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Thursday, April 30, 2015

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

By Susan Duclos

U.S. Economic Growth Slows To 0.2 Percent
Economy - OBAMA vs. REAGAN - Not Even Close

Idaho To Receive Infusion Of Syrian Refugees

DISNEY Flies In Foreign Workers To Replace Americans
NORAD to Conduct Test Flights Over D.C.
Source: Baltimore Mayor Ordered Police To Stand Down

Obama Orders Reporter Stop Filming, He Obeys!

Shillary Running Against Husband Bill's Record!
The Nepal Earthquake, Shiva And CERN
Washington Post Takes On Jade Helm 15, Again! 
New Yorker's With Baltimore Ties Warn Of NY Unrest

Pew Research Center News IQ Quiz

Thousands Of New Lerner Emails Found
A Blueprint For Locking Down The Nation
Christian Leaders Threaten Civil Disobedience

China Stockpiling Bullion To Boost Yuan

CNN Anchor Blames Vets For Baltimore Riots

ISIS Using Riots To Recruit ‘Dissatisfied’ Blacks
Brutal Baltimore Beatings Worry Press Advocates
Riots: 235 Arrests, 144 Car Fires, 15 Buildings Burned

TWITTER Co-Founders Lose $750 Million In A Day

Gangs Enter Partnership to 'Take-Out' Officers

The “War On Cash” Migrates To Switzerland
White House Awakes To ‘National Crisis’
1 in 5 Families: No One Works

Baltimore Scrambles To Save Tourism, Conventions

Puerto Rico Hurtles Toward Default

WH Refuses to Disclose Secret Cellphone Kill Switch Order

New Bird Flu Cases Add 6 Million Birds In Iowa

CNN Gets Leak Of Hillary Benghazi Emails

The Proof of the Clintons' Wrongdoing

Baltimore Mayor Gave Rioters "Space To Destroy"

Cruz Warns Of ‘Liberal Fascism’ Targeting Christians

Video & Images From The Mount Everest Avalanche

‘God’ Cloud And Lightning Appear Over Chilean Volcano

Chile Volcano Ash Cloud Reaches Brazil

Monday, April 27, 2015

Malik Obama Bombshell Interview - Barack 'Deceptive, Cold, Ruthless'

By Susan Duclos - via All News PipeLine

Director Joel Gilbert, who produced the film, “Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception” interviewed Barack Obama's brother Malik on April 10, 2015 in a "tell-all" interview Gilbert published on April 22, 2015, where Malik describes Barack as "deceptive," and calls Barack "cold and ruthless."

According to Gilbert's description, Malik Obama first met Barack in 1985, then hosted him in Kenya and both men served as best men in each other's weddings, and Barack wrote about their lifelong relationship in his book "Dreams from My Father," yet Malik says now when he visits he is forced to enter through the "back door."

Malik states that Barack has turned his back on the people, saying "Well, the way that he's turned and become a different person with the family is the same way that I see him behaving politically. He says one thing and then he does another. He's not been an honest man, as far as I'm concerned, in who he is and what he says and how he treats people. He continues on to describe how he feels about being the oldest brother in the family "Disappointed… disappointed, used, used and also betrayed. In the beginning, I didn't think that he was a schemer. His real character, his real personality, the real him, is coming out now."

When asked if he would like a DNA test to prove whether Barack Obama is really his brother and the son of Barack Hussein Obama Sr., Malik says yes he would like the test so the truth can come out, pointing out how Barack looks more like Frank Marshall Davis than he does Malik's father.



