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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Republican Resurgence

Despite what the left media has attempted to influence the political process with their continuous distortions about the polls and the Republican base voters deciding to not vote this year, or even to vote for Democratic candidates, there is a
Republican Resurgence happening across the country.

This doesn't seem to be reported, of course, because it does not fit into the left media's political aspirations, it is almost as if, like children, they feel if they close their eyes it will go away. It won't and we won't.

When it is reported, as in this Wapo piece, it is phrased in a negative light, because that is the only way some of the left media can report the actual news, objectivity has never been their strong suit.

The NRA notified its 4 million members and reminded them, as the group's Web site put it, that it "makes it clear why gun owners can never, ever sit on the sidelines during an election."

Still, Weyrich said the White House may yet benefit from conservatives coming home. "It'll all come down to conservatives," he said. "For a long time, I've heard nothing but 'I'm not going to vote for these jerks.' Now I'm hearing 'Well, I suppose we'll have to vote the jerks back in and see what we can do.' "

That is as close to the actual news as Wapo is capable of, admitting that the conservative base is coming home, in the same breath as calling them jerks. Perfect example of the bias I so often refer to.

The base IS coming home, which is why the Republican's are rebounding in these last days. Will it be enough? We will see, but I think it is, because the alternative, as we know, is chaos. All the Democratic candidates have to offer IS chaos and confusion. They have tried to confuse the public about the issues, have tried to avoid the fact that the Republicans are all about National Security and protecting America, while the Democratic party as a whole have voted against almost every bill that would protect us as a country. This counts.

If you look hard enough, you can find some that are willing to report in an objective fashion, so we can get the actual lay of the land. They are few and far between, but well worth the time.

Rove sees polls that we do not and is still optimistic.

The money, Rove says, will be used for advertising, as well as to coordinate volunteers, the grass-roots workers who get voters to the polls.

And despite recent reports and polls that show a voting public fatigued by the direction of the war in Iraq, Rove thinks the midterm elections will be decided on other issues, too.

"I think Iraq and the economy play a role in virtually every race," Rove says. "But there are also local considerations in the local contest between two individuals, that at the end of the day matters for a great deal of the contest."

We then have Michael Barones predictions:

My predictions would produce an almost evenly divided House: 219 Democrats, a net gain of 16, and 216 Republicans. Such a result would raise the question of whether Mississippi Democrat Gene Taylor, who declined to vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker in this Congress, would do so again, and whether another Democrat might do so—which could produce a Republican majority for speaker.

All in all, with a little less than two weeks until the elections, the Republican base is rebounding and the voters are closer to being in the booth and deciding whether they want to keep tax cuts and national security or to go with the unknown. I believe that they will "stay the course" because better what you know that what you do not.

Get out and VOTE!!!!!!

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