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Sunday, October 23, 2022

It's Pitchfork And Torches Time With American Children In The Crosshairs Of Genocide While More People Keep 'Dying Suddenly' And Another Fully Vaxxed Govt Talking Head Gets COVID

October 23, 2022 

It's Pitchfork And Torches Time With American Children In The Crosshairs Of Genocide While More People Keep 'Dying Suddenly' And Another Fully Vaxxed Govt Talking Head Gets COVID

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

So if you hadn't heard the news yet, heavily-vaxxed CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has just tested positive for COVID. With Walensky, who was 'up-to-date' on her COVID boosters that are obviously doing NO GOOD WHATSOEVER stopping people from 'getting the C,' just the latest government schmuck getting vaxxed then getting COVID, following Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci amongst them, tell us why again, Joe, anyone should get vaxxed when the vaxxes are responsible for killing people when they're not stopping people from getting COVID, anyways?

And as we'll explore within this story, not only are the vaxxes definitely NOT stopping people from getting COVID, but there's been an utter explosion of people 'dying suddenly' over the past year+ as broadcaster Stew Peters will be exploring in a movie coming out in November titled simply: "Died Suddenly." 

With the first two videos at the very bottom of this story being previews of that upcoming movie, videos exploring the absolutely tragic stories of families all across the United States and the world who have suddenly, tragically and without warning had loved ones simply drop dead over recent months, how many more American families will suffer similar tragedies, such as the one recently suffered by the family of 17-year old Daniel Moshi, who died suddenly during a recent choir practice? From this Vid Max story.: 

A Franklin Park family is sharing their tragic loss after a teenager collapsed and died at a choir event. 

Daniel Moshi was a gifted musician, with his exceptional voice earning him a spot as the lead tenor in the choir at Saint Andrews Assyrian Church. 

Loden Moshi often accompanied his son Daniel on the piano at the church, which is an integral part of the family's life. 

The Moshis are relying on their faith more than ever after Daniel died unexpectedly on Friday. 

"We are devastated, shocked," Loden Moshi said. "We lost a 17-year-old son." 

Daniel was one of a few dozen students from around the state selected for a show choir performance at Naperville North high school. He was rehearsing all day Friday when his mother said she received a phone call that evening. 

"They told us that while he was doing his solo, he just passed out," Karolin Moshi said. "When I got there, Daniel was already gone. My precious baby boy."

And while of course there was no 'vax' listed as Daniel's cause of death, as the top-voted comment on the story/video pointed out, "Guaranteed he was vaxxed." And that top-voted comment wasn't the only commenter who 'got it,' with numerous other commenters pointed out great points as well, including one of my personal favorites, "it's pitchforks and torch time." Some of those other comments.:  

"We talk about this all the time at work. We talk about all these instances of young people just casually dropping dead, we figure most are vaxxed. We were just talking to someone at work who was talking about how he had covid like 7 months ago and still says he's suffering from the effects of it, we think it's cuz he's vaxxed. we both had covid too, we aren't vaxxed and are fine."

"I’d be interested in knowing but I doubt it’d ever be revealed."

"Well we know the adverse reaction rate,....1 in 5,000 will be dead or maimed,.....those are the stats, no way around it,......thousands of children will be harmed for life, many children died during all of the pandemic 128,...and out of that only 3 can be directed to covid."

"They are already hiding autopsy."

"Another victim of "no immediate cause of death" syndrome."

"It's baffling and doctors are baffled."  

"It's pitchfork and Torch time."

The 3rd video below from The Hagmann Report is simply titled "We're Going To Need A Whole Lot More Millstones, Pitchforks and Torches - Our Children in the Crosshairs."

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And the sad story of Daniel Moshi is by far from the only one and is becoming more 'the norm' in 2022 with us here at ANP unable to remember living in a period of time where SO MANY people are suddenly dropping dead, yet as we've reported time and again, we should not be at all surprised with us now living in a period of time where outright genocide is being carried out in a diabolical 'depopulation agenda.' 

