions continues to rage on, right here in the USA, as a teacher confiscates a Bible from a 2nd grade student during "read to myself" time. 

The family of the child immediately went to Liberty Institute, who sent a letter to the school. The parents choose to remain anonymous because they do not wish to put a target on their child's back for fear of retaliation, according to KHOU Houston News.
In the news video below, you will see another parent make the excellent point that the children are allowed to read books like "Hunger Games" where kids are forced to kill each other, yet the Bible, the 2nd grader's book of choice, is taken away from her.
Make no mistake, this is an outright attack against Chritians and those that practice their religions.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Israel: Holocaust Memorial Day

Israel gears up to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

The theme of this year's opening ceremony at Yad Vashem is “Jews On the Edge 1944: Between Annihilation and Liberation,” where 6 survivors will light torches.

CHILDREN AND an old woman on the way to the death barracks of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. Photo: GERMAN FEDERAL ARCHIVES
On Sunday evening and Monday Israelis will mark Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day with memorials across the country. The commemoration of the six million European Jews murdered by the Germans will commence with torch lighting ceremony attended by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres and other senior officials at the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem....
Go read more on the Jerusalem Post.

Via AP, comes a report of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning the world.  He says, in part:
"In this place I have said many times that we must identify an existential threat in time and act against it in time and tonight I ask 'why in the years before the Holocaust did most of the world's leaders not see the danger ahead of time?' In hindsight, all the signs were there," he said.

"Has the world learned a lesson from the mistakes of the past? Today we are again faced with clear facts and before a real danger. Iran calls for our destruction, it develops nuclear weapons."

NEVER AGAIN???  Only we can decide if we really mean that, and what we are prepared to do to walk the walk of:  NEVER AGAIN..

Vets Die Waiting On ‘Secret Wait List’: Is This Another Obama US Military Purge?

By Live Free or Die - Cross posted from Before It's News

This brand new video from Fox News and Mass Tea Party begs to ask the question, are Veterans being put on ‘secret wait lists’ for medical attention, of whom AT LEAST 40 have died, as part of Barack Obama’s latest ‘purge’ upon US military Veterans? Why is there a ‘secret waiting list’ for Veterans to receive medical attention and why the deadly delays? Why are Barack Obama and Congress NOT protecting our Veterans while doing everything they seemingly can to put our Vets in harms way and is this just the tip of the iceberg as suggested by Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert in this video?

Don’t Bring Black People To My Games: Clippers Owner To Racially Mixed Girlfriend

By Susan Duclos

Via TMZ, the video below is a recording between L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his Latino/Black girlfriend where the Clippers' owner goes on a racist rant that leaves no one in doubt as to his extraoridinary racist views, when he informs her she can be friends with black people, in private, but he does not want her to bring blacks to his games or associate with them on Instagram or in ay public format. He even tells her she can "sleep" with 'them" but she shouldn't allow herself to be connected to them publicly.

After listening to Mr. Sterling, in the full recorded conversation below, people should clearly see the difference between manufactured howls of "racism," and the real thing.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Obama Admin Nailed On 'Infringing' The Press

By Susan Duclos 

The US State Department's Jen Psaki got more than she bargained for when announcing the US State Department's third annual "Free The Press" Campaign, where it supposedly highlights "journalists or media outlets that are censored, attacked, threatened, or otherwise oppressed because of their reporting," in other countries, when Mike Lee from Associated Press pushed home the point that the US has targeted and "infringed" on the press freedom right here in America. 

When asked for a specific name, Lee brought up James Rosen who is being prosecuted for publishing classified information that he did not steal, nor leak, just reported on. The arrogance of highlighting infringement of the press in other countries, yet ignoring the targeting of our own journalists, leaves many speechless in the face of such hypocrisy. Watch as Lee puts Psaki on the spot.

