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Friday, April 06, 2007

British Sailors' Statement

Via the Telegraph is a very touching statement from a British sailor about their trying ordeal. It is three pages and it is SOOOOO worth the read.

For those of us who have wondered how this was allowed to happen, he also explains this, and after reading it, they did what what right and at any given moment they did not know if they would ever see their families again

Lt Carman went on: "Some have questioned why HMS Cornwall did not provide greater protection for the team. HMS Cornwall is there to guard the vital oil platforms and command the coalition forces. She is also the platform by where boarding teams can launch from and patrol out.

"Not only should she not have been closer to us but she physically could not have been, the water is simply too shallow. We are all immensely proud to be members of her crew and look forward to rejoining her.

"I would just like to stress three points at this stage:

"When taken by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard we were well inside Iraqi territorial waters.

"The detention was clearly illegal and not a pleasant experience.

"We as a group held out for as long as we though appropriate. We then complied up to a point with our captors.

"We remain immensely proud of our team. Their courage and dignity throughout their illegal detention was in line with the best tradition of the service.

That is from page three but to find out all they endured and details of their home coming, please go read all of it.

I am so glad they have been returned to their families.

Go it. I promise you, you will not regret the few minutes it takes to hear these brave men and womens story.

Then head on over to Daily Mail for more on this and reactions can be found over at memeorandum.

After all that, check out THIS.

No commentary on the latest link until more news comes out about whether Iran was beind it or not.