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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Faithful

Faith has become a
political bad word these days, and it shouldn't be. Persoanlly I am not and never have been a religious person, but neither have I ever criticized a person for having their own beliefs. For some, faith is what helps them make tough decisions. The actual decisions themselves aren't made religiously, but the principles and the ability to stand strong in the face of your enemies IS where religion can help.

In todays world, sadly, a persons religion is used against them. Muslims are looked at with suspicion, even if they are moderates and not extremists. The Jewish people are hated in the middle east, by simple virtue of being Jewish. The president is criticized because he is a "god fearing" man. The Christians are being targeted in Iraq, although Wapo conveniently forgets or leaves out the fact that EVERYONE is a target in Iraq because there is a war going on.

I may not be religious, but I have always believed that a persons religion shoud be off limits in disputes, political or otherwise. I have always had a very healthy respect for those that do believe in "something", those that do have faith that helps them through hard times.

I remember watching the television after Katrina hit, the coverage afterwards, almost everyone they interviewed thanked God for helping them deal with the horror of losing their home, their job, their belongings and even their family members, in some cases. These poor people lost everything, yet they were thanking god for the strength to go on.

The rest of us could learn alot from the God fearing people, we could learn to stop whining about the insignificent things in life and remember there are people out there that have much bigger problems than we do.

We could also stop trying to use the president's religious beliefs as a political tool, wielded by his critics as if having faith, believing in god is somehow a horrible thing.

Once again, I find that when the actual issues facing us today, are ignored, and the issue of faith, or any other diversion can be used, it will be. The reason for this is because the left media and the left side of the aisle cannot debate the actual issues. They have no stand, no new ideas, no path to follow other than to "cut and run". They cannot deal with the fact that economy is good, gas prices are down, the dow is up and we have not had a major attack in the US since 9/11. They cannot speak to those issues because to do so would be to admit that this administration has done quite a bit "right".

I end this how I plan to end many posts in the next weeks with two words.


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