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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Most Terrifying Statement Ever Uttered For Christians (Video)

By Susan Duclos

 It is only 3:40 minutes long, but this short, heartfelt statement made in the video below by Paul Washer is the most terrifying a Christian can hear, because it is the truth, it is what we are seeing play out right this second across the globe and it is the final plan being fulfilled by the Illuminati, according to the videographer that uploaded it.

 Every person of faith should hear it, share it, hammer it home to those that are unaware, asleep, not paying attention.... all they have to do is look at the news to see that every single word uttered is happening now, as you read this, as you listen and it is not being addressed by church leaders in any meaningful way.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

50 Miles for Murph and Operation Red Wings

From Mud and Adventure:

Freddy Rodriguez
June 23, 2014

Last year was the first 50 mile run in honor of Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy, his teammates and those who passed away during Operation Red Wings on June 28th, 2005. Jeff Rondina and I made the run from El Barrios Bravest Fire Department in Spanish Harlem, Manhattan out to Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island. After 12 hours, we reached our destination just in time to begin the 4 mile Run Around the Lake which was being held in Murph’s honor. That was exactly one year ago today as I am typing this. Well, I will be doing the run once again this year.

For those unfamiliar with Murph and Operation Red Wings, I’ll try to give you a small insight to these men. After being compromised during a reconnaissance mission in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan, the four man SEAL team consisting of Michael Murphy, Marcus Luttrell, Matthew Axelson and Danny Dietz, were in a heavily outnumbered firefight with the enemy having the high ground as well as the right and left flanks. Due to the terrain, their radio was unable to establish communication back at the base. After trying to reestablish their position by taking several dangerous leaps off the side of the mountain, their wounds started to get the best of these warriors. Murph decided to break from cover and go out into the open to try and receive a signal on his satellite phone in order to call for support and immediate extract for his men. Despite taking a round that caused him to drop the phone, Murph picked it back up and completed the call to get aid for his men, ending the call with “Thank you, sir.” Murph would eventually succumb to his wounds but due to his actions and giving their location, the remains of his men would later be found and would give a directional point on the search for Marcus Luttrell. Danny, as tough as he was, was always bringing up the rear and trying to establish comms during the fight. Axe continued to draw fire to try and draw the enemy away from Marcus’ location. His remains was eventually found with his pistol emptied and the slide locked back, showing he fought to the very end.

[...] These are the men who I am running for, who I am honoring. It is rare that someone would lay down their life for another and these men were willing to do that without hesitation. More people need to know about them and their sacrifice. This is why I am running in their honor. 


What I will be doing doesn’t come close in comparison to what these men went through. Their memories and the small stories I’ve read and heard about these men will keep me moving forward throughout the night. I will be once again escorted by the Floral Park Fire Department, along with the Mineola Volunteer Fire Department, NYPD and possibly a couple more including the Suffolk County PD.

I will begin the run on Friday, June 27th at approximately 7:00pm from Manhattan and plan on reaching Lake Ronkonkoma by Saturday morning around 8:00am. Then its the 4 mile Run Around the Lake in honor of Murph, possibly with some GRT friends who plan on carrying rucks, logs and other heavy objects. Most of my route will be covered via Jericho Turnpike from New Hyde Park Rd all the way out to route 454 in Suffolk County....

I appreciate any and all support during this mission of mine. My donation page is live and would really be humbled for any amount of donation. All proceeds will be going toward the Lt. Michael Murphy Scholarship Foundation and the Lone Survivor Foundation. My goal is to raise $1000 by the time I finish my run. 

GO HERE to read much more - and find the link to the donation page.

Falkland Islands: UN sides with Argentina.....

*cross-posted by AuntyBrat @ Assoluta Tranquillita*

News that makes me say: WTHHHHHHH??? 

From the Independant out of the UK:

UN committee backs Argentina over Falkland Islands 

26 June 2014

A United Nations’ committee approved a new resolution calling on the UK and Argentina to negotiate a solution to their dispute over the Falkland Islands, essentially favouring Argentina's stance in the long-running feud.

The 24-nation Decolonization Committee passed the resolution by consensus despite passionate speeches from two Falkland Islands representatives who said most islanders wanted to keep things as they are.

The decision showed that the committee members have been largely unmoved by a referendum in the Falkland Islands last year in which more than 99 per cent of voters favoured remaining a British Overseas Territory.

The UK has rebuffed Argentina's calls to negotiate the sovereignty of the south Atlantic islands, saying it is up to people who live there to decide...

Much more here.

