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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Harry Reid Once Again Mimics al-Qaeda's Words

[Update Below]

Is it any surprise that Harry Reid is the most recent of the retreat in defeat crowd to use the same phrases and words that al-Qaeda used back on March 23, 2007? Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit.


CAIRO, EGYPT Mar 23, 2007 (AP)— In a new video posted Thursday on the Internet, an al-Qaida militant who escaped from a U.S. prison in Afghanistan urged Sunni militants in Iraq to join the terror group and claimed the U.S. military's security plan for Baghdad has failed.


In the video, al-Libi claims the monthlong Baghdad security crackdown by U.S. military and Iraqi troops, meant to curb sectarian violence that has shaken the Iraqi capital and its residents, has failed. "The break and defeat of your enemy is seen in the military arena, especially after the Security Plan failed and its defeat, with God's will, is very near," he says.

"The enemy knows he is losing in this battle," al-Libi said, adding the proof of this was in the planned withdrawal of the British troops from Iraq.

I would correct one thing about the al-Qaeda statement, it is not their enemies that believes we are losing, it is al-Qaeda's allies (the Democrats) that believe this.

Our military our soldiers have stated repeatedly that they are making progress and that their successes are not shown in our media.

Harry Reid

The war in Iraq "is lost" and a US troop surge is failing to bring peace to the country, the leader of the Democratic majority in the US Congress, Harry Reid, said Thursday.

One has to wonder if Reid, Pelosi and crew actually get the text of the videos that al-Qaeda sends and deliberately take their words and phrases to use for themselves.

Certainly seems like it.

In the meantime, President Bush talks with bipartisan group about the emergency war supplemental.

“We believe he must search his soul, his conscience, and find out what is the right thing for the American people,” Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic majority leader, told reporters after the meeting. “I believe signing this bill will do that.”

The White House, though, said Mr. Bush had no intention of signing any legislation that included a call for a troop withdrawal. Democrats do not have enough support to override a veto, so the debate over financing the troops remains at an impasse.

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, said, “The president, obviously, as you already know, is not going to accept language that specifies a date for surrender or language that micromanages the efforts of our military in Iraq.”


As she left the White House, Ms. Pelosi called the session a “productive meeting.”

If she means they accomplished nothing, which is what productive seems to mean to her by way of what they have managed to NOT pass or get done in their first 100 days that they touted before the elections, then I guess she is right.

Click that last link to see exactly what "great" accomplishments Congress has managed to pass in their first 100 days.

What a joke!!!!

Although, hey, they DID manage to name six whole postal offices!!!!!!!

TigerHawk has some questions posed to Harry Reid, go take a look and add some of your own in the comment section.

Riehl World View Points out Harry Reid's combat experience or I should say his lack of combat experience.

Michelle Malkin has Reid's contact form available for our military to give Reid a few lessons in reality versus his vast lack of militray combat experience.

***Updated with lots of emails for Harry***

Active-duty military readers and military bloggers: If you'd like to send a message to the treacherous Harry Reid--who just declared the war in Iraq lost today--e-mail me or leave a trackback. I'll reprint/link them here as they come in. Here is Reid's contact form. He really needs to hear from you. (And perhaps Jon Voight could talk some sense into him.)


Rejoinder: Appeal For Courage.

You have to go read some of the emails that our military has sent to Michelle Malkin.

The majority of them state very clearly they believe Reid is guilty of treason and they explain why.

I will show you one as a teaser, but there are MANY at the link above and more pouring in.

I am writing this letter as an individual American expressing his right to speak up, even though I am an enlisted active duty Army soldier.

Your statement that the Iraq "war is lost" is irresponsible and is demoralizing to me, on of those “troops”. Your statement also gives hope to an enemy that cannot win in direct confrontations. That by randomly bombing civilians, spreading fear and chaos, it can cause those without strong will to leave the Iraqi people behind to a fate far worse than Saddam's torture chambers.

I disagree that this war is lost. This xenophobic insurgency will fail with the full support of the United States Federal Government. We are doing our jobs here, day in and day out, and we need you to do the same in Washington D.C.

Mr. Reid, sir, I ask you to show courage, the kind I see every day from my colleagues. Stand up and stand firm with me against terrorism, suicide bombings, and social mayhem by backing me up and providing a united front against such horrors.

Will you support me, a soldier in the Army, and stand up against evil?

SPC Matthew S Gangwer
112th Special Operations Signal Battalion
MacDill AFB, Tampa Florida

That is one of many, but to think that Reid cares whether he emboldens the enemy and demoralizes these brave troops, is perhaps giving Reid much more credit than is warranted.

I would suggest that Michelle Malkin forward these letters to the President as well as to the GOP politicians so that they can have some of these letters read into the documented proceedings of the Senate and the House when they meet to discuss the emergency supplemental.

Part two for this post is called "In Light Of Harry Reids Words- Reposting Tokyo Rose".

[UPDATE] Joe Lieberman's statement about harry Reid's words.

Senator Lieberman's Statement on Majority Leader Reid's Comment that the Iraq War is "Lost"

WASHINGTON - Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) today made the following statement in response to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's comment that the Iraq War is "lost:"

"This week witnessed horrific terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists in Iraq, killing hundreds of innocent civilians and leading Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to declare that the war is 'lost.'

With all due respect, I strongly disagree. Senator Reid's statement is not based on military facts on the ground in Iraq and does not advance our cause there.

Al Qaeda's strategy for victory in Iraq is clear. They are trying to murder as many innocent civilians as possible in an effort to reignite sectarian fighting and drive us to retreat from Iraq.

The question now before us is whether we respond to these terrorist attacks by running away as Al Qaeda hopes - abandoning the future of Iraq, the Middle East, and ultimately our own security to the very same people responsible for this week's atrocities - or whether we stand united to fight them.

This is exactly the wrong time to conclude that we have lost the war in Iraq, or that our new strategy has failed. Instead, we should provide General Petraeus and his troops with the time and the resources to succeed. We should not surrender in the face of barbarism."

You tell em Joe!!!!!!
[Update #2] A comment from the comments section here that I believe deserves attention:

As a veteran from a family of veterans and as an American I am absolutely disgusted with the MSM and the Democrats.
The Dems have pinned their hopes of regaining the White House on our mission in Iraq and President Bush failing and they are doing whatever they can do to deliver that failure.
Yes, polls show that the majority of Americans want US troops home as do I but what they fail to report time and time again is that most Americans want the troops home only AFTER we WIN. Americans like to win and we know that we can.
It is the assinine Rules of Engagement, the MSM, and political correctness that prevent us from winning sooner rather than later.
The US military can be devastating when unleashed but as long as ignorant politicians try to play armchair general the troops mission is made more difficult.

One thing is for sure, there will be very very few veterans or relatives of veterans that ever support the Democratic party again. They have alienated a powerful group.

Well said Eric and thank you for your service and your comment.

[Update #3] More reactions and letters over at Michelle Malkin's site from our military.

[Update #4] These updates are being listed here and at the followup post to this one.

Harry Reid's words are being used by al-Jazeera, Al-Sharq al-Awsat and the Iranian Press. (Hat Tip Red State)

Isn't that sweet, Harry has some new friends because he is willing to sell out our American Troops.

Well Done Harry, what will be your encore? Sticking a knife directly INTO our soldiers back yourself instead of just encouraging our enemies to do so?

Oooops, I forgot, Harry doesn't have the guts to face our troops nor to answer their emails.

What a stand up guy!!!!

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