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Celente: ‘No End In Sight’ (Video)

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted from Before It's News


In the video below, Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente discusses the US propaganda war against Russia and how the MSM is working as the Obama administration's mouthpiece to frame Russia as the "bad guy" in the eyes of the American public. No doubt Russian President Vladimir Putin has his faults, but the situation in Ukraine was prompted by US interference by supporting the ouster of the duly elected pro-Moscow President of Ukraine, to be replaced with neo-Nazis that supposedly are "pro-West." Once Russia stepped in to protect it's interests, the US started rounds of sanctions, rhetoric and threats. Celente provides example after example of how the US media is pushing this propaganda with the term "pro-Russian militants," in every paper Celente holds up this term, these keywords" are circled to show the coordinated effort to influence Americans in a propaganda war. Celente also asserts there is "no end in sight" to the crisis in Ukraine.

Control the media, control the people.

Russian Subs Off US Coasts With Supersonic Hydrogen Bomb Tipped Cruise Missiles – Marching Towards Thermonuclear War

By Live Free or Die Cross posted from Before It's News

Alex Jones lays it on the line; we are marching towards thermonuclear war. Alex warns that Russia has submarines carrying ‘supersonic hydrogen bomb tipped cruise missiles’ popping up off the coasts of the US, and is now openly warning they’re prepared for nuclear war if the NWO forces in the Ukraine launch any more attacks upon Russian citizens/interests.Alex warns that history has shown us that the ‘elite’ become so arrogant that their actions generally lead to the destruction of civilizations, before they refinance the rebuilding of them after the destruction.

Police Chief: US Heading Towards ‘Police State’ (Videos)

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted from Before It's News


I ran across a piece at This Can't Be Happening,  that is disturbing to say the least, where not only are police shootings of unarmed civilians discussed, so is the militarization of our local police forces in the US, with statistics that should drop the jaw of anyone reading it.  While those statistics tell a story, perhaps the most damning statements about the US becoming a police state comes from the Chief of Police in Upper Dublin, PA., Terrence Thompson, who states that he understands the need for more powerful weapons to counter the weapons now used by criminals, but points out how SWAT, for example, is being used in a manner that it was not created for and how high powered weapons are being utilized in situations where there is no need. Chief Thompson also lets the public know exactly where he sees the US heading:

Thompson decries what he calls “camo creep” in policing, a trend he says is at least partly driven by “politicians who don’t see where this is going.”
And where is that?
“I don’t like the idea of a police state, but that’s where we seem to be heading,” he says.

My only disagreement with Chief Thompson would be that we are not heading towards being a police state, as the videos below clearly show, we are already there.

YouTube is full of videos showing this police state mentality, I wrote about this just the other day where a Nazi-like cop was busted lying on her "officer narrative," after multiple footage captured by the family she abused became public.
Another example can be seen with the recent total FAIL of the NYP in their Twitter campaign #myNYPD which was meant to show how much NY citizens loved their police force, but which backfired spectacularly when user after user started posting images, videos and statements about NYPD's police brutality, as discussed in the first video below at the 1:20 minute mark.

For the record, I believe wholeheartedly there are many, many more good cops vs bad cops, to put it simply, but these examples shown below make it harder for those "good guys," because the brutality and abuse by the bad cops endanger the lives of those that truly did join to serve and protect.

Russia’s Everywhere! Can Hit In 5 Minutes! Hawk: Gog And Magog

By Live Free or Die - Cross posted from Before It's News

Hawk gives us proof the Russians are now everywhere surrounding America, from the east coast to the west coast to the Caribbean, and if needed, the Russians can hit us within 5 minutes.

It’s been reported that Russian subs are off of both US coasts with supersonic hydrogen bomb tipped cruise missiles and Russian spy ships are off the coast of Cuba. What are they here for and how long will it be until the Russians use them? Hawk begins with Gog and Magog, Russia surrounding America and talk of WW3 at the 3 minute mark and continues as we edge ever forward to the fulfillment of prophecy.