Thursday, April 23, 2015

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

By Susan Duclos

Drone Strikes Kill Americans
Carly Drawing Crowds And Interest In Iowa

Carly Fiorina to Launch Presidential Campaign

School Teaches 5-Year-Olds About Transgenderism

U.S. Warns Of New Russian Buildup In Ukraine
General: North Korea Can Hit US With Nuclear ICBM
All Signs Point To The End Game Has Arrived

Gas And Oil Workers Mysteriously Dying - Why?
Obama Steps Up Pace Of Executive Action Rollouts

Iranian Warships Arrive Near Yemen
Scientists Genetically Modify Human Embryos

DHS & FBI Joint Bulletin - Domestic Extremism

Paul: Graham, McCain Are ‘Lapdogs’ For Obama

Crackdown On Christians Triggers Exodus From Military

Paypal: Kill All Passwords By Eating Them

Sheriff Joe Faces Contempt Hearing In Phoenix

BP Sees 'Massive' Shock For North Sea

Greek Banks Hit All Time Low

Hillary Supporters Defect To O'Malley
NATO To Hold 'Cyber Defense Drill'
Machines Mix Cocktails at 'Bionic Bars'

Illegal Accused Of Raping 10-Year-Old Girl
Bird Flu Confirmed at Iowa Farm

Mysterious Giant Crater Emerges In Siberia

CA: "Conditions Are Like A Third-World Country"

Russia Buying Gold Again Is A Bullish Sign

US, Ukraine Start Military Training

CA Court Rules Water Plan Violates Law

Obamacare Court Fight Escalates

Greek Banks Close To Collapse

Google's Mobilegeddon Is Upon Us
Alabama Women Leaves To Join ISIS
Study: Too Many Vitamins Can Give You Cancer

98% Chance Economic Armageddon In Coming Days

Like Working On Cars? Enjoy While You Can! 

Citizen Pulls Over Cop And Issues Him A Warning

US Battleship Showdown With Iran

"We Want Your blood" - UK Sleeper Cells Ready

Iran Readies for War, Raises Security Level
US Planes Ferry Arms to ISIL - Iranian General
Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State

Monday, April 20, 2015

Military Children of the Year Honored

The children also Serve.  It is well known that I honour ALL of our Military children, but this last week there was an official ceremony to recognise and honour some very special kids.

From the DoD:

Dempsey, Leaders Honor Military Children of Year

By Shannon Collins
DoD News, Defense Media Activity

WASHINGTON, April 18, 2015 – Resilience, leadership and achievement are just a few of the many traits that earned six youths acclaim from senior leaders during Operation Homefront’s 7th annual Military Child of the Year Award Gala in Arlington, Va., Thursday.

Military Child of the Year Award recipients stand with former professional athlete Jason Brown, center, before the award ceremony April 16, 2015 in Arlington, Va. From left are Zach Parsons, Caleb Parsons, Christopher-Raul Rodriguez, Brown, Cavan McIntyre-Brewer, Emily Kliewer, and Sarah Hesterman. DoD photo by EJ Hersom  

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and keynote speaker, Jason Brown, a former professional athlete, honored the sacrifices of some 2 million military children around the world. Out of more than 500 nominations, six were chosen, representing each service branch.

“Our awardees have pursued excellence; they’ve made it a priority to serve others. They’ve inspired us. They’ve done it with character,” Dempsey said. “I’m incredibly proud and honored to be the chairman of such a fighting force with incredible military families who support them. Our winners tonight are perfect examples of the stellar quality of military kids, and we’re so fortunate to have them in our military family. This nation asks a lot of each of you, and each of you continues to prove day in and day out that you are strong, that you are resilient and you are full of love of our country and for each other.”

Brown said he was honored to speak at the event, which took place at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, and was inspired by the military children. While he has never personally served in the military, his older brother, Lester Bernard Brown II, paid the ultimate sacrifice Sept. 20, 2003, in Afghanistan, while serving in the Army....

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

By Susan Duclos

Big Idea: California Is So Over
Lindsey Graham Eyes May Presidential Announcement

Hillary Earned More Than America's Top 10 CEOs

Rural Counties Are Fastest Growing In USA

Markets Brace For Grexit

Iran Army Day: 'Death To Isreal, US' 

ISIS Vid Shows Killing Of Ethiopian Christians

Hillary's Big Benefactor Has Trade Links with Iran

The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun

BLOWOUT: Rubio SuperPac Gets $40M Already

RFID Tracking System To Replace License Plate?

