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Monday, October 09, 2006

World Leaders Condemn North Korea

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"More Fizz than Pop" was one of the official quotes that came out of the WhiteHouse over night, referring to North Korea's Nuclear test. Nevertheless it has set back the global moratorium on nuclear explosive testing that has been in place for nearly a decade.
The explosion prompted worldwide concern it could seriously destabilize the region, and even Pyongyang's ally China said it strongly opposed the move. South Korea's spy chief said there were possible indications the North was moving to conduct more tests.
Full story here and here.

South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun condemned the reported test, saying it would make it difficult for Seoul to maintain its engagement policy with its communist neighbor. Roh said Seoul would try to resolve the situation through dialogue, but his government reportedly delayed the planned delivery of 4,000 tons of cement to the North on Tuesday as emergency relief.

South Korea also raised its military's alert level, and its intelligence agency warned that Pyongyang could conduct more tests, the Yonhap news agency reported. South Korea, which does not have nuclear weapons, has shared the world's most heavily armed border with North Korea since the 1950-1953 Korean War ended in a truce, without a peace treaty.

Indications from another facility, the news is announcing, show that North Korea may also be preparing for yet another Nuclear test. The presidents statement on North Korea can be found here.
This was confirmed this morning in conversations I had with leaders of China, and South Korea, Russia, and Japan. We reaffirmed our commitment to a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, and all of us agreed that the proclaimed actions taken by North Korea are unacceptable and deserve an immediate response by the United Nations Security Council.
So, the Security Council needs to get up off their asses, quit being so spineless and do not make any threats they are not willing to back up, as they continuously do with Iran.

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Decision `08, Townhall has an excellent piece on "North Korea goes Critical" also posted on Hugh Hewitt.

The Astute Blogger brings up the political side of this.

I am going to comment on the political side of this also. First, maybe this will wake people up and remind them that we have far bigger problems than the Foley FireStorm, and everyone knows that left has no clue on how to handle national security. Their recent comments about anything even remotely military or security related has proven that time and again. Which is why they have been SO focused on trying to keep attention diverted from safety issues and using a "sex scandal" to do so.

I did mention in my piece Nuclear Threats or sex scandal this exact thing. I cannot wait to see how many try to spin this as some sort of conspiracy to bring America's attention back where it belongs. I am already laughing because I know someone will at some point!!!

Let me add one more point to this developing story.

The Clinton appeasement program for North Korea included hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, food, oil and even a nuclear reactor. However, the agreement was flawed and lacked even the most informal means of verification.

In return, Kim elected to starve his people while using the American aid to build uranium bombs. The lowest estimate is that Kim starved to death over 1 million of his own people, even with the U.S. aid program.

THIS is what happens when the Democrats are in charge of foreign policy. The Bush administration may have made some mistakes, but they sure as hell didn't hand over a nuclear reactor to North Korea.

Think about that when deciding who should be in charge of OUR national security.

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[UPDATE #1] Bolton warns North Korea an Attack on Region Allies is an Attack on US.

[UPDATE #2] Proposed Sanctions against North Korea.