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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

MAGA! Trump 100 Day Contract With American Voter Almost Fully Fulfilled In Just 10 Days

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In the Vlog below, I discuss how President Trump has already fulfilled the majority of his 100 day plan, stated in his Contract With the American Voter... in just 10 days

Links discussed in the video above:

President Trump has already fulfilled the majority of his 100 day plan, stated in his Contract With the American Voter... in just 10 days. Contract embedded here -

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 Nikki Haley puts United Nations on notice "Don't have our backs? We're Taking Names' -

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Congressional Investigation Into Hillary Clinton Continues

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Commentary below about January 27, 2017 request by Congressional Oversight and Government Reform for information from the FBI on Clinton's private server.

Links discussed in the video above:

PDF of the letter sent to Comey -

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FAKE NEWS By Washington Post....... Again!

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Yet another example of the Washington Post providing Americans with "fake news," while liberals run with it, detailed in the video below.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Vulgar Vagina March In DC By 'Nasty Women' - American Women Push Back Against Man Hating Holly-Whores: 'They Do Not Speak For Me'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Feminism used to be demand for equality, but today, as shown so clearly in the embarrassingly display in DC yesterday, it has become a demand for superiority by women who are admittedly, in fact proud, of being "nasty."

That is the one statement out of the list of confused "causes" the nasties spewed throughout the day, that I can completely agree with as I watched them march,  observed their nonsensical speeches, wearing pink p*ssyhats, carrying signs of vaginas, using vulgarity in public and on public television as if it is something to be proud of.... they are nasty.

Misandry was on full display as well, which for those unfamiliar with the term, is a "person who hates men." As a women, that is what I saw on display yesterday, nasties that want to be superior, nasties that want to dominate men, but more importantly, they want to emasculate men.


As of the 2014 census there were 162 million women in the U.S. in comparison to 157 million men, so those "huge" crowds the media has been gushing over, even if we gave them the benefit of the doubt and called it a million nationwide, does not represent the other 152 million women in America, as has been made very clear all throughout the comment sections of multiple articles on the vulgar vagina event.


The march should not have been called the "women's march," it should have been named a "nasty vulgar vagina  march" because the behaviors I witnessed throughout the day, was nothing more than a disgusting and in most cases, vulgar, display of females having a major temper tantrum because their candidate lost the presidential election.

Hillary Clinton cardboard cutouts were held up, and even in Ashley Judd's, crude and rude "nasty women" speech, she ended it with Hillary Clinton's name. The theme wasn't about women, or women's rights, after all women now have the same right to vote, drive, go into combat, they can work in any job they want, do whatever they want.

No, other than misandry, the other pattern noted was their constant focus on Hillary Clinton losing.


Look at the example of Madonna, a "nasty" that publicly offered to give men blow jobs if they would vote for Hillary before the election (which she reneged on), up there dropping F-bombs which aired live on  C-SPAN, CNN and MSNBC, after she informed the audience she had thought a lot about blowing up the White House," spewing her vitriol while claiming she "chooses love" over hatred.


The Daily Mail reports the Secret Service will be investigating Madonna over her statements about blowing up the White House.

Then we have the vulgar rant offer by Ashley Judd, droning on about "nasty women," as if that is something to be proud of, before calling Ivanka Trump, the "wet dream" of Donald Trump, in a sickening temper tantrum because Hillary Clinton lost, which was made clear at the end of her screed when she lists Hillary  as the last name of female activists throughout history.... most of which had dignity and class, and who most likely would have been appalled at what was seen in Washington yesterday.

The observations I have noted are not just mine as a female Trump supporter, but are being noted in comment sections all across the web, as well as by women that attended the march, not because they wanted to be part of it, but to observe, such as Katie Hopkins, who shares those observations over at Daily Mail in an article titled "It’s hard to argue with a million p*ssy-marchers – especially the really nasty ones like Madonna - but possessing a vagina is a matter of biology, not a political argument."

Another speaker, short on content but gushing with oestrogen shouted: 'We are here'. (She was not wrong, we were). We will not be silenced. We will not play dead'.

To be fair to Trump, I have not heard the silencing of females or women playing dead in his 100 day plan. Perhaps a more suitable venue for this speech would be outside the Saudi embassy, where the silencing of women is all the rage.

