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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good News From Iraq Part #7--What CNN Doesn't Show You

In response to a few hateful individuals yesterday that insisted that children do not get an education in Iraq, they have no power, no jobs, etc etc etc, things they obviously have gotten watching the left media in all their glory without bothering to actually do any research for themselves, here are your answers. This is for Charlie and Jim, two folks who clearly hate to see any good news from Iraq. In fact many people out there cannot stand to see nor will they acknowledge all the good our brave soldiers are accomplishing in Iraq. This is your answer.

98% of the children in Iraq are vaccinated against polio, 4,500 schools have been built or refurbished and over 8,000,000 textbooks have been handed out by coalition forces, 19,000 Iraqi have been trained to protect their citizens and 18,000 border patrol have been trained, all Iraqi's, 33,000 new businesses have been started in Iraq also. Other things, little things to us here in the US, but new to the Iraqi people, like cell phones, something we take for granted but Iraqi's are just learning about, 5 million people in Iraq now use cell phones. Then we have the fact that 25% of the Iraqi Parliament is made up of women... women who had NO rights whatsoever when Saddam ruled.

Look at the good news yourself.
Watch this video and see the hope we offer, the good we have done. Don't ignore it or let it anger you, be proud that THIS is why we are there, THIS is why our men and women in the armed services believe they are where they should be and are willing to sacrifice their lives. This hope they give to the Iraqi people. Hope that many so callously would throw away.

We cannot abandon this young democracy, we cannot let those children go back to what once was. It takes time to learn how to be free, we might not understand that, but they do, our soldiers do, our president does. Do you?

Do you understand that the major left media outlets will not tell you this information and why? It does not make for headlines.

That is only part of the reason though, Those papers you read or channels you watch such as CNN (Communist News Network) have a political agenda and they use you, the American people to accomplish THEIR goals, political goals. They do not care to show you all the good in Iraq because that would hinder their efforts to influence the elections. THINK, do not just swallow all the crap they pour down your throat, think for yourselves for a change. READ, if you are here reading this, you know how to use a computer, start looking up these numbers, verify them for yourself, then ask yourself and ask your "news" outlets, why, why do they not show you the truth, or better yet, why do they only show you half of the truth, if that? Why do they not give you the full picture? Why do want us to lose this war on terror? More importantly, why do the Democrats wish to lose this war on terror?

These people that made such silly comments without the facts yesterday also asked why our economy wasn't as good as it should be. Well, our dow is at an all time high, then they respond that it is barely above where it was before Bush took office. Yet we had 9/11, Katrina and we are at war and it STILL is higher than when he started... That is an amazing job, these naysayers simply do not have the class to admit anything good about that either.

10/31/06- BAGHDAD, Iraq — Coalition Forces killed five terrorists and detained one suspected terrorist Tuesday morning during a raid in Baghdad that targeted individuals associated with a suspected senior leader of an al-Qaeda in Iraq network.

Full release here.

So for those that have been SO supportive of my Good News From Iraq series of posts, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For those SO filled with hate and anger that they cannot stand to see any good news about Iraq, either stay the hell away or choke on it, because it will be here, every day!!!!!!!!!!

Remember to VOTE everyone.

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