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Monday, October 30, 2006

Good News From Iraq Part #6--What Left Media Doesn't Show You

As promised, the news from Iraq that you do not hear on CNN and from the left media.

You have to ask yourself, why the news outlets are so biased that they cannot bring themselves to show the world some of the good that comes from Iraq?

Our soldiers deserve to have their stories told, to have their accomplishments acknowledged, to be hailed as the heroes they are.

When I see a picture of our soldiers with the children of Iraq, the new generation of Iraq I understand they will understand democracy and they will be friends and allies of the US, because we helped them in their desire to be free of dictatorship.

10/30/06- BAGHDAD – Special Iraqi Police forces, with coalition advisers, conducted a raid Oct. 29 in al Kut and captured nine members of a bomb-making cell and a cache of weapons, improvised explosive devices and components for making IEDs, which target Iraqi security forces and civilians.

Full release here.

10/30/06- BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces engaged and killed two terrorists while en route to their objective in Balad on Sunday during an early morning raid.

Full Realease here.

10/29/06- BAGHDAD, Iraq — Coalition aircraft thwarted two separate terrorist ambushes as ground forces moved toward their objective early Sunday morning near Balad.

Coalition Forces encountered terrorist activity on two separate occasions along their travel route. After positive identification of the enemy by ground forces and with assistance from Iraqi Police, coalition aircraft engaged the targets with precision fires, killing four terrorists in one engagement and in conjunction with ground forces killed an estimated 13 others in a subsequent engagement along the same route.

Full Release here.

10/29/06- BAGHDAD – Special Iraqi Army forces, with Coalition advisers, conducted a raid in western Baghdad Oct. 29 and captured a large weapons cache and components used for making improvised explosive devices.

Iraqi forces established a cordon around the Shansal Mosque and entered to search for IED components and weapons believed to be stored there. The items found were being used by insurgents operating against Iraqi civilians and Iraqi Army soldiers in the Jihad district.

Full Release here.

10/29/06- CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq – Multi National Forces-West established a Central Ramadi Security Station Friday as part of its continued operations to eliminate the insurgent presence in Ramadi.

The establishment of the Security Station has been a long-standing step to increase security for the citizens. More than eight new positions in the city have been established since June.

Full Release here.

10/28/06- BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed a terrorist Saturday morning and detained an individual responsible for the movement of foreign fighters into Iraq during a raid south of Baghdad.

Saturday’s raid was part of an ongoing effort to diminish al-Qaeda in Iraq car bombing capabilities in the Baghdad area. During October, Coalition Forces detained eight other key players and 15 known associates.

Full Release here.

10/28/06- RAMADI, Iraq – Iraqi Police, with the assistance of local civilians, discovered several weapons caches throughout the week, as a result of the Iraqi Security Force efforts in Western Ramadi.

Ramadi Police of the Al Jazeera IP Station, working together with concerned citizens, discovered multiple explosives and weapons Wednesday. On a tip from residents, the Iraqi Police investigated reports of an unexploded object. The investigation revealed more than expected. The police found multiple munitions that could have been used to harm the local residents and Iraqi Security Forces.

Full Release here.

10/28/06- BAGHDAD – Iraqi Army and Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers detained nine suspected terrorists in Baghdad Thursday.

Patrols from 4th Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Iraqi Army Division, supported by Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, conducted combined combat operations, detained six terrorists and seized weapons in Tarmiya, north of Baghdad, at approximately 3:30 a.m. Thursday.

Full Release here.

10/28/06- BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers wounded three terrorists and killed one other involved in death squad activity at approximately 8 a.m. Thursday in Baghdad’s Mansour neighborhood.

While conducting security patrols in the area, Soldiers from MND-B’s 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team heard small-arms fire near their location and noticed three men, one of whom was wearing a black ski mask, running away from a building toward a getaway car.

The Soldiers immediately engaged the trio, killing one and wounded another. The third terrorist made it to the getaway vehicle, which was occupied by two suspected terrorists. The vehicle sped off in an attempt to escape capture.

MND-B Soldiers engaged the vehicle to disable it. The driver drove into a residential gate and the vehicle came to a halt.

Full Release here.

There is more, some from Afghanistan that an be found here.

I think it is a pity that the left media in their desire to push their own agenda, refuses to acknowledge the good work, the brave accomplishments that our great soldiers are achieving in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Do these people even care about our soldiers at all? Doesn't seem like it, does it? Otherwise they would be telling the American people of these types of accomplishments.

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[UPDATE] Just received my email updating me from Multi-National Force Iraq with this link.

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