It Begins… ‘I Won’t Kill Or Die For This’

By Susan Duclos  

It begins.  Just as some members of the US Military started a campaign of holding up signs saying they refused to fight for al-Qaeda Syrian rebels and/or in a Syrian civil war, when Barack Obama was beating the drums of war and planned to attack Syria under false pretenses to oust Syria's President Bashar Assad, now the first shot across the bow has been fired as shown in the sign below, making it clear that this soldier wants no war with Russia and utterly refuses to kill or die for this.  The sign reads:

Stay out of Ukraine
No war with Russia
Not our fight
Not our business
 I won't kill for this
I won't die for this

The photos below are a reminder of the US military dissent with Obama over Syria.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Extraordinary U.S. Military Movements In Last 72 Hours – TRN Disinfo Exposed!!!

By Susan Duclos


In an article at Turner Radio Network, dated April 24, 2014, and titled " Extraordinary U.S. Military Movements in last 72 Hours," there are four videos  supposedly proving "the last 72 hours, there has been an extraordinary movement of U.S. military armor -- by the trainload --  from several points in the U.S. toward U.S. ports for shipment overseas . . . to Europe.  Given the situation in Ukraine, this overt mobilization seems ominous." The problem is at least two of the videos are old, not from the last 72 hours, but downloaded and then reuploaded by TRN to make them appear to be "new" or within the last 72 hours. The first video shown on the TRN piece, which they claim happened within the last 72 hours, was uploaded by TRN today, April 24, 2014. (Shown below- If TRN removes it, I have the screen shots which are shown at the end of this article)

The original video was uploaded on May 23, 2013, by ThePICDeathrAD.

The third video down on the TRN piece is one I personally wrote about and provided the video in the article, on April 2, 2014. That video was uploaded by videographer PD on April 1, 2014 and the date it was taken was March 23, 2014. The TRN video shown first, uploaded April 24, then below it, the original from April 1, 2014.

Original from PD below:

By uploading these videos and claiming they are from within the last 72 hours, while it was easily proven to be a false assertion, it begs the question of why? Why deliberately attempt to provide complete disinformation, knowing full well that it IS disinfo? 

Screen shots below:

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bundy Responds To Racism Charge – Alex Jones Show

By Susan Duclos


In the video below, Alex Jones has Cliven Bundy on the show to respond to the claim that he is a "racist" for remarks he was quoted as saying by the New York Times. 

In his daily news conference, the discussion of abortion, welfare abuse and race came up with Bundy blaming the federal government for the negative effects seen throughout the African America community, but his direct quote has had headlines screaming "racism," all day.


That quote was:

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do. 
“And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

By the same token, what almost all the headlines ignore are the other comments Bundy made, about Illegal immigrants, which has Think Progress saying Bundy is "fond" of them.

At the 7:25 mark, Jones starts discussing the above Bundy quote and brings Cliven on to the show to respond to all the racism accusations.

Jones didn't have the audio at the time of the show, but in a newly published article at Before It's News, the original video as well as the NYT edited version, can be seen for yourself.

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TX AG: BLM/Fed Gov't Run Amok

By Susan Duclos


In the video below, NewsMax interviews Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott after he made headlines by telling the Bureau of Land Management (BLM ) he was prepared to hang a "Come and Take It" flag in Texas to tell the BLM to stay out of Texas after the BLM's attempt at a federal land grab over 90,000 acres of land.


Texas Governor Rick Perry is backing Abbott 100 percent and states that Abbott was not issuing a dare but was making a promise.


Below Abbott makes it clear that the land grabs highlighted recently is indicative of the federal government run amok as he explains the audacity and illegal actions on the part of BLM, who was recently forced to back down in Nevada over a range war standoff at the Bundy Ranch, but not before images were spread across the Internet and national news of them slaughtering cattle, dumping them in mass graves, abusing Bundy supporters, throwing them to the ground, tasing them and destroying private property and much, much more.


Watch below:

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Pile Of Banker Bodies Grows – Another Banker Dead In China (Video)

By Susan Duclos


"Suicides," unknown causes and now a Chinese Banker is found dead from a supposed heart attack. Separately, these seem random and unconnected other than all being part of the financial industry, but added together with a warning back in early 2014 from "V" The Guerilla Economist, via Steve Quayle, which stated that there is a hit list and Wall Street assassins were about to tie up loose ends, this all becomes more than just coincidental.


