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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crimes Against Gays

Last I heard blackmail, slander and libel were crimes. Slander and Libel as defined is defamation by false claims, either written or spoken. A claim that is not proven is assumed to be false until proven. Refusal to provide such proof, either because there is none or for any other reason, can lead to lawsuits. Blackmail: any payment extorted by intimidation, as by threats of injurious revelations or accusations. Blackmail is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both.

With that said, this spectacle of Mike Roger's "outing" gay representatives because the representatives vote the way their constituents demand, as is their duty, is reprehensible. To deliberately attempt to ruin person's life because you do not agree with his political decisions, and providing no actual proof of your claims is despicable and beyond simple contempt.

From Captain's Quarters:

People wonder why we don't attract a wider range of qualified candidates for public office. Michael Rogers sets himself up as Exhibit #1. The personal and degrading attacks convince many people to skip the trouble, and the people who do dare to run for office usually wind up experiencing the ruination of their reputations in one form or other. It comes from all sides to some degree, but this ghastly mudslinging really marks a new low.

I agree completely and hope that there are legal measures that can be taken against Rogers.

First off, I do not care who is gay and who is not, what I care about is whether my elected officials vote in a manner that represents ME. Not that official's sexual orientation. To make matters worse, there is no proof of Roger's allegations, it is simple rumor he is spreading, and until he provides verifiable evidence, he should be ignored and anybody allowing him to use their show, paper or forum to spout his hatred driven drivel, should also be ignored and shunned. (I am speaking of Ed Schultz Radio Show)

The representative in question has denied Roger's allegations and I would tend to believe those denials, rather than a hate filled, bitter, jealous, arrogant ass, such as Rogers.

Patterico is updating this story by continuously. So keep checking his site for further news. Thanks to Captain's Quarters, it was his story on Buzz Tracker that brought my attention to it.

Others posting about this: Hot Air, Riehl World View, Sensible Mom, Iowa Voice.

By the way, those defending Roger's and his campaign to terrorize gays, are just as despicable. Exactly how low is the Democratic party willing to go? How desperate can they get? I guess we will see by who denounces Roger's and who uses his information with no proof for personal and political gain and who demands verification.