USDA: Bird Flu Outbreak Could Be 'Devastating'

NYT: USA Fading as Economic Leader

'Intelligent' Streetlights to 'Watch' Residents

Iranian Ship Convoy Moves Toward Yemen

Iraqis Flee As ISIS Gains Ground

Iran Poses Growing Cyber Threat To US

NATO Simulating War Against Russia During Drills
CERN Update: Darkness Being Unleashed Upon The World
Voting For SHILLARY? Remember The Clinton Body Count! 

Disneyland See Excessive Laughter As Sign Of Terrorism

Drones So Quiet You Won't Hear Them Watching Over You!

National Guard Ordered To See Americans As ENEMIES! 
Unemployed Reporter Calls Truth Seekers Cult Members

Hackers Have 'Begun Targeting Nuclear Power Plants'

Mankind Grossly Unprepared For Catastrophic Volcano

McConnell Plays Hardball

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Oklahoma City Bombing: Remember Their Names

On April 19, 1995, a truck-bomb explosion outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, left 168 people dead and hundreds more injured. The blast was set off by anti-government militant Timothy McVeigh, who in 2001 was executed for his crimes. His co-conspirator Terry Nichols received life in prison. Until September 11, 2001, the Oklahoma City bombing was the worst terrorist attack to take place on U.S. soil.

At 9:02 a.m., a rental truck packed with explosives detonated in front of the nine-story Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. The powerful explosion blew off the building’s north wall. Emergency crews raced to Oklahoma from across the country, and when the rescue effort finally ended two weeks later the death toll stood at 168 people, including 19 young children who were in the building’s day care center at the time of the blast. More than 650 other people were injured in the bombing, which damaged or destroyed more than 300 buildings in the immediate area.....

Much more here.

In the years since that terrible day, much has been written, and today the msm is reporting on Memorial events.

All the conspiracy theorists, and the talking head experts are rehashing the reasons behind it all, and lessons learned.  (Apparently we haven't learned much at all, and I am reminded:  those who refuse to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.)

Be that as it may,  for me, the most important to remember is those we lost.  Those innocents killed that day - whose ages ranged from 3 months to 67 years old - MUST be remembered.

Today, I urge all to pause, read the list, stop at each name, and imagine these lives cuts short.  These lives matter.

Victims of the Oklahoma City bombing
A list, by floor and location, of those killed in the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995:

