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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The President Speaks- Try Listening

At the end of this post I added Good news from Iraq Part #4.

The President had an hour long press conference in which he outlined his concerns about Iraq and the constant ways our soldiers continue to adjust on the ground as needed.
In reading the NYT, which I hate doing, but nevertheless do for reasons such as this post, I came across one of the MOST idiotic statements anyone who has read Kerry's Consistent Inconsistencies, could ever quote from John Kerry.

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the president’s opponent in 2004, said Mr. Bush’s news conference was an election-oriented attempt to convince the American people that he has a plan for Iraq. “But the president can’t sell what he doesn’t have,” Mr. Kerry said. Still another Democrat, Senator Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin, said, “The president’s head-in-the-sand approach to the worsening situation in Iraq is undermining our national security.”

So, let us look at Kerry's words here, a direct contrast (big surprise) to his own words on Multiple occasions. A couple examples here. In a speech on the Senate floor on October 9, 2002:

John Kerry Says: "If in the end these efforts fail, and if in the end we are at war, we will have an obligation, ultimately, to the Iraqi people with whom we are not at war. This is a war against a regime, mostly one man. So other nations in the region and all of us will need to help create an Iraq that is a place and a force for stability and openness in the region. That effort is going to be long term, costly, and not without difficulty, given Iraq's ethnic and religious divisions and history of domestic turbulence. In Afghanistan, the administration has given more lipservice than resources to the rebuilding effort. We cannot allow that to happen in Iraq, and we must be prepared to stay the course over however many years it takes to do it right".

Please notice the parts I bolded and put in red. He was perfectly aware before the war in Iraq that it was going to be long term, costly and not without difficulty. That is the problem with changing your comments and opinions depending on who you are talking to, you cannot keep your stories straight. Then there is the "Stay the Course" , wow, isn't that what he constantly criticizes the President for doing? The man is an idiot.

The in Arizona in 2004,

Kerry declared that “even knowing what we now know, he would still have cast his vote in the Senate to authorize the Bush administration to invade Iraq. “"I would have voted for the authority, said Kerry. I believe it was the right authority for the president to have".

For once I think he was right, too bad he couldn't manage to remember his own words. People should really understand that showing Kerry's comments, make them look like the biased fools that they are.

It was a long press conference and I linked to it at the beginning of the post, read it, it was a good one and the president laid out everything including our underestimation of certain problems, we are adjusting, we will continue to do so. To go over some of the ridiculous questions he was asked and point out exactly how redundant they were would take all day, so read it, judge for yourself, it is the only way you will get an unbiased opinion, rags like the NYT certainly won't give you any objectivity, they do not even try anymore.

I cannot think of a better post to add my Good news From Iraq than this one. So in honor of our soldiers and our presidents desire to keep us safe despite the ungratefulness of some of us, here is the Good News From Iraq Part #4..

10/25/06- BAGHDAD – Special Iraqi Army forces, with Coalition advisers, conducted two raids Oct. 25 in Sadr City, Baghdad to capture a death squad leader and capture criminals involved in the kidnapping of a US Soldier.

Release here.

10/26/06- BAGHDAD – Special Iraqi Police forces conducted an early morning raid Oct. 25 in the al Hillah area to capture members of a murder and kidnapping cell wanted by the Ministry of the Interior.

Iraqi forces, with Coalition advisers, arrived at the objective and gained entry to several locations where 11 suspected members of the cell were found and detained.

Release here.

10/26/06- BAGHDAD – Iraqi Army forces conducted an early morning raid Oct. 25 in Khalis in eastern Diyala Province to capture the leadership of an illegal armed group responsible for attacks against Iraqi forces.

Release here.

The president spoke, I listened, did you? More importantly, are you going to let the Liberal media, and the Democratic party lead you into Communism in the name of "Common Good", like cattle being led to the slaughterhouse? Do you understand the nature of the enemy we face, or do you follow along with your "party" for no other reason that because it is your party.

I used to be a Democrat until I realized the nature of what they had become... Communists.

We fight communism everywhere in the world where we see it, we help countries become democracies, yet under our very noses the Democratic party here in America is trying to bring Communism to YOU. I will not accept it, will you?

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