According to several sources close to the CBRC said, Li Jianhua was revising to 12 o'clock at night.
Unexpectedly around 6:00 this morning, his wife found him passed away, due to sudden heart attack.
Both inside and outside China Banking Regulatory Commission expressed sorrow and regret.



According to ZeroHedge the death toll is officially 13, but that ignores people like Bitcoin exchange CEO Autumn Radke and others in the financial sector that have turned up deceased or committed "suicide," bringing the list closer to the numbers that we were warned we would see which was well over three dozen.


Remember, that warning came when there were only four.

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US Burning Aborted Babies For Energy Too!!!

By Susan Duclos


When the story about the UK burning aborted babies to generate energy broke, people were outraged but the standard answer was it couldn't happen here (meaning the US), but we now find out it is happening here in the good ole USA, specifically in Oregon, where "medical waste," from Canada, which includes "fetal tissue," is being used at the Covanta Waste-to-Energy Facility, to generate energy.


After LifeNews broke this story, officials issued statements about the practice and are convening meetings to deal with it:

Today the Marion County Board of Commissioners learned that the Covanta Waste-to-Energy Facility located in Marion County may be accepting medical waste containing human tissue from outside sources. In response to an April 21 article in The B.C Catholic, the board took immediate action to temporarily halt the acceptance of boxed medical waste at the facility.

Commissioner Sam Brentano, chair, said, “We provide an important service to the people of this state and it would be a travesty if this program is jeopardized due to this finding. We thought our ordinance excluded this type of material at the waste-to-energy facility. We will take immediate action to ensure a process is developed to prohibit human tissue from future deliveries.”

“We are outraged and disgusted that this material could be included in medical waste received at the facility,” said Commissioner Janet Carlson. “We did not know this practice was occurring until today. We are taking immediate action and initiating discussions with Covanta Marion to make certain that this type of medical waste is not accepted in the future.”

How can they not know what type of "waste" they are accepting and using? How many other energy plants are accepting the same type of "waste?" 


More in the video below.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alex Jones With Hagmann & Hagmann – Obama’s Seditious And Treasonous Activities!

By Susan Duclos


Intelligence experts Doug Hagmann and Joe Hagmann join Alex Jones for a blockbuster show with Alex, Doug and Joe discussing the overwhelming corruption and fraud that is becoming more frequently seen in all levels of government. Other topics include but are not limited to Ukraine, the latest news on the BLM/Bundy affair, the N.Y. State Division of Homeland Security treating preppers like terrorists, governments attempt to insert themselves in every aspect of Americans' lives, Agenda 21, and new information on Benghazi which shows Barack Obama's "seditious and treasonous" activities.


The Hagmann's join the show at approximately the 1:39:05 mark in the video below.

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Bundy Ranch: People’s Task Force Formed

By Susan Duclos


Gary Franchi interviews writer and radio host Pete Santilli to discuss the ongoing situation at the Bundy Ranch and the illegal activities on the part of Harry Reid, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and federal officials after the range war and face off between Bundy supporters, including militia members, Santilli himself and Bundy neighbors.


The BLM executed bulls, slaughtered cattle and threw them in mass cattle graves, abused supporters by throwing one woman to the ground and tasing a Bundy son, destroying hundred year old water tanks and other private property, just to name a few things that the a new "Peoples Task Force" will be exposing, and bringing charges against the appropriate federal agencies and others involved in the aforementioned illegal activities.


Harry Reid will be held to account legally, asserts Santilli.

Cross posted at Before It's News

Feds Shutting Down U.S. Food Supply! Depopulation Agenda In Full Swing!!!

By Live Free or Die - Cross posted from Before It's News

The recent Bundy Ranch events are just a symptom of a much larger ‘project’ the US government is undertaking; the shutting down of the US food supply. Part of the depopulation agenda, the Bureau of Land Management has successfully managed over 50 cattle ranchers in Nevada out of business. Cliven Bundy was truly the last man standing. Why is the US govt attempting to run our food suppliers out of business? When combined with Obama’s executive order #13603 allowing him to seize control of food and resources, it’s easy to see the agenda unfolding.

