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Saturday, October 22, 2022

It's Time 'Red Joe' And His 'Marxist-Maoist Cabal' Face The Heavy Music! Their 2020 Election Steal NEVER Gave Them A Mandate For The Heinous Acts Of Destruction Upon America That Followed

October 22, 2022 

It's Time 'Red Joe' And His 'Marxist-Maoist Cabal' Face The Heavy Music! Their 2020 Election Steal NEVER Gave Them A Mandate For The Heinous Acts Of Destruction Upon America That Followed 

By Justin O. Smith of the Blue State Conservative for All News Pipeline

“… I was cautioned to surrender, this I could not do; I took my gun and vanished. … Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing, through the graves the wind is blowing, freedom soon will come.” ~ The Partisan 

Worry less about making America great again and worry more about making all Americans truly free individuals again, living with all their liberties fully intact. Do this and not only will the country rise in renewed and strengthened greatness and exceptional ways, creating a more active and thriving economy, but more prosperity will naturally result for all Americans. 

America is divided between two masters and there is an ongoing war between the righteous and the unrighteous, those fighting for freedom and liberty and those seeking to suppress all our rights and end the days of freedom and liberty in America. 

Frankly, no one can honestly believe that when the Democrats “won” the 2020 election that Red Joe, his fascist Marxist-Maoist komintern and his cronies in the Kommunisticheskii had been handed a mandate of any kind to commit the many heinous and egregious acts of destruction against traditional America that followed. 

No one can say with a straight face that they accepted this “Woke” Marxist-Maoist Cancel Culture nonsense and the weaponization of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, Homeland Security, Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency to act against any American patriots who are outraged by this revolution they completely oppose, unless they are aligned with the anti-American traitors working to destroy the founding of America.

Not one American voted to wake up and find rising inflation caused by the Democratic Party Communists’ policies has stolen most, if not all of their savings, as the stock market dropped twenty percent this year and gas, rent, food, electricity and everything else climbs beyond their capacity to afford. Not one true patriotic God-loving American voted to come home from work and have their Kindergarten and elementary school aged children asking them about gender issues, or have their children secretly placed on track for sex-change surgery by immoral teachers. Not one of us, aside from the amerikkan fascists of the Democratic Party [read “the New Amerikkan Communist Party] voted to have U.S. citizens harassed and imprisoned for taking a stand for life against baby killers, questioning election results and speaking up at school board meetings against policies that harmed our children. 

As Tulsi Gabbard noted at a rally on October 16th; 

“I’m pretty sure they all believe they’re doing what’s best. Even Hitler thought he was doing what was best for Germany … for the German race. In his own mind, he found a way to justify the means to meet his end. So when we have people with that mindset, well, you know we’ve got to do whatever it takes because, President Biden said in that speech in Philadelphia, that those who supported Trump, those who didn’t vote for him [Biden] are extremists and a threat to our democracy.” 

Biden has taken the words of an early Bolshevik and union leader named Mikhail Tomsky to heart, who once stated, “One party in power and all the rest in prison.” 

Who can honestly look themselves in the face in the mirror and say, “Yes, please give me six more years of this — it’s just wonderful”?

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In the earliest beginnings of America, the country was made great due to its freedom, especially economic freedom, and the protections extended to the individual’s life and property as understood through our Inalienable God-given Rights, codified in part in the Bill of Rights. Our greatness as a nation came from our adherence to Christian principles and a lifestyle that did not broker every evil thing imaginable, as is done in far too many circles of our society today with the blessing of Chancellor Joe and his fascists, all in the name of “social justice” and “Build Back Better”. 

“Build Back Better” — HA! A euphemism for “Make America Communist, Broke and Defeated” — or simply “Redistribute the Wealth” by order of Chancellor Biden and his Flying Commie Monkeys in Congress. 

Biden and his anti-American cronies, for all their talk of “democracy” prefer a government by way of the acclaim of the stupid, mediocre, weak-kneed and half-hearted inadequate takers and looters’ populist movement, that they hope will eventually let them simply forego elections and rule by decree, thus abrogating the founding principles and true virtues of America. If we look at Biden’s propensity for illegal rule by decree and executive order, it would appear he’s well on his way in this respect.

Today, Americans live under a cooperative collective of sorts comprised of a combination of the the trade and teacher unions’ bureaucracy, State bureaucracy and those bad actors of what has become known as the Deep State. And this mix has a mentally unstable Joe Biden as its figurehead leader, who is just as malleable as they need him to be, which works great for their plans to push America into a new totalitarian form of government mainly controlled by technocrats empowered with dictatorial powers utilizing mass surveillance and social credit scores for the complete control of our society; we received a small glimpse of what to expect with Dr Anthony Fauci’s inordinate control of the U.S. during the Covid hoax. 

