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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome Maggie from Maggies Notebook

I see Maggie beat me to the punch, thats the problem with being in Arizona, I am behind in time.

Oh well, Maggie from Maggies Notebook is our new contributor and please welcome her to the blog.

Her first two pieces can be found here and here, both dealing with the ACLU.

There is so much going on in todays world andI feel it is important to deal with subjects that we find useful but there is only 24 hrs in a day and too many subjects for one person to do justice to, therefore I asked Maggie if she would deal with the problem of the ACLU at Wake up America, because she stays on top of that topic, does quite a bit of research and puts it all together in a very comprehensive form.

So Maggie, welcome and thank you for agreeing to help spread the word through Wake up America, which I know takes time from your schedule and your blog, yet you willingly agreed because you think the cause is just.

Now,everyone, go take a look at Maggie's Blog, browse around and enjoy!!!