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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A call to action: sign the card today...

Would you like a personal warm thank you to Nancy Pelosi for her work to undermine the United States with our enemies?

Hat tip to Snooper at Take your country back, a blog, for this one:

The Democrat Congress Passed Their Surrender Bill: Help Us Sustain the Veto!

House and Senate Democrats have betrayed our troops and betrayed America. They have voted for a needless, pointless surrender in Iraq.

But we can still stop them.

Democrats have voted to cut funding for the war; strip the President of war-making authority; cut off reinforcements for our troops; and set a deadline for U.S. retreat from Iraq next year.

This bill is H.R. 1591. We call it the Pelosi-Murtha Preemptive Surrender Bill. What it means is simple: terrorists win, we lose.

The House passed it on March 23, the Senate on March 29. The bills are not identical so they will have to come back for another vote. The margins are narrow enough that we have a chance to stop it next time, sending Pelosi's gang a huge defeat.

Even if we can't, President Bush has vowed to veto this surrender bill. But the Democrats will try to override his veto; and they can cut off funds for the troops just by refusing to pass a bill.

It is up to us now. The American people must rise. We must make our voices heard.

The Pelosi-Murtha bill will kill American troops and crush morale. It will tell the terrorists we have lost our will to win. It will tell our allies they can't trust us, driving them away from us. It will tell our enemies that if they just hold out one more year, we will cower in fear, and we will give Iraq to them.

This bill will leave America...alone. And then, for the first time since 9/11, the terrorists will succeed. They will have won the war in Iraq because we lacked the courage to win. And then they’ll come back to America, and the war will really start: here.

We have to fight back fast. We must not let this Preemptive Surrender Bill become law.

Click here for more, and to find out how to send Grammy Nan a card.

VETERANS! ACTIVE DUTY and RESERVISTS! NATIONAL GUARD! FAMILIES of our military, and all of those who just want to live freely as Americans, THIS MEANS YOU.

Your voice counts.

Make them hear it.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man