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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Lancet Report

[UPDATE] Say anything points out something I missed originally, The Lancet Report used "household interviews" rather than actual body counts.

If you want the real scoop on civilian casualties in Iraq go to Iraq Body Count. It is run by anti-war people, but the methodology they use is sound.

Consider the source. A little history about The Lancet.

The Lancet was subject to severe criticism after it published a paper in 1998, in which the authors raised the possibility of a link between MMR vaccine and autism, a matter of continuing controversy. In February 2004 The Lancet published a partial retraction of the paper. Dr Horton went on the record to say the paper was "fatally flawed" because one of the authors had a serious conflict of interst that he had not declared to The Lancet.

In January 2006, it was revealed that data had been fabricated in an article by the cancer researcher Jon Sudbø and 13 co-authors published in The Lancet in October 2005. The fabricated article was entitled "Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and the risk of oral cancer: a nested case-control study". Within a week after this scandal surfaced in the news, the high-impact New England Journal of Medicine published an expression of editorial concern regarding another research paper published on a similar topic in the journal.

So, when you read the latest "study" by The Lancet, keep in mind the history.

Conflicting Opinion.

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