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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Communist News Network

[Update] 10/05/07-by request from commenter Tony:


CNN Advertiser List (one year old but should be essentially the same)Procter & Gamble Co,Altria Group Inc,General Motors Corp,Time Warner Inc (Also Their ParentCompany),Verizon Communications Inc,
Dell Inc,Petmed Express Inc,Pepsico Inc , Ford Motor Co,Johnson & Johnson,Kellogg Co,Sony Corp,Novartis Ag, News Corp,Walt Disney Co,Sprint Nextel Corp,General Mills Inc, Daimler Chrysler Ag,Hyundai Corp,Berkshire Hathaway Inc ,Honda Motor Co Ltd,Nestle Sa,Toyota Motor Corp,Us Govt,Progressive CorpAt&T Inc,Intel,Circut City National Amusements Inc,Raymond James' Investor Relations,
Unilever,Glaxo Smithkline Plc,Cendant Corp,
Ge General Electric Co,Clorox Co. Pfizer Inc,
Nissan Motor Co Ltd, Bayer Ag Group,CocaColaCo,McdonaldsCorp,HomeDepotInc,Americ anExpress Co,Deutsche Telekom Ag,Anheuser-Busch Cos Inc, Sears Holdings Corp, Schering-Plough Corp,Allstate Corp

Las Vegas, NV

Also please see the update to this where CNN also offered this video as an On Demand program to make money of this terrorist propaganda video. (Screen shots of their on demand offer at that link)

[End Update] Thank you Tony for providing that list.

Communist News Network equals CNN. I could and probably should just leave it there, but I am not going to.

I am sure by now everyone has heard about or even seen the video CNN aired with the sniper shooting a soldier. I am late on posting about this, because actually, I could do nothing but sputter incoherently when I first saw it, and since, every time I started this post, all I wanted to do is rant and rave and rail against CNN. So I waited until I could think before posting about this.

I always knew CNN was biased, you could tell by just about all of their coverage. To me though, there is a difference between reporting the news and actively, deliberately engaging in enemy propaganda, in effect, advertising for the terrorists.

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee asked the Pentagon on Friday to remove CNN reporters embedded with U.S. combat troops, saying the network’s broadcast of a video showing insurgent snipers targeting U.S. soldiers was tantamount to airing an enemy propaganda film.

The tape, which came to the network through contact with an insurgent leader, was aired Wednesday night on “Anderson Cooper 360” and repeated Thursday.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., wrote: “CNN has now served as the publicist for an enemy propaganda film featuring the killing of an American soldier.”

The letter was also signed by San Diego-area Republican congressmen Darrell Issa and Brian Bilbray.

“This is nothing short of a terrorist snuff film,” Bilbray said at a press conference in San Diego.

Full story here.

I agree, CNN should not be embedded with our soldiers. Personally, I can honestly say I will never watch CNN again, ever. I never watched it much, but now, I will never turn the station on. I do not think anybody that gives a damn about our soldiers lives should watch any show that network airs. Air America suffering bankruptcy, NYT with a 39% drop in revenue, NBC having to drop 700 employees, this is what happens when a network doesn't report the news, but HELPS THE TERRORISTS. CNN should suffer the same fate as Air America.

In browsing, I ran across quite a few excellent pieces, one stood out. It was on Wide Awake Cafe and she says:

While my husband was stationed in Somalia he witnessed firsthand, CNN officials providing hand made signs (written in English by someone who was literate) to Somalis who were (supposedly) protesting the presence of American troops in Somalia.

My husband was appalled by the made-for-tv rally. He watched as each Somali was directed where to stand during the anti-American protest. The CNN officials knew that American military officers and troops were watching what they were doing. They simply didn’t care. This was before the internet and cell phones were as popular as they are now.

The protests my husband witnessed in Somalia and Americans in the states watched on television believing it to be the sentiments of the Somali people, was truly an anti-American rally because the officials at CNN who produced the protests were anti-American, plain and simple. But they were also deceitful and cunning.

Our military, our soldiers deserve better than this. If no one but the far left watches CNN, then it will die the same death the rest of the far left media is, slowly, painfully for them. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

My Related Post, Media Helps al-Qaeda, written on October 1, 2006, could have been talking about this very instance.
CNN, the Communist News Network.

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