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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beheadings Of Infidels, Halal Sex Products And "Muslims Don't Like Dogs"

A Month of Islam in Europe: June 2014

Austria accused Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of stirring up trouble on June 19, when he urged thousands of cheering supporters in Vienna to reject "assimilation."

Erdogan was rallying support for his candidacy ahead of Turkish presidential elections in August, and expatriate Turks have become a significant bloc of voters after changes to the electoral system now allow them to cast votes abroad.
Around 268,000 people of Turkish origin live in Austria, according to government figures, of whom nearly 115,000 are Turkish citizens.
Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, who had expressly warned Erdogan not to undermine efforts to integrate Turks into Austrian society, criticized the latest comments:
"These show very clearly that the Turkish premier has brought the election campaign to our country and created unrest with this. We reject this. And I can only say that respect for a host country looks clearly different."
In Graz, the second-largest city in Austria, police on June 5 arrested a 41-year-old Islamic preacher from Chechnya who is believed to be involved in efforts to send Austrians to war in the Middle East.
State prosecutor Hansjoerg Bacher said that the imam is thought to be behind the radicalization and recruitment of eight Chechens resident in Austria, four of whom have died in fighting in Syria.

In Bulgaria, the Kardjali District Court on June 16 rejected a property claim lodged by the office of the Chief Mufti, the spiritual leader of Bulgaria's Muslims, to be awarded ownership of the building housing the Regional Historical Museum. The court found that there was no basis for the claim, and ordered the representatives of the Muslim community to pay 91,062 leva ($63,000) in costs to the state.
This case was the latest in a series of lawsuits by the Chief Mufti's office, filed under the Religious Denominations Act, which allows applications by recognized religious denominations to be awarded property believed to be historically theirs.
The building was originally intended to serve as a Muslim religious school, and it was funded in part by donations from the local Muslim community in 1920s and 1930s. However, the building was never used as a madrassa. Instead, it was nationalized during Bulgaria's communist era and became a museum.
Lawyers for the Kardjali district administration argued that the Chief Mufti's office is not the heir to the local Muslim community because at the time there was no such registered legal entity.
In the southern Bulgarian town of Peshtera, residents are angry over the local mosque's powerful loudspeakers, which are blasting the Islamic call to prayer, the adhan, several times a day.
According to Radio FOCUS, the town is a model of multicultural tolerance, but residents are increasingly irritated by the adhan; the "silent discontent may escalate to petitions and protests," the radio said.

In Britain, a new television channel aimed exclusively at British Muslims, British Muslim TV (BMTV), was launched in early June. The channel, operating under the slogan "Confidently Muslim, Comfortably British," is airing on the British Sky digital platform; the programming content is being exclusively funded and made in the UK.
BMTV will compete with other channels, such as Islam Channel, one of the UK's most prominent and popular English language Muslim satellite channels; Noor TV, Peace TV and Iqra TV, all of which have a South Asian focus and are usually broadcast in Urdu or Bangladeshi; and to Shia Muslim focused channels such as Hidayat TV and Ahlebait TV.
Speaking to Al Arabiya news, the marketing director for BMTV, Wasim Akhtar, said that BMTV aims to be different from the other Muslim channels by being "inclusive of all different views and open to all different types of Muslims. So the channel isn't just about issues of faith, it's about practical Muslim life here in Britain."
In a trial at the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales [Old Bailey], a jury heard how police found 38-year-old Tahira Ahmed after she was decapitated in her west London home, allegedly by her husband, 41-year-old Naveed Ahmed. Tahira had been stabbed, had both her arms broken, and her head cut off. The couple, who have two children aged six and 12, had been married for 14 years.
Also in London, police launched an investigation into the origins of a sign telling dog owners to stay out of a park because it is "an Islamic area now" and "Muslims don't like dogs."
Meanwhile, it emerged that taxpayer money could be used to help fund a new mosque for the Muslim community in Belfast, according to Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. The move came after a local pastor named James McConnell denounced Islam as "Satanic" and a "doctrine spawned in hell."
McGuinness said he and First Minister Peter Robinson, who visited the Islamic Centre in south Belfast in June, "absolutely accepted" that the 4,000-strong Muslim community "is entitled to a mosque, if a proper site can be found which is suitable for them."
McGuinness said McConnell's remarks were "shameful" and could affect investments in Belfast. "This will impact, if not handled correctly by us, on our prospects of attracting foreign direct investment," McGuinness said. "The story travelled all round the world, and I think that it was very damaging."
In a bid to reverse negative stereotypes of Muslims in the UK, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Devon and Cornwall in southwestern England launched an advertising campaign in June to promote "positive awareness of Islam."
The campaign involved banners displaying Muslim messages of peace on a fleet of more than 100 city buses. Under the slogan of "loyalty, freedom, equality, respect, peace" the community also launched a website:
A regional president of the group, Muhammad Noman, said: "A true Muslim can never raise his voice in hatred against his fellow citizens, nor against the ruling authority or government of the time. He should remain loyal and fully abide by the laws of the land of which he is a subject."
More news about Islam in Britain during June 2014 can be found here.

In Cyprus on June 3, Turkish Cypriot mufti Talip Atalay recited a prayer at the reopening ceremony of the Taht-el kale mosque in Nicosia, which had been closed for more than 50 years. Atalay visited the mosque after an invitation from the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Chrysostomos II as part of the Religious Track of the Cyprus Peace Process promoted by the Swedish government.

