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Sunday, April 22, 2007

An American Soldier

Cross Posted From YankeeMom with permission.

has some things to say.

And because the MSMspit won’t give such thoughts airtime and the anti-war, anti-military, anti-America sheeps will just continue to lie about our military to further their political games, and too many of our elected idiots are doing everything in their power to make our military “losers“, I’m going to post here what this American Soldier has to say.

I hope you too will spread his thoughts.

He has given so much ~ and I for one will not sit quiet and let him be silenced or cast aside or disrespected.


Just Watch

American Soldier says,

Video Here

I don’t understand the stance that the populace has taken towards
our military. I feel as if I went off and did the wrong thing at times.
Why can’t people see that we fight for a greater cause? We sacrifice so
you can have freedoms. We don’t die and get maimed because we have done
something wrong or our society has accepted something wrong. We fight
the global war on terror. You all remember 9/12/01. You know what it
felt like to lose people or feel helpless.

The days after 9/11 I went to ground zero and I helped savage what I
could. I helped in the various rescue missions. I did what I could. I
felt helpless like everyone else. People cried out towards me to help
them. I could do nothing then but I swore I would do what I could in
the days to follow.

It wasn’t more than a year later that I volunteered to enter the
service again and soon after be deployed to fight for my country. I did
what I did to help those who asked me those long days after 9/11. I
swore it to them and I swore to myself that I would do what I needed to

Now, 6 years later I feel like the public is turning their back on
me. Why do I feel this way? I know there is a community who will
support me always but I reach out to those who oppose me. Why do you
try to hurt me? Why do you try and take from my fellow brother who is
forward and outside the wire right now?

I came so close to dying that I feel as if I’ve been given a second
chance at life. I look back and I clearly remember how close it came. I
could have been one of the many grave scenes in the film above. However
I am not. I am alive and breathe life in and exhale my compassion. You
wish I would just go away but I won’t. I am a warrior and I may die an
old man who wore his Iraq Veteran hat with my many medals on it. Just
like the generation before me.

Don’t hate me with such vile hatred. The bad man in the middle night
will not hurt you because I have taken his life before he could reach
you….remember that!



Some People Piss Me Off
(warning - soldier language, which doesn’t bother me but it may offend you. Which I normally wouldn’t care about except that this is a public forum.)

(see comment #2 ~ self righteous *bad word*)


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And you betcha I question their “Patriotism” ~ every damn time!