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Sunday, October 29, 2006

New York Times Lies-- Commentary

Well folks, I have gotten a hell of a lot of feedback on this one. So, without further ado from me, I am going to simply post one of the comments I recieved in full because honestly, I could not have said it better myself.

Commentary from Micheal:

First time commenter here...

Keep after them Spree. I wrote the editors after they printed several leaks to express my total disgust with their entire operation.

That was prior to their stock plummenting into a downward spiral of no return.

This gets off the original IRS topic. But in case that journalist comes by I want him to feel the anger with NYT.

You don't know me and I stumbled across your blog quite by accident. But I found myself able to unload a little directly to one of their reporters if he stops by again.

So, here it goes...
We are a nation at war. And it appears Tokyo Rose moved in with the NYT. She shined their shoes and was paid tips by them on how to demoralize our nation, our government, our soldiers, and their families.

Good ridance to NYT. I'll not buy their product again unless they do some heavy firing of turncoats on their staff, in fact a change of leadership at the highest levels.

Sulzberger and those who serve him are a laughing stock to anyone who has a mind these days and can see the twisting of words, truth and principles of freedom. They fail to represent either truth or freedom most of the time for the vast majority of this nation. And they often mislead us.

They fail to recognize during war, we all fight together. Instead, they spread misinformation better than Pravda. In fact, I think today Pravda gives more truth - "really!"

I consider some of their actions to be bordering on treason. They're so blinded by their ideology and hatred, they can only support one political party and will do all things to recover the power lost they so covet. Even if it means undermining our war efforts and possibly endangering thousands of American lives.

Some terrorist, financers were not aware of the programs in question, or of the vast reach of information being tracked.

It is very possible the actions of the NYTs could prevent terrorist from getting caught. This in turn may aid murderous thugs or those who support them against our soldiers or innocent people somewhere in the world. Just one financial transaction stopped because of NYTs blatant irresponsibility during war could aid the placing of a bomb that kills our soldiers, innocent Americans or Iraqis. Even NYT has admitted it was a mistake, buried deep in a column recently. If I had a paper - it would be frontpage headlines: NYT admits mistake which MAY LEAD TO INNOCENT DEATHS!

And that headline would not be any different than their tabloid journalism today.

Therefore, every IED, or sniper shot, is potential blood on the NYT. Our sons and daughters volunteered knowing they were going into battle against a vicious enemy - but not an internal one in our own nation!

I'm sick of NYT, CutNruN, NewsWeek, and the far left socialist, defeatist, crowd that whine and complain at the drop of a nano-second hat if actions are not approved by the ACLU-type, Daily-Kos, nutroots of the cultic far left.

They feed on leftist agenda for breakfast, lunch and dinner as a religion, with their high Priest of Soros, Kos, and Turner, preaching from the sacred text of NYT and licking the feet of the UN like lapdogs in heat.

They're worse than Tabloid journalist in their faux assertions of being patriots as well. They should just put a picture of an alien on the front with Orwellian headlines that America is being destroyed every day. And the aliens are watching ussss... ooeeeoo.

They do not support out troops, our sons and daughters. In fact, most everything they've done has inflamed the enemy and demoralized this nation.
They attack our President, our Armed services with blatant misreprentations, well placed omissions, and misleading statements every single day. It is a constant onslaught, never-ending, ideological battle.

It is in fact - another front in the war on terror.

They're more aligned with the enemy talking points than on the side of this nations brave few who are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq that have freed 50 million people from oppression and tyranny. They expect 30 minute sitcom miracles to become reality before their very eyes! Instead of the truth that it takes time to raise up new nations and governments, with ethical institutions which serve their people and not murder and torture them.

Their solution? They have none! They would turn these nations backover to our enemies who would not just utilize it for their own evil plots. But our enemy would murder the masses who for the first time in their lives stood up for freedom and liberty because America stood by them.

They would turn the sheep back over to the wolves!

A few soldiers(out of millions) mess up and they plaster it to the public multiple times over and over again with sensationalist headlines and seedy details.

Yet they could give a damn less that the ACLU supports pedophilia and NAMBLA!!! Why don't you posterize that every single day for months on end? Why don't you "out" all the people who support such sick and twisted actions?