With autopsies (when they're being done) PROVING 'vaccine death causality' of many of these mysterious and sudden deaths as Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn had reported in this October 21st ANP story, also take note all of these deaths are happening as the CDC and govt agencies attempt to shield the 'big pharma mafia' from lawsuits surrounding all of these deaths. From this Natural News story.: 

When it comes to adding Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” to the official immunization schedule for children in the United States, Dr. Robert Malone has three words for it: this is corruption

Malone wrote an op-ed this week blasting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is planning to add the gene-editing shots to the list of injections required for children in America to attend school. “I am shocked by the malfeasance,” Malone says about the CDC’s plan of action. 

"I have no trust left at all in our public health. It is broken.” 

In case you missed it, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously 15-0 this week to recommend that children get all “vaccines and boosters” for the Wuhan Flu. Some states require that children stay up-to-date on the CDC immunization schedule, which means covid jabs are about to become mandatory for millions of U.S. children. 

“It is important to recognize that this is a work-around because Congress is not funding more jabs into arms,” Malone says. “If this product is put on the childhood schedule, Congress does not have a say in the funding.” 

“Furthermore, if the emergency use authorization (EUA) vanishes, then the liability of the companies would continue under the childhood schedule. This is corruption.”

So while the major malfeasance happening at Boston University was recently exposed for all Americans to see, showing us these folks have no problem playing with fire when it comes to creating deadly new bio-weapons that could be used to further cull the planet's population, just like Wuhan and who knows how many other similar scenarios, NO ONE is EVER held responsible, while millions die! 

And with the globalists then using COVID to unveil their 'weapon of genocide' on down the road that is killing off even more people, please take close note of what we're told in the 1st video at the bottom of this story by one Dr. James A. Thorp, MD, a 43-year veteran OBGYN, who in a preview for the upcoming movie "Died Suddenly" tells us bluntly.:

"I've seen death and destruction like never before." 

This is nothing less than 'depopulation,' the globalists getting away with the mass murder of humanity. 

And the 2nd video below, also an upcoming preview of 'Died Suddenly,' is absolutely painful to watch as we witness videos of people all across the planet dropping suddenly dead in front of our very eyes. 

Such as the sudden and mysterious death of a gym trainer in India which was recently caught on film, with this very healthy looking 33-year-old man dying from a heart attack while he did little more than sit in a chair.  

Or the sudden and mysterious recent death of another World-class veteran bodybuilder, 63-year-old Doug Brignole, who suddenly died of what are being called “unknown causes,” that after bragging about getting the Moderna Covid jab and advising the world to avoid all the anti-vax “fearmongers.”

And while we wouldn't wish such a horrific fate upon anyone, to see such 'events' happening over and over and over again cannot simply be a 'crazy coincidence!' Especially with stories such as this new one at Natural News coming out reporting a staggering 18% of cattle DIE immediately following mRNA “vaccination!” And just think what else that means; they're vaxxing the cows, which people are later eating or drinking milk from! Talk about having no way to know if we're taking in their deadly poisons! 

So while the fully vaxxed and fully boosted keeping getting COVID is enough proof to anyone paying attention that the vaxxes don't work for their intended and stated purposes, making the 'thinking person' sure to ask, "then what are their true purposes?," does ANYONE reading this believe they'd truly come out and tell us? 

As Dr. Thorp tells us in this 1st video, something stinks to high heaven in 2022 America. And as we see in that final video below from Doug Hagmann, with Biden, Fauci and the globalists endlessly lying to our faces for the past several years about COVID, the vax and just about everything else, and now American's children in the crosshairs as more and more people keeping dropping suddenly and mysteriously dead, this won't have a pretty ending. The carrying out of genocide never should. 

(ANP: This is a very painful video to watch so please use caution.) 

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