Seems to me that the people of the Falklands already decided. Last year, the Islanders voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to remain British..Read my column on that here.

The UN seems to have ignored the history of Falkland Islands (they can catch up by reading my previous column here.)

My message to the UN and Argentina?  Keep your hands off MY islands.. Period.

Dictator Obama Loses Big…. Again! (Video)

By Susan Duclos

 Barack Obama's dictatorial powers suffered a HUGE hit yet again, racking up his 12th and 13th loss, which the mainstream media downplays but which holds significant ramifications. 

 The Supreme Court has issued it's 12th and 13th  unanimous ruling since 2012,  against Barack Obama's power grabs and while the MSM reports them one at a time with dismay that his acting like a king and/or dictator is being rebuked, they ignore the larger picture of so many decisions that go against the "official" Obama White House positions.

 The latest two decisions:

First, the Court rejected the administration’s power grab on recess appointments by making clear it could not decide when the Senate was in recess. Then it unanimously tossed out a law establishing abortion-clinic “buffer zones” against pro-life protests that the Obama administration argued on behalf of before the Court (though the case was led by Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley).

What is significant here is that not only the "conservative" justices rebuked Obama but that the "liberal" ones have as well, showing that his power grabs have been so egregious that even the Justices he appointed,  Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, are rebuffing his dictatorial aspirations.

More explained in the videos below about these decisions.

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Hawk: Cataclysm! ’3rd World War In The Making’

By Susan Duclos


Hawk starts off his show connecting the biblical references to the "cataclysm" we are watching play out across the world, which shows that a massive 3rd world war is in the making right this very second. From Russia to Ukraine, China and Japan, ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Iran and Syria joining the battle, the whole Middle East and the East  is on the verge of exploding, although some could arguably say it has already begun. 

 Later in the show Hawk gets to his titled portion about HAARP targeting special ops explosions..... throw in some talk about the Russian Spetsnaz and you have a must-see informative show!

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John McCain Sets Up Next 9/11?

By Susan Duclos

 Mox News has uploaded a segment of RT that is very disturbing as they first show a statement by John McCain and states "John McCain Might Have Just Set Us Up For The Next 9/11!"

 We are reminded of our previous arming, training, enabling and supporting a man named Osama bin Laden, in much the same way we have done with the terror group ISIS that has been in the news, arguably even more brutal than bin Laden and al-Qaeda, as well as their leader's threats about attacking the US right here on American soil.

This is not about whether people believe 9/11 was an inside job or not, bin Laden claimed responsibility and the issue of whether we allowed it and aided in the attack is a debate for another day, the point is, we are repeating history and worse than that, our politicians are too stupid to learn from the mistakes of the past and if they did, but still took these actions, then they are deliberately setting us up for another 9/11.

An excellent catch and connection of dots by RT and Mox News.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bergdahl: "initial investigation inconclusive"...???

*cross posted by Aunty Brat @ Assoluta Tranquillita*


From the DOD:

Official: Initial Bergdahl Investigation Was Inconclusive

By C. Todd Lopez
Army News Service

WASHINGTON, June 25, 2014 – An initial Army investigation into the whereabouts of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl following his disappearance in June 2009 did not conclude that he voluntarily left his installation, an Army official, speaking on background, said today.

"My recollection is that it didn't make a conclusive finding on that," the official said.

Bergdahl – who spent nearly five years in enemy captivity after he disappeared from his base in Afghanistan -- is now undergoing a "reintegration" process at Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. Officials said his current status is medical temporary duty. He is receiving full pay as an Army sergeant.

The focus of the reintegration process, the Army official said, is from the point of capture onward. “We have no reason to believe that he engaged in any misconduct during that period of time," the official added.

Meanwhile, a new Army investigation, known as a “15-6” into the circumstances of his disappearance is underway, though an Army official said Bergdahl's reintegration process takes precedence.

"The scope of the investigation is fairly broad," the Army official said. "It's really to look at all of the facts and circumstances surrounding his disappearance up to the point of capture. Depending on what the findings are with respect to what motivated him and his actions, there are several conclusions that could flow from that."

One possible conclusion is that Bergdahl went away without leave -- commonly called "AWOL." Another might be that he deserted his post.

"It's also possible that he engaged in no misconduct," the official said. "We just don't know yet. The investigation is going to flesh that out, and will make findings and recommendations based on fact."...

"engaged in no misconduct"....... 

Right.  The facts I hear are pretty conclusive.

Go read the rest here.

Pay attention.

