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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gathering of Eagles update...14APR07

If this doesn't touch your heart, I don't know what will.

It's found here, but I'm posting it in it's entirety because it's such a powerful, moving piece.

A Call For America to Stand -April 13th, 2007
by Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee

This letter is a call to action to the silent majority in America. It is a dangerous time in the history of our country and we can no longer quietly sit back on our apathetic rears and hope that someone else will speak for us, or that someone else will make a difference. Many Americans have listened to the lies of the liberal media and have adopted a defeated attitude that they can’t make a difference. I just completed a “These Colors Don’t Run” tour with Move America Forward that conducted rallies in 25 cities across America and ended in Washington DC, on the 17th of March. We joined forces with the Gathering of Eagles to protect our Memorials and let our troops and our President know that we support them and “have their backs covered.” I heard the heartbeat of America and we are fed up and ready to make a difference.

I joined the caravan in honor of my son Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq on 8-2-06. He was willing to endure the rigorous “buds” training, “hell week” with maybe 5 hours of sleep for the entire week, endurance runs, rock portage, and the most intense training in special forces to be a Navy Seal. “One of the elite of the elite,” as his Commander in Chief told me. Did he endure all of this to sit on his tushy in his lazyboy and complain about how our world is going to “hell in a handbasket.” No! He was willing to take a stand and make a difference, to actively protect me and every American citizen, to defend this land that he loved against an attack from terrorists that killed over 3000 Americans in one day. He was willing to go Ramadi, the “hell hole” of Iraq and endure 120 degree temperatures while wearing 50 lbs of body armor and carrying an additional 100 lbs of weapons, ammo and equipment. He was willing to endure sleepless nights and months away from his family and friends. He was willing to stand in the direct line of fire and sacrifice his life to save his brothers at arms, and to continue to provide a safe place for you and I to live. Many people have commented to me, “the terrorists took your son’s life that day.” The terrorists didn’t “take” my sons life, Marc willingly “gave” his life. You see Marc recognized and believed that someone had laid down their life for him. As a single parent, raising 3 small children became overwhelming at times, and I didn’t have all of the answers. At times I didn’t have any of the answers. When my children would come to me with tough decisions to be made, I knew I didn’t know everything, but I had learned that I did know the one who did. God promises to be a husband to the widow and a father to the fatherless and my children had often heard me tell them to ”Go ask your Father.” They knew that meant to spend some time with their Heavenly Father. They knew that He loved them so much he had sent his son who willingly ”gave” his life so that they could spend an eternity with Christ. Marc was confident in where his final destination would be. Marc was just following in His Daddy’s footsteps when he gave his life for you and I. Jesus Christ and the American GI are the only ones I know who were willingly to die for us. Shouldn’t we be willing to live for them?

The media, Hollywood and the liberal’s want us to believe that we are failing in Iraq. They have made it their “political agenda” to change the world, they want the spotlight, they want to be in control. They want it to be “all about them,” and are trying to figure out how they can use this for their gain. Look at Nancy Pelosi, she makes a “publicity” trip to Syria despite Whitehouse objections. Then, she acts as though she is representing the Nation that told her not to go and promises President Assad that there is an alternative Democratic foreign policy. Talk about political agenda! Only the President has that constitutional authority! Sounds like treason to me and grounds for an impeachment. How self centered and ridiculous is that! Isn’t this about HERE AND NOW! We must remain united and not let the Nancy Pelosi’s and Cindy Sheehan’s speak for the minority of America! This war is about defending America and telling the terrorists “not on my watch.” It is also about setting free a nation that is ruled by fear and daily violence. A nation that has been raped, tortured, beaten, killed and suppressed by the evil tyrants and dictators who do it in the name of “Allah.” A nation who longs for the freedom America can help provide them with.

My son told me amazing stories of the difference we are making over there. I saw pictures of Marc in the Iraqi homes being embraced by the Father, with Iraqi children sitting on Marc’s lap. I have heard first hand of the hospitals that were being cleaned up, schools being built, water systems restored. Our technology is such that when the insurgents are found in a building we can take down just that building and leave the ones next door intact. Just this month I was briefed and saw amazing statistics about the difference in the last year on the number of Iraqi Army soldiers who have been trained and are staying, the major decrease in IED”S. Nobody wants to be in Iraq forever. I know that every time I hear of another family that is dealing with the loss of a son, daughter, husband, wife, Mother or Father, that I cry knowing the loss they are dealing with. Knowing the deep pain. I don’t want any more lives lost and that’s why we are there to stop the killing of innocent people in America and The Middle East. Sadaam killed over one million people. Do we just bury our heads in the sand and let these Terrorists continue? Do we wait for them to attack America again? Do we value American lives over the lives in third world countries? Do we think we are better than everyone else? Is our attitude send somebody else’s son, but not mine.

I am proud of both of my sons and my son-in-law who all were in the military on 9/11 and were willing to defend our country and make the needed sacrifices so that you, can be reading this letter. I am proud of all of our Vets who have stood up for what is right and honorable. Now is the time for each one of us to be willing to stand and live for them, to live for our country, and live for our God. After all isn’t this America that was founded as one nation under God? It’s time to rise up and make our voices be heard! We need to wake up the silent majority and become the Vocal majority! Do some research yourself and find out the truth. Refuse to watch the liberal lying media! Tell them you won’t be watching and why! Write to your Congressional leaders and your Senators, hold them accountable and let them know they can be voted out. Thank and support the ones who are representing and speaking for you. Register and Vote! Write letters to the editor, attend rallies supporting our troops and the War on Terror. Be confident and bold and share your opinions. Do our troops hide from what they believe in? No, they take every opportunity to make a difference and it’s time we do the same. Thank every serviceman or woman you see, they have sacrificed much! They are the true heroes! Send them cards, and care packages, support their families, and pray for them, our nation and ask God to give us the victory!

Thank you for joining with me to reclaim America!

A Very Proud Mother and American!

Debbie Lee

My Mighty Warrior

Marc Alan Lee

3-20-78 to 8-2-06

THIS is a Mother who honors her son...

Madame, I salute you and your family. Our nation owes you, and your family, a debt of gratitude.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man