In the Czech Republic, President Miloš Zeman refused to apologize for comments he made during a speech at the Israeli Embassy in Prague on May 26 at a reception to celebrate Israel's Independence Day.
Quoting several verses from the Koran that call on Muslims to kill Jews, Zeman said that Islam was to blame for the attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels that killed four people. He also said:
"There is a term, political correctness. This term I consider to be a euphemism for political cowardice. Therefore, let me not be cowardly."
The new Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation [OIC], Iyad Ameen Madani, condemned Zeman's speech, saying, "It is only appropriate that President Miloš Zeman apologizes to the millions of Muslims worldwide for his deeply offensive and hateful anti-Islam statements."
An OIC statement said:
"The Secretary General reiterated that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and that terrorism should not be equated to any race or religion; a stance upheld by all major UN texts on the subject of countering terrorism. He added that the OIC countries share a profound respect for all religions and condemn any message of hatred and intolerance."
On June 10, a spokesman for the Czech government said Zeman would not be apologizing for his statements. "President Zeman definitely does not intend to apologize. For the president would consider it blasphemy to apologize for the quotation of a sacred Islamic text."
The Gates of Vienna blog summed it up this way: "As far as I am aware, Miloš Zeman is the first Western head of state ever to tell the OIC to go jump in a lake. So this is an historic occasion."

In Denmark, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) revealed that at least 100 Danish jihadists (both male and female) have left Denmark to fight in Syria, and that at least 15 of them have been killed.
The information was made public during a June 23 seminar entitled, "Syria and the Danish Prevention Model," organized by the PET's Center for Terror Analysis (CTA). Some 100 representatives from the Danish police, civil society and the media attended the event.
According to the CTA, the majority of Danish jihadists are young Sunni Muslims (aged 16-25), including Danish converts to Islam. The CTA said most of the jihadists have links to Islamic communities in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.
"Those returning from the conflict have been trained in military skills that can be used to carry out a terrorist attack in Denmark or against Danish interests abroad," CTA said. "They can also use their status to recruit new members to the group and new warriors to the conflict."
On June 14, Danish police raided a mosque in the Vibevej district of Copenhagen after a passerby allegedly saw weapons being carried into the complex. Four men were arrested during the operation.
On June 5, Denmark issued an international arrest warrant for four jihadists who were filmed shooting at effigies of six prominent Danish critics of Islam.
In the video, which was recorded in Syria and first surfaced in August 2013, the men fired their guns at effigies of former PET secret agent Morten Storm, free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard, former MP Naser Khader, the imam Ahmed Akkari, former prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.
Danish authorities said that under Danish anti-terror laws the shootings are illegal; they also conceded that some of the jihadists may already be dead.
Meanwhile, Denmark's largest mosque opened on June 19 in the Rovsingsgade district of Copenhagen after receiving a 150 million kroner (€20.1 million, $27.2 million) endowment from Qatar.
Not a single Danish politician of note attended the inauguration ceremony of the 6,700-square-meter (72,000-square-foot) complex, which houses a mosque, a cultural center, a television studio and a fitness center.

In Finland, the Security Intelligence Service (SUPO) on June 19 said it was investigating a suspected Finnish female jihadist who posed with weapons and published threats against Shia Muslims on Facebook.
The photo uploaded to Facebook shows a burqa-clad figure posing with an assault rifle, and brandishing what is claimed to be a suicide bomb. A comment on the page—written in Finnish—says the woman has come to Syria because "there are lots of Shias to kill."
On June 12, a spokesman for SUPO revealed that around 40 people have travelled from Finland to Syria to join Islamist groups there. He also said that around 200 individuals in Finland are believed to be at risk of radicalization.
On June 9, Finnish media reported the death of a 23-year-old jihadist from Espoo, the second-largest city in Finland, who had been fighting in Syria since December 2012. The man, of Somali background, had moved to Finland at the age of two. If the death is confirmed, he would be the third Finnish citizen to die in the fighting in Syria.

In France, Prime Minister Manuel Valls on June 3 increased the government's estimate of the number of French nationals fighting in Syria to 800, including about 30 who have died in the conflict.
Valls told BFMTV that these jihadists pose an unprecedented threat to France. "We have never before faced a challenge of this kind," Valls said. "It is without any doubt the most serious threat we face. We have to ensure the surveillance of hundreds and hundreds of French or European individuals who are today fighting in Syria."

In Iceland, the head of the Muslim Association of Iceland, Ibrahim Sverrir Agnarsson, on June 2 said that final preparations are being made for the design of the country's first mosque, set to be built on a plot of land in the Sogamýri district of Reykjavík.
The future of mosque has been in doubt since May 23, when the leader of the Progressive Party in Reykjavík, Sveinbjörg Birna Sveinbjörnsdóttir, said she wanted to reverse the city council's controversial decision to grant the plot of land to the Muslims free of charge. She now says the issue should be voted on in a public referendum. After her remarks, support for the Progressive Party in Reykjavík increased and the party secured two seats in municipal elections that were held on May 31.
The founder of the Muslim Association, Salman Tamimi, said he would file a lawsuit against individuals who left anti-mosque comments on an online article about the mosque controversy published by the newspaper Visir on June 1. Tamimi's lawyer, Helga Vala Helgadóttir, said it was important to take a stand against hate speech.

In Italy, authorities on June 17 said the Italian Navy had rescued almost 600 migrants from boats in the Strait of Sicily between Italy and Africa as part of the Mare Nostrum ["Our Sea"] search and rescue operation, launched in October 2013.
On June 9, roughly 1,300 migrants were ushered to safety at the merchant port of Taranto after being rescued at sea off the coast of Sicily.
More than 50,000 migrants crossed to Italy during the first six months of 2014, more than the total for the whole of 2013.

