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Friday, October 13, 2006

Desperate Democrats

According to ths
Wapo article, the Democratic party is now relying on attacks on the personal lives of the Republicans they run against. Which affirms my original opinion about the Democrats not being capable of arguing the actual political issues.

Top Democratic officials believe "that anybody who had a personal vulnerability before this is totally [at risk] with the spotlight on scandal," said a Democratic aide familiar with the party's plan to take advantage of the Foley affair. "Frankly, it is a tough environment out there if you have a problem with the bottle or the zipper."

An act of Desperation? Definitely.

When a party does not have any answers to national security, economy or the war on terror, they must resort to gossip and mudslinging. As in pervious elections, it will not work.

As I have stated previously, the American people are smarter than the Democrats or the left media give us credit for. That will be their downfall once again. If voters want dirty laundry on candidates, they would pick up the latest edition of the enquirer, they do not expect their representatives or those wanting to be their representatives to be the gossip mongers.

What we insist on is a platform, a stand on the actual issues, ideas...these are things that we are not being given by the left side of the aisle. Instead we are being told that taxes will be raised and the next two years will be spent with endless investigations, possible impeachment proceedings... where in all of this, is the menton of OUR safety? National Security? What will be done about North Korea and Iran?

Anyone else out there thinking that we, the American people mean absolutely nothing to the Democrats?Our safety isn't even on their agenda at all? There are far more important problems in this world that we wish to see solutions for, than who slept with who and how much so and so drank back when.

Our economy is good, gas prices are low, the tax cuts have helped many of us and the threat of nuclear rogue states is serious and we demand that those elected understand this and be useful in dealing with things like North Korea and Iran. We demand that our representatives be part of the solution to these serious issues, not being a hindrence and blocking everything the presidents needs to fight the war on terror, with endless investigations, posturing and worrying more about the 2008 elections than our safety.

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