Steve Quayle And “V” The Guerrilla Economist: ‘Important Dates Are Coming!” - The Dollars Death March

By Susan Duclos

 Steve Quayle and "V" The Guerrilla Economist join the Hagnmann & Hagmann show to explain in detail what the dollars death march really means because it seems the general public just isn't getting it and in both Quayle and V's statements from the very beginning of the show they make it clear that the US population must understand and be prepared for what it means because "Important dates" are coming up and the knowledge will be crucial for surviving the death of the dollar.

 Listen carefully folks, this is vital.

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Systemic Collapse Hits The US - The Illusion Is Falling Apart At The Seams

By Susan Duclos

The US has just suffered the "worst Q1 GDP since recession," with a revision downward of negative 2.9 percent, from January to March, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, making it the "weakest quarter for the U.S. economy since the Great Recession".

There is no recovery, there has been no recovery, there has been an "illusion" of recovery using manipulated numbers and schemes in order to prevent the general public from understanding that the crash, the meltdown, the collapse is here, now.

Of course the White blames..... the weather, which was succinctly debunked by Stephen Moore from The Wall Street, with one simple tweet:

Exports dropped by 8.9 percent, real sales dropped by 1.3 percent,  and business investment dropped as well. A horrible report across the board.

According to Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge, this is the worst report since 2009 and "far below the worst expectations."

Via the report itself:

The decrease in real GDP in the first quarter primarily reflected negative contributions from private inventory investment, exports, state and local government spending, nonresidential fixed investment, and residential fixed investment......

More explained in the videos below about how bad this really is and what to expect.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

'America Has Ceased To Exist' - Doug Casey

By Susan Duclos

Key quote: America, is a marvelous idea, unique idea, fantastic idea, I'm extremely pro-American. But America has ceased to exist."

Investment guru Doug Casey is interviewed by Reason.TV in the video below where he talks about the "coming economic meltdown," and explains the challenges facing the US and how it has been on a downward spiral for many years in all aspects, politically, financially, socially and more.

Casey is an author and has recently produced a documentary titled "Meltdown America," where he predicts the unraveling of the US, economically and politically.

Extremely interesting interview by Nick Gillespie.

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White Dragon Found And Shot In Malaysia! Fact Or Fiction? Find Out (Video)

By Susan Duclos

 Yet another hoax on the internet has gone viral, not once, but twice in one month, both two entirely different stories, using the same fake "white dragon," with one story claiming it was found in Thailand and another saying it was shot dead in Malaysia.

 The screen shot below is the amount of traffic this hoax has generated in less than 24 hours, just on one site.

Well the hoax was exposed and photos of this "white dragon" sculpture have been published by Hype Malaysia, shown below.

The initial pictures that were shown as this hoax went viral, below.

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Video: IRS - Issa hammers Commish

*cross-posted from Assoluta Tranquillita* 

Obama famously declared - before any serious investigation - there is 'not a smidgen of corruption' in the IRS.

Apparently, not too many are buying that.  Take a look as Issa tells FOX News what he intends for the ongoing grilling of the IRS Commissioner:

As yesterday's Hearing got underway, Issa made this opening statement:


Things went downhill from there. Current IRS Commissioner John Koskinen's smirk - his arrogance - took a beating, and he was schooled, even as Koskinen continued to claim 'I know nothing, I saw nothing wrong'... 

Note to Koskinen: The internet is forever. WE the People are also tired of your  game playing

Much as you may wish, THIS scandal is NOT going away. You have lots more 'splaining to do. 

 Pay attention, America....