A jihadist from Luxembourg who died in Syria in December 2013 was claimed as a martyr for ISIS on June 17. A tweet from ISIS described a man identified as "Luxembourg national Abu Huthaifa" as the "first martyr for ISIS from the second richest country in the world."
Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn confirmed in May 2014 that two people from the Grand Duchy had joined militants in Syria. One of them was originally from Kosovo, and another was of North African origin. Both were killed, including Abu Huthaifa. Why ISIS was just now claiming his martyrdom remains unclear.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch intelligence service AIVD on June 30 released a new report entitled, "Transformation of Jihadism in the Netherlands," which states that about 130 Dutch jihadists have travelled to Syria, and that nearly 30 have since returned. Approximately 14 Dutch jihadists have died on the battlefield. Most of the Dutch jihadists have joined up with ISIS.

The Dutch-Turkish jihadist known as Yilmaz is one of about 130 Dutch jihadists who have traveled to Syria.
On June 21, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, accused the government of being "asleep" and "naïve" for failing to understand the size of the threat posed by Muslim radicals in the Netherlands. "The threat to the Netherlands is now greater than ever, even more than ten years ago with the Hofstad Group [an Islamist terrorist organization of mostly young Dutch Muslims of mainly North African ancestry], Wilders said. "We now have hundreds of jihadists and thousands of sympathizers. This naïve Cabinet's inaction is inviting an attack in the Netherlands."
Foreign Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans on June 16 told the Dutch Parliament that the government was taking "various measures," both in terms of criminal law and administrative law, to prevent Dutch nationals joining up with groups such as ISIS.
Also on June 16, the newspaper Volkskrant reported that AIVD had given the Turkish government the names of more than 100 young men and women who Dutch authorities believe may be planning on going to Syria. The paper said Turkey has agreed to detain and deport them if they attempt to cross the Turkish border en route to Syria.
On June 19, Abdoe Khoulani, a member of the Party of Unity (PvdE), a fundamentalist Muslim political party based in The Hague, expressed support for ISIS on his Facebook page. He wrote: "Long Live ISIS. And insha'Allah [Allah willing] on to Baghdad to fight the riff-raff there."
Khoulani's message was spread on Twitter by Arnoud van Doorn, a former member of the Dutch Freedom Party who converted to Islam and is now a member of the PvdE. Van Doorn said Khoulani was—like John the Baptist quoting the words of Isaiah—a "voice of one crying out in the wilderness" [to prepare the way for the Messiah].
In response to the backlash, Khoulani said his words were simply a call to justice. He added that ISIS is not a terrorist group, but a resistance organization.
Meanwhile, a Dutch company selling halal sex products on June 4 announced an alliance with Europe's largest erotic retailer in an effort to tap into the lucrative Muslim market, potentially worth billions of euros.
The founder of Amsterdam-based El Asira, Abdelaziz Aouragh, said the deal with Frankfurt-listed Beate Uhse came four years after his company first launched a range of erotic products that do not contravene Sharia law.
El Asira, which means "Society" in Arabic, launched its range of products in 2010 to massive acclaim from the local Muslim community. Beate Uhse, based in Flensburg, Germany, approached El Asira in 2012 with a business proposal to sell products jointly in Muslim markets.
"We will take 18 of our Islamic branded products to the market through Beate Uhse," Aouragh told Agence France-Presse. "Considering we're targeting a global market of around 1.8 billion people, the potential is huge."
The two companies are also looking into the possibility of opening a store for halal sex products in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca, the holiest place in Islam, Aouragh said.

In Norway, the country's first-ever Shia Muslim mosque was inaugurated in Oslo on June 1. One of the main purposes of the Tauheed Islamic Center is "to provide an opportunity to non-Muslims to learn about the universal teachings of Islam." The first official event held at the mosque was a ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the death of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Iranian revolution.
Separately, Nemat Ali Shah, the Pakistani imam of the Central Jamaat Ahle-Sunnat mosque, the main Sunni Muslim mosque in Oslo, was recuperating in the hospital after a masked assailant repeatedly hacked him with a small axe or knife in the center of the Norwegian capital on the evening of June 16. Muslims were quick to condemn the attack as an Islamophobic hate crime, but on June 30, Oslo police arrested a fellow Pakistani who allegedly attacked the imam due to a power struggle within the mosque, which has more than 5,000 members mainly of Pakistani origin.
In Slovenia, the local Islamic Community on June 4 announced that construction work on the first Slovenian mosque was about to begin in the capital of city of Ljubljana, nearly ten months after the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony took place in September 2013.
Mufti Nedžad Grabus confirmed that Qatar would cover 70% of the cost of the project. "Without Qatar, the Islamic community [of Slovenia] would not be able to continue with the project," Grabus said.
The mosque and Muslim cultural center, 44 years in the making, will be built north of the city center, on a plot of land that the Muslim community bought from the City of Ljubljana, at a projected cost of €21 million ($28.5 million).

