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Friday, October 13, 2006

India-born admits to role in UK, US terror plots

Some days I ask myself... has the world gone crazy?

Barot, 34, also allegedly plotted to trigger explosions at several US financial buildings “designed to kill as many innocent people as possible”. He was arrested in August 2004 along with seven others, who were of Pakistan origin.

According to Indian security expert B Raman, Barot alias Bilal aka Abu Musa al-Hindi aka Abu Eissa al-Hindi is the son of Manubhai Barot and Bhartiyaben.

“After his arrest and preliminary interrogation, Dhiren Barot, who reportedly embraced Islam in 1992, has been projected in some reports as a leading Al-Qaeda operative of the UK and in some others as the head of Al-Qaeda set-up in the UK.”

Full story here.

We still focus on scandals instead of national security? I ask again, what is wrong with this picture?