Or, why doesn't the NYTs Frontpage daily Russia's and China's support of terrorist rogue nations and tyrants like Iran and Syria? Sudan? Belarus? Russian and Chinese weapons flow into every failed state in the world which is most times supporting the extreme radicals of Islamic Jihad. Walking into Moscow is like walking into America during the Mafia-age without the American prosperity and a government fully intangled in murder and mayhem against its own people.

Why not Frontpage the murderous thugs in control of Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, the carnage, the torture, the chopping off of heads, the indoctrination of children as young as 5 into a murderous cult of Mohammads madness?

The deviant behavior(learned by pornographic crap strewn thru our nation - supported by ACLU) of a few people in our Army are like a few white snowflakes in comparison to the dark clouds of sick and barbaric treatment by Islamic thugs performed every day on innocents around the world.

But no, not the NYT. They won't tell their public the truth over and over again. They'll tell instead a myopic truth, one of ideological hatred for all things right of center, working aginst this nations leaders more than the very terrorist who killed three thousand.

They'll blame our nation for all that is wrong in the world, scapegoating and leaving unresponsible Russia and China who feed these murderous regimes with weapons, technology and money.

Their headlines scream against our government and troops daily without any support. While murderous supporters from China and Russia feed the animals in Iran, Syria, Sudan and Somalia.

They're sucking many lost minds in this nation into a vast wasteland of vacuous far left victim mentality. All America's fault, Bushes fault, Republicans fault. If we just listened to the people chopping our heads off, mutilating women, and enslaving an entire nation like Sudan, then maybe they would like us!

We need the government to feed us, clothe us and tell us what to do. But even more diabolical, we must follow the media like robots without question because afterall, as one stated in MA, the media "represents" the people. Thankfully Romney knocked down that stupid assertion. Not today's media.
Today, they represent their own bias. And most of them the extreme far left.

They're more comfortable swapping jokes about Bush with Islamic Jihadist than they are standing for this nations principles in liberating the oppressed and downtrodden.

Their solution is Jimmaaah Caaawter kissing the feet of Arafat, Hamas, Hezbollah and Chavez. Clinton, asking that mass murderer into the White House to sleep where one of the greatest men in our history, Lincoln once walked who actually freed slaves, not imprisoned them.

Or John Kerry, tripping the light fantastic to France to speak with the enemy. Or Ted "leave-em in the water" Kennedy who fratenizes more with Russian KGB than he does our own President Reagan in the past.

No thank you. Good riddance, adios!

Fly on down to Chavista land where you belong, dance with Fidel in Cuba, party with the Clintonistas during the 90s while millions died in Sudan.

Celebrate America's waltz into a civil war in Serbia while Wesley Clark orders Chritians killed. While ignoring the Muslim attrocities that led to the war. And now turnaround and claim we should not stop civil war in Iraq. Hypocrites!

People have new media access, real-time coverage from around the world, are intelligent and up to date.
Iraqis reach out daily thanking us, asking us to help them stand and to not give up on them!!! Iraqi's die trying to bring freedom to their nation!!! But the NYT, the Murtha's, the Pelosi's, the Durban "our troops are Nazi's" jerk want us to CutNruN.

Lets leave those Iraqi's who have sacrificed and fought with us to the dogs of Al Qaeda, to Iran and Syria, to the Baathist.

We no longer need media who wants to force their bias on us. I get direct information from the source, from out soldiers, from Iraqi's themselves who say, yes, its difficult, but we're fighting and winning!

Daily, we capture terrorist and kill them. Terrorist trained in the 90s while Clinton smoked cigars and looked the other way.

To those of your paper of the failed 60's drug culture, lies and psuedo lovefest. Tell them to pack up your woodstock hippies, with your false free sex and communal sharing granola lives and join the Dixie Chicks in a one way ticket to FARC-land. You can snort cocaine, light up a joint and laugh as they send children to die for their Communist Masters who ship drugs to America.

Deliver a message.

Tell the commies, the leftist, the lost to keep their drugs and stop sending it to our country. Move on down there and sell NYT to those who can no longer think for themselves and need government welfare.

Tell Putin we don't buy his schtick either. And China to stop torturing its own citizens for a simple desire to worship someone who said, love your enemy.