For as long as I can remember, America has been under a constant barrage of assaults and attacks by the New Amerikkan Communist Party and its propaganda machine that screams “Capitalism is dead” on a daily basis, and Biden’s handlers are part and parcel of this group. Their actions and policies suggest they are moving to completely destroy capitalism in America, such as it currently exists as a fountain of wealth for our economic fascism, by making all capital state property to be managed in a closed economy through a dictatorship reliant on the twin pillars of America’s unions and the country’s socialist movement. 

Now, decades of a loose welfare system combined with trillions of dollars of stimulus money released into the economy under Obama, Trump and Biden have resulted in a large segment of the population being unwilling to return to the work force. And far too many who remain in the work force have a lousy work ethic, which is exhibited by terrible service in our restaurants and stores and in part the supply chain failures that are also exacerbated by the unions who subvert and sabotage the supply chain through “work slowdowns” and refusals to off-load containers. 

Cue the music. One can almost hear the Commie Choir singing its new anthem as the words drift across the night air, “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin”. 

The fundamental transformation of America is currently being realized through the cooperation of the bureaucracy of the state and the bureaucracy of private corporations sympathetic to the socialist worldview. This is the reason it was so easy to shut down America during the Covid hoax, essentially closing all small businesses, while allowing Big Box Companies to remain operational, which was essentially Big Centralized Government picking and choosing winners, just as it did in 2008 under Obama when some companies were deemed “too big to fail.” 

Please understand that one is not free, when your government can take your money, tax you and print money that will indebt you and your descendants for decades upon decades and bail out enormously wealthy corporations or pay off student loan debts for people already wealthy, when these are situations that our bankruptcy laws were created and placed within our legal code to serve and resolve. Such arbitrary illegal actions by Biden and Obama perfectly exhibit that private property is not safe under the New Amerikkan Communist Party, since someone else must bear a massive and heavy loss and they are made to pay the cost of irresponsible people’s extremely poor choices, greed and immorality.

In 1913 America witnessed the basic tenets of the Communist manifesto entered into U.S. law and the creation of a central bank and a progressive taxation system. The social security Ponzi scheme and free compulsory education wasn’t far behind. Since the days of the early fascists in the White House, freedom in America has been having the life and vitality squeezed from it, until it hardly exists at all anymore — and always the mantra of democracy and “majority rule” screamed in the halls of Congress by those who would destroy the filibuster and republicanism to smooth the way for their death dealing Marxist-Maoist cult. 

Private property, so it seems, is only private these days until the Government decides to take it, whether we speak of homes, land or bank accounts. 

It isn’t capitalism that enslaves people. It is the people’s adherence to a Marxist-rigged debt-based economy, subverting capitalism, that makes our people serfs, along with one’s inability to negotiate the price of their labor well enough to avoid the debt trap, along with government’s regulatory war against individualism and small businesses that impedes entrepreneurial ventures. If we had a true free market system in place, within the confines of America, that didn’t protect corporations’ market niches in an unnatural manner, the nation would have by far many less impoverished citizens; and any trade outside America would necessarily have to consider the nature of Her trade partner’s market and adjust accordingly, in order to gain the proper value for value, since totalitarian operated nations like China have an immediate edge through slave labor. 

And worse than the regular, normal, tried and oft failed Marxism, Biden and Company have embraced the idiocy of the Green Movement that demands we subjugate ourselves to the planet and all who purport to know when our end is coming. They deny the Biblical fact that man was given dominion over the earth, sea and air to make use of its resources as he could, and they would see us die off, even facilitate our deaths, before allowing us to make full use of those resources that would so greatly benefit all America, especially if we speak on oil and our current energy crisis. 

The Biden Loons and charlatans command us to obsequiously fall on our knees and worship at the altar of their fake science, their new religion. They would have us abandon the virtuous and moral commands of our God and the Christian faith inspired by those words that created a way of life ever more superior to anything their miserable worldview could ever offer with all of its soul-killing, evil, anything-goes precepts surely modeled in hell itself. 

They deny there is anything greater than themselves, and therein lies a host of whole other problems that manifest themselves in the political arena each day, each year, as they try to present themselves as “the Elite”, man-gods on earth to command and be obeyed, belying their assertions they believe in the equality of all men and women. In fact, they see anyone not in the fold of the Democratic Party as less, as unworthy, the Untouchables. 

Just listen to the words of Los Angeles City Council member Nury Martinez. This is not the exception, as witnessed by many years of the same, going as far back as President Lyndon Baines Johnson and farther on to many preceding him. One might recall Johnson regularly called some of the earliest civil rights legislation “the n***** bill”. 

Biden is penalizing and handicapping our major industries and regulating America back to the Stone Ages, while his administration still has done next to nothing to heal our broken supply chain. They are satisfied with America’s reduced production and self-induced failures in industry, because they actually subscribe to the philosophy espoused by Klaus Schwab that would reduce us to owning nothing. Poor people are the goal and much needed to make their Communist worldview more palpable as some sort of salvation for all, and it’s an ideology comprised of the craziest ideas of the past three centuries, far worse than anything seen in many lifetimes, a thing that will eventually destroy even most of the wealthy in America if left unchecked. 