David Knight of Infowars discusses in the video below the myriad numbers of ways that the FEDS are now shutting down the US food supply, not only in Nevada but all across the country. This is a red alert report that all Americans should know about for our individual and collective future. Americans cannot allow our government to control and forcefully SHUT DOWN our food supply.

See more at Before It's News

Obama Knows He’s In HUGE Trouble! Hires Same Criminal Attorney Used By Clinton

By Live Free or Die - Cross posted from Before It's News

Why has Barack Obama hired the same CRIMINAL ATTORNEY used by Bill Clinton in the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky scandals that threatened to leave Clinton impeached? Obama obviously KNOWS that something HUGE is being thrown at him from a legal standpoint and this brand new story from White House Dossier and the newly released video below ask some very pertinent questions and brings up some very good points in Obama’s decision to bring Neil Eggleston aboard as a new White House counselor. Is Obama ready to be outed via Sheriff Joe Arpaio by the mainstream media? Is he prepping to face war crimes charges? Will he soon be charged with treason? Obama knows, he’s in it, and deep…

Eggleston is the kind of guy you go to when someone tells you, “time to lawyer up.” He’s a veteran at cleaning up ethics messes for politicians, most notably Bill Clinton, whom he aided during the Whitewater probes and the Monica Lewinsky affair, double entendre intended.

But that’s not nearly all. He represented Rahm Emanuel during the scandal surrounding former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, as well as Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and George W. Bush political director Sara Taylor when scandals touched them, Clinton Cabinet members Federico Pena and Alexis Herman during corruption probes, and various business people involved in “complex criminal investigations” according to the New York Times.

Which begs and pleads the question, is Obama looking for more protection for the White House from the various GOP congressional probes, or is he aware of the possibility that something much, much worse could break?

Prepping Is Now ‘Suspicious Activity’ To DHS And NY State Police!

By Susan Duclos


A letter shown in the video below, describes what the government now considers "suspicious activity" that they are requesting businesses and local Army Navy stores "report" to authorities, which include buying MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat), night vision equipment, ammunition, night flashlights, gas masks, etc. 


As is explained in the video, all of the above are totally legal items and considered prepping items, yet New York authorities and the DHS seem to think it appropriate to ask sellers of those items to inform the gov't when they are purchased.


New York isn't the only place labeling the purchase of prepping items as "suspicious activity, as we are reminded by InfoWars:

Last week, a report emerged concerning how FBI counterterrorism agents are visiting gun shops in South Carolina to investigate “suspicious purchases” made by people who talk about “big government”.

Kudos to the owner of LZ Army Navy Surplus, who tore the leaflet down from her window when she saw it, because she felt it was simply a way for government to compile list of preppers.

Make no misake, this activity and these purchases are not suspicious, the government is compiling lists and attempting to 'tag" those that would fight against tyranny and those that are preparing to weather the upcoming financial storm and collapse. 


They don't want your food. They don't want your supplies. They don't want your weapons.



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A Step Closer To WW3 – Obama Sends Paratroopers To Poland

By Susan Duclos 


"Fresh signs the situation in Ukraine may be unraveling."


In response to the situation in Ukraine, the US has "expanded" their military exercises and have sent paratroopers into Poland. The Obama administration is taking us step by step, closer to an all-out war with Russia and China, by escalating threats, military and those of further sanctions against Russia.


Many have said that since Obama failed to start a world war using his al-Qaeda rebels in Syria, the focus now is to create a situation in the Ukraine, that will lead to a world war to cover up an economic collapse in the United states as well as the global economic reset that we have been warned is coming.

It takes an arrogance of unbelievable proportions to order Russian President Vladimir Putin to "stop sowing unrest in Ukraine," when it was the West, including the US, that supported the overthrow of the Ukrainian elected president, in order to insert a puppet for the west in the form of neo-Nazi's, which have taken over leadership in Ukraine.

