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Monday, October 09, 2006

Boycotting Citgo and Chavez

Villages in Alaska, Bay area and 7-11. Looks like the Chavez comedy routine at the UN wasn't amusing to some people.

7-11 has decided to no longer use Citgo as a supplier.

The 7-11 convenience store chain announced in September that it was would not renew its contract with Citgo, which expired Sept. 30. The news came after Chavez, appearing at a United Nations summit in New York, called President Bush an imperialist “devil” who sought to oppress those in poverty. A 7-11 rep said last week that the decision on Citgo'’s pending ad campaign was that “our 20-year contract with them ended last [Sept. 30]we have no relationship with them any more.

In a press release, Citgo called the boycott cries, “counter to the principles of a free-market economy, so cherished by all Americans” and “being pushed in search of political or economic gain.

The Bay area says it is ready to Boycotting Citgo also.

"overwhelming feedback suggesting that Citgo should be boycotted. Many of those who left comments or contacted me via e-mail said they do support it and/or will begin to boycott Citgo immediately. Many of the boycott promoters cited the Citgo connection to Hugo Rafael Chavez, the 53rd president of the South American nation of Venezuella. Chavez has vowed to bring down the United States government."

Some villiages in Alaska have decided to go without free heating oil from Venezuela.

"As a citizen of this country, you can have your own opinion of our president and our country. But I don't want a foreigner coming in here and bashing us," said Justine Gunderson, administrator for the tribal council in the Aleut village of Nelson Lagoon. "Even though we're in economically dire straits, it was the right choice to make."

Goes to show, we as a country do not appreciate Chavez coming to OUR country and insulting OUR president....... only the Democrats get to do that dammit!!!