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Monday, April 23, 2007

Email from A Soldier in Iraq

I am not sure which post this Soldier in Iraq is referring to because he did not say, so I am going to post it with the related posts under it,it applies to them all anyway as you will see:

I wanted to leave a comment at your blog but the filtering software on my ISP is getting in the way. I've been in Iraq for over a year now, and the difference here in Anbar is amazing. Sen Reid is putting his own political career over my safety and the safety of my men who go outside the wire most every day. Thanks to folks like you back at home, we have hope that we can keep Congress off our backs long enough to get the job done right, and then we can go home with honor. Great blog, keep it up!
SSG Dave Thul
MN National Guard
Al Asad, Iraq
Appeal For Courage Committee

Appeal for Courage.

Now of course those that say they do not care what our soliders think or see or witness, or those that claim they are trying to "protect" our soldiers by insisting they come home before there job is done, or simply ANY of the trolls that have been soooo eager to avoid the topic of Harry Reid's traitorous words by trying and failing to distract or distort, all of you folks will ignore this as you ignore ALL our soldiers words.

But for those that DO care about our soldiers and support them and their mission.... this is for you.

Our soldiers are hearing us, they are appreciative of our support and they understand that we are fighting for them here as they risk their lives selflessly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is why we are fighting so hard against those that wish to betray our troops by stabbing them in the back!!

So they will know.

We care. We listen. We believe in them and their mission. We thank them for all they give, and the others don't matter.

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Keep pounding folks, men like this need us to help them finish their mission, a mission that they CAN and WILL win if the left stay out of their way.

(NOTE: Blogging is light because I am away on a business trip.)


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