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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Paul Walker Death Photos And Autopsy Results (Graphic Images And Video)

By Susan Duclos

The autopsy results from the death of actor Paul Walker has been released and they determine that Walker was alive after impact and before the car burst into flames. Toxicology reports will still take six to eight weeks according to the coroner.

Walker died from "combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries," meaning the initial impact and severe burn injuries.

They have also ruled that the impact itself resulted in the death of the driver, Roger Rodas.

While authorities have determined speed was a factor in the deaths and crash, they have not determined the cause of the crash.

The New York Daily News:

The victims were so horribly disfigured that the coroner had to use dental records to identify Walker and Rodas, and to determine which one of them was behind the wheel.

The images below are graphic and sent to me via email from BIN reporter N. Morgan, one provides an outline of the bodies as they were found.

The video below shows the scene from the camera that captured how long after impact before the car exploded.

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