In Spain, the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (UCIE), a Madrid-based Muslim umbrella group, and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Education (ISESCO), a Morocco-based arm of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), held a four-day conference in Madrid aimed at promoting the development of Koran institutes in non-Muslim countries. The event, which was held from June 18-21, was attended by Muslim leaders from Europe and North Africa.
On June 17, the Halal Institute of the Junta Islámica de España, a competing Muslim umbrella group based in Córdoba, held a conference aimed at promoting the "normalization of halal" in European countries. The official conference title was: "Possible Similarities and Differences between European Standards Compared with Halal Standards Demanded by the Arab Countries."
Conference attendees called on the Spanish government to sponsor an official study aimed at finding ways to bring European food standards into compliance with Islamic Sharia law.
Meanwhile, municipal officials in Barcelona denied reports that Qatar had offered to pay €2.2 billion ($3 billion) to convert the city's La Monumental bullring into a forty thousand capacity mosque. The building would include a 300-meter (985-foot) minaret. The mosque would be the third largest in the world, after those in Mecca and Medina.
On June 16, Spanish police in Madrid arrested ten individuals (eight Moroccans, one Argentine and one Bulgarian) on allegations that they were members of an international network that recruited jihadists for ISIS.
The ringleader was a 47-year-old Moroccan national named Lahcen Ikassrien, who was arrested in Afghanistan in 2001 and released after three-and-a-half years in Guantánamo. In July 2005, the U.S. government handed him over to Spain, where he faced charges of cooperating with al-Qaeda. In October 2006, the Spanish High Court acquitted him on the grounds that no firm evidence existed of his ties to the terrorist group.
Ikassrien, who lives in Madrid, was part of a cell led by Abu Dahdah, a Syrian-born Spaniard who was sentenced to a 27-year prison term in Spain for his part in the September 11, 2001 attacks, and for being one of the founders of al-Qaeda in Spain. In February 2006, the Spanish Supreme Court reduced the Abu Dahdah's penalty to 12 years because it considered that his participation in the 9/11 conspiracy was not proven. He was released in May 2013.

In Sweden, government health inspectors said they found some 60 cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Norrköping in eastern Sweden since March, with all 30 girls in one school class found to have undergone the procedure.
FGM has been illegal in Sweden since 1982 and can be punished with up to ten years in prison. Since 1999 it is also a criminal offense under Swedish law if the procedure is performed in a different country.
Most girls who undergo the procedure are between the ages of 4-14 years, but the operation is also carried out on infants. There are no official statistics detailing the extent of FGM in Sweden, or of how many girls are taken to have the procedure conducted abroad.
Meanwhile, the Swedish Parliament on June 17 approved changes to the country's immigration law to "facilitate moving to and from Sweden." The changes reduce the requirements for obtaining permanent residence for students and workers. In addition, individuals whose application for asylum has been rejected now need to wait only four months to become eligible for a work permit. Moreover, immigrants who have already obtained permanent residence in Sweden can retain that status for up to two years after they leave the country.
The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) rejected the proposal. "We should have mobility, but these suggestions give evidence that the government has dropped all reason when it comes to immigration policy," David Lång (SD) wrote in the party's motion.

In Switzerland, the Islamic Cultural Center in Lausanne received a $140,000 donation from the Government of Kuwait to fund the construction of a center for raising awareness about Islam. On June 20, the Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported that the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Switzerland, Bader Al-Tunaib, presented the donation to head of the Complex Culturel des Musulmans de Lausanne (CCML), Dr. Mohammad Karmous. A Tunisian with a French passport, Karmous has multiple ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Vatican failed in an attempt to cover up the contents of a prayer by a Muslim cleric at an interfaith "Prayer for Peace" service held in the Vatican garden on June 8. Departing from a pre-approved script, the imam recited verses 284-286 of Sura 2 from the Koran, the latter part of which calls on Allah to grant Muslims victory over non-Muslims.
Most non-Muslims non-Arabic speakers did not understand what the imam had said, but that changed when a former Muslim who speaks Arabic translated the full prayer on the indispensable blog, Gates of Vienna. The Vatican initially denied that the imam had said what he said, but then it doctored the video to edit out last part of Verse 2:286.
Gates of Vienna posted a complete video of the imam's prayer, which does indeed (3m54s into the video) ask Allah to "make us victorious over the tribe of the unbelievers." In an interview with Radio Vatican, a German-speaking Jesuit priest named Felix Körner remained unbowed.
Körner defended the imam, saying Verse 2:286 fully accords with Roman Catholic doctrine and is wholly peaceful in intent. "If one hears something in a skewed manner, one is going to have a mistaken understanding of it," he said.
Meanwhile, the Vatican partnered with the Emir of Sharjah (one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates) to present an "unprecedented" art exhibition entitled, "So That You Might Know Each Other," a verse from the Koran. The four month exhibit, which ended on June 14, was designed to serve as a "sign of openness and cooperation between religions."
The 70 exhibits on display at the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization included textiles, musical instruments, jewelry, rudimentary weapons, books and manuscripts, many of which were on loan from the Ethnological Museum of the Vatican.
The German broadcaster Deutsche Welle summed it up this way: "The fact that Rome is lending its works for the first time is an act of diplomacy in line with Pope Francis's current policies. While Pope Benedict XVI had distanced himself from other religions, his successor is pursuing a different policy."

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mother Of All Bombshells! Huge US Military Buildup In Ukraine – “This Is All Looking Pretty Ugly” – Gregory Mannarino

By Susan Duclos

 After dealing with some financial current news, Gregory Mannarino drops the mother of all bombshells, stating that his sources, multiple credible sources, have informed him that RIGHT NOW there is a US military buildup going on in Ukraine, with troops, heavy weapons, aircraft..... and that more is coming.

