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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


In yet
another indication that the Democratic party should not over estimate the so called "polls", Wapo has an article illustrating the Republican message is drawing more money for campaigns than the Democratic message is.

A good example of why, only one, but enough to make my point in this instance was the Kerry/Wallace interview last weekend.

WALLACE: So what would you do differently to deal with this very erratic regime of North Korea?

KERRY: I would do precisely — I would do precisely what I said for the last five years consistently, which is engage in bilateral, face-to-face negotiations with North Korea, make it absolutely clear to North Korea that we are not intending to invade and have a regime change, and work on the entire set of issues that are outstanding since the armistice with regard to the north.

This one statement shows the exact nature of what is so problematic for the Democratic party, not in just this elecction, but in all of them.

The Democrats have NO NEW STRATEGY, when they are forced to state an idea, it is always an old one, inevitably, one that has failed in the past. They have NO NEW IDEAS.

Facing North Korea bilaterally has been tried, it failed. Jong-il took our aid, our reactors, starved his people and cheated on the deal. I am not going to slam Clinton for trying, I am not going to degrade him for failing to put into place a system where the results of his appeasement deal could be verified, my point here is that Kerry's "plan" isn't new, didn't work when Clinton tried it, yet that is all Kerry or the Democrats have to offer by way of ideas. OLD ONES.

Back to the money....

Despite a rush of campaign donations to Democrats earlier this year, Republican incumbents in highly competitive races in the House have a substantial cash advantage going into the final weeks before the midterm elections.

Democrats spent more heavily over the summer and early autumn than their Republican rivals in pivotal House districts, leaving themselves at a disadvantage of more than 2 to 1 in money on hand, according to a Washington Post analysis of the latest campaign disclosures.

Interesting point to made here. If the Democratic party cannot even use the money in their campaigns wisely, how can we expect them to be in charge of OUR money?

The fact is, no one should count their chickens just yet, the party has just started and the drinks are just being poured.... we shall see who is still standing in November and who fell face first in the toilet.

So get out and vote and we may just be toasting with our champagne in Novemeber.

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