Drug Enforcement Administration
Shelly D. Bland, 25, of Tuttle
Carrol June "Chip" Fields, 48, Guthrie
Rona Linn Kuehner-Chafey, 35, Oklahoma City
Carrie Ann Lenz, 26, Chotaw
Kenneth Glenn McCullough, 36, Edmond
U.S. Secret Service
Cynthia L. Brown, 26, Oklahoma City
Donald Ray Leonard, 50, Edmond
Mickey B. Maroney, 50, Oklahoma City
Linda G. McKinney, 47, Oklahoma City
Kathy Lynn Seidl, 39, Bethel
Alan G. Whicher, 40, Edmond
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Ted L. Allen, 48, Norman
Peter R. Avillanoza, 56, Oklahoma City
David Neil Burkett, 47, Oklahoma City
Donald Earl Burns, Sr., 63, Oklahoma City
Kimberly Kay Clark, 39, Oklahoma City
Susan Jane Ferrell, 37, Oklahoma City
Dr. George Michael Howard, 45, Vallejo, Calif.
Antonio "Tony" C. Reyes, 55, Edmond
Lanny Lee David Scroggins, 46, Yukon
Leora Lee Sells, 57, Oklahoma City
Jules A. Valdez, 51, Edmond
David Jack Walker, 54, Edmond
Michael D. Weaver, 54, Edmond
Frances "Fran" Ann Williams, 48, Oklahoma City
Clarence Eugene Wilson, Sr. 49, Oklahoma
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Diane E. (Hollingsworth) Althouse, 45, Edmond
Andrea Yvette Blanton, 33, Oklahoma City
Kim R. Cousins, 33, Midwest City
Diana Lynne Day, 38, Oklahoma City
Castine Brooks Hearn Deveroux, 49, Oklahoma City
Judy J. (Froh) Fisher, 45, Oklahoma City
Linda Louise Florence, 43, Oklahoma City
J. Colleen Guiles, 59, Oklahoma City
Thompson Eugene "Gene" Hodges, Jr., 54, Norman
Ann Kreymborg, 57, Oklahoma City
Teresa Lea Taylor Lauderdale, 41, Shawnee
Mary Leasure-Rentie, 39, Bethany
James A. McCarthy II, 53, Edmond
Betsy J. (Beebe) McGonnell, 47, Norman
Patricia Ann Nix, 47, Edmond
Terry Smith Rees, 41, Midwest City
John Thomas Stewart, 51, Oklahoma City
John Karl Van Ess III, 67, Chickasha
Jo Ann Whittenberg, 35, Oklahoma City
U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting
Sgt. Benjamin LaRanzo Davis, USMC, 29, Edmond
Capt. Randolph A. Guzman, USMC, 28, Castro Valley, Calif.
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Olen Burl Bloomer, 61, Moore
James E. Boles, 50, Oklahoma City
Dr. Margaret L. "Peggy" Clark, 42, Chickasha
Richard "Dick" Cummins, 55, Mustang
Doris "Adele" Higginbottom, 44, Oklahoma City
Carole Sue Khalil, 50, Oklahoma City
Rheta Bender Long, 60, Oklahoma City
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Paul Gregory Beatty Broxterman, 42, Edmond
U.S. Customs Office
Paul D. Ice, 42, Midwest City
Claude Authur Medearis, S.S.A., 41, Norman
U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway
Lucio Aleman, Jr., 33, Oklahoma City
Mark Allen Bolte, 28, Oklahoma City
Michael Carrillo, 44, Oklahoma City
Larry James Jones, 46. Yukon
James K. Martin, 34, Oklahoma City
Ronota Ann Newberry-Woodbridge, 31, Edmond
Jerry Lee Parker, 45, Norman
Michelle A. Reeder, 33, Oklahoma City
Rick L. Tomlin, 46, Piedmont
Johnny Allen Wade, 42, Edmond
John A. Youngblood, 52, Yukon
U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion
Sgt. 1st Class Lola Bolden, U.S. Army, 40, Birmingham, Ala.
Karen Gist Carr, 32, Midwest City
Peggy Louise Holland, 37, Oklahoma City
John C. Moss III., 50, Oklahoma City
Victoria (Vickey) L. Sohn, 36, Moore
Dolores (Dee) Stratton, 51, Moore
Kayla Marie Titsworth, 3.50, Lawton
Wanda Lee Watkins, 49, Oklahoma City
Defense Security Service
Harley Richard Cottingham, 46, Oklahoma City
Peter L. DeMaster, 44, Oklahoma City
Norma "Jean" Johnson, 62, Oklahoma City
Larry L. Turner, 42, Oklahoma City
Robert G. Westberry, 57, Oklahoma City