 All this at the same time that Russia President Vladimir Putin is also moving military assets in preparation for what many believe with be the mother of all world wars.

 This comes on the heels of a I published today, where someone close to Putin was quoted as saying "There is a war coming in Europe."

 Get ready folks, things are heating up and war is on the horizon whether we want one or not.

 Mannarino starts talking about Ukraine at the 3:18 minute mark.

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Russia Admits WW3 Is Coming! ‘There Is A War Coming In Europe’

By Susan Duclos

 One statement reported on by FT basically says it all, making it clear that Russia is gearing up for World War III and there might be nothing we can do to stop it at this point,

 The initial story is about the recent news of a $50 billion judgement against Russia, and the details of that can be seen at the FT article (free subscription) and in the video below, but it is the last paragraph of the FT article about a statement made by a person close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, that really brings the reality of what is coming, home.

That is what everyone has been gearing up for. That is why the Ukraine situation was set up, orchestrated and preparations are being made to pull out old war plans from the cold war era.

WW III is what all of it has been about and we were warned consistently that this would happen because when global economies are ready to crash, war is the option TPTB always fall back to.

One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine. “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?

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Monday, July 28, 2014

New Study: 2 Billion Dead, 25 Year Winter From 'Limited' Nuclear War

By Susan Duclos

 At the rate the US is antagonizing large countries with nuclear capabilities such as Russia and China, this new study, in conjunction with one conducted last year, should horrify even those with their heads buried in the sand.

 According to a new atmospheric study, based on a "limited" nuclear war between India and Pakistan, who is noted to have weapons that seem "antique" compared to those of China, Russia and the United States, would result in the loss of 2 billion lives and cause a 25-year nuclear winter, causing worldwide crop failures and famine.

Since the powers that be undoubtedly know this and are still taking the path to igniting WW3, one can only assume this is part of some depopulation agenda.

 Via the abstract from this new study:

We present the first study of the global impacts of a regional nuclear war with an Earth system model including atmospheric chemistry, ocean dynamics, and interactive sea ice and land components. A limited, regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan in which each side detonates 50 15 kt weapons could produce about 5 Tg of black carbon (BC). This would self-loft to the stratosphere, where it would spread globally, producing a sudden drop in surface temperatures and intense heating of the stratosphere. Using the Community Earth System Model with the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model, we calculate an e-folding time of 8.7 years for stratospheric BC compared to 4–6.5 years for previous studies. Our calculations show that global ozone losses of 20%–50% over populated areas, levels unprecedented in human history, would accompany the coldest average surface temperatures in the last 1000 years. We calculate summer enhancements in UV indices of 30%–80% over midlatitudes, suggesting widespread damage to human health, agriculture, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Killing frosts would reduce growing seasons by 10–40 days per year for 5 years. Surface temperatures would be reduced for more than 25 years due to thermal inertia and albedo effects in the ocean and expanded sea ice. The combined cooling and enhanced UV would put significant pressures on global food supplies and could trigger a global nuclear famine. Knowledge of the impacts of 100 small nuclear weapons should motivate the elimination of more than 17,000 nuclear weapons that exist today.

More in the video below.

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Gerald Celente: We’re Building Up to World War III - Greg Hunter Interview With Gerald Celente

By Susan Duclos

Greg Hunter goes one-on-one with Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente in the wide ranging interview where Celente asserts "We are looking at destabilization in the Middle East with no end in sight. It’s only going to get worse unless this killing and excuse for the murders from both sides stops.”


On the crisis in Israel with Hamas and the Palestinians, Celente says, “If this continues to increase at the rate it is going, it will be hell for everyone. There is also the fear that this could spread into the Lebanese border. As a trend forecaster, if peace is not brought to that region and this continues to spread, and if it goes into Lebanon, it will be hell on earth for everyone in that region. . . . We are building up to World War III.”

Gerald Celente brings a voice that sometimes appears conservative and in other cases seems almost liberal, meaning any one political side can agree with half of what he says and vehemently disagree with other things, because Gerald is a "political atheist," that addresses the issues without the bias of a political agenda.

His forecasting has been eerily spot on in the past on a number of issues, which is why he has been a popular forecaster for decades and is well worth listening to.

America: Proof The NWO Plans Major Event – It Is Coming Soon!

By Susan Duclos

 Another outstanding video compilation from Jason A which proves without a doubt the NWO is on scedule with another "major event," including plans for 2014-2016. News clips showing a constitutional scholar asserting that Obama is a threat and remaking the US government with the use of his executive orders, as well as examples showing the plans on and for the Illuminati, blood moons, chips, Israel and more, in this very enlightening and terrifying video below.

These are things happening now, seen one at a time is infuriating but not as enlightening as seeing them all together to understand the very nature of the evil that surrounds us, the plans, the carefully orchestrated events, all leading to the ultimate NWO finale.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Disturbing Video Footage Of Hamas Using Children As Human Shields

By Susan Duclos

Only a coward would use a child as a human shield and worse than that, only an evil man would deliberately gather children, forcing them to huddle together, then shoot off a missile into a neighboring country so that when that country retaliated to take out the launcher, all those children would die, so they could be used as examples of "civilians" being killed in war.

According to revmichellehopkins in the video below that is exactly what we see. A Hamas terrorist forcing children to huddle behind him while he fires a missile at Israel, with full knowledge that there is a good chance Israel will fire back to take out the launcher.

But of course if those children die as a direct result, their bodies will be put on public display and it is Israel that will be blamed.

