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Friday, April 27, 2007

Message from Democratic Debate: We Will Surrender

Wapo, NYT ABC, and AP all have different articles about the Democratic Debate.

Wapo and NYT, of course does the cheerleading, AP discusses the fact that the presidential candidates from the debate used private jets and ABC says there is no breakout candidate.

TigerHawk live blogged the Debate, Don Surber has an interesting take.

What I got from watching it was that the Democratic candidates all tried to outdo each other denouncing our actions in Iraq, the same thing they did for the 2006 elections, hoping it will work for them again.

The other thing that came through loud and clear was that that they would surrender to our enemies in the global war on terror, they will not fight to keep America safe and our allies are shit out of luck if they need our military help, EVER because we will not help others in need again.

From what I saw, Hillary, out of those there, might have more balls than they guys, if military might is ever needed. MIGHT.

She was the only one that didn't appear "as weak as the others" on National Security.

All in all, by most accounts, it was quite unimpressive and all the candidates used some time to Bash Bush because they understand that their "base" is full of Bush Derangement Syndrome Voters.

It was pretty much exactly how we expected it to be.