Air Medical and EMS: Never forget the utlimate Sacrifice

We are proud to honor those who gave their lives in the line of duty in 2013. Each year, families, friends and coworkers from around the nation come together during this Weekend of Tribute. This weekend of events not only recognizes and honors their sacrifice, but also provides support to the loved ones who are left behind. Please join us for these important and meaningful events.
Air Medical Memorial June 26 - 27, 2014
Littleton, Colorado
June 28 - 29, 2014
Colorado Springs, Colorado
2014 Air Medical Memorial Honorees
Denise C. Adams
Flight Respiratory Therapist, Le Bonheur Pedi-Flite
Carrie Renae Barlow
Flight Nurse, Le Bonheur Pedi-Flite
John N. Campbell
Pilot, Angel Flight
Dustin Dagenais
Paramedic, ORNGE
Christopher Michael “Chris” Denning
Flight Nurse, EagleMed
Herman “Lee” Dobbs, Jr.
Flight Paramedic, Air Evac Lifeteam
Jacques Dupuy
First Officer, ORNGE
Donald Mark Filliter
Captain, ORNGE
Jesse Lee Jones
Flight Nurse, Air Evac Lifeteam
Mark Alan Montgomery
Pilot, EagleMed
Eddy Wayne Sizemore
Pilot, Air Evac Lifeteam
Charles D. Smith
Pilot, Hospital Wing
Christopher Michael Snowball
Paramedic, ORNGE
2014 National EMS Memorial Service Honorees
Denise C. Adams
Flight Respiratory Therapist, Le Bonheur Pedi-Flite
Carrie Renae Barlow
Flight Nurse, Le Bonheur Pedi-Flite
Carene Brown*
Paramedic, FDNY-EMS
Francis Charles*
Teresa Davis
EMT-I, Coffee Regional Medical Center EMS
Christopher Michael “Chris” Denning
Flight Nurse, EagleMed
Herman “Lee” Dobbs, Jr.
Flight Paramedic, Air Evac Lifeteam
Anthony Ficara*
Robert D. Hanes, Sr.
Driver, Weeping Water Volunteer Rescue Squad
Rudy Havelka*
Paramedic, FDNY-EMS
Jesse Lee Jones
Flight Nurse, Air Evac Lifeteam
William Martin, Jr.
EMT, Stillwater Emergency Rescue Squad
Timothy C. McCormick
EMT, Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services
John McFarland*
Deputy Chief, FDNY-EMS
Cody S. Medley
Paramedic, Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services
Mark Alan Montgomery
Pilot, EagleMed
Freddie Rosario*
Brian Schimpf
Captain, Grand County EMS
Clyde Sealey*
Paramedic, FDNY-EMS
Eddy Wayne Sizemore
Pilot, Air Evac Lifeteam
Charles D. Smith
Pilot, Hospital Wing
Kenneth Mark “Kenny” Stone
American Paramedical Services, Inc.
Randall Whiddon
Paramedic, Coffee Regional Medical Center EMS
John Wyatt*
Paramedic, FDNY-EMS
    *Honorees who succumbed to medical conditions as a
result of responding to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001


Arlington: Sergeant of the Guard's final walk

*cross-posted by Aunty Brat @ Assoluta Tranquillita*

From US Army:

June 19, 2014
Staff Sgt. Jennifer C. Johnson, JFHQ-NCR/MDW Public Affairs

ARLINGTON, Va. (June 19, 2014) -- Sgt. 1st Class Tanner M. Welch, Sergeant of the Guard, 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), participated in his last walk and conducted a rose laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

As a tomb sentinel, the last walk is the last time a sentinel will be on the guard post. It is a time for reflection and remembrance of duty and respect for the Unknowns.
"I have enjoyed seeing the Tomb through rain, sweltering heat, and inches of snow," said Welch. "I have the advantage of being able to be present when there is no one but a lone guard and myself as well as the buzz and hum of thousands of visitors."

The rose laying ceremony gives the sentinel the opportunity to pay their last respects to the Unknowns with a physical gift versus the gift of self. A sentinel lays a single red rose at the white marble sarcophagus above the grave of the World War I Unknown, and then lays other red roses at the crypts of the Unknowns from World War II, Korea and Vietnam that lie directly in front of the sarcophagus.

"It is difficult to explain fully what it means to be a Tomb Guard," said Welch. "There are different meanings based on your point of view. To me, it means doing the best you can every day. We always fall short of our goal, perfection, but we all strive for that goal to the best of our ability."...
Much more - and pictures - here.

Lots of history you may not know, from the DoD:

There’s a lot you don’t know about Arlington National Cemetery

Carrie McLeroy, Soldiers

June 15, 1864, 200 acres of a 1,100-acre estate in Northern Virginia were officially designated for use as a national cemetery. Today, approximately 400,000 individuals are interred or inurned at the 624-acres of hallowed ground we know as Arlington National Cemetery.

While the cemetery was born out of the Civil War, there are veterans of every one of America’s conflicts, from the American Revolution through today, interred there. The stories of the men and women laid to rest at Arlington, known and unknown, are the stories of America.

To mark its 150th anniversary, ANC’s command historian, Dr. Stephen Carney provided us with a number of interesting tidbits about Arlington National Cemetery that you’ve likely never heard or read about.