Federal Employees Credit Union
Woodrow Clifford "Woody" Brady, 41, Oklahoma City
Kimberly Ruth Burgess, 29, Oklahoma City
Kathy A. Finley, 44, Yukon
Jamie (Fialkowski) Genzer, 32, Wellston
Sheila R. Gigger-Driver, 28, Oklahoma City
Linda Coleen Housley, 53, Oklahoma City
Robbin Ann Huff, 37, Bethany
Christi Yolanda Jenkins, 32, Edmond
Alvin J. Justes, 54, Oklahoma City
Valerie Jo Koelsch, 33, Oklahoma City
Kathy Cagle Leinen, 47, Oklahoma City
Claudette (Duke) Meek, 43, Oklahoma City
Frankie Ann Merrell, 23, Oklahoma City
Jill Diane Randolph, 27, Oklahoma City
Claudine Ritter, 48, Oklahoma City
Christy Rosas, 22, Moore
Sonja Lynn Sanders, 27, Moore
Karan Howell Shepherd, 27, Moore
Victoria Jeanette Texter, 37, Oklahoma City
Virginia M. Thompson, 56, El Reno
Tresia Jo "Mathes" Worton, 28, Oklahoma City
America's Kids Child Development Center
Baylee Almon, 1, Oklahoma City
Danielle Nicole Bell, 15 months, Oklahoma City
Zachary Taylor Chavez, 3, Oklahoma City
Dana LeAnne Cooper, 24, Moore
Anthony Christopher Cooper II, 2, Moore
Antonio Ansara Cooper Jr., 6 months, Midwest City
Aaron M. Coverdale, 5.50, Oklahoma City
Elijah S. Coverdale, 2.50, Oklahoma City
Jaci Rae Coyne, 14 months, Moore
Brenda Faye Daniels, 42, Oklahoma City
Taylor Santoi Eaves, 8 months, Midwest City
Tevin D'Aundrae Garrett, 16 months, Midwest City
Kevin "Lee" Gottshall II, 6 months, Norman
Wanda Lee Howell, 34, Spencer
Blake Ryan Kennedy, 1.50, Amber
Dominique Ravae (Johnson)-London, 2, Oklahoma City
Chase Dalton Smith, 3, Oklahoma City
Colton Wade Smith, 2, Oklahoma City
Scott D. Williams, 24, Tuttle
Social Security Administration
Teresa Antionette Alexander, 33, Oklahoma City
Richard A. Allen, 46, Oklahoma City
Pamela Cleveland Argo, 36, Oklahoma City
Saundra G. (Sandy) Avery, 34, Midwest City
Calvin Battle, 62, Oklahoma City
Peola Battle, 56, Oklahoma City
Oleta C. Biddy, 54, Tuttle
Casandra Kay Booker, 25, Oklahoma City
Carol Louise Bowers, 53, Yukon
Peachlyn Bradley, 3, Oklahoma City
Gabreon D.L. Bruce, 3 months, Oklahoma City
Katherine Louise Cregan, 60, Oklahoma City
Ashley Megan Eckles, 4, Guthrie
Don Fritzler, 64, Oklahoma City
Mary Anne Fritzler, 57, Oklahoma City
Laura Jane Garrison, 61, Oklahoma City
Margaret Betterton Goodson, 54, Oklahoma City
Ethel L. Griffin, 55, Edmond
Cheryl E. Hammon, 44, Oklahoma City
Ronald Vernon Harding, Sr., 55, Oklahoma City
Thomas Lynn Hawthorne, Sr., 52, Choctaw
Dr. Charles E. Hurlburt, 73, Oklahoma City
Jean Nutting Hurlburt, 67, Oklahoma City
Raymond "Lee" Johnson, 59, Oklahoma City
LaKesha Richardson Levy, 21, Midwest City
Aurelia Donna Luster, 43, Guthrie
Robert Lee Luster, Jr., 45, Guthrie
Rev. Gilbert X. Martinez, 35, Oklahoma City
Cartney J. McRaven, 19, Midwest City
Derwin W. Miller, 27, Oklahoma City
Eula Leigh Mitchell, 64, Oklahoma City
Emilio Tapia, 50, Oklahoma City
Charlotte Andrea Lewis Thomas, 43, Oklahoma City
Michael George Thompson, 47, Yukon
LaRue A. Treanor, 55, Guthrie
Luther H. Treanor, 61, Guthrie
Robert N. Walker, Jr., 52, Oklahoma City
Julie Marie Welch, 23, Oklahoma City
W. Stephen Williams, 42, Cashion
Sharon Louise Wood-Chesnut, 47, Oklahoma City
General Services Administration
Steven Douglas Curry, 44, Norman
Michael L. Loudenslager, 48, Harrah
Rescue Worker
Rebecca Needham Anderson, 37, Midwest City
Athenian Building (Job Corps)
Anita Christine Hightower, 27, Oklahoma City
Kathryn Elizabeth Ridley, 24, Oklahoma City
Oklahoma Water Resources Board Building
Robert N. Chipman, 51, Edmond
Trudy Jean Rigney, 31, Midwest City

