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Friday, April 06, 2007

Tom Lantos Backtracks

In this absurd news article, Tom Lantos backtracks from his OWN words in a previous article.

Let us compare, shall we?

Previous: Shown on my earlier post here.

"We have an alternative Democratic foreign policy. I view my job as beginning with restoring overseas credibility and respect for the United States."


Let's be clear. Speaker Pelosi acted well within the bounds of current U.S. foreign policy. During her visit in Damascus, she publicly declared that she supports the administration's goals regarding Syria. She delivered strong messages to President Assad condemning Syria's support for terrorists in Iraq and throughout the region, its association with Iran, its destabilization of Lebanon, and its efforts to obstruct the investigation into the Hariri assassination.

But she also demonstrated that she agrees with the bipartisan Iraq Study Group that constructive dialogue is a critical means of addressing our concerns with Damascus. The speaker believes - and I wholeheartedly agree - that dialogue does not mean defeat.

Sorry Tommy, but YOU also commited a felony and violated the Logan Act and both you and Nancy Pelosi should be prosecuted for it.

Congress is not above the law, nor should they be and Tom's ridiculously contradicting statements only goes to show that he reaizes how badly they screwed up and is trying to backtrack.

Not happening.

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