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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Threats from North Korea

In the midst of the World Powers discussions on North Korea, they decide to further antagonize already intensified tensions by issuing threats. This cannot be tolerated.

The North, meanwhile, stepped up its threats aimed at Washington, saying it could fire a nuclear-tipped missile unless the United States acts to resolve its standoff with Pyongyang, the Yonhap news agency reported from Beijing.

"We hope the situation will be resolved before an unfortunate incident of us firing a nuclear missile comes," Yonhap quoted an unidentified North Korean official as saying. "That depends on how the U.S. will act."

Full story here.

Yet I still see people to the left attempting to draw out the Foley FireStorm. These are the people who swear they can handle national security. These are the people that ask us, the American public to trust them to do what is right?

Perhaps they should try DOING what is right and start focusing on issue that will save our lives instead of taking their best shot at diversions, distortions and rush to judgments.

Fact is, even if this test was a dud, or just fizz, even a failure can be learned from. What about the next time? Will they learn from their mistakes, if this wasn't what they were aiming for, and perform at a higher level next time? Do we simply sit back and wait for a next time?

Flopping Aces has a good take on this.