Friday, April 17, 2015

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

By Susan Duclos

Earthworms Rain Down From Skies Over Norway
11 Revelations From WikiLeaks’ Sony Hack Emails

Italians Revolt Against Migrant 'Invasion'

Massive Dust Storm TURNS DAY TO NIGHT In Belarus

TWITTER Plans Crackdown On 'Abusive' Tweets

Woman Fined $2000 For Feeding The Homeless

Humanoid Lands Job At Department Store

U.S. Military ‘Hostile’ To Christians Under Obama

Mexico Scrambles To Find Stolen Radioactive Material
IMF: Brace For Global ‘Liquidity Shock’
Ukraine's State News Agency Hopes for New World War
Greece in Talks With Russia to Buy S-300 Missiles
Congressional Hearing Compares Bloggers To ISIS Killers
Will Washington Kill Us All?

The Collapse Of The Petrodollar

Marine Unit Drills At Sports Park

Clinton Iowa Stop Was Staged

Ron Paul: Dollar Is In "Huge Bubble"

Winter Returns: Rockies Expecting Up To 5 Ft

China To Buy S-400 Air Defense System From Russia

IMF Fears 'Cascade' Of Woes As Fed Crunch Nears

Agents Risk ‘Termination’ For Not Enforcing Obama’s Amnesty

Remember Bizarre DHS/WalMart Connection For Years!

Boehner: Obama Made a Deal With the Devil

Statewide WMD Drill Underway in Des Moines

CIA-Backed Company May Be Scanning FACEBOOK 

AZ Police Cruiser Runs Over Suspect At 50 mph

ISIS Camp A Few Miles From Texas

GOOGLE Patents Ability To Control Robot Army

Reporters Outnumber Voters as Hillary Opens in Iowa

Prescription Drug Spending Jumps 13%

EU Regulators Files Charges Against Google

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Video: The killing of Christians - the world shrugs

Every single day I find reports of Christians being murdered - persecuted, executed because they are Christians. Came across an important video.

The World's Most Persecuted Minority: Christians

Published on Nov 10, 2014

The most persecuted and victimized people in the world today are Christians in the Middle East. The perpetrators of the widespread destruction of that region's Christian community? Islamists.

Four months on, the killings by Islamist terrorists continue and world leaders still shrug..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

By Susan Duclos

Creepy! Humanoid Helps Customers at Bank
NSA Wants 'Front Door' Access to Encrypted Data

Huge Asteroid On Collision Course With Earth

Pope Stokes WW3 Fears Again

Russia To Sell Iskander Missile Systems Abroad

Ben Carson To Launch 2016 Campaign From Detroit

Greece Prepares Debt Default Options

Surge In Young People Dabbling In Occult

'Pope Francis Effect' Leads To Exorcism Boom

ISIS Supporters Post Obama Beheading Cartoon

Russia Lifts Ban on Iran Missile Deliveries
Snowden Acting 'Very Strange' Inside Russia

Rubio: Clinton Was Yesterday

FBI Accused Of Whitewashing Saudi 9/11 Involvement

ISIS Claims Embassy Attacks In Libya

Asian Investment Bank Welcomes 5 New Members

Pentagon Finally Admits The Truth About EMPs

Meet The Secretive Group That Runs The World

Brooklyn Hit With Anti-Hillary Street Art

Horrible Typo In Hillary Announcement

FMR Agent: IRS Now Monitoring Cash Transactions

ISIS Video Calls For Attacks Against US

New Crime Wave: Stealing Water

Maine Police Pay Ransom To Hackers
CA Delta's Water Mysteriously Missing Amid Drought

Fireball Explodes Above City Seconds Before Impact

China's Powerful New Weapon To Censor Internet

STUDY: Kids Now More Stressed Than Adults

Feds Look To Skirt Encryption, Raising Concerns

8th Grade Cyberterrorist: Changed Teachers Wallpaper

New Crimewave Hits California: Stealing Water

Ukraine Blocks 10,000 Websites, 'Disappears' Bloggers

21 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen

China Made Military History Three Times Last Week

Pentagon Gearing Up For Robot Wars

‘Blood Rain’ To Fall On Britain
Walgreens To Close 200 Stores

ISIS Hacks BBC Also?

ISIS Hacks French TV