[Update] Second video below shows "Hamas Spokesperson Encourages Use of Human Shield"

 Third video below  shows this is not a new practice on the part of Hamas, but one used over and over again.

RELATED: Hamas Caught Using Human Shields in Gaza

SICK: Hamas is Now Using Infants as Human Shields

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Friday, July 25, 2014

New! Dr. Jim Garrow: Islam The ‘Cult Of Death’ & ‘Crisis That’s Brewing’ Right Now!

By Susan Duclos

 JJ McCartney welcomes  former CIA Operative, Dr. Jim Garrow, back after his "infiltration" tour of North America with a blockbuster show where Garrow first speaks about his tour then analyzes current world events events. 

 From the Malaysia "odd, bizarre and ironic events," to Putin's recent actions which Garrow apparently predicted, to Americans waking up and encouraging them to "rise up," and take the US back from those that are using our own tax dollars to undermine our freedoms and enslaving us, the show is full of information.

Garrow then delves into the headlined topic where he talks about "the real danger" he sees happening today and the "crisis that's brewing," and  Islam, which he calls the "cult of death."

Much much more in this must-listen-to show!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

TruNews: ‘Everyone Is Getting Into Place For WW3′ – Rick Wiles

By Susan Duclos

 TruNews' Rick Wiles has been watching what he calls the "choreographed propaganda campaign," against Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin, deliberately attempting to demonize Russia and Putin, watching it come from all sides as "everybody is getting into place for World War III."

 Wiles explains this at the beginning of the show as well as the shocking news that yet another Malaysia Flight was rerouted to fly over another war zone last Sunday, specifically Syria.

 After his must-listen to commentary, Rick is joined by John T. Wayne, grandson of "the Duke" John Wayne, who says "America cannot be free without God." Additionally, Tennessee Pastor Dale Walker tells Rick why he walked out of his former denomination with the whole church following along.

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Proof US Staged MH17 False Flag To Blame Russia? (Videos)

By Susan Duclos

 Interesting angle by Sherrie QuestioningAll which connects the hacked emails reported on in March 2014, about setting up a false flag in Ukraine to blame Russia so the US can become involved in military action against Russia, to the present day events where Malaysia Flight MH17 was shot down with the instant blame being cast upon Russia.

 Via my article from March which garnered nearly 60,000 hits, titled "Proof US Staging False Flag For WW3 Kickoff With Russia (Video)."

Hacked emails to and from US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh with Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk, discuss plans to arrange a massive attack on transport hubs and Ukrainian military bases in order to “frame-up the neighbor,” and “create favorable conditions for Pentagon to act.”

The emails from Igor are in Russian, so the link is here for anyone that reads Russian but the email from US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh is in English and the ramifications of it are enormous.

Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network.
I think it’s time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.
It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.
Do not waste time, my friend.
Jason P. Gresh
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Assistant Army Attaché
U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
(380-44) 521 – 5444 | Fax (380-44) 521 – 5636

Jump forward to present day and watch the video below as Sherrie connects the dots, using the links below from her video details:

Previous information about MH17:
- Russia PROVING Ukraine shot down plane through satellite images http://sherriequestioningall.blogspot...
Bombshell - Air Traffic Controller in Kiev said Ukrainian military shot down plane
Absolute Reason why the U.S. could have been behind the shooting down of MH17
Missile Guidance system intercepted in Finland going to Ukraine from Vietnam
Ukraine routed MH 17 through War Zone, not normal route and had them fly lower than they requested
No other countries are blaming Russia for MH17 except the U.S., U.K. and Australia

The second video below is my original video on the Proof a false flag was being planned, via the original hacked emails.

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Algerian Flight AH5017 Disappears From Radar – Update: Conspiracy Theories Begin!

By Susan Duclos

[Updates added at the bottom of the article before the videos]

It's happened again, yet another airplane completely disappeared from radar early Thursday morning.

Air Algerie Flight AH5017 with 116 people on board, disappeared from radar during a flight from Burkina Faso to Algiers. It was last noted on radar at 2am, according to the official Algerian news agency.

This follows the downing of Malaysia Flight MH17 over Ukraine and the disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370 in March, which has never been found, despite multiple claims to the contrary which were all proven untrue after investigation.

What the hell is going on with these planes?

[Update] A message on the Ouagadougou Airport website states the following: (Google translation is used so the grammar may be off)

Air Algeria airline announced that it had lost contact with a plane departing Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso. The company has set up an emergency plan. Contact with the Airbus A320, not a DC9 as indicated in the first instance, was broken at 3:55 Thursday morning.

Algeria Air announced on Thursday he lost contact with one of its aircraft, 50 minutes after takeoff . Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso "The air navigation services have lost touch with an Air Algeria ensuring liaison Thursday Ouagadougou - Algiers, 50 minutes after takeoff.", announced the Algerian public company it would be the flight AH5017, which was to leave at 0:45 (local time), which was due to destination at 5:40 am (local time). Contact with the plane, a DC9 was broken at 1:55 GMT (3:55 in Paris) on Thursday morning. "Air Algeria informs that the air navigation services had their last contact with flight 5017 AH liaising Ouagadougou- Algiers on Thursday, July 24 at 1 hour 55 minutes GMT, 50 minutes after takeoff, "said a statement.

[Update] Didn't take long for the conspiracy sites to start, here are a few ideas from two different threads:

• Hackers found a vulnerability, and now hacking / controlling / crashing all these planes?

• You all laughed. I told you they were crashing the planes. It's the 72 Virgins again.

• Were there high level scientists on the plane ? like the ones in mylaysia?