You may not know that these people are buried at Arlington
  • Robert Todd Lincoln is buried in Section 31. He was the son of Abraham Lincoln and was the Secretary of War in 1883 when the Custis-Lee family was compensated for the Arlington Estate that had been seized at the beginning of the Civil War.
  • Samuel Dashiell Hammett, author of “The Maltese Falcon,” is buried in Section 12. Hammett is also a U.S. Army veteran of World Wars I and II.
  • There are several military veteran actors buried at Arlington National Cemetery, including Audie Murphy, Lee Marvin, Jackie Cooper and Charles Durning.
  • Anita Newcomb McGee is buried in Section 1. In 1898, she was the first woman to be appointed as the Acting Assistant Surgeon in the U.S. Army, and was in charge of the Army’s nurses under the Army Surgeon General’s Department. She pursued the establishment of a permanent nursing corps, which became the Army Nurse Corps.
  • James Parks is the only person buried in the cemetery who was also born on the property. Parks was a former slave who had worked at the Arlington House and later became a cemetery caretaker, likely burying thousands of service members. He died in 1929 and is buried in Section 15.
  • Three of the five flag raisers at Iwo Jima are buried at Arlington: Marine Corps Sgt. Michael Strank, Marine Corps Cpl. Ira Hayes, and Marine Corps Cpl. Rene Gagnon.
  • Most Americans know that President John F. Kennedy is buried at Arlington, but not as many may know that President William H. Taft is also buried there with his wife, Nellie. Taft was the 27th president of the United States and later served as the nation’s 10th chief justice — the only person to have served in both offices. Mrs. Taft was instrumental in bringing the Japanese Cherry Blossoms to the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C ...
 Much more very interesting history here.

[Related: Arlington Ladies make sure no one is ever buried alone ]

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

VA Whistleblower: Truth Still Hidden Despite Investigation (Stunning Video Interview)

By Susan Duclos

 The woman in the middle of one of the biggest scandals occurring today, for the first time is speaking out in an interview with CNN, shown below, and claims that despite being in the midst of a massive investigation, the truth about the Veteran Administration's secret waiting and death list is still being hidden and covered up.

 Pauline DeWenter, the scheduling clerk at the Phoenix VA, where the scandal first was exposed, claims that records were changed, notes on files removed, and much much more is revealed in this exclusive interview.

Records of dead veterans were changed or physically altered, some even in recent weeks, to hide how many people died while waiting for care at the Phoenix VA hospital, a whistle-blower told CNN in stunning revelations that point to a new coverup in the ongoing VA scandal.

"Deceased" notes on files were removed to make statistics look better, so veterans would not be counted as having died while waiting for care, Pauline DeWenter said.

DeWenter should know. DeWenter is the actual scheduling clerk at the Phoenix VA who said for the better part of a year she was ordered by supervisors to manage and handle the so-called "secret waiting list," where veterans' names of those seeking medical care were often placed, sometimes left for months with no care at all.

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Gerald Celente: ‘Recipe For Disaster’ Happening Now! (Video)

By Susan Duclos

 Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente joins RT in this short video clip below as he talks about the escalation in Ukraine in conjunction with the instability in Iraq and the rising gas prices, and states that what we have is a "recipe for disaster," in the works.

 Not only for the countries in play, but for for all of Europe and across the globe.

 Listen below as he provides an excellent analysis of what we are seeing play out across the world and forecasts what will come next.

PS- Author note- What I like about Celente is that he is a political atheist, his stances on topics and trends forecasting have just as many from each side of the political aisle agreeing with half of his statements and disagreeing with the other half, often in the same conversation, showing that he isn't coming from one "side" or another, but is dealing just with the issues, no personal affiliation for party in mind.

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Nuke Attack On Israel & US Imminent?

By Susan Duclos

 Understand I am NOT comparing anyone to Hitler or the Nazis when I say this, but making the point that when madmen threatens to annihilate a group of people, the world should take note and make the appropriate preparations to deal with the possibility that the madmen will carry through their threats, especially those that have already proven how brutal they are.

 According to multiple reports, the group ISIS, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, claim to have access to nuclear weapons and are threatening to a nuclear strike on Israel.

“Do you think that we do not have access to nuclear devices?” Lamb quoted the ISIS member as saying. “The Zionists know that we do, and if we ever believe they are about to use theirs, we will not hesitate. After the Zionists are gone, Palestine will have to be decontaminated and rebuilt just like areas where there has been radiation released.”

ISIS access to nuclear weapons could come from Sunni Pakistan, which is home to more than 30 terrorist groups. Pakistan possibly has transferred nuclear weapons to the chief bankroller of its nuclear development program, Sunni Saudi Arabia, as WND previously has reported.

The Saudis, who also have provided billions of dollars to ISIS, have threatened to acquire nuclear weapons if Iran were to develop its own.

