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Monday, October 23, 2006

Mallaby's Malicious Meanderings

Look at this picture Sebastian Mallaby and get a clue!

Once again Wapo produces a piece of utter garbage that underscores Mallaby's Malicious Meanderings. Doom and Gloom is his message of the day.

My question to Mr. Mallaby is very simple. Why do you never report the good news that comes from the war on terror? Is it because the outstanding reporter that you are, you simply do not have the resources available to you to get the information needed to actually report accurately Mr. Mallaby? Or maybe you are simply a miserable little person that cannot stand to give kudos to our soldiers for their outstanding accomplishments?

Pirate's Cove was able to find some good news from Iraq, perhaps his sources are better than yours Mr. Mallaby.

From Pirate's Cove: Kidnap Victim, Terrorist and Weapons Cache Found.

Iraqi and coalition forces freed a kidnap victim and detained two terrorists in Muqdadiya, Iraq, and combined operations yielded more than 35 suspected insurgents and seven weapons caches last week in Anbar province, military officials in Iraq reported.

Soldiers with the 3rd Brigade, 5th Iraqi Army Division, and Company A, 2nd Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, Task Force Lightning, discovered the cache and kidnap victim after a local citizen pointed to a building in the area while they were conducting a combined operation.

A search uncovered a grenade, a stick of TNT, one flare gun, and multiple fake improvised-explosive devices. The kidnap victim was found chained to a wall in the house next door. Two males were detained from the house where the cache was found.

Elsewhere, Iraqi security forces, along with U.S. Marines, soldiers and sailors of Regimental Combat Team 7, detained more than 35 suspected insurgents and discovered more than seven weapons and munitions caches last week in western Anbar province.

Among the most significant finds: more than 6,500 rifle, pistol and machine gun rounds of various caliber; 70 explosive mortar rounds; five explosive rocket warheads; 30 rocket-propelled grenades; 2,000 sticks of plastic explosive; 34,500 feet of detonation chord; 400 roadside bomb-initiating devices; five machine guns; four AK-47 assault rifles; 17 suicide-bomb vests and other forms of explosives and equipment.

There are dozens of these stories around, just not reported from rags like Wapo or NYT....why? Because these left wing media outlets would rather focus on the negative than report news. Would rather give opinion than actual fact. Would rather insult our brave soldiers than actually tell of their accomplishments.

This is why we are here Mr. Mallaby, so that in years to come, these children can be the first generation of Iraqi's to KNOW what freedom is.

So get up off your high horse and try to give our soldiers some moral support instead of constantly undermining them.

Check out the GOOD NEWS FROM IRAQ.

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