We are witnessing a deformed and subverted federal government, as well as many state governments, that has cast the Constitution aside, where, depending on the political biases of the one in the power seat of any institution, the American people may or may not see sound operations. And over the past two decades, especially through the Obama purges of his two terms, the institutions have been so heavily infiltrated by Marxist and Maoist holdovers entrenched in their positions, that they have found it an easy thing to simply subvert anything that promotes true freedom and liberty or sound economic policy, whenever a Republican is in office, even to the point of ignoring and disobeying direct orders.

It certainly doesn’t help matters that too many within the Republican party are not conservatives and they are Republicans-In-Name Only, statists and globalists every bit as dangerous to freedom and liberty as any Democrat. Case in point, Senator Mitch McConnell, who is so much more focused on retaining his own power, that he recently saw fit to have his Senate Leadership Fund actually run ads against Alaskan Republican Senate candidate, Kelly Tshibaka, as he threw his support behind Lisa Murkowski, an independent, who sides with the Democratic Party Communists almost more than the Republicans. One must note that Kelly Tshibaka is endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party; but McConnell would rather head a minority he can control and lose to the Democrats in November than be just another Senator in a majority he no longer could control. 

McConnell also has made many questionable compromises with the Democrats over the years that do more to advance tyranny and pay off Democratic Party cronies and special interests than they do anything to benefit the American people, the most recent being Biden’s one trillion dollar infrastructure spending package that has virtually nothing to do with infrastructure and advances the insane Green New Deal. 

Chancellor Biden and his Reich care not one iota that his policies are oppressive and trample on all Americans’ Inalienable God-given Rights, and one should be angry to know that he recently extended the “public health emergency” [in preparation for?]. They hold themselves without limits, and for each time it would seem the Court has checked them by way of a ruling, they simply act once more in a new lawless manner without fear of repercussions or consequences of any kind, resting more easily the entire weight of their oppression on the American people, telling us to live with it.

And just as I’ve warned for the past two years, election fraud committed by the Democrats is still a very real concern, and the mechanisms to steal elections remains in place in many states, as noted by the recent lawsuit filed against the State of Pennsylvania by the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. This is just one case of many. 

The Biden regime and its RINO allies threaten the very existence of all that still remains precious for Americans who love God, country and family, by way of their miserable caricature of scientific and philosophical culture, void of decency, cogent thinking and critical analysis that leaves most American families suffering nothing but anxiety. These anti-American traitors have created a time that robs Americans of a positive, productive and happy future, where waiting for their next measure “for the good of the people” is no longer a matter of hope, but of anguish. 

America will continue along this high-speed rail to Her destruction, until the people return to a moral guidance and proper understanding of what constitutes a tolerable, if not good, government, that includes holding all men and women in office accountable and levying the harshest penalties against any and all who violate the Bill of Rights in any manner, including prison for all found guilty of making personal side deals with America’s enemies, e.g. Hunter Biden and “the Big Guy”, China Joe. The country will not be swayed from this path, until her leaders actually do what is best for all Americans in a manner that truly protects and defends their private property — eradicating bureaucratic despotism through regulations — and preserves freedom and individual liberty for all. 

Place the American people’s currency back under their full control, by eradicating the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS for a start, and proceed to eradicate every single federal department that duplicates offices already functioning in state governments. Essentially, return our government to a more original state that follows the force of reason and sound logic — those things known to actually work — and only the enumerated powers outlined in the Constitution, and kill this massive overgrown Leviathan that has long forgotten the people as it jealously grows its own wealth and power. 

The law is nothing to the lawless, Constitutional or Biblical, whether they sit in the Oval Office having patriots arrested for anything that raises their ire — from opposing Biden’s illegitimate appointment to opposing CRT or the New Green Deal — or they are found in the streets burning down Ferguson, Missouri or murdering police officers in Connecticut and elsewhere. But while these traitors we have spread across the political offices are not engaging in the classic definition of treason, there can be no other term applied to actions and a movement that intends to destroy the founding and the republic in favor of a tyrannical ideology molded in the worst image of several past ideologies, steeped in both fascism and communism, and they should be treated as enemies of America, charged with committing high crimes and treason and imprisoned or executed. 

Americans have exponentially far greater and numerous grievances today than at the day of our nation’s founding, when our Declaration of Independence served as a call to action to fight to the death, if necessary, to preserve freedom and liberty, and all tried and true, hard-knuckled, hard-headed, strong-willed freedom loving Americans with fire in their breast and steel in their eyes must loudly declare that we will no longer find any place for the ideas of Marx and Mao within our system, when all they offer anyone is tyranny and a life of serfdom. Our people cannot serve two separate masters that advance ideas antithetical to one another and we must serve only the principles and virtues that keep us truly free. 

He that is righteous, let him be righteous still, and he that is unrighteous, let him eventually be convinced of the error of his path through the Word, the force of reason and truth, or at the end of a rifle.

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