It is imperative to remember that these threats follow the last one where the leader of the ISIS group said "I'll see you in New York."

Israel isn't the only country that needs to be concerned about a nuclear attack coming. With our borders so wide open, any operative aka militant can simply waltz into America and wreak havoc. 

In the second video below we see that politicians are warning of a nuclear attack on America.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

ISIS ‘Brand’ Goes Viral – T-Shirts, Hoodies And Action Figures

By Susan Duclos


Sometimes you see something that makes you wonder "what in the hell is wrong with people," and an article over at International Business Times is the one that has me asking that question.

 The terror group ISIS that we have been hearing so much about, people that behead others, execute people on video then upload them online, one of the most brutal terror groups in existence, who admit their ultimate goal is "Armageddon," and an "apocalyptic" war, are now selling T-shirts, hoodies and some companies are even offering action figures!!!!


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Senator: ‘Plots To Kill Americans’ & ‘We’re On The Verge Of Something Serious’

By Susan Duclos

 "We're on the verge of something serious," states Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Senator Dianne Feinstein in a CNN interview, shown below.

 Many concerning quotes came out of the first six minutes of this interview, specifically Feinstein's assurance that not only was the intelligence committee blindsided by the speed the militant group ISIS was able to take over a third of Iraq, but she states emphatically that "there will be a plot to kill Americans."

 Feinstein also drops the bombshell that they know of at least 100 Americans that entered the arena, then go to a European country that has Visa waivers, then just waltzing back onto American soil to carry those plots out.

 The Middle East is literally ready to explode.

Listen to the entire interview.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

America’s Expanding Police State (Shocking Videos)

By Susan Duclos

 An article highlighted on Drudge Report by Washington Times, takes a look at the "rapidly expanding police state," that America has become.

 The article's writer, Tammy Bruce was able to interview Cheryl Chumley, a reporter for The Washington Times, about her new book, “Police State USA: How George Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming our Reality," where they delve into what our founding fathers created and the assault on those principles that we are watching every single day in a country that used to be "free."

Regarding our nation being under attack by thugs intent on creating a police state, Mrs. Chumley notes: “The Founding Fathers wouldn’t recognize America today. The God-given freedoms they championed in the Bill of Rights have been chipped away over the years by an ever-intrusive government bent on controlling all aspects of our lives in the name of safety and security. NSA wire-tapping and data collection is Orwellian in its scope. The TSA, BLM, and IRS are all jockeying for control of our lives. Warrantless searches are on the rise and even encouraged in some communities. Free speech, the right to bear arms, private property, and freedom of religion all are under attack. The Constitution has been tossed on the same trash pile as the Bible.”

The article is a must-read piece and can be found at Washington Times at this link.

The videos below are shocking, but all prove without a doubt that unless action is taken, politicians removed from office to be replaced with people that understand how our liberties have been eroded away over time, we will continue down the path we are on to the point of no return.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Marc Faber: “It’s A Catastrophe”

By Live free or Die

Marc Faber joins CNBC and immediately warns that what the FED is now doing is a catastrophe and average Americans will continue to suffer because of their decisions. Informing us that everything the central bankers are doing is deceitful, Marc gives us the information we need to protect ourselves and our families as the economy crumbles.

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Hawk & Steve Quayle Alert: Massive False Flag Has Begun

By Susan Duclos


"What's getting ready to happen will be much worse than you think it might be" - Hawk

We have a twofer here ladies and gentleman, with alerts coming from all directions over the plans which have already begun for the next false flag, with headlined news, witness accounts and the Hawk video below, we see that 13 years after the first Anthrax false flag attack here in America, according to Hawk, anywhere from 75 to 86 people at the CDC have been exposed to anthrax.

The numbers are ranged because the "official" reports keep changing, starting at 75, then increased to 86 and the latest showing 84, according to Hawk.

First the Steve Quayle alert from someone who received a "training alert" on June 19, 2014:

Is a false flag scenario of Anthrax attack in the works? The scenario was a massive Anthrax outbreak and the setting up of numerous vaccination distribution posts. The scenario was just over the top in being outrageous

Dear Steve,

I just read your recent alerts. I am a volunteer for the (REDACTED) in my state and received a training alert yesterday. These alerts come through occasionally with various disaster scenarios and locations within the state and the goal is to see how many volunteers would be able to respond at any given time. The one that came via email yesterday really alarmed me and is related to the recent posts on your alert section.

