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Sunday, October 08, 2006

All Due Respect & Matchbook Strategy

New York Times finally prints something smart. Of course it is an Op-Ed, but it is worth mentioning, because it is the truth. (Something they often do not print without distortion)

The Bush tax cuts will terminate three years after the next Congress convenes. The $1,000 per child tax credit will drop to $500, marriage-penalty relief goes away, and all income tax rates go up. Republicans have vowed to make the tax cuts permanent. Democrats have pledged to reverse them. If I were running for Congress, that would be part of my message.

I’d remind elderly voters that their increasingly popular new prescription drug benefit was brought to them thanks to a Republican initiative, delivered through private markets, not government controls.

As for war and peace, stand strong. Whether it was the nuclear freeze, opposition to the liberation of Kuwait, or their cut and run proposals in Iraq, Democrats choose wrongly on foreign policy and defense. The country wants to win in Iraq and I’d proudly support our mission, confident we’ll be victorious if we act long-term. Democratic control will lead to retreat.

Article here.

Then the next piece: MatchBook Strategy

On dangerous Democrats, remind voters of the other party’s lack of a constructive alternative agenda. Break the Democrats’ code. When Democrats say revenues, they mean raise taxes; when they refer to government investment they mean higher federal spending; and when they talk about redeployment of the troops they mean leaving Iraq before our job is done.

Article here.