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Texas AG Fires At BLM ‘Come And Take It’

By Susan Duclos


The Attorney General of Texas is not about to sit back and allow the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to land grab 90,000 acres of Texas land and he has fired the first shot across the bow at the BLM, in the form of a demand letter for the BLM to justify arbitrary new legal positions that would allow them to steal Texas land from the hard working landowners in Texas.


He calls the letter, which will be embedded below, the first step in the legal process and also tells Breitbart he is prepared to hand a "Come And Take It" flag to tell the BLM to stay out of Texas.


Via Breitbart:

“What Barack Obama’s BLM is doing,” Abbott continued, “is so out of bounds and so offensive that we should have quick and successful legal action if they dare attempt to tread on Texas land and take it from private property owners in this state.”

As to the timeline of how this matter moves forward Abbott explained that it is hard to tell how quickly or slowly the BLM might move on this matter. “One of the problems is, we can’t tell what they’re doing other than trying to operate in very suspicious ways. We want to make sure they are going to be open and transparent about what they are doing and that constitutional due process rights are going to be protected.”

Abbott told Breitbart Texas he wants to make sure the BLM understands that what they appear to be attempting to do is completely illegal. “This is Texas land. It belongs to Texas and the private property owners here,” Abbott firmly stated. “If we have to, we will assert quick and effective legal action to put a stop to it.”

The BLM's actions in Nevada and the threat to Texas land has pushed the issue of the BLM's arbitrary decisions, and highlighted the agency's attacks against landowners, to the point where officials from nine states recently met at what is called the "The Legislative Summit on the Transfer of Public Lands," to discuss taking state land back from the poor management by the BLM. The claim is this meeting was in the works for months. 


It looks like states are preparing for a showdown with the BLM to take their lands back.

The Texas AG letter is embedded below.

Abbott Letter to BLM by BreitbartTexas

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Bundys' & Supporters Beware! Fed Precedent Set

By Susan Duclos


In the video below Gary Franchi from NextNewsNetwork reminds viewers of a couple named Ed and Elaine Brown, pointing out the similarities between the Browns and the Bundy Reanch standoff.


The Browns' refused to pay federal taxes unless they could be shown an actual law on the books indicating that taxes were mandatory, garnered supporters against the federal government and holed up in their home for nine months, surrounded by supporters that raveled to defend them against the Feds.


Much like the Bundy family has garnered supporters from across the country, all who traveled to come to the defense of the Bundy family, after a 20 year legal battle with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over paying the federal taxes for grazing on "public land," while he doesn't recognize the BLM's right to tax him on land he and his family had been using since before the creation of the BLM.


Nine months later, posing as supporters, US Marshall's arrested the Browns by pretending to be supporters. Then they rounded up four of their supporters, all in different states, and arrested them for aiding and abetting the Browns.


While much of the story is similar, there are also some very large differences between the two cases.


1) The Browns' had actually been convicted of a crime, whether one agrees with them about the conviction or the tax issues, there was a warrant for their arrest, the Cliven Bundy has a judgement against him and an order for the cattle.


2) Researching the Browns, it appears that while they did indeed have supporters, the numbers were nowhere near the amount of supporters and militia members that turned out for the Bundy family, nor those promising to show up and defend the Bundys' should the BLM return for round two.


3) While the Browns' did receive coverage, it was not to the level the Bundy Ranch range war has seen and continues to see nationally.


4) The BLM has now been shown to have abused, tortured and slaughtered the cattle they claimed to be rounding up to sell at auction, as has been shown by the mass cattle graves that have been splashed across the Internet since the BLM were run off by Bundy supporters.


5) Proof has now been made public that the BLM went far beyond the scope of their court order to round up cattle. They destroyed private property, they were filmed throwing a woman to the ground, tasering a Bundy son, and captured in all their glory setting up signs that declared "First Amendment Area."