The scenario was a massive Anthrax outbreak and the setting up of numerous vaccination distribution posts. The scenario was just over the top in being outrageous for any real life situation unless the intent was to promote fear or the set-up for some type of false flag event. I couldn't believe the coincidence after reading the alerts you posted today along with the recent cost and lack of availability of Tetracycline. Tetracycline in the past has been one of the cheapest and most readily available antibiotics on the market. SQ NOTE-REMEMBER TETRACYCLINE IS ALSO USED TO TREAT THE BUBONIC PLAGUE-OH THE WICKED PLANS OF THESE GLOBALISTS RELEASE THE PLAGUES AND CHARGE YOU FOR THE CURE!

In the video below, Hawk first delves into the anthrax false flag from 13 years ago, pointing to the similarities of what we see happening now, specifically highlighting the anthrax used then came from a laboratory that produced "military grade," anthrax..... weaponized.

The portion about the anthrax false flag starts at the 9 minute mark.

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Mysterious Hum Causing Mass Murders? A Researchers Theory

By Susan Duclos

 A researcher posses a theory, which includes a connection between mass killings/shootings and the mysterious "hum," that has been reported by thousands across the world, with some reports indicating this mysterious hum has caused multiple people to commit suicide.

 I wrote about this mysterious hum myself in July 2013, but a new article over at Policy Mic, details the research, the physical and psychological effects on the human mind and body as well as possible explanations  for what the hum is.


"The Hum" refers to a mysterious sound heard in places around the world by a small fraction of a local population. It's characterized by a persistent and invasive low-frequency rumbling or droning noise often accompanied by vibrations. While reports of "unidentified humming sounds" pop up in scientific literature dating back to the 1830s, modern manifestations of the contemporary hum have been widely reported by national media in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia since the early 1970s.


After nearly four decades, Hum investigators may finally have some idea. The general consensus among sufferers is that the Hum is comprised of very low frequency (or 'VLF', in the range of 3 kHz to 30 kHz and wavelengths from 10 to 100 kilometers) or extremely low frequency (or 'ELF', in the range of 3 to 30 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths from 100,000 to 10,000 kilometers) radio waves, which can penetrate buildings and travel over tremendous distances.


Headaches, irritability to sleep deprivation, insomnia, depression, mood swings and other stress-induced pathologies.
- Reports say the Bristol Hum drove at least three U.K. residents to suicide. "It completely drains energy, causing stress and loss of sleep," a sufferer told a British newspaper in 1992. "I have been on tranquilizers and have lost count of the number of nights I have spent holding my head in my hands, crying and crying." 

Both ELF and VLF waves have been shown to have potentially adverse affects on the human body. While the common refrain about ELF radiation in popular culture normally involves your cell phone giving you cancer, research by the World Health Organization and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers has shown that external ELF magnetic fields can induce currents in the body which, at very high field strengths, cause nerve and muscle stimulation and changes in nerve cell excitability in the central nervous system. And VLF waves, like other low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, have also been shown to have a direct impact on biological functions.

Below is a map of self-reported instances across America of where people hear this hum, but only 2-10 percent of the population hears this.

THE THEORY: (Steve Kohlhase, a mechanical engineer hunting for the Hum in Connecticut)

State and local governments may finally be paying attention. Worried about the potential behavioral effects of the Connecticut Hum, Kohlhase dispatched concerned emails to state and local health officials laying out his research. Kohlhase was so persistent that he contacted Connecticut State Police investigators almost six weeks after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, insisting that the Hum allegedly produced by nearby gas pipelines could have had something to do with Adam Lanza's behavior leading up to the shooting. While law enforcement officials field a flood of calls from conspiracy theorists and pranksters following any major incident, investigators deemed the information Kohlhase provided "appropriate" for inclusion in the 7,000 images, audio files, videos and documents released to the public.

"The reason that it could've affected Lanza is that sound and vibrations can have extremely subtle, detrimental affects on someone who's fragile minded," explains Kohlhase. "Imagine if you're mentally ill or have a brain tumor or are just, well, fragile of mind. I am absolutely not an expert, but if sound sensitivity is such a serious issue to those on the autism spectrum, perhaps extremely low frequency sounds can result in a pernicious effect." Kohlhase points to Aaron Alexis, the defense subcontractor who battled mental health issues and scrawled "My ELF Weapon" into the stock of his shotgun before killing 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard in 2013. "He told his psychiatrist he'd been chased by vibrations. Look at a map of instances like this, in Washington, or the Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona, and I bet you'll see that each place coincides with a Hum cluster."

