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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The War in Iraq

The rewriting of history only works on those of us that do not have an independent memory.

The Democrats keep referring to the War in Iraq as "The President's War", implying the war was started by Bush and Bush alone.

The left can try to rewrite history all they want but in this day and age of the internet, the "facts" are simply one click away. The war was authorized by an overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans alike. Roll Call is here. Look at it, and remember. Do not let those that would try to avoid the realities of this, get away with it. I have a good memory.

Then you have Kerry's remarks in 2004, stating very clearly:

Speaking in Arizona on Monday, Kerry declared that “even knowing what we now know, he would still have cast his vote in the Senate to authorize the Bush administration to invade Iraq. “I would have voted for the authority, said Kerry. “I believe it was the right authority for the president to have.

We forget what we are there for, to help a society, a country that has never known freedom, something we take for granted because we have always had it, to help them learn what it is.
Some feel that we should have given it to them then left them to learn on their own. We forget that the act of going to war does not end there, war is not pretty, it is not a day in the park, it is bloody and it is a struggle and you cannot vote for it when it is popular and distance yourself from it when it is not popular politically. That is the cowards way out. We are not cowards are we?

THIS is what we fighting for. These are the faces of the new generation of Iraq, the ones that will grow up knowing what freedom is like, these are the ones that will change the course of what Iraq has been for decades upon decades.

Let us try to remember why we went there, why we are there and why we must triumph.

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