More at GLP here and here.

[UPDATE] Reports are coming in that the plane crashed in Niger, via Daily Sabah, IBTimes, and IndiaToday.

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Earth Under Fire!! Global Events Stun Citizens! Night Turns To Day & More

By Susan Duclos

 In the newest release by MrMBB333 we see a rapid increase of Worldwide Bolides which are apparently getting bigger! Meteors that are turning pitch black night into day because they are so bright. Video footage, images, and more provided in this short video that shows the "Earth under Fire!'/Global events STUN citizens!," as the title of the video states.

 Via the video details:

Worldwide Bolides increasing and getting bigger! Huge meteor turns night to day possibly producing meteorites. "Have never seen anything like this in my entire life!" (quote)
http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot... (LARGE OBJECTS OVER THE SUN analysis) BPEarthwatch

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hagmann & Hagmann: MH17 Answers May Shock You! Sheila Zilinksky And Ken Schortgen

By Susan Duclos

 Doug and Joe Hagmann team up with Sheila Zilinsky of the Weekend Vigilante show and are joined by Rogue Money's Ken Schortgen to discuss the overriding question about the downing of Malaysia Flight MH17, which is "who benefits?"

 From the start of the show, right after the introductions, economist Ken Schortgen dives right into the major investigative question to any crime to answer who gets the most out of the crime, what benefit do they see and his answer may very well shock those that get their news from the MSM.

 Ken expresses his initial caution on even commenting on the tragic death of 298 people when MH17 was shot down, asking himself what this has to do with the economy, then goes on to explain how it does ties in with economic issues and the global economy as a whole.

Exactly how far would the US, and those that control the "system," go in order to hide the death of the dollar?

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Hagmann & Hagmann - The Northeast Intelligence Network

Sheila Zilinsky - The Weekend Vigilante

Ken Schortgen - Rogue Money

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It’s “Bad And Getting Worse” – IPPNW Report

By Susan Duclos

 The United Nations has been busted for a study that contained critical flaws, major discrepancies, omitted critical information, downplayed events, misrepresented data, making inept comparisons and completely unwarranted conclusions, in order to hide information from the public.

 All of the aforementioned details were released in a June report by The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, in a 27-page “Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Report ‘Levels and effects of radiation exposures due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami.’”

 UNSCEAR stands for the "United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation."

 The ten major flaws are listed and detailed in full at "Fukushima: Bad And Getting Worse," but I will provide short bullet points below.

• The total amount of radioactivity released by the disaster was underestimated by UNSCEAR and its estimate was based on disreputable sources of information. UNSCEAR ignored 3.5 years of nonstop emissions of radioactive materials “that continue unabated,” and only dealt with releases during the first weeks of the disaster.

• Internal radiation taken up with food and drink “significantly influences the total radiation dose an individual is exposed to,” the doctors note, and their critique warns pointedly, “UNSCEAR uses as its one and only source, the still unpublished database of the International Atomic Energy Association and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

• To gauge radiation doses endured by over 24,000 workers on site at Fukushima, UNSCEAR relied solely on figures from Tokyo Electric Power Co., the severely compromised owners of the destroyed reactors.

• The UNSCEAR report disregards current scientific fieldwork on actual radiation effects on plant and animal populations.

• The special vulnerability of the embryo and fetus to radiation was completely discounted by the UNSCEAR, the physicians note. UNSCEAR shockingly said that doses to the fetus or breast-fed infants “would have been similar to those of other age groups,” a claim that, the IPPNW says, “goes against basic principles of neonatal physiology and radiobiology.”

• Non-cancerous diseases associated with radiation doses — such as cardiovascular diseases, endocrinological and gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, genetic mutations in offspring and miscarriages — have been documented in medical journals, but ate totally dismissed by the UNSCEAR.

• The UNSCEAR report downplays the health impact of low-doses of radiation by misleadingly comparing radioactive fallout to “annual background exposure.”

• Although UNSCEAR’s April 2 Press Release and Executive Summary give the direct and mistaken impression that there will be no radiation health effects from Fukushima, the report itself states that the Committee “does not rule out the possibility of future excess cases or disregard the suffering associated…”

• UNSCEAR often praises the protective measures taken by Japanese authorities, but the IPPNW finds it “odd that a scientific body like UNSCEAR would turn a blind eye to the many grave mistakes of the Japanese disaster management…”

• The UNSCEAR report lists “collective” radiation doses “but does not explain the expected cancer cases that would result from these doses.”

Get the full details of each bullet point listed above HERE.

 The videos below provide recent news of Fukushima, news the MSM is barely reporting on anymore.... readers can decide for themselves why.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

‘Elites Are Moving To Armored Redoubts’ – The Age of Crisis – Alex Jones

By Susan Duclos

 The title and beginning commentary by Alex Jones in this newly released segment of his show should make it very clear that all hell is about to break loose in what Alex calls "the age of crisis," titled by Infowarrior with "World On The Brink Of Thermal Nuclear War."

 Elites are hightailing it to 'armored redoubts,' buying up yachts, not to "party" on but for survival, moving to places like the Caribbean and New Zealand, Israeli elites heading to other countries as well which was reported on a year ago.... and more, all indicative of them knowing something is coming, collapse, nuclear war, whatever it is, they are taking action to protect themselves.

 Listen up folks... if they are preparing, it is a sure bet that we should be preparing as well.

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Something Huge Is Coming! Are You Prepared?

