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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Individual Thinkers

This specific post is not about the buzz that is going on at the moment, it is not about the news on my television right now, it is not about North Korea, Foley, or any targeted issue.

This post is about Individual Thinkers and how that concept seems to be beyond many politicians capabilities.

When McCain, Warner and Graham protested the Presidents Commissions Act-2006 , I did not agree with them, for many reasons that I have discussed at length in some of my posts. I did however respect them for having their own opinion.

We do not see that in our politicians these days. It is almost a crime in their eyes to have an opinion that does not follow strict party line opinions.

Same with Joe Lieberman, he stands up on an issue that HE has a specific opinion on, and what happens? He now is running as an independent, because god forbid a member of the party doesn't act like a robot and spout the "party line". Democrats jumped ship, but kept their hands held out, just in case he wins, because they didn't want to burn all bridges.

The President of the United States of America, has shown he is an individual thinker. He has made decisions that haven't been completely popular, he made those decisions because "he believed they were right". Not many have the courage or the intelligence to do that anymore.

A person that will stand up for what they believe is right, despite what their party thinks, despite the fact that it may not "look" popular to those that do not have the same information in front of them, yet they stand firm in their decisions, that is an Individual Thinker.

I do not agree with everything the Republicans stand for. I have differences in opinion on many issues. I am not a robot, I am a person with the ability to THINK.

The ability to think is not common in today's politics and the politicians assume that because they do not choose to "think individually" that the American people will not either. This is not true. This is an assumption that has lost the Democrats the last three elections. Yet they still have not learned.

We do not want a "robot", we do not want our representatives to march in a line where they cannot even be distinguished from one another. The American people have proven election after election that they desire people who can think and take actions, not just spout out the party line.

We want an Individual Thinker.

I appreciate the Presidents stand on the War on Terror.

I applaud the Presidents actions to keep us safe.

I will do something I have not seen anyone do publicly. I THANK the President for keeping his word to us and fighting an unpopular war for no other reason that to keep the US, the American people, safe.

An Individual Thinker is not often popular, not often well liked until they hit the history books, they are quite often misunderstood, called stubborn, pigheaded and a slew of other names, simply because they choose the think for themselves.

An Individual Thinker is what our world needs right now, and I thank God we have him.

I have a list of my daily reads, to me, after reading their blogs for a while now, I have come to think of them as Individual Thinkers.

I refer to this in my very first post. My reasons for wishing the Republican party to retain power.

Personally I think that despite polls, the American people are not going to hand over the security of our country to people who think that our anti-ballistic missle shields should be dismantled, especially with countries like North Korea issuing threats. See

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There are many more, these are just the blogs I read daily.

If you enjoyed this rant then please vote for it here.

[UPDATE] This post from Wapo really doesn't bother me for the very reasons I have stated above. Remember, the past two elections, polls before the elections were full of doom and gloom for the GOP, and yet, when push came to shove, when voters were standing at the booths, the question of national security and terrorist attacks (now the North Korea issue) trump the sex scandal diversions that the Democrats push every election year.