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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We Must Vote.

The importance of turning out for elections cannot be emphasized enough. We need to participate in Novembers elections. The Republicans have consistently been underestimated by the media and in the polls. Their objective is to drive the republican voters away and it has habitually blown up in their faces.

The assumption that enough bad press and constant negativity will somehow distract the voters from the underlying issue of national security, economy, gas prices and the job market, to name a few, is flawed.

The Democrats have been operating under the misconception that by neglecting to inform the American public the exact nature of the platform they will be running on, or their ideas, and instead using scandals and the war in Iraq to accuse the present administration of mistakes, that they will take over the seats they want. The reasoning behind wanting those seats is simply to hinder the president in the his last two years of office.

One of the few Democrats that has stated her platform was Pelosi. She says that "tax cuts must be rolled back" , definition= Raise taxes.

The Bush tax cuts will terminate three years after the next Congress convenes. The $1,000 per child tax credit will drop to $500, marriage-penalty relief goes away, and all income tax rates go up. Republicans have vowed to make the tax cuts permanent. Democrats have pledged to reverse them.

Now we understand why the Democrats and those on the left would rather use scandals, distortion and diversion rather than announce how they would change things.

As I stated in my previous post, the majority of democrats voted for the war in Iraq, yet now they use the polls, the left media's inclinations toward showing as much death and destruction as they can on our televisions, to now denounce that same war. It is taking too long, people are dying....what exactly did they think would happen in a WAR? Did anyone actually believe that when we entered into this it would be a slam dunk and our men would be home in a year or two?

The Democrats are the terrorists best chance of winning the war on terror and we cannot allow that to happen. We MUST vote. We must show up in droves on election day. We must win.