By Susan Duclos

 In this brand new compilation video below from videographer Ananiasshow, titled "They are getting ready for something," we see multiple clips that should raise red flags all over the place that something huge is coming and our local, state, and federal government is preparing for it

 UN trucks, military vehicles, weapons being amassed by local police, and more... all recent within the last couple of months, and in conjunction with the warnings we are being given from multiple sources, it reminds us clearly that we too should be preparing for what is coming.

 Related: They’re Getting Ready For Something! – Viral Facebook Martial Law Post Just One Of Many In Recent Days Showing Mass Military Prep!

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Ghost Caught On Tape Hovering Over Sleeping Man?

By Susan Duclos

 Well this is more than a little creepy.

 Mike Pike suffers from sleep paralysis where he wakes up in the middle of the night but is unable to move. He often feels as if he is not alone and sees a strange shadowy figure at the foot of his bed, so he decided to set up a camera to see what it captured.

 Mr. Pike states "“I’m a rationalist and a very skeptical person with no previous interest in paranormal activity, but after doing some research it seemed like there was a possibility that this entity is real," then continues on to say " I have watched the footage over and over trying to figure out some logical explanation for what could have caused the image of what seems to be a ghost, but I haven’t been able to come up with a solution. I am really starting to believe that I captured the entity I saw during my paralysis on video. This terrifies me so much that I can no longer sleep in my room."

 I also have watched this video multiple times, and at the 18 second mark, something, some ghostly apparition, mist, call it a demon, ghost or whatever you will, shows up on film.

 Again they replay it at the 38 second mark, then he zooms in for another replay at the  47 second mark. There is definitely "something" there.

 Any ideas what this strange, creepy apparition is?

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(Watch the wall at the foot of the bed carefully)

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In 6 Days The Gates Of Hades Opens – Closes In September 2014

By Susan Duclos

Are the gates of hell preparing to open in eight days? On July 27, 2014? Will they again close on September 3, 2014? This is the topic of the videos below, along with the many theories posed as to why that date is significant.

As many know there has been a lot of talk about Apple Inc.'s iOS, which is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, when asked about the date July 27, 2014, answers with "“It’s Sunday, 27 July 2014 (Opening Gates Of Hades)", but what many do not know is that when asked about the date September 3, 2014, the answer is "“It’s Wednesday, September 3, 2014 (Closing Gates Of Hades)."

Speculation has run rampant over this mysterious answer with theories about the gates of hell in a biblical sense opening and closing, Muslim holidays, night club opening, a joke, and much, much more.

In the first video below, just released by amd03288, the information is also offered in conjunction with cosmic alignments and in the second video from December 2013, an attempt to explain this anomaly of Siris.

Many talk about the gates of hell, also how Satanists do things backwards believing they can get into the "other world" and Siri spelled backwards is Iris, who in Greek mythology was the messenger of the Gods who linked them to humanity, and Hades was the ancient Greek God of the underworld.

So, is it an anomaly? Is it a biblical reference to hells gates opening? Will some spiritual portal from "Hades" open up on that date and close in September? Is there some true significance to the July 27, 2014 and September 3, 2014 dates?

I guess we find out in 6 days.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

MH17: ‘It Rained Bodies’ On Ukraine Village

By Susan Duclos

 This one story seems to encompass the horror of the Malaysia Flight MH17 being shot down, killing all 298 people on board.

 Imagine sitting in your home, hearing an explosion and then witnessing a naked female body crashing through your roof, landing right in your kitchen. That is what Irina Tipunova felt and saw on July 17, 2014, when MH17 was shot down. A gaping hole in her roof, a body in her kitchen, which at the time of the report, was still laying there as others were scattered around the neighborhood. 

 The Reuters article link is provided in the video details HERE and my video below covers the article.

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Hagmann & Hagmann: ‘The Real Agenda’ – Starting WW3

By Susan Duclos

 Doug Hagmann starts the show below stating they have actionable intelligence as they go on to discuss the information coming out now about the Malaysia Flight MH17, the "real agenda" which is to start World War III, with the failed attempt in Syria, now in Ukraine, as they delve into the data being released as well as what is not being released.

The instant finger pointing to Russian President Vladimir Putin from the MSM, the diverting of MH17, the blame game, has all been scripted in order to create the outrage needed to draw support for a war to be started.

Via the Hagmanns' website The Northeast Intelligence Network:

Accusations about who is behind this wholesale slaughter of innocents are serving as the drumbeats for war, and they are increasing in volume and tempo. Unfortunately, most Americans and those in the West will fall victim to thinly veiled propaganda pushed by the major news agencies and their captive pundits that is deliberately designed to sway public opinion to a specific agenda—an agenda of war. We are being played, and if we don’t exercise our own intellectual discernment to understand how this incident fits into the larger picture, it will be not just be to our own peril, but to the peril of our children and generations to come.

Read the rest of Flight 17 & The Panorama Peril.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Things Are Heating Up!!! Russia, US, Currency Wars Centered On Ukraine And Now MH17!

By Susan Duclos

 The tensions are so thick it is almost as if the world can feel it in the air, the US and Russia's proxy wars with the global currency war added in, the BRICS new bank announcement, more sanctions against Russia as they now reopen their intelligence base in Cuba and now a downed Malaysia plane, which coincidentally carried 100 international aids scientists just as the previous "missing" Malaysia MH370 carried scientists, leads the Jerry Robinson podcast to state "things are heating up!"

 They sure are!

The show below delves into all the aforementioned topics and more.. it is definitely a must-listen to podcast.

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