Think that's distortion Mr. NYT? It ain't, Got it? Good, now take your pseudo-journalistic response and roll it up with the rest of your paper and use it for kindling in a nize cozy fireplace. Because that's all its good for these days. Starting fires, ideological fires, or infernos that kill people in far away places.

Your paper is possibly no less guilty than the recent arsonist in California. We may never know the full damage your paper has done in aiding and abetting our enemies thru its leaks, or the extreme ideological hatred which runs thru the blue-blood veins of NYT and writes to this nation with propaganda even Hitler would adore.

You write for a slum lord of far left socialist, who have lost their paths, and dived into the deep end of self-absorbed, narcisistic Pubah's who think the world runs for them and not the other way around.

Feel the anger? Good, because it is righteous anger for all the damage the NYT does almost daily to our country.

And I will not stop pointing it out. In fact, I'm going to join the blogs against you. Yet another clarion voice shouting loudly in the forest of dead papered lies which your editers thrust down the publics throats.

Yes, this is a rant and a righteous one at that. People have had it with your drivel, your intellectual Babylon. You represent Rome at its highest epoch of decadence and destrution. To blind to see around you the enemy. To drunk with your intellectual elitism to see clearly.

It is not America who is creating the hatred. Wake up if you have an ounce of light left in you.

I hope you read this and I hope you take it back to your puppet masters. Tell them there's a new breed being born, one who will not tolerate the rubbish you serve us daily.

Spree, sorry for my long winded rant.

But I've had it with NYT. Today, a journalistic degree from the secular far-left gets you a can of Chavista beans and Russian caviar, with a Chinese made can opener. You open it and what you have is an explosion of communist rhetoric remarketed as moral relativism run amok leading to anarchy for our childrens future.

The initial flash is quite spectacluar, until you realize your left with an awful smell that has wafted thru the halls of decades past failed states and lost souls.

The stink is so pungent, dogs turn away from it and pigs will not go near it.

There is no right and wrong. Only what the far left fetish fadism says is cool today and is in for everyone to follow. Anal sex - groovy? Do it! NAMBLA man-boy love? Groovy! Do it! Hand out condoms, free sex, abort, abort, we are all one big happy irresponsible family. And we have not enemies. Now, go put Barbara Streisand back on, watch a Michael Moore propaganda film, and lets all sing ballads to Lenin and Mao. They really had it right afterall, ya know. They just didn't have time to really work it out since America would not allow them to fully test the socialist models. It can work - if we all come together! Chavez, Chavez! Fidel! Where is Oliver Stone when you need him?

As a matter of disclosure. I once believed in leftist causes, having grown up in the 70s without a clue, I slowly awakend to the reality that the NYT and the far left do not empower people with the truth. They distort it and they support causes which constantly keep people as victims. I am a registered independent. My disgust with the democrats however will have me voting fully Repuplican this time around.

Thank publications like NYT, CutNruN and others for finally getting me to participate in public debate and voting!

Well, that felt good. But I understand if you want to delete it.

It was not a personal attack on the reporter. But it has become personal with NYT and their actions against our soldiers who volunteer to protect this nation.

My apologies for the long winded discourse. I guess it has been building up for sometime. I am seriously, just truly disgusted with NYT editors and their decisions and the general direction of the paper.

I have lost all confidence in the all the news thats fit to print, because they slant it.

We're at war with real enemies and NYT seems to think it is our fault. Or they want it all to end like a movie which only runs at max 3hours with a plot like Rambo who gets the girl in and kills the enemy by disarming a nuclear bomb with 1 sec left ticking.

This is absurd and they mislead the public.

War, rebuilding nations that have been completely destroyed for decades. Whose people have suffered emotional distress and loss the likes of which most of us cannot comprehend, whom have been brainwashed to hate us for all their lives, is not easy and will not be wrapped up like some Hollywood movie where the actors play heroes on film, but do nothing to support our real heroes in battle.

It is a long, rugged, uphill war. But yes, we must Stay The Course - which means, keeping the goals of freedom for Iraqis and Afghannis and honoring those who serve to free them. We change our tactics, but our goals of freedom for 50 million people remain the same!


All I can really say, is well said Micheal, I applaud you.

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