6) Politicians from multiple states, including Nevada Assembley woman Michele Fiore, stood in support of the Bundy family at the ranch.


Still, the similarities are enough that the Bundy family and their supporters and every single patriot that went to defend them, should beware, because the Feds will not give up and they will try to infiltrate if they haven't already.


Nine months is a long time, which is how long the Browns stayed holed up....... so militia members at the Bundy Ranch, those saying they are prepared to stay to prevent a raid, need to ask themselves how long are they prepared to stay? 


If the Bundy range war was the final straw, when the silent finally rose up to say enough in one voice, then organizers had best start deciding how the Bundys are going to be protected in the long term.


The same can be said about the high profile supporters because there is no doubt the Feds know exactly who they are, where they live and where they go.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#BundyRanch: BLM Cattle Graves - Where Is PETA? Contact Information Included

By Susan Duclos

It seems some animal torture, death, and slaughter is more important than others, as PETA has no condemnation for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the newly released photos of the mass cattle graves the BLM used to hide their slaughter of Cliven Bundy's cattle.

Via The Inquisitor:

The first mass cattle graves photos released by Cliven Bundy and his supporters on Sunday appear to substantiate reports by witnesses who first reported the cattle deaths. Nevada assemblywoman Michel Fiore was among those who maintained that BLM agents either killed cattle by either shooting them or running them to death during the Bunkerville incident. Fiore posted several images of the cow grave on Twitter last night, labeling the posting, “#BLM massacre. This isn’t how you herd cattle.”

“Near their compound, right off the highway, they were digging holes. They tried to bury some cows on the compound, but I guess they didn’t dig the hole deep enough, so they throw a cow in and they put dirt over him and you have cow’s legs sticking out of the dirt.”

The Bureau of Land Management’s court order only gave the federal agency the authority to seize the Bundy ranch cattle from owner Cliven Bundy. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, several prized bulls were also shot and killed after being deemed a “safety hazard” during the standoff. A Fox News reporter, among others, who viewed the bull holding pens after the livestock were “euthanized” noted that any evidence of wild behavior such as damaged gates or fencing were not evident.

Where is PETA's outrage? Where are their public statements condemning the BLM for the inhumane treatment of the Bundy cattle?

The silence is deafening!

Here are multiple ways to express YOUR outrage over PETA's lack of it.

If an animal is in imminent danger, please contact your local police department immediately. If your local police department is unresponsive, call PETA immediately—day or night—at 757-622-7382, option 2. Or you may contact PETA by filling out our Report Cruelty to Animals form.

The report Cruelty To Animals forms can be found HERE.

Something Unimaginable By April 30th Promises North Korea As Obama Travels To South Korea

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In this brand new video report just released by Paul Begley we learn that North Korea has planned ‘something unimaginable’ before April 30th as Barack Obama prepares to travel to South Korea. With heightened activity being detected at North Korea’s underground nuclear site recently, leading a South Korean spokesman to declare that the North is preparing for another nuclear test, what is it that Kim Jong-un has planned? 2nd video also below shares the secret North Korea in a National Geographic special.

With tensions already so high between North Korea and South Korea and Jong-un’s promise of ‘something unimaginable’ within the next week, is the North Korean leader really that crazy that we would nuke nearby South Korea DURING Barack Obama’s visit there? Jong-un has promised a nuclear strike in the past and with worldwide unrest, a strike of any kind upon the South during an Obama visit would launch a retaliation of the highest magnitude and ignite the timbers already glowing around the world.

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US Warns Russia: Days, Not Weeks, To Comply With Ukrainian Accord

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Dave Hodges recently warned that the kick-off to World War 3 was only 5 weeks away. If the newly released story, screenshot below from Huffington Post, is correct, Dave might have been off by 4 weeks. With the US now threatening Russia in such a manner and Russia insisting that THEY are in the right in the Ukraine and Ukraine breaking the Geneva Accord, is there anything at all now that can prevent a third world war? Newly released video reports below share more on the unfolding situation in the Ukraine and the potential for a nuclear WW3 in our collective future.

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