More in my video below, showing the map in connection with the cluster reports of the Hum.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

X22Report: Round-Up Of Free Thinkers To Commence Under ‘Operation Vigilant Eagle’

By Susan Duclos


Dave from X22Report drops a bombshell at the beginning of his show about this group calling themselves "Operation Vigilant Eagle," and the true purpose behind the group which is the  the preparation "to round up veterans," as a first step to rounding up so-called right winger "extremists," by labeling them with a new syndrome called "Oppositional Defiance Disorder."

 The symptoms include questioning authority, refusing to follow directions, stubbornness, unwillingness to go along with the crowd, free thinkers, non-conformists and those that are suspicious of large centralized government."

 Wow.... looks like the majority of the country is on the round-up list!

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Welcome to Live Free or Die and Susan Duclos' Newsletter!

By Susan Duclos

Welcome to Live Free or Die and Susan Duclos' Newsletter For Friday, June 20, 2014!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The U.S. Invasion of Illegal Aliens - Not by Accident

The U.S. Invasion of Illegal Aliens - Not by Accident
By Clark Hay - 6/19/2014

Many recent news articles blame Obama for the enormous sudden influx of unaccompanied children flooding over the border from southern countries like Guatemala and others south of our border.

While the steady stream of illegal aliens has indeed become a flood, it is not just Obama who is to blame. Today’s problems have roots that go back through the Bush presidency as well, and even before that.

This influx of children and illegal aliens is simply one “end game” ploy by the elite globalist powers that be to force the implementation their plans to create a “North American Union” with open borders between Mexico and the U.S. and Canada. The Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and other groups formed by the global elites, believe strongly in a one world government and they have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure it is a success.

Remember, Freemason and Skull and Bones member / Bohemian Grove attendee / former CIA director / Trilateral Commission CFR member George Bush Senior used the phrase “New World Order” on at least 6 separate occasions during his presidency. On January 16, 1991 George Bush Senior used this phrase in a televised address to the nation on our first invasion of Iraq called the Gulf War:
“We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order—a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful—and we will be—we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.'s founders.”

Bush also mentioned this New World Order at a speech before Congress

Just for continuity’s sake, I’ll mention Joe Biden’s recent remarks at his speech before 995 cadets of the 2014 graduating class of the United States Air Force Academy:
"I believe we and mainly you have an incredible opportunity to lead in shaping a new world order for the twenty-first century in a way consistent with American interests and common interests,”

Below is a page from Yale’s Skull and Bones announcement that lists George Bush Sr:

George Bush Jr, though not the brightest bulb on the tree, followed in his daddy’s university tradition at Yale by also being in the Skull and Bones secret society for the elite. …

Jr, of course, helped set the tone and pave the way for Obama by a heavy reliance on Executive Orders and the passage of the Patriot Act (among other things). The passing the New World Order torch from the right hand to the left was easy to do since there is only one ruling politic in this country.

After the “General [Global] Agreement on Tariffs and Trade” (GATT) became the “World Trade Organization” (WTO) in 1995, the “North American Free Trade Agreemen”t (NAFTA) caused an uproar, people started becoming aware of the “North American Union” plan so the name was changed to the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” (SPP). The plan includes open borders, free trade, the “Texas Corridor”, and the 30,000 mile long “Pan-American Highway” that stretches from deep in South American straight through to northern Canada.

The "North American Union" plan was begun under Skull and Bones member and New World Order left hand puppet George Bush Jr. and continues through the New World Order right hand puppet Barak Hussein Obama.

The “North American Union” plan also has connections with “Agenda 21”, and ongoing efforts to implement and enlarge random highway checkpoints by: local police, ICE, DHS, FEMA, and the National Guard under an even larger umbrella that help coordinate such efforts known as “Fusion Centers”.

ALL attempts at controlling our U.S. border have been a FARCE – except for most of the poor border agents and the citizens along the border.
The “North American Union” and the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” are simply part of the One World agenda to divide the globe into manageable parts. From a Christian perspective, it looks like the Antichrist will already have the foundations of his global empire laid by the global elitists of the world.

So, Obama’s lax stance on border control and his push for amnesty is just one reason for the flood of unaccompanied children coming in across the border. The plan, however, has been in the works for some time now and the efforts to undermine our constitution and our borders will continue.

Interestingly enough, many of the thousands and thousands of unaccompanied children flooding across the border are now being placed in a number of the FEMA detention camps that officially “do not exist” – one of them being at Fort Sill Oklahoma using their 2010 “decommissioned” correctional facility that once was truly used as a Japanese/German internment camp back in the 40s. Fort Sill was also the first site in the U.S. chosen by the federal government to test drones.