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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jeffrey Smith-Wapo- Unacceptable

I pose a few questions to the washington post. Below my little rant I just linked to A Lady's Ruminations, for another example of biased journalism that is being handed to us as "news".

Wapo does it again. They once again author an article of pure crap. They ridicule the president for his use of the word "unacceptable" in relation to things like, rising health costs, immigration problems, North Korea's Nuclear test, genocide in Sudan and Iran's nuclear ambitions.

So I pose this question to Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post Staff Writer, are these things "acceptable" to you Mr. Smith? By simple logical deduction, if the president is to be ridiculed for finding these situations unacceptable, you must therefore find them acceptable? Is that the case?

He poses the bizarre notion that the president's use of the word unacceptable is somehow associated with frustration about circumstances not bending to the presidents will.

Are the above mentioned situations not frustrating in and of themselves Mr. Smith? Are you happy with those things Mr. Smith? Are you in favor of genocide Mr. Smith? Or do you also find it "unacceptable? If you claim now that you also find it unacceptable, is that because you are frustrated that circumstances are not bending to your will Mr. Smith?

Which brings up another point, Mr. Smith writes for the washington post, therefore by reasonable deduction, the same questions can be applied to the editor of Mr. Smith's article and to the paper itself. Does the washington post advocate genocide? Does it find North Korea performing a nuclear test "acceptable"? Does it also find rising health care costs "acceptable? Do they also find Iran's nuclear ambitions "acceptable? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then does that also imply that they too should be ridiculed, because after all, if they do not find these issues acceptable, then they must find them "unacceptable".

The absurdity of actually taking the time to conduct a survey on how many times the president uses a word is unbelievable in itself, then to actually waste the time on reporting on it, rather than reporting on things of importance, is astounding. We have the North Korea situation, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. We have Dhiren Barot, son of Gujarati parents who migrated to Britain from Kenya in 1973, that has pleaded guilty in court to conspiring to a series of bombings on British and US targets. We have Columbia students blocking free speech, we have an election and dozens of other things going on in the world today, and this man, Mr. Jeffrey Smith, has nothing better to do or write about than the use of a single word?

The washington post is the perfect example of the far left media in its most ludicrous, laughable, and outrageously preposterous form. It is no wonder I have always thought of it as a rag, even when I was a Democrat I refused to read it. The paper has become a joke, their objectivity nonexistent.

I challenge Mr. Smith to acknowledge that he either finds the aforementioned issues acceptable, or admit that any reasonable person would find them "unacceptable".

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