A woman whipped into a frenzy by her own brilliance started listing girls' names, 'Emily, Conchita, Malala, Edith, Tonia, Shania (we had all got the point but she carried on regardless) Maria Guadalupe, Kayleigh....we are here to be respected. We are here to be nasty.

I think Madonna had already received this memo.

And fuelled by these pearls of wisdom, the women set off for the streets, pussy ears perked, banners aloft, chanting as they went.

'Tell me what democracy looks like?' 'This is what democracy looks like'.

I wanted to point out, respectfully, that democracy is the Electoral College system that saw Trump turn the map from blue to red. But there were a few million of them. And they had pictures of vaginas. So I decided this was not the time.

I thought I heard the women chanting 'Menstrual brew' which had me wondering exactly what this lot were on. But listening more closely it turned out to be 'Pence Sucks Too.' I was grateful for the clarity. I thought it was just Trump they hated. But it turns out it is all men. Apart from the ones who are transitioning to women.

Read the entire article, it is excellent as she describes the lack of a coherent message other than "anger" to which she says is "not enough," where people couldn't even explain exactly what it was they were marching for, there was no cohesion, the messages were all over the board, contradictory... it all came down to anger.

They are very angry people, and according to them, very "nasty women." Again... I agree, they are and they showed the whole world exactly how nasty they are, but they do not speak for all American women.

Other women, some that support some of the same causes that these "nasty women" claim to support, are saying the mission of the vagina march has already failed. In fact one activists that is a proponent of killing babies in the womb, which is what abortion is, take them to task.

Via Breitbart:

Writing at the Week, abortion rights supporter Shikha Dalmia asserts the demonstration has already failed in its mission.

"Demonstrations serve a useful function in a democracy — but only when they have clarity of purpose," she writes, adding that the march is "shaping up to be a feel-good exercise in search of a cause."

Dalmia writes some of the "absurdity" related to the event stems from "the fact that they are billing this event as the voice of women when 42 percent of women (and 62 percent of non-college educated white women) actually voted for Trump."

The Vulgar Vagina March failed on so many levels, but they accomplished their goal of being able to have a temper tantrum and embarrassing American women in the eyes of the world as they proudly wore their "pink p*ssy hats," which in and of itself according to feminists is sexist to associate pink with women (see how confused these snowflakes are?) and marched throughout DC, which was to get the MSM to show their vulgarity.


The has-beens of Hollywood, like Madonna and Judd and Cher, all that attended, did so because when Trump was elected, they were left out in the cold. They donated to Clinton, they created video after videos telling their fans to vote against Trump, they pushed their "influence" at every given opportunity, just to find out that they didn't have any.

Hollywood’s top Democratic players were all set to watch one fellow liberal superstar, Barack Obama, pass the torch to another, Clinton herself. They were planning their inauguration parties, polishing their résumés and, in some cases, measuring the drapes in embassies around the world. Instead, they faced a shocking overnight reversal, as if a big budget movie that the tracking polls had guaranteed would be a blockbuster inexplicably tanked on opening weekend with no warning. A cadre of megastars and megadonors that had counted on four or eight more years of Access Washington, that has been happily benefiting from the psychic and social rewards of the increasing intermingling of celebrity culture and Democratic politics, suddenly found the door to the White House slammed squarely in its face.

And the rejection came with an extra, and especially scary, sting: It turned out that the industry supposedly known for having its finger on the popular pulse didn’t understand America—"red America,"  the "real America," the "rest of America"—at all.

That is the reason the vulgar vagina celebrities showed up for their latest temper tantrum... because they have no voice, they have no influence, they have no seat at the White House, and most importantly, from what I witnessed..... they have no class.

As one of the 152 million women in America that did not attend the march, let me say "They do not speak for me."


It should not have been called the "Women's March," because they do not speak for all women, in my mind they are not women and wouldn't understand the term "being a lady" in a hundred years. The so-called celebrities that showed up were nasty, vulgar vaginas, spewing hatred at men, because the flawed female candidate they wanted as president, didn't win.

This ladies and gentlemen is a lady, and I am very proud that Melania Trump is The First Lady, representing America's women and not the vulgar "nasty" vaginas on public display yesterday.



Tuesday, January 10, 2017