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Monday, October 24, 2022

Mass Civil Unrest Alert - Midterm Violence Against Conservatives Has Begun, Now Imagine What Radical Liberals Will Do When Their 'Roevember' Fails To Save Them


By Susan Duclos - All News Pipeline

With inflation forcing a significant portion of Americans to either skip meals or decrease portion sizes, gas prices back on the rise, the Strategic Reserves that Joe Biden has been tapping to artificially lower gas prices before the midterms, is at its lowest level in decades, the Russia/Ukraine conflict, food shortages, and a host of other issues, all raising the level of tension Americans are feeling, we are seeing warning signs that those tensions may just explode into violence from the left if Republicans take control of the House and Senate after the midterm elections in November.

In these last weeks running up to the midterm elections on November 8, 2022, the momentum has once again swung in the direction of the Republicans taking control of not just the U.S. House of Representative, but of possibility taking control of the U.S. Senate as well.

This particular piece is a warning regarding "the day after," which could be the week after considering elections of late seem to take longer to get the votes counted and legal challenges resolved, and the possibility of mass unrest coming from the left if Republicans do as well as projected.


With warnings from the left about how the "right" wants civil war, it is worth reminding ourselves where the physical violence and threats of more have been coming from.

Look to 2020, where cities and towns were on fire from left-wing rioting, upwards of a billion in damages, looting, burning of buildings and vehicles, attacks against law enforcement, all in the name of "protesting." 

Look to the fascist group Antifa, which claims to be anti-fascists yet they use violence to push their political agenda, exactly like fascists do! We note every time they show up somewhere to counter-protest, they become violent.

Even before the midterms, we have seen Joe Biden, and other democrat politicians, using rhetoric meant to incite a response against Republicans, already resulting in the death of a teenager, by a 41 year old man that insists the teen was part of a "Republican extremist group."

Cayler Ellingson was killed last week in North Dakota after another man, Shannon Brandt, 41, hit him with his SUV. Ellingson was 18 years old.

Brandt was convinced the teenager was affiliated with a “Republican extremist group.” No evidence exists for this claim. Footage of Brandt’s bail hearing shows him seeming confused that he may suffer for his actions.

It comes right from the top. The president of the United States, supported by a fan-girl media, spouts irresponsible rhetoric that led to Ellingson’s death.

A small sample of that rhetoric comes from Biden, Hillary Clinton,  and Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono, all cited in just that one article.

Clinton likened Trump supporters as Nazis, Biden "shouted into the microphone that America’s at an 'inflection point' because 'MAGA Republicans' 'do not respect the Constitution.' 'Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,' he said."


It’s not just Hillary and Biden, it’s other Democratic politicians too. Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono said fighting pro-lifers is “is literally a call to arms in our country.” Rep. Tim Ryan, running for US Senate in Ohio, said, “We have to kill and confront that [extremist] movement.” And those are just this month.

The point here, so we can move along to what is coming, is that the violence, collectively, has come from the far left.

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THEY ARE ANGRY.............

Top off an already violence-prone political party with the extreme reaction by the left from the overturning of Roe vs Wade, sending the issue of abortion back to the states and the voters, along with more violent rhetoric about what will happen to this country if Republicans take control of the U.S. House and Senate, and we have a powder keg ready to blow.

Listen closely to his claims, especially the one where he claims it is Republicans that want civil war, as he is busy attempting to radicalize anyone listening to him. 

Once again the media has its own share of responsibility here as they convinced their liberal followers that "Roevember," was coming. That is the belief that baby killing (abortion)  supporters'  anger would negate their worries about inflation, crime, illegal immigration, food shortages, etc.... when people entered the voting booths.

They were also told that the Jan 6 commission, and the "threat to democracy," they keep claiming Republicans are, would also be more important than the ability to feed families, the cost to fill up with a tank of gas, or walk down the street without the threat of violence.

Now the generic polling is favoring Republicans, traditionally safe Democrat seats in true blue states like New York are all of a sudden being listed as "toss ups" by liberal leaning pollsters, and practically nobody is paying attention to the J6 committee except die-hard liberals desperate for some hope to cling to and the much-touted "Roevember" is looking more like a fantasy.

The liberal anger is turning to rage and it can be seen, heard and felt on liberal cable news channels, on social media, in group forums and chatrooms.


With less than two full weeks until the midterms, we note that with every poll or story favorable to a Red wave, like this recent NBC report that Republicans and rural area voters are more energized and enthusiastic to vote, the anger levels rise even more, as howls of ROEVEMBER" and "threat to democracy" cries get louder and louder.

Make no mistake here, we are also seeing Republicans offer their own warnings, although not to start violence, but declaring they are ready, armed and prepared to defend themselves and their families if the left starts rioting again.

Of course the media is claiming is highlighting what they call Republican threats while ignoring the anger and vitriol coming from the left. 

As the image above reminds us, it is the left that encourages violence and rioting when they do not get their way.

I would also like to address the constant hammering of the term "election denier," and how the media is demonizing those that believe the 2020 election was stolen. They claim election deniers are "dangerous," and a "threat to democracy (We are a Republic!), yet they spent years after the 2016 election making the exact same claims.


The media is trying to use their rhetoric to energize democrat voters, but in reality, they are creating an atmosphere where if Republicans take control of both houses of congress, it could very well be the spark that will set off the entire powder keg, sending tens of thousands liberals to the streets.

What many are unaware of because the media is so busy trying to convince Americans that the right is dangerous, the right wants civil war, the right is going to become violent, is that the violence against the right has already begun.

Via Breitbart:

September 20: Local media report a North Dakota man ran down and killed a teen with his car because the 18-year-old was a “Republican extremist.”

September 21: New Mexico Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti had the windows of his home shot out.

September 25: Two staffers for Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) reelection campaign were assaulted in Houston.

September 26: A Michigan man allegedly shot an 84-year-old pro-life volunteer in the back.

And that was just September right after Biden's speech targeting conservatives.

Related: Republicans, pro-lifers victimized by political violence since Biden called Trump supporters ‘threat’ to U.S.


It would go directly against common sense to ignore the prospect of civil unrest, rioting, and out of control protests if Republicans take control of both houses of congress. 

With documented attacks against conservatives even before the midterms, is there any doubt that those screaming "Roevember," now, will be incensed when it doesn't materialize in November?

Given the propensity of Antia/BLM/liberals of becoming violent when they do not get their own way, this is one of those instances it is better to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

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